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Monday, August 19, 2013'♥


It's has not been a great day.. My monday blues started as early as I opened my eyes. Messages upon messages about a fren's demised dog. Though I must say I actually not a very animal or pet person but I had actually met Ding a few times.

He's a toy poodle, small cute and full of curiosity. He's not fierce and is always friendly to us.. who would pounce on us.. sleep quietly on the same bed as us. A pity my time with him was limited. Perhaps after all what he had been suffering for the past few weeks, heaven would be a better place for him. In heaven, he could run around, play around with no worries and be happy. Yes I am sad, but perhaps not to the extent that I would cry for him. But well, over all he's the cutest poodle I had ever seen so far.

Life is just so fragile, even for a dog.. everything just happen so sudden, the last time I saw him was at the start of the month and now he had left us.. Some of us in the group was so deeply affected by his death especially my friend the owner, it must had been hard for her and I really prayed hard that she would let go slowly slowly by a bit.

My day was not affected only by Ding Ding but also another news that I've heard. Upon hearing the news, the first word that came to my mind was Disappointed. He was such a dear fren or colleague to me but yet I would never had imagined this would happen to him or perhaps someone that I have totally have no gaurd against.. or someone who I never thought who committed this mistake even if he's the last one on earth.

I can totally understand how the wife may have felt at that point of time. If disappointed is the word for me, I guessed Heartbroken would be the word for her. What I can say is don't because of a few minutes pleasure and gave up your whole happiness and future. But nonetheless, it's too late what's done cannot be undone.

My heart is heavy for him, I really hope it would not be that bad. I really hope he would realized his mistakes and turn over a new leaf.

He might not be related to me but I really wish all the best for him. As a brother, as a fren as a colleague.

It makes me wonder, will I also get into this kind of situation in the future? Seriously speaking, I'm more or less prepared and lost quite a bit of faith after this incident.

With a heavy heart, I'll end.

Short Note: This ending is not worth every smile on their faces.

With Love, 8:51 PM

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