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Tuesday, August 31, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening To: shoo shoo shoo by ou de yang


Teacher's day celebration it was meant to be happy occassion where all students will celebrate wit their teachers,,but this yr our class was like,, not enthusiastic at all.. I feel that part of it was my fault.. I totally forgot abt askin the class to but food to celebrate/// Why did I forgot such an important stuff.. When Mr Ramu came in da class and did nothin.. My heart feel so bad... feel so guilty...

Today was quite a bad day coz in the morning becoz of some miscommunication,,, Gilyn oso dunno wad happen go and scold Putri,,,and thsi was the first time I saw Putri so angry,, and she cried.. in the end our class onli got 2 packets of pathetic potato chips..But thank God after i tok to Putri she ok liao.. in the end everything is fine..

Mdm Rajes last min say she got something on.and there will nt be class..and we still left with last period Mr Ramu class.. the whole class decided not to go coz we need to wait for 2 hrs more.. we had nothing to do man..In the end we couldnt find him anywhere... so I left a note to inform him.. Juz now when I was in MSN.. syafiqah msg mi say that Mr Ramu like not veri happy.. haiz..all these incidents let me feel that Im a failure monitress.. I feel so bad,, Imagine How he might have felt..every class was happpily celebratin..can see the disappointment in his eyes..arghhhhhhhh... Rather than blaming myslef i dunnno wad to say liao..


With Love, 8:47 PM

Monday, August 30, 2004'♥

SOng Im listening TO: China ger Usual suspect

Hmmm my shoulder is so painful now.. any kind soul wanna give mi massage???... lol.. reach hm abt 8pm..coz the threee of us go and search for Mr Ramu present..tme Teacher's Day celebration lor.. haiz.. in the end we bought him a small book on relaxation..budget lei.. I jux finish doing the certificate for Him.. wa nearly burn my whole hse down hahaha coz i burn the paper and i was tokin to my mum.so in the end the whole paper burn finish hahah..lucky I got buy extra man,,,

Juc finish writin the message to Mr Ramu..yawns.. it has been a busy day for mi.. well betta make sure tmr no ppl criticse my certificate.. if not my blood will boil lor.. coz i fail my art wan..and no ppl took the initiative to help.. so betta dun let mi hear any criticism if not i will burn down the whole cert...,muahahah...haiz... now 91.3 fm playing my fav techno song... wa miss the times i went clubbing wit Mary they all to Sparks man.. so long liao.. tat time everytime go wan when I wkin in the bubble tea shop... haiz.. now so busy wan go shopping oso difficult.. guess wad just I wanted to find my cert.. I went to my locked cupboard.. I was so surprised when I saw a big pack Malboro Menthol Light... wa tink that was damn long liao.. tink it was 4 years ago liao.. wa heng luckily my mum nv saw it man..I actually forgotten abt it man.. power haha.. yawnz.. k la mi wanan go sleep liao..tmr will be a busy day man!!!

With Love, 11:20 PM

Sunday, August 29, 2004'♥

With Love, 10:56 PM


SOng Im Listening To: Glory of love by North

well well I went to Orchard today.. bought a ring and engraved my name on it.. My fren says that it look like a wedding ring.. guess no one buying for mi so i bought one for myself jux in case... haha no la i bought it becoz my ring has broke.. sob sob.. my fav ring.. and I went back to fing today no more liao.. so i jxu bought a new one.. no choice man..

Went to FAr east plaza/// my dear Seline wanted to buy a shoe for her SAPIS dinner tmr nite.. oh ya Congrats to her she got the HONDA scholarship.. and was featured in the news wor.. da ming xing wor.. can see her face on da newspaper.. yeah happy for her... and of coz i earn myself a treat man.. lol... walk for the whole day.. hmm havin a bad sore throat so i tink my face lk quite glum.. i tink shi hui tot im angry wit her ba.. haha wadever... ya went to one of da shop.. we were so busy lkin at the clothes.. then suddenly the salesperson cum and tap mi on da shoulder.. and it was AH NASH!!!!... bo liao king hahaha didnt even notice he was in da shop man... too bo liao lor.. cum and find his fren in da shop hahah.. well nash da ye.,.. is going to his tekong on wed.. haha teacher's day lei.. all the best to ya.. we will miss u wor..anyway after shoppin we went back tampines,,,

Go to spotlight coz I want to find some stuffs regarding my project.. went to one of the dept,, and saw the bridal veil and I wore it... haha act bride abit ma.. lol and in the end both of us.. spend half an hour there takin pic.. lol.. stupid rite.. so eager to marry hahah... it was so fun.. alot of ppl lookin at us.. but we dun care lol... then after that went to 505 to have dinner.. so long no go there liao.. last time sec 2 after sch often go there wan after sch wit zhen, wei li they all,,, haiz.. now all dunno go where liao.. anyway my two feet were so painful now..

haiz i have to mark attendance this whole week sianz.... im having attendance blues now man.. -_-

With Love, 10:13 PM


Song Im Listening To: With ALL I AM


Shit man. Jux now type a whole chunk and jux a click the whole thing i type its gone.. *argh* kk let mi cool down first...

6 Dont's when ur hurt:

1. dun ignore -> if u ignore the hurt chances are it will get worst!!

2. dun run away -> no point running as in the end the problem will still be there..

3. dun hide from it -> maybe telling the problems to someone u turst u will feel better and the more u hide it, the more difficult it is to solve..

4. dun worry -> the more u worry the more u will fear and chances are 90% of our worries wont cum true!!

5. dun resent -> ur not the onli one in this world who is hurt.. so dun always feel that ur the most miserable.. and dun tink its unfair...

6. dun give up -> dun give up instead forget and forgive.. and start over a new life..once u give up...whoever who hurts u has succeeded..

Learn all these from church today.. fined that its quite useful to christians and non-christians,, so i decided to share it... I realise that im wasting a lot of time worrying.. I should use all these time to help ppl.. to mmke it more fruitful.. wads wrong wit mi man?? My mood changed totally after going church today.. I no longer wanted to be pessimistics....

Went to the Zpop concert at PADANG after that,, wow nice place to have a concert there.. can sit on the grass see the stars and listen to great songs.. alot of stars wor.. onli one star spoilt it STELLA HUANG...eeee wear so pinkish..then the voice so act sweet.. ahhhhhhh i cant stand her man.... srry if anyone of u support her a great deal.. but this is my blog... and i totally feell that she SUX>...so bad of mi rite.. anyway I had a great time today... bless ERIC wit a garlic bread.. and he was like so happy.. so indeeed the feeling of blessing is great.. u feel happy when u see the smiles on the person.. well im so tired man.. going to slp soon.. yeah tmr seline treating mi dinner wor.. yummy...

With Love, 2:17 AM


I hate this server i type so much and jux a click its gone...sob sob...

With Love, 12:44 AM

Friday, August 27, 2004'♥

SOng IM Listenng to: an jing by jay chou


Found out that another one of my secondary schoolmates is married, well I jux wanna wish her all the best... Wei si today ask mi "jie jie when are you going to get married?" Today hwee koong emerly and mi is chatting abt out parent's marriage.. Seems like my whole world today is revolving around the word "marriage." I also dunno whether will I get married one day.. I feel that its so far away from mi.. and I got some hidden fears abt it. Marriage is a commitment, marriage is not only between 2 ppl, marriage might not last forever.....

My classmates all say that Im having depression these few days... I can laugh and be sad at one time... I also dunno y.. Been slackin the whole day no lesson at all. but too bad cant go hm early at all.. Our class need to attend a pre-marital sex talk..Did a survey and I found out that Im that kind of gf who prefer guys that helps mi in little things and sometimes do little gifts for mi and I will be damn touched..IT was fun.. and I have learn something... Love is a feeling, commitment is a decision,,,from now on i want to start over new... I wan to change myself and forget the past.... I wan to be born again@@@@

Bye Bye to the old SHirley...

In memory of The Old Shirley


Rest in Peace!!!

With Love, 7:50 PM

Thursday, August 26, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening TO: My all by mariah carey

I love this song alot..everytime im havin bad mood i will listen to it.. here hows the lyrics go:

I am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
'Cause I've drowned in you
And I won't pull through
Without you by my side

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight

Baby can you feel me
Imagining I'm looking in your eyes
I can see you clearly
Vividly emblazoned in my mind
And yet you're so far
Like a distant star
I'm wishing on tonight

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight
I'd give my all for your love

Long day.. but finally its over soon.. hmmm these few days my stomach wierd wierd de..keep having diarrhoea.no appetite nt feeling veri well.. maybe im too paranoid le ba,, the thought keep appearing in my mind..am I a paranoid woman?? wad if the thing i worry most realli happen?? I realli dun dare to imagine...Sometimes I realli hate myself for being so softhearted...But I realli wanna thank her..although sometimes Im angry with her attitude..when she say somethin offendin.. but at times like this she is always the one who console mi.. who help mi..if ur readin it now i jux wanna say thank you,, I hope bth of us will not be burden by this kind of problem again..we will bth enjoy our youth and promise mi dont do anythign foolish ok>>

Anyway back to today,, eric gave mi bs jux now and he came my hse for dinner,, and we chatted alot,, I promise him I will try my best to change... and help out more.. Can say he is the first guy that my dad likes.. that he will smile at him.. others guys cum meng dou mei you haha.. and he tot he was my bf.. hehe my ming not so gd lor.. Then my dad ask mi now who I like.. first time man he ask mi tis kind of qns.. haha even i myself oso dunno.. I feel so lost..and I now dun wish to have any new commitments.. life oredi so busy liao.. sorry to Kelvin..I knw u waited for mi so long liao.ur a nice guy seriously.but I currently dun intend to go into relationship sorry sorry..sorry that Im such a BITCH..I jux dun have confident in myself...

I have lost my heart...

With Love, 8:25 PM

Wednesday, August 25, 2004'♥

Both mi and Rusydi were sitting down there,, coz veri hot we need the fan.. akll tks to my frens they took this photo secretly.. naming it liu xing hua yuan part3 muahhaah

Song IM LIstening To: Be with you Atomic Kitten

Well its a rainy day man.. had a nice sleep in da bus guess I'm too tired le ba..I accompany Seline to go trim her eyebrow jux now... was waiting for her and saw this malay auntie cuming for facial... wa power lor.. 10 session 400 plus and she str away pay.. so shuang man,, haha as for mi I nv go facial be4 lor.. I know I veri shua khoo la.. fine one day mux realli go facial liao...20 years old liao mux start to take care liao.. if not no ppl wan mi// sob sob

Bought a new set of uniform... spent so much time choosing the colours, size.. wanna say srry to my 6 sisters letting u guys waiting for this fussy auntie..and wanna tks hwee koong.. haha she accompany me all the way man.. *muackz* love ya..

Mi gtg liao.. going my frens hse..4 days more to ******.

With Love, 5:39 PM

Tuesday, August 24, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: She will be loved by Maroon 5

*Burps* too full le.. haha be4 I had a dinner I had a bread so now damn full man.. Hmm today had a long day.. I was so busy with all the project discussion.. sianz..Our projects still had a long way to go man.. Tmr I will be having my attachment presentation.. yeah abit nervous.. coz Im not prepared at all.. all tks to my com lor.. no powerpoint ma.. haiz.. Seline's selling mi her CD drive.. but now... the problem is the bth of us dunno how to fix it man.. so headache.. tink during the Sept holidays.. Im gonna ask some com expert to cum my hse liao.. muhahahah

Went for the stupid Bridge Leader meeting..waste time tokin bo liao stuffs man.. In the morning oso got a Monitress briefing for the teacher's day celebration nxt week.. LAME lor.. Im suppose to present the present to my class advisor.. Argh.. so paiseh man.. tks ah JUSTIN,,, have to go on approved leave at this critical period man... -_-

I went to Super cut to cut my fringe.. initially wanted to cut that kind of sha gua tou.. those gong gong tyoe of fringe.. but in the end.. the person say my hair will curl dunno wad ever shit.. so i onli cut steps lor.. sianz.. tmr go sch they sure say no change at all..-_-||| tok to ah chua online yst.. he say he cant find a job man.. so sad,.. realli hope he will find a good job soon.. if nt I hope he will cum back and teach us lor... ITE doors will be open for him man..K la mi going to do some research liao..

For those who r currently sick.,. Hope that U will get well soon.... Jia you wor!!!

With Love, 8:50 PM

Monday, August 23, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: NOne

He msg mi in MSn again today telling mi abt his bike..when I ask y is he at hm.. he told mi that he took a day off.. Y is it up till now he still wanna lie to mi.. aren't he tired of lying at all??? We quarrelled and he says that I dun trust him at all.. I realli dun understand... Y mux he be so stubborn.. Today is the day we broke off for 4mths liao.. All tks to him that now i dun have confident in any relationships at all...fark him man.. I hate him......

With Love, 9:20 PM


Song I'm Listening To: Miracle

It's another Monday..yeah a boring wan.. I went to schoool at 11am.. cox totally no mood lei... Heard from them that Mr Ramu is sick he kanna the dengue fever..Poor him.. I realli hope he can recover soon.. Jia you wor..

I came hm yst around 11plus so late..all tks to my cousin..and the ship was so packed that the both of us have to stand all the way man,, but its ok la coz I got to see the sea and the stars.. the feeling is so peaceful.. how I wish the time would stop at that time.. These few days at Batam nv go anywhere jux stay at hm the whole day and watch Olympics.. haha so fun..haiz too bad Singapore lose wor.. but anywhere I think she has done her best liao...

Nothing much to blog liao..No mood lei..when I see my planner..the year is cumin to an end I was so stress man... exams are cumin soon and I still so slack... haiz..wad I am doing man... haven even done my revision....-_-

With Love, 2:48 PM

Friday, August 20, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Happy Ending by Avril LAvringe


Well I totally have no mood to study the whole day... coz I'm going back to Batam later.. well I tink it's been a few mths since I went back..Been slackin the whole day.. ya time realli pass veri fast// *Ring* *Ring* it was the end of my last lesson so happily went up my locker... when I walk up the stairs/// Guess who I saw.. haha it's mama Lam// my sch DM...and I did not tie my hair!!! Buy 4-d oso not so zhun lor.. she say my hair veri gold?? tink Mama Lam eye sight is detoriating.. she ask mi if i dye my hair.. that was the fading colour lor.. it's been a year since I dye my hair.. I was so mad man I tot She wanted to ask mi go dye again.. If she do so I sure argue wit her like HEll.. I explain to her and in the end she ask mi go back my lesson.. diao... is she alright???

hey so long no see u le..... kind of missing u lau
po.."?erm... how u this days?tat u come i reali nv
saw u sia...so bao qian....hee...
james caught by e NS ppl le.... i no more best fren
liao...yong soon betray us,james caught by
NS man....hai................................(-_-)pretty sad

Wang msg mi this when I saw it..realli feel sad for him too.. haiz poor James i tink he sure kanna punish like hell.. hope everything will be alright.. k la mi got to go liao.. I cant wait to release my stress.. haha

Will I miis him or Will I not??/

With Love, 5:28 PM

Thursday, August 19, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: Need you here by Hillsongs


Well Im so tried lor... School starts early today and the most power thing is We went outside the school to the park to run 1.6km.. I was so sianz when I heard this news man..I ran with Syafiqah..she is a great motivator..We ran and ran non-stop until the turning point then I decided to take a rest and walk.. I realli running out of breath liao... When I was reaching the finishing point..My classmates were cheering for mi.. I was so touched..I decided to spring... And I realise I can still run lor..Jux tat I am not willing to run..

This principle same applies to life..Its llke having a goal and running towards it but often we r too lazy to try our best..In our mind the carnal mindset is askin us to quit and sit in our comfort zone..When we do so we will not grow and becum stagnant...And in the end we dun even have the mentality to try anymore... nothing is impossible in this world.. as long u r willing to humble urself and try there will be one day that you will succeed. Every failure is a lesson learnt...

Wow I oso dunno y i suddenly think of all these anyway in the end I pass my 1.6.. Teacher expected 18 mins.. and I came in 15.4mins.. maybe to u guys this timing is nothing.. but to mi.. I learn something lor... I can be better,,I had a feeling of satisfaction...haha

Enough of my running le sorrie to bored u guys...well after sch I went for bible study today.. Yes I learn alot of things.. and I wanna thank Eric lor..He is having diarrhoea and he still make an effort to give us BS.. After dinner went for dinner nearby// had a great time of fellowshiping// :)

With Love, 8:42 PM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004'♥

Song IM Listening TO: China ger by Usual Suspect

Dunno why yst Im so emotional.. sorry guys if I scared u all.. write alot of crap man.. anyway I had a great day today.. Although nothing much happened.. but I tink coz becoz todaY i GOT A SMOOTH DAY BA..Well.. today got a group czlled slim shady came our sch and perform.. they r from TEAM SINGAPORE,, its a band.. and the drumer is sooo wow shuai wor.. alot of ppl queue up for their CDs,, coz its osos for charity purpose.. too bad nv bring enough money.. if nt I oso buy. coz the songs nt bad wor..

Went to Swensens wit the 6 sista.. coz now got promotion ma.. 5 scoops of ice cream for 1.40 cheap rite???? ya lor.. but mux be4 5 pm.. today finish sch early so go there lor.. hehe.. ya had a nice time chatting and laughing.. Took a lot of pictures wit wei si wor today will upload some other day.. hehe// haiz now have to rush finish my e commerce tutorial.. so I shld stop now..

With Love, 10:47 PM

Monday, August 16, 2004'♥


I dunno why am I so affected by WEISI... I suddenly miss her alot I hate myself for being such an emotional person.. .. Remembered the first day she came my hse.. she was so attitude.. Dun wan to bathe everytime cry and cry.. eee I find her so irritating.. but now.. seems like she has become a part of mi..Maybe the saying is true "gan qing shi ke yi pei yang de" 2ys plus liao almost everyday when i came back hm frm sch... she will be there.. and sometimes I would buy sweets for her.. I can still remember the times the bth of us quarrel yes quarrel.. haha an 20 yrs old quarrelling wit a 4 yr old.. how childish can I be hahah.. but always she will be the one saying sorry to mi..I dunno on the last day will I cry a not.. I guess I will.. sob sob

I tink the one most affected in my family is my dad... dun becoz he gt an lao beng face tink that he is veri fierce.. no lor.. my dad love WEISI a lot too.. sometimes she nv cum my dad would even tink of her.. makes mi so jealous man.. Then always wan to act cute in front of her.. so bubu

This 4 yr old ger has make such an impact in my family. unbelievable rite..Im realli gonna to miss her.. she will always be my baby bubu..

With Love, 10:50 PM


Song Im Listening TO: Ecstacy

The day that I've been worrying has finally came....After this month, my mum won't be looking after Weisi anymore... Her dad says his friends will be looking after them. Haiz this means my mum monthly income will be reduced. Now is back to the thrifty time again,, and I definetely will miss her alot. She is so cute and I've been with her for 2 years plus liao..realli can't bear to leave her..she is my bubu..

Suppose to go Swensen today.. everyone is so excited coz got promotion ma.. 5 scoops of ice cream for 1.40.. well its onli until 5pm.. haiz by the time we reach there is oredi 4.50 liao.. someemore the queue is so long.. miss the chance lor.. and went to mac buy fries with hwee koong..

Haiz think I'm having depression again.. exams all coming one by one and somemore I have 3 projects on hand,,, I realli need a break man,, If everything is sucessful, I will be going back Batam this Friday... I realli hate my life rite now... I dunno when will I explode...

To gong gong.. haha i will treat u ice cream wan lor.. dun worry..

With Love, 9:14 PM

Sunday, August 15, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening to: Tipsy

Well ppl im lazy to blog today so sorry will update my life soon. Be patient wor...

With Love, 10:26 PM


Song Im Listening To: I need u by Leann rimes

Yeah I succeeded in making my chocolate apple liao.. although I failed the first time.. lol.. yeah quite nice.. but I decided not to make apple for the nxt time I tink I wan use cornflakes...coz my fren all say they cant finish the whole apple..-_-sad man...

Went church for the whole day today.. It's the 15 anniversary.. the whole church was packed wit ppl.. alot of food stalls and neo prints machine man.. yeah of coz I have snapped some pics too haha.. all the food was selling at one buck nia.. so cheap.. well I finally bought my Victorious living book.. yes gonna have bibile study nxt week.. I promise myself this time im gonna finish this bk man.. Well saw jia wei and she cum tok to mi.. haiz tink she is following my footsteps..I tink she is feeling veri dry.. She told mi that she smoke nowadays..haiz anit shock lei.. coz lastt ime she tell mi she hate the smell.. ren shi hui bian de.. hmm wad i can do is to advice her lor.. coz I myself oso in no position to ask her quit man..

Jux now Clarence saw mi in msn.. yes i forgot to block him again.. haiz.. he keep askin mi to go out and ask mi to patch wit him,,, mi and him is history lor can say that last time I nothing betta to do and we together lor.. .. dun he know that.. I say I prefer to be single and his attitude totally changed man.. haiz.. realli dun understand how a guy tink.. k la mi gt to slp liao.. tmr may or may not go out.. all depends on that jj... gong gong

With Love, 2:19 AM

Friday, August 13, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: ni yao de ai by Penny

Yeah sch was fun today.. nt bad lor.. Koong help mi buy the chocolate liao.. so Im going to whip out my baking skills le.. hope I will be successful in melting the chocolates..yummy!@!!!

Hmm today had a long day.. after sch onli cum hm rest awhile then go out mit my frens le.. we go chinatown eat ramen.. but then they were late so mi and one of my fren.. we go OG shop shop.. and I managed to buy a blue sweater for 18 bucks.. yeah.. so happy.. when all reached liao. we went to eat at a shanghai ramen stall.. nt bad though but the snacks like the mango prawn roll and the tang pao is nice wor.. but the seervice attitude of the staff was nt that gd lei..After eating it was still early so we decided to go Bugis to walk walk at the same time I wan to buy apples,,,went to alot of places in the end nv buy any.. coz the apples were either nt fresh if nt is too ex haha..Then we go and take neo-print haha so fun... Went to bugis village to buy cd.. I bought the Penny dai cd got all the songs i like man..My fav song is ai guo lor.. nice nice.. and the cd is onli 7 bucks damn cheap lor.. soemmore its like original man.. hahah nxt time sure go there buy lor.. the quality nt bad oso.. well...i had a logn day.. tink i stop blogging here.. see u guys..

With Love, 11:42 PM

Thursday, August 12, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: none

Hmm... my ring broke liao.. from 3 until none.. sad man.. everytime broke sure have bad things happen and as usual nothing gd happen today haiz.. sad tink im gettin a new one soon...sob sob

Ah chua fly away jux now at 9.35am... abit sad lor that I cant go.. haiz.. well.. suan le ba.. still got chance to see him oso..So busy rite now.. so many projects cumin rite now.. Ent, PR, E-biz haiz.. this one haven finish the nxt one is here..
I have learnt not to tok so much now.. later offend ppl.. the mouth is the most powerful weapon on earth man.. I was jux jokin wit xw today.. then she angry.. haiz.. sianz lor.. Jux now at SW we played socceer.. haha so happy coz I kick the footbal so hard that It hit Andrew's butt.. then his butt too bounv\cy liao.. it hid his precious gf lor.. and then like dat wan to cry.. haiz.. then he like so gan cheong.. wtf man.. nt as if i broke her thigh.. somemore she is nt hwee koong lor..so thin.. haiz.. then dunno how that Adeline hit her again.. haha she sure got blue black liao..muahahah.. i tink Adeline kanna condemn liao.. haha..

Im going to do some thing for those who r special to me.. haha *Secret*

With Love, 7:20 PM

Wednesday, August 11, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: none

Haiz Im feelin so sleepy now.. after bloggin i sure go slp liao.. well been having a cold for the whole day.. so xin ku man.. tears keep rollin down..still have tonnes of things to do lor...

For u guys info.. I suddenly becum monitress of my class... haiz kanan sabo lor.. dunno who the hell go and shout my name in da first place.. see la now have to do all the shit wk.. record doen the attendance for whole month in the teacher's record card..haiz all becoz of this i cant go airport. send ah chua tmr.. coz i brought hm the attendance if i nv go tmr the whole class dun need mark liao.. haiz haiz.. srry chua... anyway I wish u Bon voyage.. Go for ur dreams...no matter how difficult it is...Chua jia you..

I went back cg today.. at first its abit awkward,, but after that its ok ba.. This time I cant play play liao.. I mux be serious!!!

With Love, 11:05 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: In the End by Linkin Park

Apple Strudel...yeah Yummy!! my mum bought that for mi..now u guys knw y i got this kind of fantastic figure liao ba.. lol.well.. tks mummi anyway..

Finally manage to upload the pictures I took yst.. so many.. haiz.. I had some misunderstanding wit Christine today.. all tks to her fren.. sianz.. saw her in the bus stop when Im going hm.. but luckily her bus came first if nt like veri awkward.. haiz dun care so much liao.. but i tink rite now the problem is solved..

Mr Ramu bought us chocolates and lollipop coz we won the second place in the "wishing Tree" competition.. that was nice of him.. well sometimes I feel that we had somehiw neglected him.. he is always tryin to blend in wit us,, and I can see his effort.. but somehow or rather can say that Mr chua is still in our heart.. Its veri obvious lor.. when chua cum visit us.. everyone will be fighting to take pic wit him.. whereas.. Mr ramu waited for us for so long.. we soemhow forget abt him.. ya its so sad man. can see the disappointment in his eyes.. tink from now on.. We had to give him some attention liao.. Found out one thing when I went sch today.. That KINGDOM rebonded her hair.. yucks man... eeeeee I tot today won be seeing her.. but who knows she came our class.. and pass something to MR Ramu.. haiz.. see her face reminds mi of.. entrepreneur liao..

Haiz stress lei.. CA cumin liao..can feel the stress cumin in.. zzz How to get those notes into my head????By the way I realli cant stand my class that andrew and his gf lor.. cant the bth of them stop showing their affection in class... keep touchin here and there.... Its so bloody disgusting...Haiz ren bu ke mao xiang..

Oh help mi..my knee is so painful.. all tks to John's sudden brake yesterday.. i my knee knock against the metal part of the seat,,, haiz.. a big blue-black man.. tks ah.. nice national day present.. hah actually he oso didnt mean it too.. luckily seline is nt sitting on my seat if nt i tink she will fly.. poor knee.. i hope u will recover soon.. muahah

He said that I treat him veri cold these few days... Am I????

With Love, 6:48 PM


Here are some of the photos I took in da wedding..

With Love, 6:29 PM

Monday, August 09, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening To: none

Juz got hm man.. I was damn tired.. realli lor.. almost fell asleep in John's car...I was out the whole day since 10am... haiz.. been to alot of places today...WEnt to did my hair in the first palce.. hmm quite happy wit it.. but too bad my hair nt long enough to curl.. after that rush down to church lor.. quite nervous... coz I so long nv go back liao.. Went to the toilet and saw Astoria they all.. wow realli long time nv see them liao.. then wait for that Christine lor.. so late man.. luckily when we went down the ceremony haven start.. Hmmm the ceremony started wit praise and worship.. during worship time tears roll down lor.. haiz too long nv go back liao.. Bro Ian was so nervous lei.. can see frm his face.. haha then sis Tammy was so pretty. when I see them botth exchange vow..it was so touching.. haha i tink a lot of ppl cried.. Hmm Andrea de cruz was there.. wow so chio man...

Then went up to the reception..Saw Javier they all.. wow it was like a reunion.. we took alot of photos will upload it when that miss christine send mi.. hmm but throughtout the day I nv tok much to my own member.. it was like veri awkward.. ERIC ask mi to join his cell group... but I am still deciding.. hahaha.. veri luan ba.. Today whole day veri shuang keep sitting cab nv took bus lor.. coz ERIC treat ma.. then went to seline's hse.. after that we went to watch movie.. wit shi hui they all.. HAiz for ur info dun go and watch the village.. it was nt nice lor.. so sian the whole thing..haiz make mi wanna slp liao...then after that we went to Shaw House at Beach road to watch fire work... the car park was like so eerie.. eee.. then the building so old.. then that seline's bf nelson cum and scared us... so in the end we missed part of the firework..darn it.. but still manage to see some of it.. wow so nice wor...Then we went to Tiong Baru hawker to eat.. Saw ying ying there and her bf... haiz she told mi that she quitted poly,, sian.. so wasted lei.. haiz.. dunno her la she like change to another person since she is with rong hui....hope one day she will change back...

Sian tinking of tmr.. I feel like slpin liao.. dun realli feel like gg sch tmr.. I decided to miss one lesson liao.. haha dun care so much.. I need to ZZZZZZZ... k la mi wan go bath then ZZZZZ tks mumi for the water chesnut drink...

With Love, 10:47 PM


Song IM Listening TO: none

So fed up man yst nite i type a blog then dunno y it cannot be publish.. bloody H**l...waste my time man.. anyway i forgot wad i wrote.. well later Im going to the wedding liao.. quite nervous lor.. coz long time nv see them liao.. Promise if I got take any photos I will upload it here...

Damn sleepy man.. now is onli 8.00am,,, shit iI found a pimple near my butt.. zzz so painful.. haha luckily My mum squeeze it out,, haha so gross rite... today got a long day lor.. after the wedding Im going to mit Seline they all to watch THE VILLAGE.. heard frm ppl say that this show nt that gd.. well no one cfm yet.. so I hope the movie will be worth 8.50 lor.. haha..
K la mi gt to go bathe liao.. When I tink of tmr I got TUESDAY"S BLUES... study so early man... haiz...

With Love, 8:42 AM

Sunday, August 08, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Its My life by Bon Jovi

Hmmm Im SICK!!!!! yes Im sick the whole day man... so stay st hm lor.. tink its becoz this few days.. always slp so late ba.. hmm... mit seline to trim my eyebrow today... then go for lunch at my hse downstairs.. well after that i stay at hm doing nothing for the whole day... sianz actually intend to go watch fireworks wan.. Stupid joseph call mi n let mi hear the sound.. tempt mi lor.. haiz how I wish i was there.. but anyway still got nxt week ma..

Eric call mi jux now,, and we chatted for one whole hr its been a long time since we chat. hmm he still veri funny... well chatting with him realli makes mi feel better...tmr will be seeing him and the rest.. hope everything turns out well ba.. So excited for the wedding tmr.. hope nothing will happen.. most impt is my hair.. hope my hair won turn out to be a poodle.. hahaahah...after the weddin Eric says he oso wanted to go back tampines.. so i tink i will lopang ba.. then go seline's hse help her do hair.. haha im like a part-time hair stylist man.. then we r going to the movies.. to watch the village.. heard frm the radio its nt quite an exciting show.. but anyway hope it is worth my money.. then we r going to watch the FIREWORKS!!!!yeah... Myabe baby bear bf will be driving us there..hope the road won be blocked hehe... k la mi gtg liao.. having a long day tmr..as for TUESDAY, Im having BLUES abt it man!!!

With Love, 11:06 PM


SOng Im Listening To: Right Here Waiting By Richard MArx

Jux now when Im checking my frenster...Eric wrote mi a message.. after reading it feel veri sad..this is wad he wrote...

hey shirley, i was reading thru my testimonies and saw yours...really missed you a lot, why wouldn't you come back....don't know why i suddenly feel so sad, crying so badly as i type this....you know this week we'll be having our 15th anniversary celebrations and they're going to put neo-prints machines and have food fair but i know it'll never be the same because you're not here. Can we ever take neo-prints together like we used to...why do you not want to come back, i pray God will bring you back, no matter what you're going thru...funny how long after you're gone, now then i'm beginning to feel it....and if i feel so sad now, i know that i'll feel a thousand times worse if we don't meet in heaven after we die. Sometimes we can be so busy with our own things, that we forget our closest friends....but i'll always remember you, shirley see xue li.....i promise you if you don't come back soon, i'll go your house and drag you back.your friend always....eric

It's been half a year since I left church.I may have alot of frens in church.. but during this period since i backslided onli a few keep in touch wit mi.. Chelsia, Eric, Jin chun, Thong yao.... can say they r my true frens.. It happen so quickly I oso dunno why I backslided.. Somtimes I realli have the urge to go back.,.But I dun have the courage to face God... I find that I have done so many wrong things.. It;s like I know wad I did was wrong and I still continue to do it. As I read this message I cried,, I know what Eric type was from his heart.. He is nt lying.. The first time I knew him was when we r taking neo-print..the time when he first came church.. So fast It's been 3 years... And now he had become a leader... and here I am wandering,,always feeling so lost in my life... Trust me, this feeling is not good either.. I miss all of them tooo... but I dunno how to convince myself to go back.... God if ur there and still haven given up on mi... Can You pls light up my path???

With Love, 1:12 PM

Saturday, August 07, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening TO: Xiang jian tai wan by zhao yong hua

Dunno y today whole day sian sian de.. no mood lor.... nv pick up phone oso... jux dun feel like tokin lei..went to jb jux now.. coz my fren wan go there and da you... the petrol there cheap ma.. veri fast then cum out liao.. then after that go hm lor.. no money go out oso.. My mummy bought the nestle omega 3 milk for mi.. one whole tin lei.. she say now i old liao.. mux have more calcium so my bones will be strong.. haha so touched lei... and at the same time.. I feel that Im getting older!!! sob sob.... lao nu ren sianz... Nothing to do at hm.. so i went and change my blogskins.. nice ma?? After changing so many blogskins can say that this is my favourite,,liek the midi oso.. hope this one turns out well... won give mi so much headache.. sick of seeing the HTML code for so many times hahah

Yeah I finally do my business today liao.. having constipation since yst.. hah that cause mi to have bad mood.. Do u knw that studies have proven that when u clear ur bowels every day ur mood will tend to be better... haha heard this from the radio.. tink its quite true for mi.. my stomach this few days wierd wierd de... then jux now i farted ooops.. haha then it was my mum then my dad,,, haha like a farting marathon man!!!! we keep laughing lor.. realli damn funni and the whole living room was like... eeeeeee... hahahah...sorry to share such a gross incident here haha.. jux find it damn funny lor... one after another.. lol.. anyway tink I stop blogging here...

Wad r my plans tmr??? intend to mit seline for lunch at my hse downstairs then go trim eyebrow lor.. then after that dunno go where.. actually intend to go watch firewks de.. but there sure will be packed like hell lor... cfm ren ji ren de..so maybe i jux go out for dinner or wad ba.. nt sure yet...

Moodswing go away cum again another day...

With Love, 11:37 PM


Here are some of the pic I took for the past few days...

Took this neo-print when we went out to eat ramen that day...

Our fav pose

3 Musketers

Took this pic in sch haha nothing to do ma...

Took this when I went out wit seline.. We like the colour of our hair so much.. going to dye it atOCT..

One more...

With Love, 9:43 AM

Friday, August 06, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Everybody's changing

Hmm surprise rite.. so early i reach hm today... haiz.. sian lei,, no money so no where to go.. somemore so early wake up today.. actually dun intend go sch wan.. coz today celebration ma... then somemore have to wear traditional costumes,,,then yesterday nite my classmates all bombard my hp... esp ras, syafiqah.. asking mi to cum today... haiz in the end i surrender laio.. so i go lor.. zzz so sleepy reach hm yst nite so late.. onli get to slp at 1plus..

Went out wit Chelsia yst... we went to eat the tom yam stamboat at parkway parade.. hmm then we go walk walk.. haha.. so long no see her... we will be going the weddin together on mon... we went to book appointment for mon to do our hair.. intend to perm it.. lol.. dunno nice ma.. nt nice i will go bang wall liao..hehe veri excited lei....

Today go sch luckily got venni help mi tie the sari... if nt sure drop wan hahahah... the celebration was ok... and ah chua got cum back oso.. lol after that went to take neo-print wit seline they all.. then we all went orchard... guess who we saw when we reach there?? TOrro lei.. haha so shuai wor.. but he cant take photo wit us... so sad.. then i go do manicure lor.. 5 bucks nia.. got nailart somemore.. so shuang man.. seline bought mi an early bd present.. from littlematchger.. hmmm quite ex lor.. thk ya... then we went wisma to acc baby bear to repair her phone... haiz but the phone gone case liao..beyond repair.. poor baby bear... then we after that we keep thinkin where to go.. everyone no money liao.. so in the end decided to go hm.. and eat mummmy's cookin lor... haha...

With Love, 6:37 PM

Wednesday, August 04, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: NOne

HAiz jux came hm not long ago.. damn tired lei.. went to Orchard jux now... to buy seline's veri belated present.. haha heng went one place then can find her size liao... CAlled Kelvin in the morning to wake up.. Today is He's TP for motorbike..haiz so excited for him.. but too bad he failed lor.. Tink his turning too wide liao.. His nxt Tp is 6/9,,, realli hope he will pass lor.. Anyway he spent so much money liao... And This time he veri determine lor..Today Ah Chua came back to sch haha so happy to see him.. haha poor him sell away his car liao.. have to walk from interchange to here...haha he bought lollipop for us.. then I help them did the whishing Tree thing all the way until OA class.. hehe.. Mux show face abit lor.. later they say chn gers nv help wan.. Found out a secret man... Our dear ANdrew stead wit Lydia lei.. IT's so unbelievable... Lydis is that kind of guai guai type lorr... so now my class gt 2 couples liao.. so loving hahah... and Im so jealous!!!! lol jkin la....

Miting Chelsia tmr.. for dinner... then we go search for saloon to do our hair for Monday.. Miting her on Monday haaha so I dun need to mit that Christine liao... then she won yaya to mi again liao.. My fren email mi a message... abt HOW BAD IS UR TEMPER..haha I find it veri true lei... So I do have bad temper too hahaha

>>November 22 – December 20
>>You are insensible and generally have no complete control over your
>>emotions. You do get angry quickly and others marvel at your anger
>>levels even when provoked. Actually, you get tongue-tied when
>>angry and you will remove your anger waiting for the other person
>>to calm down. Then you will reason with your opponent and convince
>>the other person in a very gentle manner that the whole thing was
>>just his mistake. You’re also likely to totally sever ties with
>>someone when you’re upset with them.

With Love, 7:07 PM

Tuesday, August 03, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: My all by MAriah CArey

Like this song a lot.. tink it's veri soothing when u listen it at nite... lol... Dunno y my classmates all say i today good mood...hahaha i myself oso dunno y.. maybe becoz i veir happy that this week have long weekend ba.. oredi made my plans liao.. hhaah i wan go ENJOY!!!!! hehe going out wit seline this friday again.. she is buying a bag for mi.. early early bd present hahahaha.. coz i like the bag ma.. but at the same time she dunno that I am saving up to buy her her fav tube.. lol Hmm... SAt maybe going out wit the twins ba.. then Sunday I wan go to the fireworks festival lol.. got performance somemore.. yeah... mux remember to bring camera wor.. Remember last yr I went to Marina South to watch wit my cg... tat time still got contact Wilson.. haha remember that time he gt gf somemoe dunno now still together ma.. haha come to think of it so long nv contact him liao.. lol'''

Whole day pass like tat,,, haiz i tink my life now is so boring man.. everyday da same... so sianz...
watchin the repeat episod of mei li jia ting.. hmm like this show alot.. abt family lor.. watch until wan to cry liao.. actually.. bf/gf,,, is nt veri impt the most impt is family.. family is always there for u.. they r there to share ur happiness and sadness... although my family is small but im glad that i got my papa and mama,, if there is next life i still wan to be their daughter,,, I love u guys!!!!

With Love, 5:47 PM

Monday, August 02, 2004'♥

SOng IM LIstening To: Within Ur remain by usual suspect

Wa whole day raining man, so cold haha... today time pass quite fast... at ENT the whole period.. we were doing the set up cost of our shop man.. keep calculating..until now my brain all full of amt... feel like doing accounting again... haiz... today Andrew keep asking mi am i angry wit him? i tink he siao liao.... today went to library to watch the show MOnster INC.. haha so funny lor.. its a cartoon haha.. and the little ger si so bubu wan...finally manage to survive thru today,,, jux now in the bus going hm my gastric so pain sia.. luckily after while ok le...

Saw 2phat outside my school today again.. hah tink he is waiting for someone maybe some chio bu ba.. tat day he say mi veri tao.. nv tok to him.. so today i purposly go in front of him to smile at him hahaha.. second time he see mi sso no image liao.. wearing that stupid sch u... haha... after sch nv go where... reach hm liao still have to rush that ENT project.. dunno y our class so stress.. seline's class did nothing wan lor until now they haven even start a thing yet.. haiz.. tong ren bu tong ming man... realli hope weekend faster cum man.. haha got a lot of things to do lor.. hehe..

With Love, 8:56 PM

Sunday, August 01, 2004'♥

SOng Im LIstening To: Love Love LOve By JOlin Cai

Woke up early today dunno why cannot sleep lor.. Not planning to go out today... so lazy lor.. Call jie jing in the morning... hehe he still sleeping lor.. finally got one day is mi go and wake him up hahaha lazy pig.. watch tv for the whole day lor... then saw ah chua online jux now.. haha chat wit him awhile then he offline liao.. but its ok lor he say he coming back this week,, hehe can see him again before he went Perth. sianz Friday is National"s day celebration.. dunno wan sch anot.. haha if nv go hor got 4 days holiday lei.. hehe so song.. but if nv go my attendance die lor.. haaahahha...

Seline like a tube from Mango.. 30 bucks... hmm since I owed her a bd present I think I will buy this for her,,, coz veri guilty ma.. she always so gd to mi,,, can say she is my best fren lor.. so this week i mux save liao.. and oso I am thinking of doing a perm for one day.. haha try try lor.. see I suit ma.. If suit I intending to do ceramic perming nxt yr when I 21 years old hahaha... SO tis week will be quite siong for mi,. tink I need to borrow money from my mum liao.. hahaha.. dunno she give ma.. tat day she scold mi man.. coz my hp bill tis mth still a lot lor... then combine 2 mths is 100 plus.. haiz.. cant sms so much liaoo.... this mth... and I intend to change my plan.. change to the POwerplay 2... hahahah...

I did an online personality test... and I find it veri true lor.. coz this is exactly wad IM thinking...find that I veri zhao gao lor.. Sometimes I may love a person.. sometimes i wish to be alone so contridicting..

You are basically a person who enjoys looking back to the past. A very emotional person indeed. Easily influenced by the people or surroundings around you. Eg. if the society is sad about the death of Princess Diana, you will also share the same sentiments or when watching a sad movie...like Titanic, you will be so engrossed in the movie that you will end up> being sadder than the main casts in the movie!!!!!!!> >

Lovelife:> Very Messy! Are you a very confused person?> Sometimes you like to be left alone, Sometimes you want to be love,> Sometimes you need her/him, Sometimes you don't??> Does it sound familiar?> You better sort out about yourself before you cause another party to be in pain for you.

With Love, 3:32 PM

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