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Monday, March 31, 2008'♥

Yes, It's Sentosa

In case you're still wondering where's the beach that we went on Sunday...

Yes, it's Sentosa

Was supposed to go for K-lunch that morning...gave my usual morning call but that someone did not pick up, I'm feeling sleepy too therefore the ktv was canceled.

Received a call from Ms Elsie (Xtin's sis) she wanted to bring baby out and asked me along... Would I ever reject meeting baby Charlotte? Of Course not!!!

I suggested Vivo, since I'm sick of town and briefly suggested Sentosa for a short evening walk down the sands...but we ended up having a "beach party" there haha...

Started our first meal with desserts...Who says desserts are meant to be taken after meal?

Amazed by it? Ever since Hagen daz jacked up the fondue price from 15 bucks to 39.90, I totally forgot about them selling fondue.

You must have thought we are feeling rich nowhere to spend the money right? Haha.. If not for the $50 vouchers that Ms Elsie had I would not spend such a bomb on this.. But the chocolate is definitely nicer than most of the fondue outside...YESH super Sinful Indulge...

Seeing Baby Charlotte so bored we decided to let her zi lian abit...

Baby with my specs.. She just loved it lah.. keep posing to let us take pics.. There's another one of her looking at a book (but my dear friend nv sent me) she looked like harry potter...tats wad her mum said.

Her mum bought her this balloon.. cute rite.. bumble bee.. but at the end of the day... left the face onli...yawnzzz..

This Sentosa outing was totally unplanned for... as in our attire... the barangs barangs... and also footwear.. can u imagine I'm wearing pointed heels to the beach cool rite...

Shermaine (Xtin's eldest sis) called her and said she was at vivo too.. asked us to meet them and go Sentosa together.. I never knew they were so ON about it too....

SO off we went in the newly bought Estima... so spacious lah...

Nanny Tea and baby... She feeling damn shiok to have such a big mattress to lie on ...haha

Need Nanny? Please call.. 1800-I want to hire Nanny Tea thank you...

The weather was super duper hot and humid lah.. Went there buay tahan le.. and we got ourselves a pair of slippers.. mine was onli 3bucks WOHOOOHOO cause the sizes left are big...Who says BIG FOOT not good??

We decided to chill out at a bistro near Siloso Beach...

This is my definition of A HAPPY FAMILY...yesh.. husbands please bring your kids out on Sunday.. it's supposed to be a "FAMILY DAY" not a "STAYING AT HOME and NUA DAY"

The one and only pic at the beach.. it's too hot and we are damn pekchek to take alot of photos... wads more our attire sucks...hahaha Thank God for this spec... my make up were melting...

Foot prints on the sand... Quickly washed away by the waves... Wad does that implies?

Baby Julian indulging himself with the sands..

Let's work together ok?

Group pic... We heart Sentosa...(provided we are in our right attire)

One day... Three sisters treated me desserts (Elsie), Lunch (xtin), Dinner (Shermaine)

What could I wish for? Take care of the kids lor hahaha...

Nanny Tea's golden mission = Let food be the reward haha...

I'm feeling so sick at the moment.. blocked nose at night causes insomnia... runny nose in the afternoon causes me giddyness at work...

Cough + phlegm = Super SICK


I better try to get well soon by this weekend... I want to enjoy it man..

Short Note: You are more excited than me...

With Love, 10:57 PM

Sunday, March 30, 2008'♥

Extremely Tired

I am super duper extremely tired (opps I almost blabber something rough out haha)

Guys please cherish ur wife, babysitter and your maid...

Seriously being a mum is not easy... the feeding, the carrying, the running around, the bathing, the playing seems so easy...but it's extremely tiring... and I experienced it all in a day...

Call me Nanny Tea pls...

We brought my god daughter baby Charlotte out today... and I'm the nanny?? nvm at least she's guai guai today...

We went here..

Nice sunset... and I looked like a red lobster now.. tks to the SUN...

Baby playing trying to build a sandcastle... no no no she's too young for that...Both of them can be models for the "DIAPER" advert...

Guessed what I wore today??

A bikini for the first time at the beach WOHOOHOOOO...want to see??

Nah Happy liao boh? Super chio rite... I think I'm super hot in the beach..everyone is looking at me....muahahaa

Sianzzz.. Monday Blues again....yawnzzzz...

Can Someone cheer me up?

Short Note: Simplicity can be a chore sometimes too rite?

With Love, 8:46 PM

Saturday, March 29, 2008'♥

A day of my working life...

Been working in this firm for more than a year.. I'm the sole survivor there.. boss hired so many assistants but none of them last as long as me...

Why am I still working there? I asked myself... though we all know how "kind" my boss is...

1. Money.. though its normal market rate... but since I'm still studying I think with this extra money my finance will not be that tight

2. Flexible hours... I can choose the time slot I wanted to work and changed it according to my schedule...not many firm allows this for sure!

3. Flexible days... Can choose to work any days I liked... and if i can't make it an sms will do the trick haha

4. Near my house... With one straight bus the trip took around 20mins and tadah I reached my workplace le...

5. Easy Jobscope... The job is easy.. i can even closed my eyes working... some will say they are stress.. but after working here for so long.. I'm already immune to it le.. haha

So these are the TOP 5 reasons why I stayed on... however I might quit once sch re-opens this sem.. Third Year le... more projects and soon attachment.. dun think I got time to work though.. we shall see how..

Recently Boss had been good to us... amazingly...

He would always bought us some snacks..One of them is this...

Hmmm I think this is called the crispy pancake.. Should be taken while it's hot.. inside there's peanut and butter..Super crispy I liked!!!

My 7 zai... so cute rite.. his face cheered me up when I'm bored at work haha.. Someone promised to buy me a bigger one... let's see if that someone will fulfill the promise haha

I would always go lunch with HS and recently we found a coffeeshop near workplace which sells nice food.. One of them is....

Yong Tau Foo.. If you know me well enough you know that I can't resist YTF... Whenever I'm in food court or wad I would always have that...Why this stall is so special?

For the fried items rite.. they will re-fried the items to make it more crispy for you.. u can choose to separate it.. for me I dumped all things inside.. There are no specific how many items you should take.. and I loved their variety of choices.. Some places had "Rabbit" food which means all vege onli... opps haha.

The chili is very nice... I did not pour the whole plate in as I usually did cause I'm having a bad cough and sore throat now...Soup is nice too and u can refill it if you want.

However uncle never state how much is it per piece.. so it's better u all asked first...

Yes that's Hs my colleague cum poly mates haha.. That's the YTF stall behind it...

Location: Coffeeshop besides 116 Changi Road (beside Chew interior design)

Stall might looked small but it's worth the try... Typing it now just makes me wanna go work soon haha...

Next up, I will blog about the gathering session last night... It's such a good experience.

Love you guys we shall meet up again next week.

Short Note: Monday is the day...

With Love, 1:31 PM

Thursday, March 27, 2008'♥

The Last time we met....

Before anything else.. Happy Birthday Chelsia!!!!! My beloved sista...Muacks..


Two and a half years ago on my 21st Birthday was the last time we met. But that was not the full attendance.

The last time we met we did crazy things like..




No worries the floors are still intact..


It's my idea of getting him this..on his 21st Bd

Stop looking at our dressing then....

Yes finally tmr we are meeting up again... everyone's been busy with our own lives...

and we are going to meet at somewhere where we often patronize since last time...

Hint: I heard that it's owned by Dennis Foo (nah not St James lah...)

Oh yes.. I will definetely ask Aaron did he ever used up that packet of condom... opps...

I missed you guys from CHEC.....

Short Note: Can't wait to catch up...

With Love, 10:39 PM

Wednesday, March 26, 2008'♥

Nemo and the Fisherman

Once upon a time, there's a handsome fisherman who lived by the sea. Though he's handsome, but deep down he's greedy.. He would always cast his net everywhere without failed. Main motive was to catch as much fishes as possible

Of course, his main motive was to catch a very big big fish so that he could sell it off and had money for the rest of his life.

But often, he catches small fishes

In his mind, the fisherman think that since there's no BIG fish, small fish also not bad.. at least that will last him for days.

Slowly he forgot about the big fish.

There were many small fishes in the sea, therefore fisherman always target them. One by one, the small fishes got caught by the fisherman and every small fishes knew that therefore they tried their best to avoid him.

Yet, there's one dumb small fish named NEMO who did not heed the advice of her community and went swimming to the direction of the fisherman. She had longed heard of the handsome fisherman and was curious to find out his looks

Yes, expected.. She got caught, She was afraid, She was confused and yes She fell in love with Mr Fisherman.

Fisherman finds Nemo attractive and think it's a pity to sell her away, therefore he kept her as a pet in his fish tank.

Day by day, Nemo felt that she's the luckiest fish on earth, she never felt so appreciated before and Mr fisherman gave her a more than a tank, she felt being loved and cared for.

One fine day, Fisherman returned home happily with a few of his fisherman friends. Nemo tried to listen to what they were saying and she found out that Mr Fisherman finally caught the biggest fish in his life.

Upon hearing that, Nemo was disappointed and sad but she can't blame anyone as this was the decision she made herself, she knew about the consequences all along.

The next day, fisherman came to see Nemo at the tank one last time, he decided to sell Nemo away. Fisherman told his friends, Nemo was just not the type of fish he liked, he's not satisfied with just one small fish.

Excuses and all excuses, Nemo knew that once a person changes his heart, the excuses are lame and there was no turning back. But what really hurt Nemo the most, was how fast a person's heart could change.

One of the fisherman's fren named K released Nemo back into the sea and asked Nemo to forget the past and give up. Nemo never once heard about the fisherman anymore in her entire life....

Moral of the story:

Many of us makes wrong choices even though we know about the consequences in the end.. What is this? Foolishness or just purely Love is blind?

Love is blind and lovers cannot see

The pretty follies that themselves commit

Is it that love is blind to the truth, or is it that love seeks truth? That love is prepared to forgive a wrong, but if it's too blind will it overlook evil? Is a conflict within love because of a lack of understanding?

The above story are truly fictional, Should it represent any individual live or dead. Mrstea will not be held responsible for it. Thank You....

Short Note: The answer is in the ocean

With Love, 8:10 PM

Tuesday, March 25, 2008'♥

Late Night Supper Extravaganza

Yest nite Jo called me and said he will be sending me the rest of the KL pics..

Halfway through the pics sending process:

Me: Wah the food is so tempting at this time of the night...
Jo: Yah lor, makes me drool only
Me: See lah make ppl hungry all your fault..
Jo: I also hungry lei, today I got car want to go out eat supper?
Me: Yipeee (cause he lives near me), go Geylang Geylang Geylang!!...
Jo: Dun wan so far later very late.. haha Tampines or Bedok Simpang..
Me: (disappointed with no Tian Ji Porridge) ok loh..better than nothing haha
Jo: Ok I go change now...

That was the initial plan - to eat somewhere in Tampines or Bedok cause the next day he had to attend the cremation ceremony of his Uncle.

When He reached my place at 1am, Ada called him and asked us to go over her house void deck which is one street away to chat, as she's there with James.

And so we went over... chatted abit, took photos and had a great laugh of the upcoming chalet games we will be playing...

Me and my sista Ada...

Her laughter always so contagious and loud lolz..

Laugh somemore i Strangle u haha..

Me and James the lousy angmoh haha

My face looked damn nerd with no makeup..yawnzz

He looked much better with this hairstyle.. and he got a damn good memory lah.. things that happened so long ago he still remember lor.. Eg: I wished to open a pub...haha that dream was so long ago...

The brothers..

Don't need intro.. you know who lah..

My fave necklace.. Can u read what it says?

Then the call came, Jo's aunties at the wake were hungry..and asked him to da pao (takeaway) my hse downstairs de Roti Prata (it's famous ok) haha..

In my mind, I was thinking when is it our turn to eat? hahahaha..

Reached the wake, he went to pass the prata to them (can't go in as I'm wearing red, don't want to raise an Afghanistan War there haha) and THEN his mum and God ma came.. they asked him to fetch them home, halfway through the journey mum asked Jo to send Godma back to her home instead of staying over at theirs..cool.. I assumed both are staying around our area.

Jo's face at this time was totally black..I said.. Bedok only rite.. nvm lah.. later did I know it's KALLANG!!!!!!!! faintz.. with Geylang just across the street..

And so our initial plan was ruined.. but the best thing was I get to eat my fave Tian Ji porridge.

Nice yummy hot porridge at 3 in the morning... Our plan A totally was behind time also haha..

After one big round.. we came all the way for these... total bill $36 with one small plate of fried rice... I think still alright lah.. We chose here coz Jo said can sign card.. yesh no Atm around there so bo bian...Everything ended at 4am.. Poor Jo I wondered how he managed to wake up this morning

While waiting for Jo to da pao the prata before, me and James went mad no opps its zi lian in the car....haha

The Late Nite Supper Drama from mrstea on Comiqs

On the way back home, we sang ktv in the car the whole way through.. it's damn fun lah..
Thanks for both of ur companionship.. though before that there's something weighing on my mind.. going out with you all makes me feel better and I had a good night sleep...

I'm absolutely looking forward to the Chalet next week on April's fool .. Wait!! Is it a joke itself?? Haha Anyway I'm going to take leave for that...I want to play 123 Mu Tou Ren woohooo...

Short Note: I'm just not being honest with myself....

With Love, 3:09 PM


How open is your heart??

Last Saturday.. me along with x-tin was invited to The Youth Aids Awareness Event at Cineleisure with compliments from Nuffnang.. In conjunction with the Open your heart campaign together with the Health Promotion Board, we were there to attend the Exclusive screening of the the short movie August 29.

Open Your Heart Campaign is a campaign which hopes to reach out to youth to open their hearts to empathize with people living with HIV/AIDS and realize that we are more susceptible to the disease than we think.

CLICK below to watch the trailer of August 29...

As the age of contracting AIDS is getting younger, I think more youths should be aware of what kind of consequences their choices will lead them to...

Just one time, it's enough to ruin your whole life and your loved ones...

I loved this pic.. got it from http://www.openyourheart.com.sg/s/pic/0

Yes, Don't let AIDS turn your life upside down... The next time you're faced with choices, always opt for the one that will not harm u and your partner... BE WISE, Think twice.. (oh man, this sounds like quit smoking campaign). Ok I'm serious... Be mature with your choices...

Do come on down this weekend to know more about the AIDS Awareness Campaign

Venue: Orchard Cineleisure foyer
28 March 2008, 5pm.
30 March 2008, 2pm:
30 March 2008, 3pm

I promised you, your thinking will change after that.

Mingling with the stars...

Us with the Lead actor and actress.. On the right my new blogger fren.. Ms THB (she requested to remain anonymous so I thought I should do so too though everyone knows how I look by now, worst is Ms X-tin who cropped herself out of the pic.. reason is Ahem u know lah... haha)

We had a mini Nuffnang bloggers' gathering at Coffee Club Express after that..

It's fun to get to know more friends, especially those who uses the same medium to express their thoughts, feelings and rants..

Of course, the snacks not only these...there's a lot more.. we were just too busy chatting to take pics.. Thanks Ming anyway... thanks for the treat :)

Mr David Gan...opps no JAMES from Jameo a friendly dude...

The three who celebrated their birthday with us.. Mr Julian and Miss Sher... and Mr Jarius

Short Note: Love yourself, protect your loved...

With Love, 12:12 PM

Monday, March 24, 2008'♥

Question to Ponder....

I have a question

To go to a short oversea trip with someone from the opposite sex.. and is your fren/ex-lover/crush.. is it appropriate?

Some says it's not... something sure MIGHT happen
Some says yes... as long you know where u both stands and self-control is important..

Guys what are your thoughts on this? Is it true that you guys think about having sex all the time?

Short Note: hmmmmmm...a tricky one

With Love, 10:13 PM

Sunday, March 23, 2008'♥

Nuffnang's Pajamas Party (Part Two and Three)

Finally I got some of the photos from the relevant sources...and it's pretty random though....and I'm lazy to do a part three on its own...so it's pretty rojak hahaha.. who cares...

I would post the pics up pretty randomly too... hotel, shopping and the party haha...

This is the hotel that we stayed in... TUNE hotel.. owned by the founder of Airasia

Inside the ROOM...

Nice wall painting... the one and only socket is camouflaged in the painting...

The bed where me and x-tin shared our lonely nite together... some say the bed was small.. but i think not too bad.. apparently I managed to sleep throughout the nite without getting kicked by x-tin shows how "BIG" the bed is hahaha..

The POWER SHOWER... haha which me and JO were so excited about...opps we had no scandal but it's just that before the trip we were like researching online wad are the things that we need to bring...and we found that the POWER SHOWER is the best facility in the room opps.. haha.. It allows u to imagine you are bathing under the waterfall COOL rite...

The above pics were stolen from Leonard Hey Dude, You wouldn't mind rite? Haha sorry ah my frens did not send me the hotel pics.

In the coach...

See I already told you it's going to be pretty random...haha

The four whom partake the journey together....Let me introduce one new face... it's ANGELA...

See da bao's unwillingness to carry that BLACK CHARCOAL Edison LOOK-A-LIKE bear from Ms X-tin...

How can I not take a pic with my ke ai de da bao...my poor baby is getting older (dirty and smelly) no one want to take a pic with him anymore... tats so sad....

What is an overseas trip without sunglasses?? haha...

Hotel Lobby...

Did not bring da bao along for the party.. cause at first I tot I will be the odd one out.. Who knows.. everyone brought their stuff toys along lah... poor da bao lying alone on the bed in a foreign land...

While waiting for the bus to pick us to the party...to cure the boredom...take pics lor haha

Our Pajamas for the night...my pants looked familiar? The one that your old ah gong wore?? muahahaha

There's a 7-11 in the hotel... oh ya it's me and Jo... you'll see more of us later on...

Angela is always the photographer.. poor her.. haha

Challenging angle wor... life and death in this angle...all ur flaws (double chin for me) will show hahaha thanks to whoever who took this photo lol...

Me and her finally not so challenging...lolz..

The Party...

Passed by KLCC and it's raining, pls dun ask me whose stupid leg is that... cause the ans is obvious enough haha..spoilt the pic totally!!! haha

The place where the party is held.. In my opinion I think it's like BALA at Suntec.. just that it's bigger and more spacious...can't deny the music is great though...

We were each give a goodie bag..inside contain a booklet of Nuffnang, chipsters, a badge which wrote I love Nuffnag woohooo..and see how cheapo we are.. it's stuffed with chipsters lolz...

Dun asked me why the two of us again.. cause he only sent me photos which has me inside haha..

Beside the goodie bag... I got myself a ....

Pillow!!!!.. Free pillows were given.. if you're heng enough haha.. randomly again... Apparently there's a cute bear handed out but somehow they just missed my TABLE!!.. awwwwww.. Jo were like why don't we used our nuffnang's dollar to buy it from them? As if they will give coz the bear is so cute...

Satisfied with a pillow

Us with the nuffnang money... dun think its like monopoly money orite.. u can bid a camera with it.. and most importantly a Kiss from Dawn Yang...

Lucky dude... haha

Dory fish!!!! I loved the dory fish so much... oh man up till now i still can't forget the taste...

After the party.. the four of us went back to the hotel.. someone complained that he is hungry.. therefore we tried to source for places for our late nite supper...

Go try this Lotus Restaurant if you happened to stay in Tune Hotel.. it's just across the street.. The Nasi Lemak is so powerful especially ikan bilis.

Shopping Trip...

We checked out our hotel at 10am, after checking in our luggage it's time for some SHORT shopping yeahhhh...

After much discussion, we decided to head down to Sungei Wang.. instead of the newly opened Pavilion (which is super atas) .

Had our lunch at Kim Gary's Hongkong cafe.. oh my.. why they only have one branch in Singapore.. the food is delicious.. so far the best among all those other Hongkong Cafe in Singapore.

The nice Yuan Yang....

Bought this nice love lollipop from Famous Amos.. wad to do.. i got no love ma.. so i buy for myself lor.. haha. and yet stupid Jo forgot to take his and in the end took mine to give it to his gf so that his gf won't be angry if he gets nothing for her... See i so wei da seriously...lucky i at least got take pics with it. haha..

There's this Asiasoft event at the mall...

The asia soft mascot.. for those who loved maple story this mascot is nothing new to you all rite...

and this very tall tall man... he's twice our height...haha..

Loved to shop at Sungei Wang.. one day is always not enough lor.. there's so many shoe shop on sale!!.. Due to time constraints, I only managed to get a pair of golden ballets.. yesh I'm doing the hippo ballet soon :)

On the trip back....

Waiting for the bus to arrive.. Goodbye KL...

Da bao is so she bu de... mummy promised to bring u go KL again soon ok?? hee

Loved this trip... though time is short...but I can see the efforts made by Nuffnang and also thanks for the trip Nuffnang!!! Managed to mingle and also build a closer relationship with my friends... :)

Short Note: More pls....hiak hiak

With Love, 10:46 PM

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