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Monday, December 31, 2012'♥

As the years passed by, it has become a tradition that no matter how busy am I, I would still blog a last post of the year to kinda of sum up the events happening in a year.

Year 2012 to me was like a breeze.. everything happened so fast and passed by so fast without me digesting the reality and then it's the last day of the year again. It was not a bad year for me and I did had a lot of fun in this year.


It's my second year at this workplace, it seems long though. Our company policy is you work hard and you play hard. So we had a few events over a year for bonding and worklife balance. This year I was involved in two major events, the chinese new year celebration and the Dinner and Dance event. This two events are on the larger scale and involves alot of commitments. Well, I'm glad that everything happened without a glitch and I've learnt so much from organizing it. It was really not easy.

That's me and the committee welcoming our colleagues on Kai gong day... we were supposed to be there as early as 7am as our Director always came in early for work and we need to greet him.

Tadah, that's my Executive Director... very stylish rite.. hahaa he is the earliest in for work..as early as 7.30.. omg.. not easy being an ED.

 Me and my HR dept... it's my first time wearing a cheongsam too hahaha a pity it's black in colour..

Too bad I'm not there on the actual event as I need to go select my flat and missed out on the lion dance and games. But overall, it's fun to greet ppl early in the morning and make ppl day happy :)

Our theme for D&D this year is Holly wood meets Bolly Wood.. kinda of boring.. but then I had fun organizing it and I loved the invitation card.. so cool rite like a crew pass.

That's me and one of my colleague.. he was so enthu that he went to rent a costume for this event haha but luckily he won the best dressed award too..lolz

The organizing committee.. both my ex boss and new boss is in the committee hahahaa.. and my HOD too.. so cool..

Me and the usual gang... i changed my crew outfit to a dress as I need to perform after that.

Sang a couple song with one of the colleague..haha it was really an experience... lolz.. 

We only practiced one day before the event, therefore alot of parts i laughed like mad hahaha..but overall its fun lah and the crowd is so enthu... 

Last event that I ke chuan this year.. Deepavali Celebration.. lolz.. since i still had the saree for last year so I tot just wear it lor...hahaha

With the organizing committee...we had so much laughter..and I think next year if got the chance maybe I should take Hari Raya, since most of the event I tried planning before liao..

In one year, I've changed three bosses.. all of them were very good to me and I'm thankful for this job.. I hope that for the year ahead, I would be able to learn more new things and get a raise in my salary.. plssssss... hahaa


Started school early Jan this year, and so fast it's gonna be a year. Left with the last semester, hopefully everything will go on smoothly for the last sem and I can graduate in Apr 2013.  Gonna take on 3 modules the next semester.. omg the thought of it just scares me. Hopefully I would be able to cope with school and work at the same time.

My first semester modules..

My ex-colleague cum classmate... without her I might not be able to survive that long in school...Tks JM..


My quota of two aeroplane trips per year was met woohooo despite having school this year. Did not went anywhere far this year.. But I'm glad at least I'm getting out of the country hahahaha..

First trip of the year is to go Johore Premium outlets hahahaa.. Thanks David for driving us there..

Me and my hao jie mei.. he's really a nice buddy can.. the nicest guy on earth..beside my dad..hahaha

Bought my first Gucci Sunglass which I loved the mosttttttt...

Went the trip tgt with Ms Chui...

The yearly Bangkok Trip with Ms Chui in March.. WOOHOO I just loved BKK so much can..

At the famous Erawan Shrine..

Went on to Batam for four times this year..

Batam Trip with the Four Golden Flowers...The girls did had a good time going for spa and it was a relaxing trip.. We shall do that again next year!!..

Batam Trip again with bf (ahem no hubby) for his birthday celebration

We spent so much on all the spa services and seafood can...

Last trip for the year.. Taiwan WOOHOO..Went tgt with Jinmei's sisters and friends.. its fun and lots of laughter..

At the highest point of CingJing Farm.. Omg I just loved the scenery and cool weather there..

Me and my tian deng... HUAT AH...

With three modules on hand, I just hoped that I will have time to go overseas trip next year... and also my hubby to go with me hopefully. Due to his busy work schedules, I had to always go with friends instead hmphhhh...


For me as I get older, I feel that the more friends should gathered together and I really cherish all these moments..I'm thankful for e many groups of friends I had throughout all these years.. many of them are even over a decade...awwww..Thank God for friends like them.. Therefore, this year I make it a must to at least meet my friends once a year to catch up and that explains why the many many gatherings I had...

My CHEC gang, we studied the church's private school one decade ago..and we became like good friends ever since then..it was ncie having them and also I'm so happy for our Jie mei Aaron that he just got engaged too!...

The Three Blind Mice group.. We got to know each other from our ex company and we even studied in the same school for our degree courses...too bad we are not classmates as we each had different course...if not we will be so bimbotic together :)

The Bluebird Gang.. haha also my ex colleagues.. though I had worked there for only three months..but our friendship flourished from there..we went for a few overseas trips together and JM is also my classmate now..WOOHOO..Congrats to Thida for giving birth to a lovely princess this year too :)

The ITE group of friends..the 7 jie meis.. though we seldom meetup but its was a nice day out for Xiaowei's baby shower.. we shall do that more often in 2013.

Zhen and my darling god-daughter.. they never fails to celebrate my birthday yearly. Thank you Zhen for always showering me with gifts. Really happy for you that you found your happiness this year.. I prayed hard that you will have a blissful marriage and a happy family ahead :)

The four golden flowers... YEAH.. we met up like so many times this year until I've lost count for it. Thanks for always being there for me, helping me out in my life and listening to my rants.. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

In 2013, I pray for more time with my friends, simple meet ups will do and I'm happy with it.


More family outings this year... Though I still do not had the ability to bring my family for overseas trip, but I'm glad that this year I had brought them out a few times for nice yummy dinner.. I really cherished the time I spent with them. Thank you daddy and mummy for all that you had given me, though I might not be able to provide you all a good life yet, I hope to do that in Year 2013 after my studies...


We selected our flat early this year and two more years before we got our love nest... and its up to third storey now WOOHOOOI am really happy that I'm going to have a balcony next time WOOHOOO..the thought of hosting parties just makes it more exciting Wooohoo..

Officially Mrs Lui as of 22/12/12... up till now sometimes I still forget I'm married can.. but well I'm glad that I found someone who can tolerate me and love me for who I am. 

Signing away the paper of my life... 

Mama being one of the witness.. See my daddy so yandao dat day can...

My new family.. Mother and Father in Law.. thanks for accepting me as part of your family :)

My maternal side of the family.. so thankful that all of them made time to attend and witness this event..especially my uncle who came to SG from Batam just for a few hrs and rushed back to Batam after tat..

My wonderful close friends who attended the ROM.. so thankful for all their wishes, gifts and help.. I love you guys deep deep...

Thanks Zhen for sponsoring this nice three tier cake.. it was gorgeous and lovely... 

Looking forward to the next chapter of our life..and also our customary banquet.. we are still in the midst of planning.. 

To Mr Lui:

Though we might not be together for long, but I'm happy to have you there fore me whenever I need you. Your shoulder is my pillar of strength. In front of you, there's nothing to hide, I can cry, snore, fart, eat happily with you around. With you, is another pair of listening ears, with you I feel secured, I feel loved. Though you might not show it out often but I can sensed it always in my heart. 

The future is full of uncertainty.. we might not know what might happen in the future, but as of now, I just wanna say.. I'm really happy and thankful to have you in my life. 

I'm looking forward to the many happy moments we are going to have in the future. 

May we both had a better and smooth year ahead.. HUAT AH!!

Love you Lots :)

From: Mrs Lui

Short Note: In life, you gain and you lose... 

With Love, 3:04 AM

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