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Thursday, October 30, 2008'♥

Long distance call....

This afternoon my cousin smsed me and said that granny needs to go for the operation next Wednesday. Even though it's only a leg operation, but the doctor warned us that her heart is quite weak, she might not be able to take the operation and the whole operation is only 50-50.

I teared in the office when I saw the msg. I tried to control my emotions

I called back Batam just now. When I heard her voice, I cried again. I realized I missed her alot alot. She was happy when she heard my voice cause of all the grandchildren she dote on me the most. Although she can't hear clearly what I said but she tried to remain optimistic, she told me not to worry for her, and that her leg not so painful le. I broke down after the phone call totally.

I know, she's saying all these not to make me worry. I'm really worried for her, as for now I can only pray to God for her well-being. I'm angry with myself, cause there is really nothing I can do now, here in China.

All my cousins took leave, my mum took leave and they are going back this Tues, I felt so useless here. Haiz....How I wished I could fly back and be there together with all my cousins supporting her.

What I can do now is only pray....

Short Note:
Don't leave me....

With Love, 7:41 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008'♥

Attending Wedding Syndrome...

Yesterday, it’s my usual chatting session with mama. She called and told me that one of my cousins (not so close) is getting married next month. My first reaction was: “Which date is it?” Mama said it’s on the 11th Nov. I was surprised with my reaction then: “HENG AH, I haven’t come back.”

It’s not that I don’t like her; it’s not that we are not close, it’s not because I need to give angpow but it’s about attending the wedding. I guessed I have the “Attending Wedding Syndrome” Shit, never knew it would be so early for me. Most of my friend got it much older. Nowadays, I’m so reluctant to attend wedding. No dun think I’m very bad alright, let me tell you my reasons, first of all, almost all of my cousins are attached, being the single me, I felt left out most of the time…Yeaps, so if I were to go, I for sure will be sitting with the kids, when I say kids, it’s really kids. Yawnz.. Secondly, the whole Singapore will be asking me or my mama, “are you attached now?” “when will it be your turn” and “when are you slimming down” COOOOOOOLLLL and then I will end up giving a fake smile and change topic or run away. Yawnz… then I will be like a gong gong sitting down there talking to kids asking them about school, about games and and and and the best part is even kids will ask “xue li jie jie when are you getting married.” Argggghhhhh ( I was webcaming right now with my cousin, you see you see asked me whether i got bf in China yawnzz...)

So not because I don’t want to give my blessings to the couple, it’s because I feel so sian at wedding nowadays.

Maybe I should really hire an escort to go wedding with me. Who got good recommendations? Discount? Or who want to volunteer to be my escort got good food lei like Shark’s fin, roast pig..blah blah blah? Haha maybe I should really hire Mr Dexun for long (hopefully his gf won’t kill me). The previous time he accompanied me to attend this wedding of my secondary school friend (Thank you Charlene for lending me your bf for that night haha). Thank God for him, if not I will be bored to death, whole table were all couples lah. Will never forget his effort, I only told him on the day itself, only a few hours earlier and he rushed down from work to accompany me. Sweet… So I bought a very “sweet” present for him too in China haha.

Alright enough of weddings, of course if it’s the wedding of my best friends or closed ones, I would surely attend de lah. So those who are getting married don’t worry, flood my mailbox with your invitation card ba. Haha. 放马过来吧!!!

Time for some random photos that I took quite long ago and lazy to upload...

My office canteen cum pantry..we had our lunch here everyday...so no worries of eating alone here...everyone eat together...

My usual lunch box...fyi this is already ONE of the best dishes I liked... yesh FOUR vege and one Meat ball....normally its four vege and FATTY meat..or other food that I don't eat... So 99% I don't finish my lunch and I will throw it away... YOU know how bad it is when I've been eating biscuits and bread for lunch the past few days.... :( OILY + Salty...yucks..

This is so far one of the best food I liked near my hostel...

Even though the stall LOOKS CLEAN.... haha but the food is delicious...

Tadah!!! China's version of YONG TAU FOO aka YTF... with the nice ma la soup its yummy... one bowl like these is onli less than Sing $2...COOL...but did I mention they cooked the crabmeat with the plastic on??? ARGGGHHH....

Seriously can someone tell me is this a franchise of KFC? Opened by the old man's wife? muahahaha damn funny lah when I spotted this...

Even though Beijing's Olympic had ended...everyone is still so proud of it... yeah..

China's flyer for you?

Nice Sunset rite...

This kind of view is everywhere in Suzhou

Some ulu streets

Siapa ini Bai Qu??

Bring back the lampost if you love it so much....

Welcome to China....

Kids on the block...

Last week, My supervisor brought me to this recruitment centre, it's like a career fair whereby job applicants will come and submit their resume, if suitable we will ask them down for interview..

The positions we are recruiting... It's very high tech actually they will post the jobs available at the big screen this poster we will put it on the table.

Looked like a bank rite? It's so freaking crowded... so much people pushing around man.. Luckily I'm there to recruit not to look for job...Fyi, this is not the onli recruitment centre in Suzhou, this is only one of the centre in one of the area......China's really overpopulated.

So fast and I've been in the HR Dept for nearly two months. Yes, I have found my interest. If there's a chance I would want to take up degree in HR too. I treat every new workers as my baby, I interview them, I select them, I orientate them and I see them through their first three months with the company. It really gave me a kind of satisfaction. I love my JOB and I never regret majoring in this subject. WOHOOOOO...

Tmr my other supervisor might bring me to the Ministry of Manpower in the Wuzhong area too..Cool man..more expoosure...

And and and.....

WE are still discussing...might go over to Shanghai next weekend...YEAH....need to find out about the transport costs first......I'm sick of Suzhou man.. I want go Shanghai shop like mad hahaaha..

Till then....

It's Choon Seng's bd today...and the second boss asked the maid to cook Curry Chicken for us...YIPPEEE>. SINGAPORE's STYLE curry..awww.. but I still missed my Popo's curry...I won't complain anymore the next time she cooked for me.. I pray for speedy recovery in her.

Got to cut cake soon... will upload the pics soon too..

Buay Buay

Short Note: 4 more weeks

With Love, 8:50 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008'♥

Isn't She Cute?

My darling girl.... Missed u so much....

Short Note: Our bubu baby

With Love, 11:55 AM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008'♥






SHORTNOTE: I Know You Will Love This Song Too, youssimI

With Love, 7:07 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008'♥

It's all about treating...

It’s the start of a brand new week once again. In my personal schedule the calendar stated that there are still 5 more weeks to go. Yeah counting down the days with my partner in crime Ms Shufen. Everytime time she called me, she will remind me how many more weeks left.

Yesterday a dinner treat made me missed Singapore again, especially Chicken Rice. We thought it would be a normal Monday evening with us eating out since Ah Ping Jie told us she won’t be cooking, but just as we are about to knock off, our second big boss said he will treat us for dinner once again. And in our hearts, we know that once he said he wanted to treat us = GOOD FOOD.

The previous time (oh ya as I’m typing away, I realized I haven’t post up the entry about it haha) we went to this Cantonese Restaurant Called Ju Fu Yuan It’s located at somewhere very ulu, near a country club. Just the environment alone won our appetite. It’s so pretty and nice. And yes, we dine at one of the VIP room. Good service man.

I know I know you want to see the pics rite….

The front entrance...

From the wet towel you can see what is the restaurant famous for....

The main purpose of this pic is to show you my second big boss.. vice-GM

And if you really did guess from the previous pic, yesh the restaurant is famous for ROAST PIGEONS...woohoo my first virgin try and it's really damn yummy...

China's style of sweet and sour pork...but inside it's fatty meat yawnz..

Chicken soup...oh man this is so bu lah.. so much good stuff inside the soup how can not bu at all haha..

Some fried crispy prawn with mayo..

Steam fish...erm i'm not quite a fish person u see haha..

Main lead of the day.. PEKING duck!!!! so crispy and nice lah..and after cutting the skin away the duck meat is stir fried so one DUCK TWO USE cool...

Nice juicy yummy xiao long bao....

After the lunch, boss brought us on sight seeing to 太湖.. a very nice relaxing place, whereby there's lots of resort nearby. The place is good for those who wan a peaceful life. How I wish I can have money to buy a house there...

The nice long bridge

Two spoilers...

Us with Ah Ping Jie

The four of us....

It's the autumn season and in Suzhou, this season is famous for eating hairy crabs, 大闸蟹 and it's so kind of ah ping jie's husband ah fu to buy it back for us to eat... cause it's not cheap also.

He cooked alot of dishes that day....

The main lead of the day....ALL females one with lots of crab roe OH MAN

Singapore food in Suzhou

My GM really like sweet and sour pork haha.. yeah this is more Singapore flavour compared to the one we had in the restaurant the other time.

Furong egg...nice

Fishball mee pok dry.. the noodles are really nice and QQ

The chilli are even better that....

We had so many of it... so spicy man...

They always say the moon is always rounder on the other side. Do you agree?

Some of my friends asked "wa u eat so much, so are u getting fatter or are u slimmer?"

Haha.....that is for you all to guess.... we shall see when I get back alright...lolz...

Short Note: I still missed Chicken Rice...

With Love, 7:33 PM

Saturday, October 11, 2008'♥


Yesterday mama called me; she told me that grandma was hospitalized in Batam due to a fall. The fall was quite bad as it

fractured or break one of the bones and the doctor are not considering whether to do an operation for her to fix back

the bone together. We all know that a fall could end up quite badly especially for an elderly whatsmore an operation.

Initially mama didn’t want to tell me about the news because she knows for sure I’ll be worried but after me pestering

her a few times she finally did. My grandma and I were quite close and she always dote on me the most. So you can

briefly understand how I’m feeling right now. I’m so worried for her and I even dreamt of her yesterday night. I dreamt

of her telling me how painful her back is and I tried to find the cream for her but I just couldn’t find it and I’m so pissed

with myself in the dream. I really hope that she will be alright, how I wish I could go back now and visit her but I still

had another 1 and a half mths to go.
No matter what I will continue to pray for her well-being.

The trip here to Suzhou this time made me realize a lot of things and I felt that I have really grown up from this trip.

This trip allowed me to cherish kinship, friendship and life more. I missed my family and friends the most. They are the

ones whom stood by me when I need help. When I need to complain about the life here , Shufen and Joewyn would be

there to give me a long-distance call to listen to my rants. My mama and papa would be there to give me advices. When

I faced problems at work and need to clarify something, I would call Selyn and Vivian from my workplace and they

would stop their own work and help me check the things I want. When I’m bored, Joyce and Yuxuan would be there to

cheer me up with their lousy and not funny email. And not to mention my auntie, she would call and asked me about my

well-being and countdown the days with me. My little cousin would asked me in msn, jie jie how are you liao? My dear

Tupperware Leticia cousin would drop by my house and buy stuffs for my parents after her Hongkong trip even though

she stays at Teck Whye. Of course there are many more whom I never mentioned, those who chatted with me in msn

and cheer me up. All these little actions touched me. REALLY. Without you guys, I’m sure my life here would be boring

and dull, and the days would passed by slower.

Thank you is the word to express my thanks.

Of course there’s life too. We all know the traffic in China is horrendous, can fight with Thailand and Malaysia, traffic

was a killer. There’s no line dividing the coming and going of the cars and everytime before we crossed the road we

have to look both ways and of course the cars are not afraid of the pedestrian they would come very near you, with a

little time for you to run for your life. The other day, there’s a traffic accident below my workplace and it caused

immediate death for the person. It’s so sudden, one second ago the person was still living and in another split second,

the person is dead. All these traffic accident makes me cherish my life even more. There’s still so much for the person,

he have dreams that is yet to fulfilled yet he won’t be able to do it anymore, there’s no more chance left. I often

wondered why do people commit suicide, or tried to commit suicide, if they were given a chance to witness all

accident would they still do the same? People are trying hard to survive, yet on the other hand, people are trying to end

their life so easily. This is such a contrast and yes if you’re using suicide to make a person feel guilty for the rest of

his/her life then I think you’re very stupid. If the person won’t feel guilty leaving you, what makes you think that the

person will feel guilty after you’re dead?

Anyway my purpose of this post is to let you, my reader know that kinship, friendship and life don’t come easy. Please

cherish it with all you can. Quoted from my cousin’s fave quote: “Live a day as if there’s no tomorrow”. .

On a happier note, I got my first pay in CHINA and it’s full of RMB. Yeah the smell of new cash is nice until we are so

tempted to take pics…erm I mean silly pictures with it.

Now please sit back and enjoy our silly faces....

First on the list we have Ms Rebecca Tan, all thks to her this cute nerd specs that we all looked like a nerd haha..

Next we have Mr Choon Seng with his forever weird face hahahaaha...

Next we have Alvin the chipmunk who is the king of silly face.

Lastly we have Laoniang who loved to kiss kiss and still kiss...

I'm a xiao fu po here lolz.. Our boss actually increased our PAY from 1000RMB to 1500RMB muahahahaha

DUN EVERTHINK OF COVERTING IT TO SING DOLLARS, we will stay happier this way lolz

This is my workplace... so factory rite..lolz

On Friday, SOMEONE gave me a bouquet of flowers and I asked around how much it cost and do u know it's so cheap

like dat onli 20RMB which is $4sing...awww I think the gers here must be receiving roses like mad haha..

Counting down 5 weeks more to go... Awwww.. I'm writing down a list of places I want to go so friends.. PLS GET

READY hahaa...

Today I'll be going shopping again and we might have the jap buffet to reward our hardwork the past month


Short Note: Copycat is you...

With Love, 7:29 AM

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