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Sunday, January 03, 2010'♥

Uncertainty Awaits...

I had a wonderful long weekend the past few days, catching up with bf (yes bf not fren), shopping at Orchard with Joyce and also not to mention swimming, suana and shopping this afternoon.. sadly to say Joyce again haha..

I looked like a fully cooked lobster now.. talk about starting work the next day.. really never comfort me at all.

Well well.. some pics of "catching up" with bf:

Fish and Co... my fave lemon and garlic mussels

Seafood platter for both

Priceless Expression 1

Priceless Expression 2

Followed by Ah Chew's Dessert... yumzz

Simple day out with Love :)

TMR is the day...

New job, new location, new people, new boss, new work ish enuff to bury me with pre-work depression..

Maybe becoz I nua too long liao, maybe becoz I had a wonderful weekend.. I just wished I can dwelled in DEC all yr long haha..

Whatever it is, reality is still reality, money is still not enuff..

Wish me all the best when I embark a new journey in the aviation line... :)

Short Note: The thought of changing pass ish very the sian...

With Love, 10:57 PM

Saturday, January 02, 2010'♥

Hello 2010!!!!

HO HO HO... See I tried to keep to my resolutions so here I am blogging "actively" haha.. Ya if you happen to cross pass here, yes it's the latest update not the old one that's shown here for mths...

Anyway yesterday nite at 12am marks a brand new year.. I loved it whenever after countdown it would always be followed by Auld Lang Syne... it really makes me reflect well..

I had a simple and cozy countdown yesterday.. no hard liquour, no vomitting and not being drunk.

We went to this Countdown Party which was organized by Lush 99.5Fm

The Good thing abt being on the guestlist is that you're entitled to lucky draw chances, lots of vouchers, performances, food and beverages...

Here's the list:


QUIZNOS SUB #03-33 and #03-K1
- Regular size sandwich


- Grand au chocolate
- Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Slush
- Single Expresso and Dark Chocolate Slush

SCHOKOLART #01-24/25
- Soul Mate
- Temptation

- All Spins
- All Twists

TULLY'S COFFEE #03-31/33/K1
- All beverages

- Coffee
- Tea
- Ice Lemon Tea

HEAVEN'S LOFT #08-01 (Redeemable at L1, Discovery Walk)
- Beer
- Wine

See so great isn't it? and it's fun going around, exploring the different beverage shop in Orchard Central. We found a new nice place to chill out from now :) The view and atmosphere rocks....

Orite back to photos:

Before the event, we went to BK, my two companions needed dinner.. and I actually found out that the BK @ OC can actualy charged iphone? How cool man...

The theme of the night was.....

Headgear... something u wear on ur head.. me and Joyce wore hairbands (except my more dramatic hers sweet) and bf wore cowboy hat haha..

But I think Joyce is more interested being a cowgirl instead haha..

Followed by...

Yeah Jonas and Mi Jie were there too with their group of friends...

What happens when you watched too much gossip girls... u will like dramatic hairbands ahha..

Guests are allowed to move freely throughout the building exchanging drinks and food..our first stop was


Hot Chocolate for Joyce (Temptation)

Eric and I chose the drink "SOULMATE" (haha as if we are)

Happy with our drinks..

How to not resist taking a pic with the nice xmas tree at OC?

Trying to mimic the art piece behind haha

Lots of performance and games in btw... but we were more enthu abt exploring the building haha..

Next stop....

Spinelli!!! My first time there at the OC outlet.. Our drinks: Sunkiss and tutti frutti twist

I never knew there was such a great chill out place at OC.. it's like a hidden place.. Great view, nice wind and great company... If only we no need to rush downstairs for the countdown we could have sat there and chill for the rest of the nite :)

When the time was nearing 12am, we went down and redeemed our booze... wine, heineken or stella...

As a vivid supporter of course it would be heineken...

We had countdown and hugs after 12am, before it's time that we went for our second half...

While on the way there, we found a nice place that is great for photo taking..

I love this kind of window.. so cottage style..

How nice....

Crazy fellow outside the door haha

Auntie outside the house.. so nice rite..the whole place was Italian..

The HANGOUT.... ok this was certainly nt a good pic to post up abt the room.. but u know Joyce always like TO SLP wherever she is... hahaha so you could say the room was cozy and comfy that she did that...

We chose Wii Resort..as we had two hours only..

Comes with free flow of drinks, POPCORNS and...

SPICY FRIES!!! How great can that be rite...

Finally Joyce's awake haha

I asked bf to pose.. but it ended up being comical haha

She's damn good in wakeboarding.. (ok fine, most of the games)

Archery Time..

And all these gaming only like costs us $21bucks for three persons? Cause they having 50% off for the mth of Dec, it's their opening special...Sibeh wu hua rite?

For more info abt The Hangout: http://www.thehangout.com.sg/#/about-us

Packages available: http://www.thehangout.com.sg/assets/downloads/the-hangout-packages.pdf

I'm not sure whether the promo is extended, no harm calling up and ask.

Overall, it's a cozy place to go too if you're with a small group of frens and not sure where to hang out...I would defintely go back again for the board games this time round :)

Yeaps, that's how I spent my NYE countdown..

Short Note: So Far So Good

With Love, 12:04 AM

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