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Sunday, September 27, 2009'♥

At least some Tai Tai Life here...

Well.. so fast it's Sunday....sibeh sian can... from tmr onwards 40% of the cases will come to Msia..which means our validators will be stress and we, will have to in charge and make sure everything is alrite. I can foresee the stressful faces all day long..

Work aside, the past two days have been great. Went to Kenko Wellness Spa for some shoulder massage at RM 29 nia.. damn cheap can and it's so good definitely much better than the one I had in Tampines One..

Manicure for RM33 is a steal too.. can't believe that my hand got so much dead skin.. well one good thing of the new system is we had no more papers.. so that means no more Dead Skin and NO MORE PAPER CUTS wooohoo

We then went to this saloon @ Sungei Wang for Shiseido Hair Treatment @ RM 80 OMG its damn good can.. If I'm rich, I would just employ that girl to help me wash hair everyday woohoo...

So all in all it's a Rest & Relax weekend... we have shop so much but yet buy little things.. coz most of the stuffs are quite ex here.. however FOS is my fave place... lolz..

Later on, we will be going to ONE Utama for more shopping.. hopefully i can buy the doraemon mooncakes there lolz...

Short Note: I saw a very nice Coach Bag @ RM 3590 damn...

With Love, 10:51 AM

Saturday, September 26, 2009'♥

Reporting Live from KL...

Well it's been a few days since I'm here in KL... so far everything is still orite.. At work.. luckily I'm not alone... the colleagues here are great, they brought us out shopping, eat and even fetch us back to the hotel.

Thank God for them, if not we will be like two lost sheeps here..

Hotel kinda of sucks coz we haf to pay RM31 for ONE hour of internet access..damn it waste my time bring lappy hahaa and best is on MONDAY onwards my company's providing me with another lappy for work..

So that means 2 LAPPY to bring back to Singapore.. yucks................

However something to happy about is the breakfast is so damn shiok here... so many food and varieties.. I LOVE SCRAMBLED EGGS to the MAX!!! hahaa..

Yes as you read on, this is going to be another boring post with no pics..coz i never transfer my pics to the thumbdrive...


Went for massage yest at KENKO 20Mins for RM29 which i think its quite cheap and I'm feeling so relax..took a bubble bath in the bath tub, read newspaper and watch some tv before I sleep... that's the KIND OF LIFE I want..hahaha

However it's quite lonely to sleep alone in such a big room.. luckily there's dabao and gloomy there to accompany me hahaha..

The housekeeping team always place them close to each other so cute can...I guess the housekeeper must have thought I'm siao to bring both of them alone haha.

Orite I think that's all for the updates... I saw DORAEMON MOONCAKES so cute can... So going to buy back if I happen to see it again hhaaha..

Short Note: Why no one on MSN de damn it...

With Love, 11:00 AM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009'♥

Leaving Singapore Once Again during F1 Season yawnz...

Goodbye SG... Leaving for KL for a mth..

Last min.. not much info given and pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww I'm flying off tmr..

No fyi I didn't owe anyone money lolz..

Will be missing my dearest frens and cousins...

Come over to find me if you're free...At least lodging will be free :)

Short Note: I will try to blog as much as I can

With Love, 12:01 AM

Thursday, September 17, 2009'♥

Missing my boss..

My dearest boss went KL for training for 3 mths last Saturday...

Not used to:

1. No one call me from the extension 8745_
2. No one scold me Si gi na
3. No one send me email signing off with Thank you for banking with __________
4. No one lending me her Mickey Mouse Toilet Key
5. No one bitching with me about the latecomers
6. No one helping me to do my cases when she's free
7. No one giving me sasha bear
8. No one giving me small little things like food, snacks..
9. No one asking for advice for cases
10. Her not being around...

Awww.. Missed her so much.. the best boss so far in our lives... ok maybe for the Three Blind Mice only...

and not to mention my bubu wanni (Boss daughter)... I missed her "HELLO Shirley"

Before the plane departs...

Bubu Wanni with her luggage.. so cute can ...(pic courtesy from Ms Jessica Lee)

Finally Boss took photos with us haha.. she's so camera shy...

The Three Blind mice... My closest colleagues at work.. Awwww... we going to chai huo soon...

She's the one who make me feels like having a daughter next time.. initially I wanted a boy opps hahaha...

Let's see if boss will come back visit us this week in the office.. :)

Short Note: She bu de?

With Love, 12:35 PM

Sunday, September 13, 2009'♥


Sunday to me = Relax+ Home cooked food day....

What about yours?

Looking forward to the long holiday this week...

I foresee some clubbings... picnic and shopping...

Well that's just what I hope... not exactly foresee..

Meanwhile lemme enjoy the 2nd part of Sunday :)

Happy Sabbath Day

Short Note: Live and Let Live...

With Love, 7:38 PM

Saturday, September 05, 2009'♥

KTV + Random I remembered what I blog Entry...

Well so most of you thought that I quitted the blogging scene.. or to some might thought something happen to me.. why didn't I blog for such a long time...

The reason is simple.. Blogger sucks u see.. For the past one mth or so, the whole editing toolbar is gone and we can't even like upload photos? Call me loyal or lazy (either L), I'm just too lazy to go upload my photos at the other site and then one by one paste the coding here..

I knew because of my laziness.. I've lost quite a number of readers haha.. so for those who were checking this space out consistently.. Congratulations... Lao niang finally blogged... and will cont doing so.. as long Blogger dun come and choo pattern can liao...

So where did I last stopped at? As usual life has been pretty mundane, except weekends...

Almost Every Friday is Colleagues' Nite.. We would go out and de-stress after work..

So on one random Fri last week...

Before the de-stress.. Boss bought us Carebear's cupcakes.. isn't she sweet?

And so we bought her a BIG cake back in return...Love my boss

One year older liao.. Auntie Seow...

Finally no need to cut cake for ppl rite...so happy...

The team is too big to be captured all on cammie..

Ktv outings for the usual gang... New comer.. Am mee and Yee Chyi from Msia..

Gloomy was there too even though he can't smile to the cammie..

Whose cuter? Me or Ant?

Ok maybe Yee chyi is cuter..

Try Cash Studio in Bedok.. it's really cheap and the svs was great... somemore it's new

Me and lousy Fiora

Ok so I was busy singing rather than taking pics...

The many of us...

Went to this dunno what shi Jap Restaurant in ILLUMA... whereby u can order ur food thru the pen given..

This pen will repeat ur order... cool..

Ok so this uncle looked abit shocked....I think he duno how to use the pen...

Seriously i think the unique selling point is only that Pen.. food was like so so only?

We love the little boy...

and marble slab in Illuma... so nice

I really find happiness within...lovely

We went to the new arcade above..and redeemed ourselves a pair of Mushroom bedside lamp..

and this elephant pen which allow me to blow bubbles.. and i did it in the office :)

Lai Lai Beef Noodles.. my fave

Century egg and tofu.. a good combination :)

Fried Brinjal

And zheng zhong bubble tea from taiwan

After a heavy meal..we need some work out...

My Virgin try of Mario Kart and I'm so in love with it now...

If only you could see our pics clearly :)

So happy that finally blogger is up and well... going to blog more soon I promised.. too much photos at a time will kill me..

No Monday Blues for me though...as I'm not working.. Been on leave since Thurs yeah... however Monday I had training..let's hope it'll end early..

Good Nite all my friends :)

Short Note: I might need a new cammie soon ...

With Love, 1:27 AM

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