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Thursday, December 30, 2004'♥

song im listening to: 93.3fm

went Ladies nite yst with baobei, vickie (nv say die) coz she keep dancing non-stop no matter wad song haha, the twins, jessie, nelson and his fren steven...well its was ok la.. the sad thing is i need to go ard 2 plus so early lor.. when the crowd is so high man.. saw zhong quan, ada they all.. haha miss ada man.. she was dancing the opp stage of mine.. and we were communicating tru sms haha..well tats the last Ladies nite of the yr.. and from next yr onwards i tink i won club anymore le ba..

reach home ard 3plus.. slept at 3.30.. wake up at 7am. haiz.. i look like a panda bear... went to work..and today is the last day of my attachment.. say bye bye to boss.. and a bit sad la.. coz after all he is veri funni de.. and oso not a bad boss.. we oreder KFC delivery to the office.. ate wit Karen my supervisor.. and she treat us half of the money.. it was full.. and the time has come.. she is going home oredi.. saw her comments for my attachment.. hehe better than my attachment mate.. feel veri sad suddenly.. time realli pass veri fast.. remember the first day tat i went for the briefing.. and now.. haiz..

after work went to Thanksgiving cg at Eric house.. he tok abt the renewing of the mindset... well.. ya it realli touch my heart.. and he gave an altar call.. and i responded.. dunno y when he pray for mi and qh..i cried lor.. maybe God touch mi ba.. ya i tell myself i shall nt be so worldly next yr.. i shall spend more and commit to church more.... yeah..

today he msged mi again.. i was shocked.. its been a week since he msged mi.. he asked mi how am i and wanted to mit mi lor.. haiz.. i was like.. well anyway dun wish to talk abt him le la.. in the end the one who treat mi better is bull shit

tmr is new year's eve le.. dun even know where am i heading to.. everywhere is so sian man... feel so tired of counting down man. its like every year is the same i tink im getting old..pardon mi for saying all these and spoil ur modd.. im going to be 21 sooooooon

With Love, 11:07 PM

Tuesday, December 28, 2004'♥

song im listening to: none

yawns just got back home... hope to finish typing this as fast as possible, switch off my light.. then jump onto my bed.. but i CANT!!!! haha coz my msn keep flashing non stop man// haha

well i jux came back watching Kung Fu hustle.. not tat funny as i thought it will be.. some parts quite lame and exaggerating.. but tat part abt the lollipop is sweet haha.. and i got the lollipop too wor when i bought the popcorn,, tks chelsia for givin mi tat haha.. going to spend one day nothing to do to eat tat BIG lollipop haha...

so sian my office com is spoilt totally like LIMIN one.. i tink kanna virus or wad. Irene de oso like dat ... so both of us today super sian.. coz no game to play lor.. somemore the karen com no access to certain website de.. hais.. so we tok slp call frens.. slack the whole day.. sian lor tmr boss comin back from KL le.. haiz.. hope he come awhile then go le ba.. hahaha

tmr tink going chinablack ladies nite.. hope tat i wont back out the last min coz i realli super tired and havin a bad sore throat now//

With Love, 10:36 PM

Monday, December 27, 2004'♥

song im listening to: yi be zi de gu dan

sometimes i realli wonder will i remain single all my life?? when im young often like to play bride and bride groom with my neighbours.. always tot tat i sure will get married.. and the day i got married will be the happiest day of my life.. but as i got older i feel tat getting married for mi is gettin further and further away from mi.. dunno why just feel tat i wont get marry in the future.. i tink im so used to lonliness liao...

stay at home the whole day.. doin nothing, sleep, eat, watch tv... just like a big couch potato... tryin to do things so as to keep myself busy and not tink abt him anymore.. but the moment tat i had nothing to do.. i thought of him again.. but well i will try my best de.. give mi sometime ok...

went to work dragging my feet.. it was a slack day as usual.. sian lor my com kanna dunno wad virus.. therefore my com is spoilt.. no choice lor have to use Karen de.. but then dunno why cant go to some website.. sian lor.. been chatting on msn most of the day.. went home after work.. simple life huh? tink im numb to this kind of life liao... anyway this fri will be the last day of my attachment liao.. so nxt week im free.. those who want to ask mi out.. advanced bookin starts now.. hahah..

dunno wads wrong wit that bullshit.. i nv reply him msg.. then he angry wit mi.. just like a ger lor.. collin tell mi something shockin.. and i realli got shcok.. youngster nowadays huh.... haiz.. he also say he is going to intro mi one guy.. kinki oso say she gonna intro mi to one guy.. haha realli tks u guys for ur effort.. but rite now i not in the mood le.. frens can but no bf pls.. hahah lame..

With Love, 8:19 PM

Sunday, December 26, 2004'♥

song im listening to: my all

Yst was veri shiong for mi.. i woke up at 7am to get ready for the service.. travel from xiao han house boon lay all the way to Kallang to mit my mum and seline.. bringing them for the service.. tks ah ger for being late.. haha anyway luckily by the time we reach there its was not tat bad after all.. saw Amos and he shared the cab wit us

The door was just opening.. haha guess wad.. i cut the queue not once but twice haha.. tat was bad of mi.. but thank God the ppl didnt realise and nv scolded us.. haha Amos crown mi as the cutting queue queen haha.. the service was great, the play was the same as the day before but it nv fails to make mi feel like cryin at the part the guy was crying out to God.. it was veri touching.. Seline has agreed to go for the THUR thanksgiving cg.. well i hope to see my two cousins too.. after all got free gifts and food too lor.. so shiok man..haha..

both of us went to Braddell after the service.. went to her classmates Veni house.. well she was veri sincere keep inviting them lor.. had some kueh... her house was filled with ppl lor.. saw some of our schmates too.. and she had a xmas tree filled wit presents below.. her cousin was cute to.. i tink his name is called rahima or wad.. cute little boi wit long eye lashes.. her sister is also veri friendly.. they treated us to some indian cuisine.. mutton curry, veg curry, nasi brani, sambal prawn...haha but we didnt ate much coz before tat we ate some liao.. haha as we were leavin Veni passess each of us a gift.. realli veri shocked lor.. coz we nv buy anything for her.. and she still gave mi present..feelin damn paiseh.. anyway wanna thank her.. although i dunno her well.. her whole family was so hospitable to us...

the next stop was Limin house le.. haha finally.. feel like guo nian.. going from hse to hse.. haha wow they bought a lot for the steamboat wor.. got unagi, bao bei, champagne.. hahaha so sumptuous.. lol.. had a great time of eating too.. six of us were there.. john n sockfang, shihui, limin ,seline and me.. ate until so full lor.. each of us onli came out with 10 bucks.. realli worth it.. saw john and sockfang so lovin realli feel happy for them.. and at the same time envy them ba...come to tink of my love life onli got one word to describe..pathetic... well anyway during the steamboat i msged him again to break up coz initially he said he didnt receive it.. well.. and through wad he reply back.. i feel tat he treat all these like a game.. not serious at all.. suan le.. i had enough liao.. i decided not to contact him anymore...

went home by cab after dinner.. too tired to squeeze MRT liao... when i reached home quickly go bath.. and chat wit cindy on the msn.. find tat both of us had about the same situation.. we always tot tat we can salvage the relationship but.. we failed.. suan le.. from now on we shall have a brand new start rite ger??? change our old lifestyle ba.. and i tink life will be more meaningful for us...:P

new yr comin in a few days.. 525600 mins in a yr... how much time have i wasted?? my new yr resolution is to forget the past and look forward..:P

With Love, 6:51 PM

Saturday, December 25, 2004'♥

song im listening to: Breathe

HOHOHO.... merry xmas to all my frens out there.. hope tat u ppl do realli enjoy ur day.. as for mi I jux reach homw and had a nice cooling bath.. nv went back home for one whole day.. im so tired man..

went shopping for xmas present with jin chun.. he need to buy present for irene and sharon... haha and oso mi lei.. mit him at Bugis and as usual la our turtle king is late.. haiz.. he bought a bookmark for sharon and a bookmark and cap for irene.. haha at first the auntie cash in the wrong amt.. and both of us gave each other a shock face.. haha in the end the auntie saw it.. and realise her mistakes.. tks jin chun for buyin mi the perfume tat i always wanted.. the HUGO BOSS WOMAN INTENSE.. cost him 61 bucks.. paiseh hor.. onli buy u the kinokuniya 20 bucks voucher..

mit my two cute cousin.. oops i mean siao cousin.. we had our early dinner at V8.. took some neoprints and then we went to SIS for the xmas service.. haha a lot of ppl lor.. the xmas play was nice.. veri touching.. i nearly cried when the guy sang the song.. esp this verse: Everynite i close my eyes to dream the pains away... reminds mi of him and mi.. although we r just together for abt a month.. i dunno y in my life he meant so much to mi.. after tat quarrel tat day.. he yst onli msged mi ask mi not to be angry anymore.. and after tat??? no more news at all.. not even an SMS. wad is this.. i tot a bf would at least wish his gf a greeting.. but no lor.not to say meeting him.. realli feel veri disappointed lor.. although i nv say out.. but yst deep inside my heart im carryin this burden///

we went to orchard for countdown wit jerry they all... wa piang there realli is ppl mountain ppl sea lor..ppl were like sprayin ppl with the party can lor.. and we oso kanna alot lor.. yucks.. halfway tru it.. we got lost haha.. i was wit chelsia and the others wit HO YIN..luckily in the end we manage to find each other.. was so tired tat in the end we took cab back home to wawa house.. inside the cab i tot about a lot of things.. rem the first time we go watch movie in cineleisure.. i finally pluck up my courage and msged him for a break up.. i tot abt it carefully liao.. he din reply mi as usual....

reach wawa house.. bath and online awhile.. and after tat sleep haha.. her house there realli veri cold lor.. esp the wind.. haha so coolin how i wish tampines oso like dat.. slept a 3 stilll waiting for his msg.. phone rang tot it was him...but it was kelvin instead..drift off to dreamland after tat...

to be continued...

With Love, 10:31 PM

Thursday, December 23, 2004'♥

song im listening to: wo shi yi zhi yu

well finally have the encourage to check my results yst nite.. haiz abit disappointed at first but..wad to do was has done cannot be done le.. this is my results:

e-commerce A
entrepreneur (with a stupid teacher) D
Word Processing A
Office Administration A
Public Relations A

first i would like to say thank you to my nice and wonderful teacher MISS KIDSOM.. she is the best teacher in the school our class simply LOVE her... puke.. enough i have enough her liao.. she is the ugliest laziest disgusting teacher of ITE BISHAN.. im realli veri angry lor.. i cant imagine i got a D for it lor.. ok well maybe my project sux.. but i tot she suppose to judge everyone by their own grades.. their performance??? everyone in the group got the SAME RESULTS!!!! this is so bloody unfair lor.. for those who slack throughout the project maybe they veri happy lor.. sleep all the way, absence for sch then still can get this result lor.. but wad abt those ppl who slog like a bull for this fuckin project?? stress here and there..wrap the things up... fuck her lor.. wad is the individual assessment form for?? clean her shit?? wad is the inidividual presentation for?? to laugh and shoot qns at us?? all these is bullshit lor.. waste our time and effort lor.. realli am fuckin angry wit her..

chat wit ah chua online just now.. he oso tink its so unfair lor.. i dun care mi and gilyn is going to complain to mama heng.. we had enough le..somemore her project get in LKY ah chua shld have at least an B or A lor.. wa tat kingdom realli veri lazy lei.. i now hereby announce tat she is CONDEMNED BY ISB.....

With Love, 11:45 AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2004'♥

song im listening to: my mum nagging

results is out all tks to baby bear for tellin mi.. haiz.. results is out but i dun dare to check coz of the following reasons:

* dun wanna spoil my xmas

* dun wanna spoil my mood (watching kung fu hustle tmr)

* no faith in my ent results i scare i failed.. alot of ppl didnt do well :(

* i scare my GPA veri low

* most of them are msgin mi comparing.. i hate this man

With Love, 10:05 PM


song im listening to: none

Christmas is just around the corner,,, well tink its goona be great coz im counting down wit my two wonderful mrs zhou and mrs lau.. hahah still left one more day to shop hope tmr i can shop finish.. hehhe.. so kan cheong..

sian ah today i was so panic when i wake up coz..Im LATE!!!!..... alarm rang and i switch it off.. continue wit my dreams.. haha thank God man.. i woke up at 7.40...rush all the way to work man.. zzz Irene help mi da pao vegtarian bee hoon.. yesh so yummy tks wor..

srry seline suppose to mit u today.. but somethin corp up.. will mit ya on sat ok...hehe.. christmas comin tink im going to orchard after my church to have abit of the mood there and as for new years eve baobei gang and i shld be going esplande to countdown there got fireworks ma.. and after tat we going to hotel..OOOPPPSSS!! i say out le.. hahah hope everything will be ok and we shall have a fun day...

ok going back to my bee hoon le...

With Love, 11:59 AM

Tuesday, December 21, 2004'♥

song im listening to: jie shou by liang jin ru

tks to my cousin wawa since she sang this song in Ktv, i love it veri much keep repeating it man.. all ur fault.. well sad to know tat ur sick too.. hope tat u and mrs zhou would have a speedy recovery.. and our tai tai outing will carry on as usual...

went to work dragging my feet.. been feelin so tired and i simply dun have the mood at all man.. jux call abt 25 customers today..pathetic rite?? coz both of us simply have no mood.. discover a game from shockwave and we were so excited man.. it was like win lose or draw.. nt bad.. so fast and its time for us to knock off.. haha look at how lazy we r.. boss called back and say that friday we can off.. haha dun need to come.. tai shuang le.. hahaha yeah... can slp longer. i love u mr chan.. haha

intend to go watch the kong fu movie wit my san zhu at thur.. hope tat we can get the tickets fast... today he got a company dinner so good wor in jacks place.. but too bad he is sick le.. hmmm seems tat alot of ppl is sick.. so u ppl out there better take care of ur health. chat wit him on the phone for quite long, he realli makes mi laugh alot man..

so sleepy now even though its onli 1045pm// haiz.. wkin life sux.. countdown 2 more days.. and my results is out.. dun intend to check in the office.. haha scare i cannot take it.. today is dong zhi anyway.. had my mummy homemade tang yuan.. yummy,,, tks mum..

With Love, 10:39 PM

Monday, December 20, 2004'♥

song im listening to: wo ke yi bao ni ma ai ren

have a hectic weekend.. went to Cb on sat wit bao bei vickie.. siru cama later.. we went to shaw tower to have our dinner man.. reach CB ard 9 plus and to our surprise.. the queue was short and fast.. its onli abt 15 mins and we r in.. unbelievable..as we were tokin, a guy from in front look behind.. and it was NASH!!!!! haha nv notice him man... coz he botak liao ma.. so long no see.. haha he was wit a fren..hmm dun ask mi his name coz i forgot abt it le..haha nt bad la quite friendly.. but he got smoke lor.. haiz.. then he offer to treat us one jug.. haha of coz say dun wan la.. but in our hearts.. haha onli bao bei wii know haha siru join us shortly.. wit 2 of her frens.. nan xing and simon.. ok la oso quite friendly esp the nan xing the eyes always want to pop out haha.. that simon treat us one jug haha no choice but to accept coz... we r SO THIRSTY liao hahaha.. well it was fun.. the song nice. and i saw alot of sec frens like zhong quan jarod they all.

went to bao bei house to stay overnight.. haha we were all so tired lor.. but our hair was not dry.. then dunno why tat stupid bao bei suggest tellin ghost story.. see la now all so scared liao.. guess wad?? in the end four of us squeeze in two mattress... so cosy huh.. pathetic me.. no space to move hahah;.. but then it was fun lor.. squeeze together... hahah didnt have a good slp.. had our breakfast made by bao bei.. and siru went off soon coz she need to go to her ah ma house.. then mi and vic slack all the way.. bao bei do mask for mi.. while vic watch her tv.. how i wish there is no mon... but too bad good things habe to end.. she is meetin her auntie at west mall.. and im miting jess.. ]

mit jess go suntec coz our dear princess wanted to eat pizza hut.. its beeen so long since i went.. so good man.. she treat mi.. anyway tks ah.. tink its quite ex// then we went shop shop.. bought the present for the cousin gatherin liao.. haha hope whoever who got it will like it.. thats it end of my sunday its so fast man.. and im havin monday blues since yst...

as for today went to work as usual lor.. si bei sian.. saw irene bf.. coz he mit us togehter.. haiz i feel so extra man...my lunch was cup noodles.. no choice have to save up liao.. haiz.. no money is like dat de.. no more clubbin liao this week..haiz.. nothing happen at work except tat boss was like havin PMS.. haha...

mit him after my work.. we went tam mall walk walk.. and dinner at HANS.. tam mall realli change alot man.. i dun even know got so many rest here liao.. the PARIS buffet tam mall oso have man.. shiok man. tam is like heaven laio... everythin here have except for a pub.. then it will be perfect haha.. then we walk all the way back my home... feel so romatic man.. haha walkin down the road with someone u like.. took some pic along the streets ppl mux have tot we r mad.. reach my home downstairs le.. then we go walk walk at the pasar malam... then went to the letter box.. guess wad my mum saw us from above.. and the questioning start... he went home after tat.. i realli veri happy evern though its onli a few hours wit him.. but then i dun ask for much.. and i knw tat after we mit today it will be days when we mit again.. and i know tat i will be back to sigle life again......

With Love, 10:16 PM

Saturday, December 18, 2004'♥

song im listening to: ting shuo

a BORING day,, today basically did nothing for the whole day.. onli called up 2 customers, slack and slack the whole day.. Irene and mi were playin online game for the whole day.. who cares?? not in the mood..Felt a bit disappointed, Boss went to mit Irene mum co, and it extend until damn long.. so in the end he gave up my appt.. so sad... been tryin so hard to clinch this appt yet in the end its a waste.. wtf is going wrong wit my life.. everything seems to go haywire.. tot it will be a smooth appt..so last min..one hr beofre it things like these happen.. damn it spoil my day..

suppost to go hk shopping wit mrs lau.. but then due to some unforeseen circumstances.. we cant carry on our trip today.. anyway its ok..will have another chance.. after work simply went home.. eat dinner wit parents.. watch tv.. and here i am surfin net.. i am so BORED rite now.. everyone seems to have their own lives.. and im the onli moron sitting down here.. lkin at the PC.. wad am i doind here on a FRIDAY nite..lame :(

mum and dad went to health screening at their wkplace today.. the results were nt veri good.. and it adds on to the burden now.. dad was found to have high cholestrol.. normal 240 is high he is 300 lor.. stubborn somemore. eat more fatty meat lor.. heard from mum that tears flow down when he knew it.. dunno true ma.. tonite dinner time keep eatin veg liao lor.. now then scare.. haiz.. as for mum she is the one i most worried abt.. doc say her urine got traces of blood.. last time she went check up oso like dat.. i realli veri scare that it would be kidney failure.. if anything happens to two of them i realli dunno wad to do le.. im all alone on this earth liao.. sometimes realli blame myself for not being able to give them good life. instead still need them to work and support the family.. feel so guilty.. but who knows wad im feelin rite now?? nxt time if i have a family i wont give birth to onli one child.. coz the burden and hopes on the child is too heavy.. way too heavy........................

He called mi after his work.. normal conversation.. jux for tat 15 mines.. i was elated,, but it seems tat we r like normal frens.. he went Suntec to shop shop oso nv call mi.. wad am i realli to him?? i tot suppose a couple will be going out together?? its been one week since we met.. i bet he doesnt know how much am i missing him?? after tat Suntec call everything is back to normal again.. he didnt call mi and i was like back to single life again.. wad is all these nonsense.. in the end im still single?? wad Cindy said is true.. i keep givin myself false hope tat he is busy.. if he realli is sincere a msg won take him much effort.. if he is realli sincere he can call mi even at nite..

Maybe, maybe i realli should wake up from all these dreams and face the reality.. Dun see any point carrying on... it seems so dark on the path i cant see the path ahead for the two of us.. im going to stop walkin and turn back.......

Going bao bei hse to stay overnight,, hope tat it will be fun.. i want to be happy...

With Love, 1:04 AM

Thursday, December 16, 2004'♥

song im listenin to: UFM 100.3

sian i jux came back from the toilet.. was stuck in tat small toilet for half an hour.. reason?? my stupid boss asked mi and Irene to wash the fish tank, the motor.. coz all the fishes are dead onli left one pathetic fish.. strugglin to survive.. haha ke lian de ta.. well it was damn bloody dirty lor.. so smelly.. the whole think was filled with shit and fish food.. haiz.. poor us so ming ku.. got see ppl attachment still need to do shit work wan meh>>// luckily Karen my supervisor come and help us.. hahah tats when we all gossips abt our boss.. he is CONDEMNED,, haha but he actually not bad la.. jux abit stubborn, sly and niao hahahah..

yst the three little pigs oops i mean the three cousin mi cindy and xiao han.. we 3 of us.. chat in msn. and we set up a forum for *** talk haha.. so funny talk abt alot of things.. its secrets onli 3 of us can know. i love my cousin.. will be mitin them up for christmas and we r going to xiao han hse... as for the pasta thingy see how ba.. maybe i dun hab strength to cook le.. haha.. so happy xmas is comin and boss let us go back half day without deducting our pay..

hmmm so fast and christmas is comin. this yr i wish for the shimmmerin powder form BODY shop, a sling bag, a hugo boss perfume.. a blouse, bio essence face liftin cream,a guess ? watch .. and tats all.. hahahah tink it wont be fufill de la.. coz all quite ex..anyone wants to be my fairy godmother?? hhaha

He got called mi yst,, and it was so late i didnt even rem tokin to him until i saw my hp record.. he will be havin a roadshow in funan IT mall.. tink he will be quite busy ba.. but anyway im used to it le.. im like single lor.. hhaa.. jux now he oos got call mi.. well so far so good ba.. dun expect so much le...

I pray that my year will end well.. thank GOD for everything....

With Love, 11:49 AM

Wednesday, December 15, 2004'♥

song im listening to: wo de di pan

well im in the office now... lunch time so sian lor.. nothing to do so better blog ba.. hehe

jux now in the mornin kanna shock man.. when i first enter the office.. all the fishes are dead.. so ke lian..yst i just play wit them lei.. tink one of the fish is sick then it passes to the others.. so ke lian.. now onli left one pathetic soul survivor... haiz.. i tink tmr will die oso haha.. coz the water is containminated..

bought keropok juxx now.. haha then coz my com hang ask my boss help mi see.. then he discover our secrets le.. hahah so paiseh man.

today whole day so sian.. he didnt even msged mi and i dun care at all man... maybe im used to it le... will be mitin wang they all later they will come lavendar mit mi.. i hope so lor.. haha then we shall all go out... going to stay overnight at bao bei hse this sat.. im so excited man.. hehe i miss her...

With Love, 1:43 PM

Tuesday, December 14, 2004'♥

song im listening to: xia yi zhan tian hou..

Well i jux got back from a dinner session wit my best fren Seline xiao jie.. haha its been a few wks since i saw her.. miss her so much man.. ya we went to Bugis Sketches to eat.. haha saw vickie there.. and i got 25% dist.. so in the end was abt 11 buckz person.. eat until so full till i now got hicuups.. my throat is gettinh worse man.. keep coughing man.. after tat we went shop shop ard.. and seline ask mi to choose my christmas present.. so cool of her man.. hahaha well in the end didnt saw something i like.. so suan le.. lol..

took neoprints wit her and it was nice wor.. will post all the pics up when im realli FREE.. haha took the same machine wit chelsia yst.. yesh i went BUGIS for two days hahahah.. and i went to cut my hair yst.. yes i was back to a gong gong again ahaha.. mei you xin xiang le.. these few days keep going out.. i was so tired lor..

but anyway we keep slackin durin work.. we onli got mood to call the customers ard 3 or 4pm, so basically we were slackin the whole day.. boss went to KL yst.. so shiok man.. and yst i clinch my first deal man.. i was so surprised when the lady agree to make an appt wit my boss. my whole mind went blank.. too happy to describe the feeling.. and as for today.. another lady clinch an appt wit mi too.. so now i got two on hand.. veri happy and feel a sense of fufillment.. after one week finally can see some results le.. Thank God for all these.. Irene oso the same lor got two appt.. one is her mum co another is yst a guy de.. then when she heard tat i got another appt today.. she say until veri sacarstic lor.. i understand her feelin lor.. abit stress lor.. but we promise too jia you together.. and from now on if i have no more appt and she got i won feel bad anymore coz at least i got two appt,,,clever boss of mine to put two gers together he tot tat we were be competitive,, haha anyway i dun care so much liao.. im happy wit my boss coz frankly speakin he not bad. my workin place.. and Irene although sometimes she abit sacarstic but overall she not bad de,, so im happy at work....

as for love life.. yst i msged him tell him tat we better be frens ba.. then he no reply.. in the mornin i cannot tahan le.. i msg him say can he at least reply me.. then he reply wad to say of coz i dun agreee but u wan oso no choice ma.. i told him how i feel.. how insecure i am.. how busy he is.. then he say srry.. this period he will be busy wit work.. give him some time and he will proved to me.. let mi feel secure.. and let mi trust him more.. well wad can i say after seein all these??? jux blindly believe ba.. i hope he won disappoint me.......

With Love, 10:32 PM

Sunday, December 12, 2004'♥

song im listening to: hao xin fen shou

dunno y keep repeating this song these few days.. well did nothing much today basically.. stay at home the whole day.. too tired to go anywhere.. supposingly meetin bullshit today he wanted to treat mi lunch as my bd treat.. but i have no mood to go out at all so in the end i nv mit him.. dunno y he is so good to mi recently.. humans are always like dat.. when the person is not with u, u will then cherish the person.. haiz..

juz finish watchin the star awards.. hmm nt bad la.. this yr their gowns are nicer.. suddenly remember the times christine and i was there last yr,, so fun man.. hmm poor jacelyn tay.. she fell..but wad she say is true.. it doesnt matter if u fell wad matters most is u get up after u fell.. life is like dat.. there are bound to be failures.. hmmm well..must learn to be jian qiang...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nothing matters to mi now.... i onli lookin forward to christmas and new yr now.. lookin forward to mitin my frens...other matters i oso dun care le.. I want to be happy....

With Love, 10:07 PM


song im listening: none

burps,, jux finish a bowl of noodles.. greedy mi.. so late le still eat.. but dunno y lei i was so hungry lor.. jux came back from church..went for two services today,, reason is becoz Dr John Avazzini.. and the second reason is becoz i basically have no mood....

Mit bao bei yst we went to somerset hawker to have our dinner.. then after tat we went shoppin.. haha had a alot of fun wit her.. u all dunno i realli laugh until cannot tahan lor.. coz we had great imagination.,. and from now on im the ah jie and bao bei is my zhu li.. haha then after tat we went to acid bar awhile.. the music as usual is house music sian.. but the bouncer veri good lor.. he remember mi.. haha..

He took cab from boat quay coz he went drinkin wit his fren.. then mit mi at centrepoint,, then bao bei lopang lor.. sent her to PS.. actually is i ask her acc mi de la.. haha so srry to let her miss the last train.. then bth of us went to watch National Treasure.. tink its an okok movie nt bad on the plot.. when i was watchin movie wit him i feel veri secure.. veri lovin.. i wish time would just stop at that moment..but then i caught a glimpse of his hp..saw somethin i shouldnt see,, this leads mi not to anyhow tink le.. i realli veri confused now... i confroted him but he gave mi the same ans..i feel so luan..

i nv switch on my hp for the whole day.. he msged mi ask mi wad happen.. i just told him im not in a good mood.. my frens ask mi to tell him the truth... but i feel that if he intend to lie to mi.,.he will continue de.. im feelin veri bad rite now.. so sad.. why do things turn out to be the same as last time?? can i ever walk out of this shadow??

i dun wan to tink so much,, felt better when i talk to bao bei just now.. tks ger tks for being there when i needed u.. i realli lkin forward for nxt sat... i miss ya

With Love, 1:56 AM

Thursday, December 09, 2004'♥

song im listenign to: hao xing fen shou

always sing this song wit joseph in ktv.. rem those times in happy cup.. he wil come find me.. then we will close the shop and switch on this song veri loud.. those were the times.. carefree no worries.. so happy..

back home from work finallly.. yst was a stress day for mi. coz my attachment mate irene manage to clinch an appt for my boss. it was her mum company.. the boss were damn happy.. and for me?? didnt manage to clinch one.. well u shld have be there.. and u will know how i feel..so cast out as if im the extra.. its like his wife has given birth.. and i were just a nurse.. haiz. but tks to all my frens they keep encouraging mi.. ask mi not to gif up.. u ppl know who u are.. tks alot.. :P

today was better coz the boss was out almost the whole day.. so both of us were realli slackin after lunch.. we were finding things to eat..and i found one tin of cocoa.. haha then we go drink it... now then we know the company got so many treasure hidden one.. haha.. we gossip and gossip almost abt everythin can say that im gettin to know her better.. well basically she not bad la.. just tat always like to act cute in front of my boss.. haha bet u guys cannot believe tat actually i did not even speak to my boss more than 5 sentence.. nothing to talk to him.. and he always ask mi whether i clinch an appt le ma.. makin mi feel more worse.. haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

yst san zhu say he veri moody had his company meetin until 10 plus.. and he nv call mi.. say he no mood to talk.. today morning wake up le nv call mi.. then call him he in toilet.. then another time he in office.. boss in cant talk.. i dun realli know wad happen lor.. ask him he say office matters.. well wad can i say.. call him just now say he watchin show wit a colleague.. i dunno y am i feelin so bad.. keep tinkin of all those stupid thought.. getting suspicious.. tink its the effects of past hurts tat make mi become like dat.. then i msg him its ok u go enjoy.. then he say i angry haiz.. i realli dunno wad to do and say... im sick and tired........y do humans have emotions???

wadever happen im going to enjoy tmr.. i wan go out.. im sick of wkin im sick of basically everything.............................

With Love, 10:53 PM

Tuesday, December 07, 2004'♥

song im listening to: family affairs by mary j blige

grrrrrrrrrr!! its so cold rite now.. jux now when i bath the water was icy cold man.. in the office the whole day i feel like a polar bear,, coz the air con there is free no matter wad weather.. tks huh...

today is the second day.. well can say that today call the company i got more confidence liao. and im so used to all their negative reply le.. onli a few boss is gd.. as usual the boss is away today for appt in the afternoon.. before he went out he passed an assignment for us... to draft a letter using our imagination.. wad a creative person.. manage to draft it out.. and email him le.. yeah tmr he won be in the whole day.. haha irene was complaining to mi that too bad here no fridge if not.. she will bring choc and cornflakes.. haha i sat down at the sofa... lkin then guess wad sudddenly i saw a FRIDGE.. yesh so power rite nv notice it till today... haha we were laughin like mad wonman man.. it was below the water dispenser.. and everytime we went there we nv notice it at all.. so tmr its party time.. i had oredi bought chips hahah.. tink she will do potato salad.. we did nothing for the rest of the day... coz no one for us to call.. and the boss did not came back.. so he call back and ask us to leave at 5.30.. as for thsi area he is nt tat bad,, and he passeed us the keys he realli trust us alot man..

well bullshit msg mi today... and he say he want to treat mi to dinner this sun.. tink like dat le i will forgive le meh... hahah

hey peeps now got new character liao.. its called shan zhu.. hah i tink im opening a zoo soon.. its alvin for those ppl who know.. so nxt time i say shan zhu u all know who le lor. hehe. shan zhu wanted to da pao lunch for mi today.. but i dun wan, supposingly mitin him for dinner then i cancel it.. coz i got stomach cramp lor.. tink i will mit him on fri we r going to watch alexandra,, its 3 hrs lor.. cindy want to join us wit dex??? hahhahahaha

With Love, 8:02 PM

Monday, December 06, 2004'♥

song im listening to: horning sound of a stupid car at the carpark downstaris

time now is 8.23pm// oh Gosh!!! im at home?? this is so unbelievable man.. for the past few weeks often reach home when i can see the vegtable auntie of the market collecting her stock..haiz.. sian ah// its been a long time since i had my homecooked dinner.. but i dun feel like tokin at all.. reason?? i talk too much durin wk time.. shit

went to eric SOT graduation yst// yeah it was nice.. the whole hall was crowded man.. we bought him a watch that cost 177buckz// power rite.. after that it was photo session.. haha took his square hat and the robe and i wore it.. must act graduate ma.. coz i tink i this lifetime wont have the chance to wear liao.. hehe.. tink if my mum saw it she will cry ahhahaha...

argh i wonder why did my itchy hands go and fill in the application form for the industrial attachment.. feelin so regretful now man.. shit i should be at home enjoyin myself..going out man.. haiz.. today is the first day of attachment.. i was so tired man, until i slept in the bus so soundly.. and the ppl around mi must have thought im a woman who is deprived of slp for the past three days man.. well wadever lor.. im so sleepy somemore the weather is damn good sia..

been slackin almost the whole day wit my attachment mate irene.. she is from class ISE..in the morning.. the boss went out.. and we were told to write out oour telemarketing script.. wadever.. then we were given a list of companies. to call them and follow up see whether they want to have their company certified as ISO..called most them and the response were either sorry our boss is not in, sorry we r not interested, wad the shit is all these man.. then in the first place dun sound so intereseted.. after one karen my supervisor went home.. and the office onli left the two of us. haha so shuang but the aircon was damn bloody cold.. we were like livin in northpole.. we sign in msn,, tok 0n the phone, feed the fishes, and oso change the water cooler water. haha ya we did.. it was so heavy and usually karen say the boss change himself.. haha who say we need man.. woman can do it too man.. the boss camne back at abt 5plus.. and he tell us that he expect us to have at least an appt until next week.. wad the shit man,. is he addin pressure on us. tell mi he isnt pls..irene almost got one appt.. wad shit man,. y i so suay get the companies that none of them is interested.. so fuckin stress and its so competitive.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

chat wit alvin online for the whole day.. heeee,,, onli he pei wo... we chat abt alot of things... tellin him that im nt ready yet and he say he respect my decision.. tks dear. going to watch alexandar wit him tmr.. heee hope it will be a nice show....

i feel so sian.. so no life.. i miss bao bei.. i miss going out.. most impt i miss cb

With Love, 8:21 PM

Sunday, December 05, 2004'♥

song im listening to: xiang ni xiang de hao ku qi

sleeeeepyyyp im so sleppppppppy.. slept at 4am yst.. it seems tat for this past week i've been sleepin at this time.. no choice enjoy while i can.. wonder if im able to turn back my biological clock when i start my attachment tmr.. zzzzz

last day to enjoy liao.. yst bao bei and i start our adventure again haha.. mit her in jurong pt.. then we went down to city hall to mit aaron my jie mei and vickie,,,had our dinner in cafe cartel.. order the pork ribs then they say nt enough so in the end we oreder another pork chop// haha hungry pigs hahah..then we were sitting down htere tinkin of where to go.. haha it was so long that we make our decision

stupid aaron pao qi wo men go cb wit him frens.. haha so onli left mi bao bei and vic... but vic better she watchin movies after tat.. in the end we decide to go to somerset there.. heard ppl say there is a lot of pubs inside// alot of ang moh oso.. hhaha then we finally saw the bar. its acid bar.. i heard from my fren its nt bad.. also known at rouge.. ask the bouncer how much.. oh my gosh its free for ladies... yeah baby.. another cheapo look on our face haha...btw the bouncer is so friendly and the staff there too.. they r so good makes us feel like home... the atmosphere is nice..and relaxing.. ya great for chattin too.. and the dance floor nt bad too bad we dun have a chance to try it.. coz the music is house music all nite long. a great place with cheap housepour... definetely will go again maybe in thur or fri.. coz r n b nite ma. hehe..

well coz of the house music.. the bth of us were so sian man.. so we decided to take a walk down the streets.. wooo so romantic rite.. wanted to go party world but its too ex lor.. then in the end jo msg mi that he going kbox.. cheapo look was on our face again haha.. we decided to sneak in.. it was so long tat they got a room.. so bao bei and i go play in the arcade first.. the onli place whre its cheap and we can afford to go haha///

then they call us its at room 35... lol we slowly sneak in.. haha but the room is damn small.. sing a few song.. then the waiter suspect liao.. shit.. so the clever baobei go and tell him tat we nt singing onli waiting for a fren to finish movies.. haha no choice its so paiseh.. cos i tink they were wonderin if its 5 ppl// it won be such a small room de...hehe.. wad a day.. went home after tat

alvin ask mi to mit him.. well but i dun wan lor.. dun wan to keep mitin him.. later he feel tat i cant do without him hahahhahahaha....

With Love, 10:56 AM

Saturday, December 04, 2004'♥

song im listening to: bedshaped by kene

juz reach hm... took a bath.. and yeah im energised again.. went to sing ktv with my two cute, siao, bo liao.. cousins. cindy and xiao han.. yeah we went for dinner at the orchard hawker then after tat went to ktv. oh yeah no to miss out i got a great time finding atm machines wor.. :o

we reach kbox abt 8pm.. and we took the student package.. haha in the end abt 19 buckz per person.. had a great time shouting and yellin at the top of our voice.. we enjoy ourself.. hmm although in between..something happen to someone which i shall not mention.. haha but xiao han and mi were shocked man.. haha after the ktv we went to take neoprints.. ya nt bad..

then it was the time...... haha cindy met her ex dex and i met alvin.. we went to cinelesisure to watch the show dunno wad paddle la.. nt i buy the tickets anyway..and it was damn funny man.. recommend u guys to watch wor.. nice ncie hehe.. then after tat we went back home lor...

alvin send mi back home..tks for everythin wor.. and tats the end of my day..

history repeats itself.. memories are flooodin my mind....

With Love, 2:53 AM

Friday, December 03, 2004'♥

song i listening to: none

jux got back from my bbq.. yeah it was nt bad.. jus feel that i veri bad.. nv go help out before tat and nv clear up after tat..well wanna tks those ppl tat came esp my 3 cousins, my lao gong, angela and aaron.. and oso meilin and yingwei they all.,, oh ya tks for the present too,, love it man,, although there wang present and meiling present are the same thing but dun worry i love bth the same wor.. left at 10pm.. then we decided not to go home so fast..no like some ppl wan to go liao still wanna psycho my fren go.. haha u all knw who u are.. haha jkin la.. hope u guys enjoy urself..

went to 7-11 to buy cranberry vodka and chips.. the three of us then find places to sit down and chat.. realli miss those times that alot of us gather together to chat le.. poor aaron his stead veri bad lor.. control him until so much,, someommore so sacarstic. dump her suan le ba.. haha

nv mit alvin again.. im damn bad.. hope of mitin him tmr.. hope everything go on well ba.. i dunno wad im tinkin oso.. so luan ..

k la got to go slp le.. nt sure whether ill be watchin movie wit darlling tmr.. but im definetely on for the ktv thingy.. see u guys.. dun be late 7 at orchard mrt hehe..

With Love, 1:37 AM

Thursday, December 02, 2004'♥

song im listening to: pimp by 50cents

just went back from my attachemnt briefing.. haiz i was so gan cheong jux now man.. coz i cant find the office.. panic liao.. so faster call emerly.. haha in the end found le.. tks em... well the boss is veri friendly and my attachment mate irene is veri cute too.. but the job quite stress lor.. more like telemarketing.. haiz must make appt lor.. no tat easy.. wadever ba i will try my best de... jia you..

i know gilyn cfm veri angry de.. haha coz for the two days of bridge leader training i nv go.. initially wanted to go.. but tue cannot wake up.. and yst the briefin suddenly last min change to today.. so in the end i get back to slp srry wor... hmmm these few days keep going out.. so long nv eat dinner wit my family miss the times man.. and everyday after 12 then reach home.. realli veri tired lei.. but no choice.. coz nxt week start attachement le..haiz..

yst went to chinablack// had great fun man.. go ladies nite is da best man.. free flow free entry..woo so shuang man.. yeah the music is nice.. tink this is the first time i enjoy myself in cb so much.. baobei say im veri high,., haha i oso dunno why lei.. just feel like dancing and dancing,,hahaha jess came so late..so bo hua.. huo gai lor.. wan watch that stupuid singapore idol.. lame.. then she onli come one hr plus then go.. hahah steph oso there.. saw her a few times... haha.. yst went wit jie mei.. aaron.. haha he veri yandao wor.. wear the long sleeve shirt.. haha well sian they going to sch reopen liao.. i had no more khakis to go cheong laio.. who wan be my khaki mux msg mi k... haha yst we dance until wan close liao then got one group of moron fighting there.. studpid lor.. spoil the ppl mood.. bloody shit.. somemore come to my territory hahahah.. then in the end close early lor... stupid guuys..can u all learn to be more mature.. tks bao bei for dedicating the bd message haha i was so shock to hear my name when the deejay annoucne hahha..

suppose to mit alvin de.. but then too late liao.. i had put aeroplane on him two times le.. hais i oso dunno wad im tinkin man..he say he wan to be serious wit mi. but it seems tat i cant trust all these words anymore.. im too protective of myself le... i dun wan get hurt again..

bullshit called mi but im in cb so nv tok to him. i dun care.... he realli disappoint mi...

so sleepy now but no choice later still got bbq lei.. haha anyway ill be seeing my cousin.. tks for coming wor.. and oso my lao gong wor...hahah hope i will enjoy myself wor,, and hope it wont rain too.. oh ya i miss chelsia.. too bad u had to go ur sis wedding cant go the bbq

With Love, 4:39 PM

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