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Saturday, June 30, 2007'♥


Finally It's the weekends!!! This week has been a tiring week.. On the average waking up at 8am and lesson until the latest 7pm..Gosh, I can foresee more of that the next few weeks...Projects after projects all meant to be due at the Last week of July. That's four projects by the way... Can u imagine how rush that would be??

Well, enough of all these boring craps. On the happier note, I went Tian Fu with Selyn for her belated birthday celebration last Tuesday for a sumptous Wanton Feast...muahahhaha..... I loved the wantons to bits..It's happy to see that ur fren enjoyed the place where u introduced. I guessed I have done alot of advertising for TianFu, maybe they should pay me for some advertising fees.

Orite I always say How Wonderful Tian Fu Steamboat is, it's better if u try out urself.

The address is: 200 Tanjong Katong Road , Opening hours 6pm-4am (starting from mid-July, Ah ber u saw that, next time when we are hungry at night, ahem ahem.) Number to call for reservation: 63459272

It's better to make a reservation first, if not u have to sit outside, coz even on WEEKDAYS it's alot of ppl.

Ard 19 bucks per person with no GST and Service Charge
Must Order: Wantons , Thin Pork Slice, Thin Beef Slice, Fish Paste, Luncheon Meat and the Scallop Soup


Yest I went to my ever first Virgin
校园演唱会. Saw them distributing the tix at outside library, out of curiosity the three of us went to check it out and discover it's 方大同校园演唱会 at TP. Since I'm free on Friday evening, and it's free...and i've heard his song before in Yes 933 so me and Vivian decided to get the tickets.

The show started at 6.30pm and too bad it only lasted for half an hour or so... But his song are quite nice.. Soul music... and he's very tall and i tink he looks like James...from afar hahaha.. but alright lah..he's very nervous i guess when we asked for Echo. Overall he's cute. :0

Love this song of he's (found from Youtube, my fellow schoolmates uploaded this ,but it's not very clear...)

He also sang a song from Stevie Wonder - Lately....


Did a search on Stevie Wonder and I didn't know that he's actually visually handicapped. Another inspiring singer to learn from.

He's songs are great and really passion can overcome all difficulties in life.

The Lyrics for the Song Lately.

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Album: Hotter Than July
Title: Lately

Lately, i have had the strangest feeling
With no vivid reason here to find
Yet the thought of losing you's been hanging
'round my mind

Far more frequently you're wearing perfume
With you say no special place to go
But when i ask will you be coming back soon
You don't know, never know

Well, i'm a man of many wishes
Hope my premonition misses
But what i really feel my eyes won't let me hide
cause they always start to cry
cause this time could mean goodbye

Lately i've been staring in the mirror
Very slowly picking me apart
Trying to tell myself i have no reason
With your heart

Just the other night while you were sleeping
I vaguely heard you whisper someone's name
But when i ask you of the thoughts your keeping
You just say nothing's changed

Well, i'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses
But what i really feel my eyes won't let me hide
cause they always start to cry
cause this time could mean goodbye, goodbye

Oh, i'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses
But what i really feel my eyes won't let me hide
cause they always start to cry
cause this time could mean goodbye

Short Note: happier in dreams....

With Love, 11:32 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2007'♥

Starry Starry Nite...

If you realised.. I have changed my blog song to "Vincent" (not because i love my boss). I heard it first in the Hongkong serial "Heart of greed", it's soothing and I have fall in love with it.

Searched for the song online, only did I found out the Real Mea
ning or rather history of this song...

Adapted from one of the source.

Actually this song is used to describe the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh.
Vincent had schizophrenia but he was a really good painter. He could not draw and paint for long periods of time without suffering from an attack, he managed to create The Starry Night which resides as his most popular work and one of the most influence pieces in history. The swirling lines of the sky are a possible representation of his mental state. This same shaken style is visible in all of his work during his time in the asylum. It's a pity that He was only famous after he was dead.

"Starry Starry Night"

It's quite contradicting that we often complain or grumble about losing our passion, having no sense of motivation, no sense of direction, no purpose in life, quitting through halfway and yet people who are less fortunate than us, disabled, sick have so much Will power, passion, motivation to carry on their life, job etc....

People under different kind of situation reacts differently. I guessed if we are not in that situation we will not think from that angle and will never cherish how fortunate we are.

Sadly to say, I'm also guilty. For the past few days , I've been heading nowhere.. I wondered where has my passion gone to, life to me were just days... one day after another with no sense of purpose.

I guessed after reading through this article, I should start finding back my passion, my love, my vision, my purpose.

People, have u found back your passion once again??

Don McLean

Starry starry night
paint your palette blue and grey
look out on a summer's day
with eyes that know the
darkness in my soul.

Shadows on the hills
sketch the trees and the daffodils
catch the breeze and the winter chills
in colors on the snowy linen land.
And now I understand what you tried to say to me
how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
they did not know how
perhaps they'll listen now.

Starry starry night
flaming flo'rs that brightly blaze
swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in
Vincent's eyes of China blue.
Colors changing hue
morning fields of amber grain
weathered faces lined in pain
are soothed beneath the artist's
loving hand.

And now I understand what you tried to say to me
how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you
but still your love was true
and when no hope was left in sight on that starry starry night.
You took your life
as lovers often do;
But I could have told you
this world was never
meant for one
as beautiful as you.

Starry starry night
portraits hung in empty halls
frameless heads on nameless walls
with eyes
that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the stranger that you've met
the ragged men in ragged clothes

the silver thorn of bloddy rose
lie crushed and broken
on the virgin snow.
And now I think I know what you tried to say to me
how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
they're not
list'ning still
perhaps they never will.

Short Note: My heart will go on....

With Love, 11:55 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007'♥

Passing By A Familiar Place...

人往往越得不到的东西, 就越想得到。。。


Adapted from the song 淘汰

我试过完美放弃, 的确很踏实, 醒来了梦散了, 你我都走散了

Short Note:
The Same old route that stirs my heart once again....

With Love, 12:32 AM

Monday, June 25, 2007'♥

Life is Great...

I lied flat on my bed today.. even though my alarm rang 15 mins ago... Was damn tired after yest swimming with Lena, Jeff and Ah Ber... I have to admit I'm OLD... I really pei fu Ah ber Jie..she can teach so many classes in a day..she's my ou xiang lah

Orite back to the day.. Kept having this thought of not going to work...but wei le support my da bao, i had to go and work and feed him...so I dragged myself out of my bed and the nice cold weather.

Boss called back to tell us his schedule for the next few weeks and he said he got a surprise for me...Well at first tot he is going to announce my financial investment is making money if not its my health plan being approved...


He won the lucky draw of our company..and the prize is a trip to GENTING... (one tix which is quite pathetic though) and he decide to give it to me...coz i've been ranting abt how much i love the prawn crackers from GENTING, how i love the weather blah blah during work.

I'm happy lah.. although it's not TWO TIXS but at least mine is sponsored lah... Am allowed to chose between First World Hotel or Theme Park Hotel...Superior or Deluxe Room..and can choose any dates to go until Dec 31. Selyn are going to ask her mum abt it.. hopefully she can make it.. and limin too yesh the same old khakis..and we can go LAST CALL NO MORE BETS again...wohooo...

And the best thing is very qiao lor..the SEE family are going to GENTING together... Xiaohan is going on 12-15 July with her pals, Cindy is going with her company for retreat on 14 July... I hope to get the tixs for 13 July... and we can all MEET there perhaps to take photo together?? wohoooooo.... Hopefully there is still tixs available...*Prays Hard*

Thanks Boss.... for this " blessing" deeply appreciated it ... :)

I can't wait for my prawn crackers....yummy....

Short Note: Ah Ber and Lena see u all can make it for the trip also mah?

With Love, 11:25 PM




There are alot of things which I know..but i chose to ignore.
There are alot of things which I don't know..but i wished to know.

Was Chatting on the phone with Bullshit.. He placed my dumb kindergarten photo up on his display pic.. and it triggered my thoughts...

I remembered not too long ago, I was putting on the kindergarten's uniform for the first time... and now I'm 23
I remembered not too long ago, I was staying at Outram Park...and now it's demolished
I remembered not too long ago, I had my first taste of the ringpop....and now I can't find it in Singapore
I remembered not too long ago, I just moved to Tampines... and now I've been living here for 13 years.
I remembered not too long ago, I had my first pager... and now it's the Hp era.

It's amazing how fast time passes. In the wink of an eye, everything changes, the new to the old, the fast to the slow and the passion from more to less.

This makes me realize that I should sit back and enjoy every moments and parcel of my life before they are gone and never back.

Live life with no regrets...Be happy with what you have, be hopeful for what you don't have.

Short Note: You're the wall that I cast my rant upon...

With Love, 12:06 AM

Sunday, June 24, 2007'♥

Weekend actions...

Friday went back school to do MBS project. Was at the bus-stop waiting for Vivien, when we saw two of our ITE lecturers. We were so happy to see them.. chatted with Mrs Cheong for awhile and she is still as blur blur and funny, asked abt the other lecturers and sadly to say Mr Erick Chua is now at ITE Tampines... Recalled back the times in ITE...it's really fun, the lecturers are more friendly and more close to us...We can joke, eat and go out together wi
th out lecturers... Unlike Poly where u onli know a tutor for a sem or two and after tat they do not teach u all anymore...

Mrs Cheong asked us to register for the Alumni Event which cost $40...Me and Selyn were still thinking.. coz it's quite exp... but on the other hand there might be golden turtle in the midst of the party hahaha.. no lah.. it should be a good time of gathering... SO all ITE graduates ...MR KENJI LIM and friends and my 7 sisters.. do make it if ur are free.. When Mrs Cheong send me the email i tink i will post up the details.

Went Cheers to buy our lunch (cup noodles) and i saw this:

So long nv see or rather eat Pushpop le... xiang dang nian when it was first introduced all the kids wanted it lah.. it seems so COOL to own one... I love the CHERRY flavour the most.. it cost $0.85 so Exp lah.. last time i remember onli 50 cents i tink hahaaha..

Pushpop reminds me of ..RINGPOP... I so so so so so so crave for it now.. But just can't find it anywhere... anyone has any idea where to get it?

If a guy buy me this and propose I dun mind lah... so sweet hahahaha....

Our main purpose of the day was to attend the Shiseido Workshop held by Business School. Each pax $2 i tink it's qutie reasonable lah... too bad we can't have hands-on only can see them make up f or the model. But overall it's quite useful lah...


Besides the armpit which will produce an ordour... Which other body part will??

You must have guess the ear, the neck, the mouth, the nose... WRONG WRONG WRONG!! It's Actually....

*Drum Rolls*


Dun ask me why coz the consultant also dunno herself..but it has been proven...OMG!!! I pity u guys..opps..

Took back some of the freebies..but all samples lah.. the shimmering lipstick and moisturizer is not bad.. can invest...lolz...


Had a small BBQ session at my church member house... it's quite fun lah.. except that I do not need to BBQ the stuffs..and my Xiao Di is always there to refill my cups... I just loved to be with the same cg as AMOS!!!! He is my partner in action...wohooooo...and Marshmellow dip with honey and BBQ is damn Delicious!! pls try that next time....

Sat nite is Fisherman Nite again... My church members hear until sian liao.. everytime say i Fisherwoman.. Me ah ber and Wendy were like Hungry Ghost... bo bian lah..we all onli take lunch and no dinner.. so we ordered Kangkong, Deer meat with Kailan, Mee Goreng, Fisherman Basket, Stingray, Crabmeat Egg and Buffalo Wings...Power rite?? hahahaha

and not to forget two barrels of Henniken ... well Kenji Lim is there mah...

Drank, chat, eat under the stars... but super disappointed with the MEE GORENG lah, we ordered ten bucks de MEE GORENG.. So by right should be a BIG BIG PACKET rite.. but it was onli a packet..the same amount with the normal $3 zi char lah...shiet lor... at least come two packets lah.. make us happy mah...haiz.. will complain to Tricia's Brother next time when we go there...

Kenji sent us home..coz ah ber going back to Bradel, then while on the way back..Jerry was riding his motorbike and we were in the car. Too bad the road got many Traffic Lights... So everytime we stopped by I would always tease him...i tink he's quite irritated why that road got so much traffic lights...lol so funny...his expression is PRICELESS....lol..

I can't believe I'm starting sch again.. and this term alot of projects to complete lor.. just this week got French listening test liao..sianzzz...

Shall enjoyed my beautiful Sunday tmr ba... having tim sum buffet with Ms Lena and Jie Fu... let's pray that we can conquer all the siew mais and har kow there ba wohoooooohoo...

Short Note: So many times make me numb....

With Love, 1:39 AM

Friday, June 22, 2007'♥

Letter to Lao D

We were 2 lonely souls who were looking for directions at that phase of our lives.. and our paths crossed unexpectedly.....

We walked down the road together, laughing, ranting out frustrations, comforting each other of problems we had encountered in our own lives.

We have stated clearly the rules to this game...it's a no string attached rule until i realised how naive were we...we always tot that we would be matured players who would play by the rules of this game...both of us were cool enough to remain this status, maybe u could..but i'm starting to play my own rules instead of ours...

Ours...can i still use ours? Or has it been Ours? Ever since day one?

6 months might not be long... but it's not short neither... it's long enough to intertwine parts of our lives together, to change our attitude towards each other, to leave down bits and pieces of our times and memories together...

I know clearly the rules of the game, but yet i chose to take a risk, a risk of changing u...i thought as times passed by...as we go through events together, ur thinking will change...but i've failed, you're not that easy to convince....you're good at sticking to ur own principle...

In your heart..my placing is the least..i knew it...even Elmo holds higher place in ur heart than me....at least he would sleep with you and hear your breathing, watching u fell asleep every nite...but i'm contented with that tiny little space i had in ur heart...please do not take me away from ur heart..what i've asked for is you locked it in the inner part of your heart, not thinking of it and don't ever take it out in this life....

I plucked out my courage...the courage i've lacked of this few months...to ask u this million dollar question.. a question that will change the entire rules of the game, a question that will change the players of the game and the rules that will determine how the game goes.....

"Who am i to you?"... *in the most serious manner*...

"Whatever you think I am." He replied.

"Be serious can?".. I said

"A good friend." He answered

It's such a short and sweet sentence..and i know i shldn't probe further...i dun wish to hear the TRUTH...i've come to understand that TRUTH REALLY HURTS...not onli did it hurt ur heart, but it's piercing through my heart....but at least maybe i should be happy that you're honest about Us

" A Good Friend" has indeed woke mi up or rather shaken mi from the sweet dreams i had these past few months.......

We are just two ships which just happened to be in the same harbour by chance for a short while...but leaving to different destination in the end....

You've asked mi..."who are you to me"

I kept forcing an answer out of my lips...friend? best friend? acquaintances? flings? passerby?

I said in my softest voice, "passerby"...though it's just a word, though i know ur disappointed after hearing this...but i had to force it out...in order for mi to be able to move on to another destination...

You're my secret lover, you do hold a big part of the share of my heart..you'll never know how much i love you...or i shld said once loved you...

In ur car, inside the cd player... it lies a cd, cd full of songs which i've sent u, songs u loved, songs that i loved....and a song we both loved..I remembered the times when we sat in ur car... just listening to the music..you would be there humming the song..and i would sat there quietly wishing that this moment will never ever vanish....

Collin Raye - Love, Me

I read a note my grandma wrote back in nineteen twenty-three.
Grandpa kept it in his coat, and he showed it once to me. he said,
"Boy, you might not understand, but a long, long time ago,
Grandma's daddy didn't like me none, but i loved your grandma so."

We had this crazy plan to meet and run away together.
Get married in the first town we came to, and live forever.
But nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet, instead
Of her, i found this letter, and this is what it said:

If you get there before i do, don't give up on me.
I'll meet you when my chores are through;
I don't know how long i'll be.
But i'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see.

And between now and then, till i see you again,
I'll be loving you. love, me.

I read those words just hours before my grandma passed away,
In the doorway of a church where me and grandpa stopped to pray.
I know i'd never seen him cry in all my fifteen years;
But as he said these words to her, his eyes filled up with tears.

If you get there before i do, don't give up on me.
I'll meet you when my chores are through;
I don't know how long i'll be.
But i'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see.
And between now and then, till i see you again,
I'll be loving you. love, me.
Between now and then, till i see you again,
I'll be loving you. love, me.

Yes i know...

If ever...this would happen in the reality between me and u.. i guessed i'll be the most fortunate woman living in this era....

If ever...you knew how much tears i've dropped for you...i guessed you won't hurt mi this much...

If ever...i had a chance to know about this ending, i would have still continue with this game....

The smell of you still lingers, ur smile is still capture in my mind, the times we had together still so fresh like we've just met yesterday...

Perhaps...i'm meant to be loved and not to love...perhaps i could find a better ship that would sailed the same journey together with me....

Everything started out easy....and it should end easy....a pity that it ends early...but seriously...i'm tired of floating around in the air...i guessed it's the right time we shld say good-bye...Goodbye my Lover....

Now, let's sailed on on our separate journey....hopefully our ships would never meet again....let's sailed to a place which holds our final destiny......


I almost forgot i typed this draft half a year ago...Time passed and we are actually "not together anymore". Though we still remain in contact, but the feeling are different.

At that time i thought I own him, I thought one day my love will melt away his stubborn thinking, I thought time will matured him, I thought he would want to commit his life with me.

But it's never gonna happen. We think, act, live differently. These goes to prove the old saying "勉强是没有莘福的。。。"

As I read through what I have typed, the sadness is still there, but the wound doesn't hurt anymore..perhaps i have move on, or perhaps i have locked all these memories in the inner part of my heart or perhaps when u try to see things from another angle, everything seems so simplified not like before so complicated.

I hope those who are currently in this kind of situations will be decisive and decide for themselves what is best for them...

Short note: This draft was prepared on 23 Sept...i knew one day it would come by handy...

With Love, 1:50 AM

Thursday, June 21, 2007'♥

Adverlets Motivates Me....

Well surprise to see me back here??

It's been good half a year since I've changed to the other blog address.

The main reason that I'm back using this blog address it's actually a company which called Advertlets.
As some of you may have been aware of Adverlets,which is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network. They kinda of act as a middleman between bloggers and advertisers.

Advertisers try to bring the message across by advertising ads on blogs which they think is appropriate for their ads while bloggers would help to write reviews, post up the ads etc.

It's a two-way benefit thing because both parties will gain benefit from it. The Advertiser gets to create awareness of their products and services, while the blogger earn extra cash by doing something they love.

When I just register, I thought it would be difficult for a computer idiot like me to place ads on my blog. I'm afraid that I would not be able to understand the HTML code and stuffs.

BUT...... I'm so so so wrong... Just three simple steps and Viola!!!! it's done.
(click on the picture for more info)

I'm just so excited when I managed to place the ads on my blog. Even though I might not get chosen by the advertiser. But it's certainly COOL to be able to join in this community.

As a student, I certainly do not mind making some extra allowance by blogging so this serves as the main purpose why do i join Adverlets.

Secondly, Some people might ask , why not choose Nuffnang instead? Well sadly to say not that i have any offense against them, but i really don't understand the procedure of placing an ads. Perhaps I'm really not very tech-savvy, is there any kind soul out there to help me? (I don't mind earning more money)... Adverlets is simple and gives clear instruction.. short and sweet, it just makes my life more easier :)

Thirdly, I just want to try out how Adverlets works... I'm just excited about receiving a cheque for making this review? Or Maybe I'm doing free advertisement for them, whatever lah.. I happy they happy, we all happy can already.

Just register on Adverlets, so I would not comment on any feedbacks or suggestions. Don't worry when I joined long enough and see the money rolling in, I will definitely think hard for feedback and suggestions. So by then hopefully the Chairman won't find me irritating haha.

I write so much, you all never click on the link how will you guys know how great is Adverlets? So what are you all waiting for? Move your cursor up and click on the links, I promise you that it would not be a wrong choice. At least I won't regret :)

Please duo duo zhi chi them ok??

With Love, 12:51 AM

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