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Wednesday, March 29, 2006'♥


FOREWORD...THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG ENTRY..pls endure it thru ok??

A relationship is like an empty glass.. u start from the scratch..you choose who to be.. a GIVER or a TAKER?? to be the one who always gif ur veri best in the relationship? love the person wholeheartedly, sacrifce ur time... or to be the someone who just take advantage of the other party's love??

You slowly u fill the cup with love, care, promise, understanding, time, patience, praise etc... it takes time to let the water flow into the cup.. If ur too impatient, too possessive, too negative..indecisive...the water might flow out of the cup... in the end u end up with nothing..

MORAL of the STORY.. u need to give and take in a relationship.. coz who knows the giver might be tired after sometime.. And always remember tat FREEDOM and TRUST is veri important in a relationship..

Oh ya.. dun look at this entry like.."Oh my GOD, this ger got depression again?" No la.. i just typed out how i feel abt relationship after i saw tat picture.. its a revelation man.. Erm.. and im nt facing the above problems now..coz currently im quite happy wit my relationship.. yeah.!!

Firstly wanna congratulate SOMEONE.. who haf found a job today.. finally le wohoo.. im oso happy for him when he called mi in the afternoon (of coz i cant believe it la.. but too bad ppl gt a gonggong face ma,act innocent onli la)... and its at a travel agency wor.. HUI ZHUO REN LE BA.. hehe.. i dun mind some tickets to GENTING kamsia..lol..

Anyway.. i want to blog abt a movie i watched yst.. I TELL u hor.. it's one of the best movie i watched at 2006...tadah its....

Went to watch this show wit my DEAR SELYN.. ya after our pre enrolment checkup at a gong gong clinic..which is less than 10 mins.. duhz.. waste my off day onli.. but anyway after tat we went suntec to watch this show..its FREEEEEEEE!!! coz that ger got free movie pass..tks wor hehe..

OMG and wo realli zhuan dao le..coz its such a nice show.. exciting, amazing, gross, Gruesome, SUPER SADDIST (worst than SAW 2), great storyline man.. Although half of the show i was covering my face..(eh dun gif mi tat kind of look hor.. fat ppl cannot dan xiao ah) but its realli veri NICE lor.. tmd surely 100% better than tat gonggong V-Venedtta show.. hahaha. strongly recommended if got chance i wan watch again man.. who wan sponsor..lol..

Oh ya storyline was abt this family they wanted to go holiday.. then hor.suaysuay stucked in dessert(actually its ppl hai ta men stucked in there)... then they found out that actually there was SOME OTHER "CREATURES OR PPL wadever u called it.. living in there..and they are not friendly at all.. whooooo go watch ba.. dun expect mi to write out the whole story here..u cheapo, stingy little gonggong..

After the movie we went to Suntec for Buffet...our usual fav dining place.. more variety of food..got JAP SOBA somemore..whoohoo and teppanyaki etc..

Hao ba bu duo shuo le.. show u all the pics ba.. lol...

Forgot to tell u all we went GENTING yst too.. haha bu hao xiao hor.. i oso tink so lei.. no la us in the gonggong SUNTEC SHUTTLE BUS..lol..

FOOD FOOD FOOD.. Chicken Herbal Soup is the best wor...

Lai Lai Lai..commercial break time.. rang lao niang ZI LIAN yi Xia..hehe..

Hao la i knw u all dun like see mi..let u all see mei nu lor..sobz..

Haha bu yao gei ni kan le..nanny nanny poo poo...lol see my nice nice manicure nails ba..nanannanana...lol

CHEERSSSSS!!! Nice glass lei..but no wine?? who say de...hahaha..

Tadah!!! JACK DANIEL'S Minature.. haha.. MS Selyn yap went HK and bought this for mi.. YYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? I gt DRUNKARD FACE meh? lol..(tmd shld haf bought CHIVAS ma.. oppps) haha..anyway i loved it alot.. promise to taste it soon and replaced it wit TEA ok..hehe.. tks ah...

Wah..veri long post lei.. type until my hands so suan.. im leaving the company on the 7th Apr.. duhz.. veri veri sad.. i dunno will i cry on that day.. they haf been realli nice colleagues to mi..and i nv realised i actually worked there for nine long months le.. enough to gif birth to a baby le.. opps wad am i talking abt?? hehe..

Just got back home nt long ago.. nv went dinner.. Ah boy came to Tam find his sister so met him up for COFFEE BEAN.. then went home for mama home cooked dinner.. seaweed soup.. although my stomach is full of coffeee.. i still manage to drink the soup onli haha..Oh ya..Vic msged mi today.. after like five mths "WANT go ______________ clubbing tonite ma?"

Haha SO long since i went clubbing on WED nite le.. LADIES somemore..how i missed those times.. esp baobei..(are u still alive) hehe.. ya and not to mention AARON my jie mei..hehe.. i tink its time we had some gathering le.. HEARD IT BOH all the CHEC ppl?? hehe..

I tink its realli a veri long post..and im worrying will BLOGGER HANG LATER?? i better stop now..

Short note: Ur gonggong mee goreng still here wor.. pls try to get it back haha...

With Love, 7:44 PM

Monday, March 27, 2006'♥


We are often so busy wit lives.. rushing here and there.. without realising another day haf gone just like dat.. We become practical, impatient.. do things that onli benefits us.. and pissed off wit so many little things easily..

A simple greeting like "hello.. how are u..." seems so fake.. we became robots which wore a fake SMILE.. wearing a mask every single day.. we got to know ppl's life through others.. through their blogs...

Today haf not been a good day for mi.. early in the morning receive a phone call.. tat spoilt my mood for the whole day.. sometimes i wonder... y cant some ppl.. think before they act?? haiz..

And got home from dinner.. my MR A dunno eat wad pill wrongly.. jealous of something which wont happen haiz..

Wo zhen de bei zhe niang ke nan ren gao luan le... MEN are forever MEN...Dun realli understand wad they realli wan...haiz..

The onli good thing today is My beloved colleauges.. Milk.. Aminah and Rohana.. all MACIK..i mean aunties treated mi to BALITHAI for my farewell lunch..sad man.. but they realli spent quite alot.. can forsee more to come wor.. hehe..

Oh ya got the sudden craving to listen to classical music..and i feel my mood more peaceful le.. so next time ur stress go listen.. Beethoven 5th Symphony and Mozart 40th Symphony.. ESP ALL THE MEN.. U GUYS NEED IT MAN!!!...haha

With Love, 7:46 PM

Sunday, March 26, 2006'♥

永远永远 - 李翊君


Thanks Lena for the song.. i love the song alot though its quite an oldies..

Its been long since ive blogged.. but ive been regularly updating on my personal blog..there is so much i wan to say but i just dunno how to express out myself.. well nvm abt tat...

I met out wit Rong today.. She asked mi out when i was happily watching one of the repeated Korean show on the tv...Actually i oredi planned out my NO LIFE day today le.. but then still i decided to mit her since she willing to come tamp mall haha..

(use this photo as we bth nv take photo today hehe)

Two Lonely woman.. Two No Life Woman.. Two in same SHIT situation woman.. What can we do?? Went for our late lunch at Crystal jade.. yummy!!! thanks to Ms Rong for sponsoring.

Ya i haf found another shitty member for our SHITTY CLUB le.. tat is Ms Rong.. we are as usual dai sai.. We are both in the same type of relationship..so therefore i announce her as the NEW MEMBER...

Daisai= Waste 9.50 to watch a stupid and boring show that her fren recommended.. i realli gonna hack her fren if i saw him again.. we watch V= Vendatta(pardon for the wrong spelling) as i dun even care man.. So Far this is the most shittiest movie i watched this yr.. LONG and BO LIAO LOR.. need to tink and tink.. haiz lucky im clever but MS RONG dun even understand the whole show..diaos..

Went Starbucks after tat for some chilling out cum talking session..haiz.. we even throw coin to decide on something hahah..Going out wit her always make mi laugh.. coz she is one of my best sista..


Do wad ur heart tells u to.. and dun hurt the innocent...hehe..

Yst nite went KBOX wit Kelvin and Ah boy they all.. *got gers ok*...ya so long nv see their names on this blog le hor.. as usual our ktv session is CRAZY.. nv drank alot yst.. but im happy tat i can sing.. coz its been so long that i went KTV... Going ktv wit them is good..coz ill be the onli one singing when they are drinking woohoo..Sang and sang until its 2am.. walao damn freaking fast..i still haf ard 20plus songs haven sing lei.. dun care le..must go again...and talking abt that.. i actually missed going ktv wit ah ber.. Lena they all.. provided they all dun sank into depression la.. and no VODKA ORANGE...kam sia...

Oh ya ive joined a MAKEUP contest in Emerge one the youth events in church mid june.. Im supposed to find a model.. and guessed who i chose?? JASMINE TAN... Lena's sister..hehe cant help but deny she is chio la..(puke, just to make her happy) ya i will be given a photo and im supposed to do the same makeup for Jasmine and chose an outfit that match the make up..GAO NAN DU ba?? all tks to BC who signed mi up while im in BINTAN GREAT?? so from now on must see more magazine le haha.. wonder wads the first prize?? One yr supply of fake eyelashes?? hehe..

Hao le tink i updated enough le.. enjoy reading ba..

With Love, 10:46 PM

Thursday, March 23, 2006'♥


Actually i dun feel like blogging today de.. super no mood these few days.. BAD WEATHER ba.. well anyway..today i went out wit someone..


THAT guy above is none other than MR LAO CHEK.. aka Paul aka Fabian.. ..so long nv mit him le..today he tired to act SI BOON lor..wear Specs everytime copy mi de lei... nv see one month plus le and its like three yrs nv see.. omg did i said that out from my mouth?? lol IMPOSSIBLE.. anyway the last time i saw him was when we go JB together..time flies...

OF coz he mit mi got MOTIVE DE LA.. coz i wanted to pass him the T-shirt i bought for him in BKK ma.. so we went for our prata session below my BLK.. the waiter there forever make mistake in the orders..and FYI if u all like to go "M***Y coffeeshop pls ask them count the money in front of u..one by one..they like to overcharge customers.. of coz i nt sure its ALL anot..but most i went is like dat de.. one teh talik can cost 1.00 and after ten mins we order another one is 1.20 le.. power hor.. anyway lao chek is veri generous de.. he dun ke si yi xiang..so he guai guai de pay up..haiz

Then we stayed and chatted.. ya he is forever so LAME... and thanks to the sms u sent mi today... it realli makes mi laugh lor..right when im working.. Ya LAO CHEK is forever my good fren..someone who cheers mi up when im down.. someone who likes to act GAY...


Oh ya did i mention he knew a fifteen yr old ger recently..and i tink the ger GOT ABIT feeling for him ba.. but of coz lao chek is a good guy.. he dun wan his buttock to open flower so he told kinda of reject her ba and i was sitting there listening to their conversation.. trying hard nt to laugh.. lao chek i better la..dun take someone 10 yrs younger than u ok..YE HUA CAI GOU LE JIU HUI JIA BA...

Lol anyway i did enjoy myself today..its been days since i LAUGH UTNIL SO HAPPILY le.. lol.. remember MICKEY MOUSE HOR xie xie...

How come im always surrounded wit ppl who like to bet on socceer huh?? one is like dat.. the other two oso like dat..diaoz nan dao wo de ming zhe me DAI SAI??

With Love, 11:59 PM

Wednesday, March 22, 2006'♥





With Love, 10:21 PM

Monday, March 20, 2006'♥


Bubbles are nice and beautiful ...when ur inside the bubble u felt being protected.. u felt that the world outside does not matter to u anymore.. u dun care about ur surroundings.. ur just feel contented inside the bubble..

Good things doesnt last.. when the bubble burst.. then u realised that actually the outside world is better.. u see the whole picture of it.. and realised that all the whole ur thinking is limited..

But of coz some ppl might be happier..while some still prefer to stay in their small bubble.. it differs ... wad would u choose??


Yeah finally went to BINTAN fourth chop this yr..we went to stay at the MANA MANA RESORT.. its just beside NIRWANA RESORT.. the one where all the star idol stayed..

Hmmm actually there got nothing much to do.. the things there are veri ex.. can u imagine.. for two meals.. buffet i spent 60plus.. power rite.. i oso think so?? u must be able to print money if ur going to stay there for a week..

So the second day we checked out at 11am and we spent the whole day at NIRWANA RESORT.. most of the time in the JACUZZI POOL.. woohoo so shiok better than UZAP ok.. u can realli feel the blood cirulating.. so if any guy offer to buy mi a JACCUZZI i'll marry him rite now hahah...

Ya we chatted in the pool while our dear uncle Kenji is forever sleeping.. like as if he had not slept for the past two days.. going out wit them is fun.. lol.. they are like my BIG BRO and SIS wor...

With them i tried massage for the first time.. wore BIKINI for the first time (ooopss jing bao ba..heeh) sibeh sua khoo rite.. anyway i enjoyed myself fully although its short.. we even planned a few places to go after this trip..woohooo..

Now for the pics ba.. start wit SENTOSA de..hehe

Went to FORT SILOSO.. a place where u need good stamina.. thanks to DEAR MR A.. he made us climb and see bo liao stuffs.. duhz..but we did learn alot of Singapore's history wor...

View from SKY TOWER and MOUNT FABER....

Palawan Beach and THE MERLION...

Now for the Bintan pics.. ARE U READY FOR IT??

Haha i reallli got prove to show that Uncle is realli a PIG wor.. No matter go where.. we sure got DRINK BEER de woohoo..even in THAILAND oops.. later someone say i jiu gui again..

CAN SEE SARONG PARTY GERS boh.. pui rite.. oops i nv meant ah ber.. hehe.. i love the weather there not hot nor cold..but i got SUBURN damn.. so painful and itchy man..who want help mi scratch ... i tip u 2dollars

Hao le tats the end le..someone is feeling tired.. i need to go and TALK TO HIM LE... wan an da jia...

With Love, 8:06 PM

Sunday, March 19, 2006'♥


Im back from Bintan.. nice weather.. nice beach.. nice ppl.. but one thing i dun understand...

Why whenever im overseas.. my phone kept ringing and sms oso alot.. bu jian de i in Singapore u all so re qing.. haha.. anyway due to the overwhelming charges i onli replied to some ppl..and onli pick up some calls.. so if ur one of them GOOD LUCK..ur the lucky ones..

Damn it my sunburn is so jialat rite now.. im like a RED LOBSTER.. ok la.. ROAST PIG if u wan oso..

I tmd miss SINGAPORE.. and the ppl here.. esp someone.. whose name starts wit A.. tot through alot of stuffs there.. its realli a nice place for short vacation.. and not to mention Nice STARS.. yeah.. so definetely we are going back one day.. this time earlier ba..

Ber, wendy and I we planned so much places to go after these.. so far the next destination might be GENTING or BATAM.. yeah.. Hao le.. i shall go and koon le..kept yawning since im in the ferry le.. i cant believe im wking tmr.. pengs.. pics up next time ba..

With Love, 11:27 PM

Saturday, March 18, 2006'♥


Ever felt before tat ur in a maze... trying so hard to get out of the maze to the other side of the world.... but no matter hw hard u try there seems to haf a lot of obstacle blocking ur way..

Ur lost.. stuck.. stagnant.. u dunno where is ur next destination.. which step should u take to avoid making the same mistake again...

U fear.. Fear of being there alone .. LOST.. fear of the lack of security...fear of the night.. coz tats when u feel the most lonely.. tats when u are so vulnerable..

U wanted so much to get out of it.. u wanted so much to scream and shout.. u wanted so much to haf someone there wit u.. advise u.. comfort u.. but no matter what.. in the end u still need to walk out of the maze alone..

U might mit alot of obstacles before coming out to the other end. u might fall, u might trip, u might cry.. but no matter what happens the most impt thing is that.. U ENDURE Through the whole journey.. u fell and stand up again... u cried and dried ur tears...

Our love is like a maze.. there is always no shortcuts to it.. there is always bound to haf unhappiness.. bound to haf problems...JUST...

Follow ur heart... Let ur heart lead u on.. No matter which path u chose.. it might be a wrong decision.. or it might be the right decision... Just be happy wit wad u chose .. be happy wit the things u haf.. Its not about how fast ur getting out of the maze.. its about wad u learnt when u stuck in the maze...


Ashlee Simpson

I'm talkin' bout love
All my girls stand in a circle and clap your hands this is for you
Ups and downs highs and lows no matter what you see me through
My boyfriend he don't answer on the telephone
I don't even know where the hell he goes
But all my girls we're in a circle and nobody's gonna break through

Did you hear me say

I'm talkin' bout love, say you'll be my girls for life
Girls for like
Oh hold off I need another one
I think you do, you do too
Grab my bag, got my own money
Don't need any man in this room
My boyfriend he'll be calling me now anytime
I need all girls to keep him off my mind
So hold up we need another one
What we got is all good


I'm talkin' bout love
I'm talkin' bout love
Love is an energy, love is a mystery
Love is meant to be true
Love is a part of me, love is the heart of me
Love is the best thing we do

With Love, 1:40 PM



I duno wad happened to my blog.. ppl were telling mi that they cant access to the blog..they tot i haf closed down the blog.. Dunno wads wrong wit the stupid BLOGGER..maybe this indicates that i need to change a new blog le ba.. actually i do haf a personal blog.. but i wont use tat de..coz too many privacy issue le...

Short note:

The blog perhaps is feeling the same way as its owner ba..


With Love, 12:00 AM

Thursday, March 16, 2006'♥

Our First outing..

I was woken up by the chattering voices of ppl.. I woke up and took a look out of the window..its 3.30am then..

Saw two fire engine and a crowd of ppl standing downstairs.. Soon enough.. the police came to knock on our door asking everyone to go evacuate.. my house downstairs was on fire.. thick smoke can be seen at the corridor....my dad went down first.. while mi and mum change our sleeping gown.. but mama is super ridiculous..she even go comb her hair.. go toilet and pee.. by the time we went down.. we were the last.. and everyone from the block look at us as if we are like superstar.. tks mama..

There is this guy ah di who collect cardboard to sell as a form of living.. but he nv came for two days le.. coz he went on holiday (amazing rite.. i tink next time i shld be the one collecting instead) so the fire broke off either ppl throw cigareette butt or the wire too hot le.. resulting in such a big fire.. my whole block was black now.. until level 4 so u can roughly imagine it.. so we stood there like gonggong until the fire subsidies.. pengs..so ppl who smoke pls dont anyhow throw ur ciggie butt hor.. like dat can harm alot of ppl de lor.. xiang dang nian i smoke i make sure the flame went off de lor.. (pls be like mi be considerate ok hehe)

So there goes my beauty slp.. i fell asleep at 5am lucky i took off today coz of the sentosa trip today

Yeah i finally went SENTOSA wit no Dai sainess.. the weather was good man..we bought this package at 25.90..super wu hua lor...

The package includes..

Cable car two way return
The Merlion
Calsberg sky tower
Fort Siloso

Its free and easy lor... so on and off we went to the beach.. Images of singapore and so on... Sentosa realli changes alot and im realli enjoying myself today.. total took 203 photos.. power rite.. haha..

Well i tot i go Sentosa sure got privacy de.. coz wont so heng see familiar ppl.. BUT..who knows.. i saw victor who is my ex member from Gloria Jeans.. and he shouted "Auntie Shirley" damn it...tmd makes mi so malu..tks lei..manage to run away from him coz i was on the tram haha..tot nothing like this would happen when...

I alight from the tram i saw.. Kitty..wit her bf i tink.. omg.. at first i dunno de until she shouted "Eh Kerin" diaoz.. hahha so funni rite.. i didnt know on a weekdays like these so many ppl are so fun de they actually went SENTOSA coz i expected a lesser crowd..

Then we went to THE MERLION.. guess wad.. the ger at the gift shop asked mi.."Hi ur Singaporean rite..I tink i remember seeing u in ITE BISHAN..u from there rite?" GREAT.. my identity once again was exposed pengs..

BUT anyway its good to see frens in an island that u seldom went hahaha.. im super sleepy and tired le.. here goes some of the photos.. haven realli go edit them.. tmr then do ba..or maybe after im back from BINTAN ...yeah will be leaving on SAT to SUN.. hehe

Next week going to be busy week..got Jasmine's chalet.. got tickets from Sufen to go MEDIACORP watch Campus Superstar..omg ADRIANO i soooo sssoooo love u hahaha....

So here goes some of the pics...

First time taking CABLE CAR wor.. mai chio la..kns hehe..

BEACH!!!! a place to relax man.. i love the BEACHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My backview hehe..

GUess who is he??



Nice bridge outside MERLION

HEHE ok la laoniang super tired and sleepy super buay tong le..upload others photos another day.. pls be patient haha..

Short note:

I realli addicted to DA CHANG JIN le..any kinds souls wan lend mi vcd or sponsor.. pls sms mi hor..hehe

With Love, 9:27 PM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006'♥


Welcome to the song engine blog.. today i will onli post up songs...if u feel too bored reading then bye bye ba...

there are just some songs that u wont get tired of listening to it even after so many yrs.. the lyrics are just powerful...


His and Her STory..








Im having PMS pls i mean PLS dun come and ka jiao mi.. if nt i shoot u until u die.. im SERIOUS...

With Love, 11:34 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006'♥

Good to be HOME..

It's my first day back to tamp today..and im so happpy.. all my colleagues were so happy too..hehe finally i bought some LIFE back huh?? They showered mi wit all kinds of snacks... haiz hao bu rong yi lunch eat fruits now die le..anyway im so happy to be back there working wit them.. slack the whole day...

Around 4plus i receive a call from overeseas..in fact its HONGKONG.. and of coz its none other than SELYN YAP who is enjoying herself there.. i tot she will call mi and ask mi wad to buy for mi..BUT she told mi a shocking news.. Her brother called and told her tat she got into TP Business course.. tmd she so excited tat she called mi.. Great.. i was in office then.. cant do anyting just wait for time to come and open letter box..

Mr A called mi after receiving my msg.. and he realli helped to ease my uneasiness.. i tried to tao bi but he asked mi to face the truth.. well then.. i finally plucked up my courage and opened...

We are glad to inform u that ur application is successful...
Temasek Poly
Business/logistics/ markeing course...

I was thrilled.. tears pratically rolled down my cheeks.. three yrs.. three yrs of waiting and hardwork..i finally got in le.. im sooooooo happy.. tat i decided to go SENTOSA on thur...

I cant wait for the one day tour in sentosa..hehe.. all thanks to someone..and did i mention i might be going BINTAN over the weekends wit Lena and ber they all.. hopefully ba.. i just need to relax myself..hehe..

Short note:

Normally we go SALES rite.. they will put this sign..



Correct?? but today someone told mi tat U.P = UP instead of USUAL PRICE..

Hmm i tink the person veri clever lei.. u know who u are hor.. hehe..nvm i still love you...

With Love, 10:13 PM

Monday, March 13, 2006'♥

7 things that make me smile:
1. My Bu Bu Zai
2. Eating Ben and Jerry ice cream
3. Miting my beloved Dai Sai coussins..
4. Shopping
5. When i can go for a holiday
6. Spending time talking to my parents
7. Someone i love called mi on the phone

7 ways to win my heart:
1. Honest.. No lies
2. Humourous
3. Filal
4. Caring
5. Understanding
6. Love mi for who i am
7. Diamond ring..hahah

7 things I believe in:
1. God
2. Family love
3. Seek first to understand than to be understood
4. Love ppl for who they are
5. Love needs time to build up
6. Jealousy starts when u haf no confidence in urseslf
7. reflecting the wall

7 things I do everyday:
1. wake up...
2. brush teeth
3. eat..
4. surf net..
5. sms
6. tink of wad to wear
7. pray

7 people who should do this:
1. tupperware
2. Ah ber
3. Wendy
4. Ah jin
5. Lena
6. whoever larrr
7. whoever larr..

With Love, 9:33 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2006'♥

The Age group

When u are young u hope to grow up.. u hate ppl calling u xiao mei mei.. u wan to grow up to be successful, to have money.. to be able to go out and haf fun wit ur frens..u wan to wear that beautiful wedding gown going down the aisle wit ur frv guy from the class...BUT....

When u reached the age.. u realised growing up isnt tat fun at all...U miss ur primary sch teacher.. u miss ur primary sch playmates.. u miss the carefree life..everyday onli play, slp and a small portion for study.. u miss watching cartoons, u miss buying the bus stamp....not to mention the part abt wearing the wedding gown seems so far away from u...

Growing up is like drinking a cup of lime juice.. sour than sweet.. u began to haf problems.. u need to plan ur life.. u need to be decisive.. u need to manage ur money well.. everyone always said the same thing..."If onli we can go back to the past".. "If onli i didnt do that"....IF onli...u realised that u need to been tru all these problems then to find the sweetness of the growing u part...

U realised there are alot of things which u cant tolerate..u find them CHILDISH.. like watching young ah lians and ah bengs..shouting across in the coffeeshop.. watching ppl fight.. setting ringtones which is so loud on the phone.. all these look so BULLSHIT to u...But anyway u haf done all that when ur young isnt it?? Is it that they are childish or is it tat ur old?? well y am i talking abt all these??

Yst BC drove mi to Hj's grandma funeral after church.. ya wanna thank him for waiting for mi for one and a half hours.. no no no not my fault.. becoz church ended late.. So here we are in the car.. not onli we two la..after tat got ERIC, Kelvin they all.. i realised tat we can clique veri well..even though we seldom mit.. and we were laughing throughout the whole journey..

Reached the wake..and we were seated in one table.. then afterr awhile.. Amos, elisha, Jean they all came.. so i moved on to talked to them..then i realised.. i was practically SITTING DOWN THERE STONING... no topics to talk abt lei.. they talked abt their sch.. their jamming sessiong.. all those kiddy stuffs..then i slowly moved back to my own table...

BC laughed at mi.. "U see la.. so old liao still wan go sit wit youngsters, make u older there.. sit wit us ur youngest u dun wan..gei kiang la.." -__- I feel so sad lor seriously.. y am is old le..and i cant believe tat im 22 this yr..SO FAST LEI..my cg got alot of young kids i oso cant stand them.. wad is HAPEENING TO MI?? wo yao yun le.. where is tat young Shirley??

Orite la.. at least i got buttock who is ard the same age as mi..and we can clique super well.. one of them is DAI SAI HAN...yeah miting her for another round of shopping coz tat day veri bu shuang ma.. going suntec hmm sure veri crowded de..coz of IT FAIR.. but too bad we are not going coz we poor ppl lei.. hehe..

Hao ba..post up some pics for u all to see ba..

Laoniang new specs wor..

My one and onli BU BU ZAI.. she is so cute hor.. Gan ma miss u dear...

My baby weisi.. oops nt baby anymore she grow up le.. 4 1/2 years old le hor.. tats wad she said

Short note: I realli love kids.. pls dun tell mi kids are not cute if not ur head will roll....

With Love, 12:00 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006'♥

Silent Love.....

原来 by 林俊杰


Finally its Sat le.. a day i hoped for since i started working in Cr Ops. '_'||.. Summarise briefly ba...my job deals wit Creit card applications and oso Chq application.. so everyday i will haf tonnes of forms to check and sometimes tution fee and computer loan application..

Whatever it is.. im happy tat im going to be there until next mon..and im back to my home sweet home le.. i missed my colleauges there and my nice nice the table.. maybe its becoz when u change to a diff working place u will miss the previous one ba.. Onli two weeks and i heard that there are some changes there..Someone asked for a transfer and someone got promoted .. well whatever i just hope things will be better there ba...

I seldom got the time to sit down and chat wit my parents.. coz either i came home veri late if not i shut myself in my room wit my computer.. so today is one FINE DAY where the three of us sat down and ate lunch together..

Mama was complaining that her leg is painful...ask her go checkup she scare these and that.. maybe she is afraid of the medical bills ba.anyway Mama's fren called her and asked her to go ktv.. she is so happy..but daddy dun quite approved coz her leg has been aching the past few months.. and daddy said her singing sux hahahah.. ask her dont go and scare the ppl there.. walao how humourous can my daddy be.. mama of coz proved him wrong by singing a song..and both of them keep saying they sing better...until i haf to warn them that our window is nt veri strong might break anytime.. GUESS i got the humourous GENES from my daddy ba..haha..

THAT IS THEIR KIND OF LOVE... they always nv said out abt their feelings for each other.. although they cared.. maybe my daddy is ganster last time so must prove HIS TOUGH FRONT.. but when he see my mama leg pain he helped wit the housework..he keep helping her to rub medicated oil..and daddy is faithful since he got married.. tat is one thing im veri sure..we all knew tat in the past he got alot of women but ever since he got married he's been faithful..

Compare to our love life now... our love is so fragile..one day we loved the person so much, one day we broke off.. wads all these "I love u" and "I miss u" going around.. we heard these too often that we sometimes wonder is it for real?? ppl in the past treated I LOVE U veri seriously while ppl now... who oso can say...Wads with the promises and in the end it nv happen at all.. DUn go saying all these stuffs if u dun mean it.. coz its reali breaking the heart of the person be it a ger or its a guy...

So the next time when u say I LOVE YOU.. ask urself do u realli love the person or is it just making the person happy??

Short note: I saw the ad on STAR IDOL..tmd why is CHENGXI out.. stupid competition they voted out the best actor first is ALICIA and now CHENGXI.. i cant believe that LEO still can stay for so long..im fainting le seriously.. now onli KAO ADRIANO in campus superstar le.. he is so cute ..

KAOZ y am i talking like a fourteen yrs old so supportive of all these gong gong contest??

With Love, 12:49 PM

Thursday, March 09, 2006'♥

HMMM i OSO dunno Y..

I suppose to haf a mission today.. something i did today wil make another person smile..BUT i failed.. diaoz.. but dunno y..somehow my heart just feel bu shuang.. not in the sense not happy.. BUT DISAPPOINTED lei..

Is it becoz i yearn to see the smile on the person's face or is it its a favour? haiz..wadever it is i will continue to try my best de..hopefully mission can be accomplished..

Met my dear BUTTOCK (according to BULLSHIT's Language) so its nt my fault.. so i met BUTTOCK HAN for dinner and then shop shop around.. did nt made quite a big damage to my wallet coz there is simply nothing for mi to buy..except for my perfume. When we got some money.. nothing for us to buy.. when no money all the things are there to tempt u ..sianz..

Haiz im veri fan abt my work.. but slowly ba.. im trying to clique myself wit some of the colleagues.. i gif myself one more week.. if nt i will sure THROW LETTER de..

Hao le im tired le.. gonna go wash up and say goodbye to March 9

Short note: Today suppose to be my fren NELSON de birthday..but he passed away le.. anyway somehow every time at this date it will remind mi of him...



Heard this song from LEna's blog.. nice song..i tink i need it too..jian qiang ba ger

With Love, 10:57 PM

Wednesday, March 08, 2006'♥


Sorry for the earlier post.. tmd feeling damn shitty.. BUT.. i say BUT...

After chatting wit MR A just now.. i feel better le.. he nv fails to gif mi advice.. coz he oso WENT THROUGH all those problems before.. he is just like my heart doctor.. hahaha si beh er xing hor.. but then realli THANKS la.. srry tat i sometimes veri moody.. go and face the wall.. show u temper..thanks for being patient wit mi ok..

Anyway i saw this video clip.. and i cant help laughing man.. JIN im sure u would feel the same lor.. xiang dang nian, we realli recite all those poem with the same BLOODY TECHNO "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE" tmd i cant help laughing man.. even till now..

Last time we always recored the song and recite the poem for our pager greeting..and our pager will be fill wit BELLS and CHAINS..walao sibeh ORBIANG lor.. sharp combs.. long croakcoach fringe.. alot of earholes... are part and parcel of my growing up years.. wad is yours??

Although they are orbiang..but come to recall it back..its damn funni and i certainly missed those times lor.. becoz im happy being a CHAO AH LIAN..


With Love, 10:35 PM



im realli a dai sai queen..i admit lor.. MY WHOLE LIFE IS SO SHITTY..

PLS Stay away from mi from now on..

ONli Ms Han and tupperware is allowed..coz we are all DAI SAI!!! Trademark of SEE family.. dong ma?

super pissed of today..and im so pek chek.. i hate ULCER

With Love, 8:39 PM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006'♥

MY BKK Trip...

Bu hao yi si now then update.. super lazy and tired after coming back from BKK.. Words to describe the whole trip..

FUN, EXCITING, RELAXING, ENJOYING.. and most importanly.. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP..things there were so cheap.. we spent whole day shopping and shopping.. and if got chance end of the yr..hope to go there again wor..

Hao le dun waste time le.. let us go straight to the photos ba..


We boarded SK972 SCANDANAVIA AIRLINES.. hmmm nt bad wor.. at least better than budget airline lor...wanna thank MR A for sending mi off at the airport..hehe

See ba we are so mad taking pics in the plane..and becoz i soooooo long nv take plane le.. jasmine first time taking..so we both veri excited when the plane taking off.. machiam like FINAL DESTINATION 1 like dat hahah..

We reached Bangkok around 1plus in the morning..proceeded to check in at TWIN TOWERS HOTEL.. wah. nt as i expected.. i tot its more sleezy type..who knows its so grand.. yeah.. jasmine and i was so happy wit our rooomm that once we reached we str away jump onto our bed haha..

But we did not str away go say bye bye to the night.we ordered the ever famous TOM YUM SOUP at 2 in the morning.. haha mad ba... when the rest was like snoring away lol...


HAd our breakfast.. i surely will miss the scrambled eggs.. yummy.. then we proceeeded to PLANTINUIUM PLAZA.. a newly opened mall.. suppose to go shopping in a grp..but mi and jas tooo excited liao..so we went shopping the both of us.. bought quite alot of stuffs then we took a cab to MBK..The cab in BKK veri power de.. some got GT WINGS lei.. mai siao.. more cabs than private car lor.. hehe..we loved the pink cab so much..but nv got the chance to take it..

MBK to our surprise..quite boring lei..at first we tot can buy alot of stuffs..end up i onli bought a pair of super high heels.. (PS: the gers there all wear super high heels de so power rite).. we had our lunch which consisted of Shark's fin soup and BIRD NEST..real one hor.. there realli veri cheap lor.. love the bird nest so much wor...

U YES U MAI DRIP UR SALIVA HOR..dun tink i dunno hahaha

Well then our MS Jasmine went to mit her fren TERENCE who is from our church too.. he brought her shopping together wit a thai fren JOY.. hehe i wanted so much to go too BUTTTTT>> my feets are so aching pain lor..shit.. then went back hotel rest rest.. then MS LENA.. called mi asked mi want eat room service ma.. hmm nt a bad idea.. so mi and her and jeff we haf threesome in the room..OHHHH PAISEH iTS eating la.. wad u tinking lol.. shiok rite see the above pictures.. so grand hor the layout of the room service.. i feel like a princss lei

we went to PAT PONG the nite market.. oso famous for ahem..TIGER SHOW>. dunno wad is tiger show?? go and ask ur mama ba.. haha.. walao alot of ppl lei.. tmd.. then they keep pulling us.. yes i mean practically PULLING OUR ARMS grabbing us to go in lor..heng i nv bring camera..later kanna rob...now veri power lei..got MAN SHOW OSO.. tmd so tempted to go and see.. hahahaha.. in the end we oso sian coz the nite market things all the same..so we went back hotel.. and after much discussion ber mi and kenji go and do something veri relaxing.. TMD ask u dun always think so dirty liao lor..

WE go and MASSAGE... wohoo.. my first time lei.. tried the aromatherapy costs us 1000baht but its worth it la... super relaxing.. BUT i keep laughing coz we are suppose to strip naked..and some parts u know..veri de.. u know..itchy ahhahaha.. but then its veri shiok wor.. had a good nite slp that nite..


I tell u hor.. if u ever go CHATUCHAK.. u need these...


At first hor i tot ppl are exaggerating lor.. say veri hot.. but when i go there i kanna the power lor..its soooooo big there.. they say must take 2 days to finsih the whole market.. we walked for one whole day..keep buying and buying.. until i know how to say 1-10 in thai power ba..poor terrence jeff..all the guys..they realli lose alot of weight after this trip haha carrying heavy weight for five hours lei.. muscle big big liao..

If u asked mi why i nv mention eating .. its becoz we keep shopping that we had no time to eat..the onli thing we sure eat everyday is... PINEAPPLE.. walao the pineapple there super sweet lor..we bought that almost everyday power ba..

After CTC we went back hotel rest and my roomate sleep like a pig.. asked her wake up dunno one day must ask how many times de.. ppl knock door she dunno ppl call she dunno.. everyting is LAO NIANG Do de haiz..hahah then we went to eat at the roadside for dinnner.. nice tom yum again.. so off we go to the MEMORIAL ST nite market...its fun lor.. after tat we went back hotel and str away goooooo MASSAGE again.. yeah.. too shiok liao.. Ber and Me was sooooo ADDICTED to it.. this time we tried the foot massage and THAI MASSAGE... in case u didnt know.. THAI MASSAGE is those will makes ur bone.. CRACK CRACK CRACK de.. wooooooooowwww its so fun when everyone of us are massagging together in the same room...and the massager(haha bu hui spell la..mai laugh la) is so friendly and funni.. everytime she touch certain part then i curled up she will say YANG YANG is it hahahah.. tat day i realli enjoyed myself alot

Mi and Jas went out on our own the next morning..coz the rest went to THAI TEMPLE.. so we went back to our PLANTINUM PLAZA to get stuffs we tat day forgot to buy.. its like amazing race lor..we had to get back to the hotel by 1 1/2 hours time.. so we rushed like mad.. and we finally fulfill my wish le.. TAKE TUKTUK back to hotel...woohoo its so exciting sitting on the TUKTUK and the driver even helped us take photos..hhaah

Reached THAI AIRPORT and realised our plane is delayed..SUPER THANKS.. so we went to a cafe and had some coffee and food... UNCLE KENJI super boliao..u can see in the pic below.. use biscuit and form words lei..diaoz

Of coz even though we are going back le.. we still will take pics de..haha..Wanna thank all my frens for letting mi had an enjoyable trip to BKK ..and i realli get to know u guys more.. Esp JASMINE.. the PIG.. and Uncle Kenji ur powerful coffeeshop story.. tat makes us go ..WOW...hahaha lol hope next time got time go trip wit u all again..

I watched FD3 yst and i realised the whole show is damn sian lor.. nt like i expected de.. pratccally the whole show is like the female actor getting splashed by other ppl blood ahhhahaa..so funni.. but who cares abt the movie?? its the companion that is intersting rite?? hehe

Before i go and retire for the nite..laoniang show u all a video i take ba.. NO NO NO

NT my own sex video la.. kns.. hahah

With Love, 9:49 PM

Thursday, March 02, 2006'♥

Changi Airport...

Amazing ba tot Laoniang says she wont be blogging liao..haha currently now inside the airport waiting for the flight so mi and JAS came to this free internet acess area to surf net.. POWER BA haha..

Well anyway we are so excited rite now.. hehe

Actually the purpose to blog now is to show MR A.. tat i can still blog even im away wor.. mai xiao kan wo ok.. hehe thanks for sending mi off just now.. i wont forget wad happen today de.. hehe.

Orite gtg now everyone is looking at my entry now.. woohoo.. BON VOYAGE SHIRLEY...

With Love, 9:26 PM


Dear Blog...

Pls allow SEE XUE LI aka LAO NIANG to take a few days off from blogging.. Bo pian too sianz in SG le.. so im going to BKK for some time of vacation with a few of my dearest frens..im srry tat during this period i wont be able to blog.. but i promise TONNES of pictures from BKK.. their toilets, rubbish bin etc..

With effect from 2 Mar to 6 Mar 2006. Please take care ok all my dear frens.. will miss u de.. dun expect too much stuffs from mi coz laoniang already BROKE.. get it?? anyway dun anyhow call mi although i got AUTO ROAMING hahah..so if u get my calls means ur LUCKY ok str away chiong go buy 4D hor..

Meanwhile.. if u are realli damn sian..

Read my previous entry if ur a guy... if ur a ger.. read last yr April entries ba.. got all those lovey dovey love stories.. but remember dun read AUG de.. coz its sour sour de love stories..

Alrite.. Laoniang got to go le.. Bye bye SING KA POR.. Bye Bye my bei bei..and bye bye MR BULLSHIT... MR A... XH.. TUPPERWARE... CHELSIA... BC.. pai ming bu fen xian hou

With Love, 5:05 PM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006'♥


Some of my 'GUY' Frens asked mi a qn before. "How can i win over a ger's heart?

In order to help him and also help the guy community.. i decided to tell u guys How..

Actually its easy to win over a ger's heart.. the keyword to this is.. SINCERE...

Gers rely on their emotions while guys rely on their logical thinking.. maybe a simple keychain might look simple to u but when ur giving it to a ger.. nicely wrapped wit some lovey dovey words on the card.. i tell u SHE SURE MELTS..

WE gers dun ask for more.. maybe some bitches do..Majority of us, we dun need u to shower us wit gifts and presents every single day.. I onli ask u to be creative and sensitive.. maybe when she is having a bad day.. just write her a card.. or even send an email.. im sure the ger will be contented.. im sure she NEEDS it at that time..

We dun ask for much.. just honesty.. and its veri important to mi too.. isnt it sad to find out someone u loved alot lied to u?? wads more trying to cover up the lie with stupid excuses where our INTUITION can detect?

LOVE.. u dun need to tell us all the sweet nothings and yet disappear with another ger.. COZ sweet nothings and promises are BULLSHIT(im nt scolding u bullshit) yes just a pack of lies at the righte time ..wads all those "i wil love u forever..till death do us apart" ALLLLLLL RUBBISH!!!!! just LOVE us genuinely.. dun need to haf a fanciful life.. dun need to haf ABALONE for dinner everyday.. wad we want is U gong gong!!!!...

CONCLUSION: If u wants a ger to love u.. show some sincerity man..gers are soft-hearted creatures man.. Dun ever LIE.. and honest ok....

To Mr K:

U might not be reading my blog.. but i just wanna say im disappointed in u too.. times and times again.. although we dun quite agree wit u patching up wit L.. but we kept quiet hoping u wont commit the same mistakes.. but again.. ur broke a ger's heart.. someone who love u so wholeheartedly.. y are u so cruel?? seriously maybe one day u die(im nt cursing u ..i onli say maybe) u go view back things tat happen in ur life.. im sure when u saw how L treated u.. U sure damn regret de la.. no.. im nt siding her.. coz she's my fren.. but i understand how my frens feel..coz wad she's been tru i been tru before.. and i realli dun tink she deserve all these..

Moral of the story U SUCKS!!! whether u wil be wit her in the near future whether u will hate mi.. i DUN BLOODY CARE.. coz i realli hate guys who loves to cheat on gers.. they dun understand gers..and they are not WORTH our LOVE...




With Love, 10:12 PM

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