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Sunday, July 31, 2005'♥

A few hours more and its mon...argggghhh i got SERIOUS MONDAY BLUES>>>>>>>

It's been long since i stayed at home on Sunday, normally i would be out there busy serving customers.. felt so good at home today..slept until 12 pm watch abit of tv..then im off to my adventures wit HARRY POTTER.. wooo.. kept reading and reading.. even until now..

One of the benefits of a five day job.. is u got ur weekends to relac..for mi sat is surely not a day to relac..so sunday is my one and onli precious day now..hehe.. chatted wit dodo on the phone when he finished work just now.. so good of him to even ta pao for his brother who is at home.. nice brotherhood man.. hehe.. all the best to him for his interview tmr.. for his part time job..know tat he's been tryin veri hard to earn some fees for his driving lesson.. poor dear...

This week is going to be quite busy for mi.. tue booked by Jessie for dinner at Orchard.. fri wit chelsia to dye hair.. sat might be going out wit dodo.. sun is churhc's anniversary and festival of praise..woooohooo so now left wed and thur.. appt booking starts now... yippeeee...

With Love, 10:20 PM


Had a busy day today.. just reached home not long ago..ard 1plus ba..did not ask monster to wait for him tink he will be veri tired le..so asked him to slp first.. afterall he's working tmr morning...

Today service was great.. Rev Mike Connell from New Zealand came..and he prayed for deliverance for alot of ppl..the whole atmosphere was so tense.. screamings and shouts everywhere..ppl crying and ppl vomiting..for those of u who did not went for a deliverance service before u all shld go for one.. its an eyeopener..seeing how ppl are being set free from demons and spirits...the last time i went is four years ago.. still remember tat time i was so afraid when i first saw it.. but anyway thank GOD tat alot of ppl are set free... service ended late today.. and for i stayed back to serve Gloria Jeans.. Tze Hea was like my opposite keep bickering wit mi.. going to slap him soon.. actaully say wanted to treat us supper coz so late in the end alot of us dropped dead in the taxi hahahaha..

Wanna wished Jerry and xiao wei happy bd wor.. today is their bd..so i took some time off my ministry and celebrated for them... hope tat both of them enjoy this special day of theirs...Next week service will be at indoor stadium.. wooo sooo fast.. and its church anniversary..and ive been in church for five years liao..time realli pass by veri fast man.. and im so excited abt the festival of praise next week..hillsongs and delirious will be coming down wooo..who want to go indoor?? its open to all non believers and belivers..dun worry wont convert u guys de la..most importantly is to see hillsongs rite?? hehe hope tat cindy will go too..

I pray tat MON wont come sooooo soon...

With Love, 1:25 AM

Thursday, July 28, 2005'♥

yoo hooo time to update my blog le... well so far things have been ok la..

Went out wit my beloved DODO yst.. we went to KBOX and sang for onli 3 hrs..its not enough de..coz we both always fight for songs...hehe anyway the tidbits at CINE was veri good..coz got the types we liked alot..hehe..then after the ktv session we decided to have dinner instead of watching movies.. so we tink and tink in the end i suggested going to suntec to eat my fave steamboat buffet..

Its 38 buckz for two..i tink the price is quite reasonable..then we started to chiong for our fodd le..Mr dodo keep eating the chicken rice.. finally found a khaki liao..coz last time i went selyn always scold mi for eating tat..haha then the waiter told us tat they had given us a pot of laksa soup as a complimentary offer.. free de wor coz they are trying out the soup.. so in the end we had three pots of soup man..and the laksa one is super yummy wor... in between got someting funni happen..haha onli mi and dodo will know.,, i tink i have zi bi zheng..keep talking to prawns hahaha.. anyway we both were super full lor.. realli lor.. coz there is too much variety le.. loved the custard baked bread..it so yummy... then its home sweet home le.. started to miss dodo the moment i went on to the bus.. hope we can mit soon ba...

Today is my first day of work..but i went to Chai Chee branch for training.. coz there not enought ppl.. Suppose to report to Geok Poh.. but she is late..so i just sat down tere..the whole office is soooooooo biggggg..then when she came she briefly brief mi and Alicia is the one incharge of giving mi work.. did nothing much today..except sorting of mails.. receiving registered mails.. printing of bank receipts..data entry all these.. time passes realli veri veri fast..maybe its becoz its veri fast pace there ba.. but i like the environment there.. ppl there are fine.. no politics.. and guess wad i saw Selyn's classmate Darina there..she working wit mi somemore just beside mi hahaha..and oso saw Bennie my sec sch frens..she is diff dept..and heard from her SUet Lay is at the fifth level..wowo so conincidence.. anyway Geok Poh say if i would like i can stay here..and she sent the newcomer to Tampines de.. hmmm still tinking whether shld i stay..if go tamp i have to start all over again..know new ppl..somemore dunno got ppl i know de ma.. see how ba..

went tamp mall awhile after work..coz my colleague Yi Hung said she wanted to wrk part time so i intro her to wrk at FOX KIDS..hope she can get it ba,,,too bad Agnes is not there ..she got a meeting today.. will be popping by on sat to look for her..miss her so much wor.. orite my eyes are closing..one more day to weekend..wooo hoooo

With Love, 11:01 PM

Tuesday, July 26, 2005'♥

Its been long since i had the chance of rotting at home..the weather is super cold today.. and it makes mi wanted to cuddle in my bed even more...

Spent most of my time online today.. chatting in msn and surfing net.. aruging wit Jerry tat vouchers makes a better birthday gift than dinner..can u imagine we spent two hours talking abt all this crappy stuff?? haha.. its been long since we had a long chat..and he even compose a song for mi..so good sia..lolz..

And the worst u cant imagine is..i spent two hours in Harry Potter website..im so bored tat i went to play all the games there.. its a great website for fans like mi..and im so excited abt the movie in NOV..THE GOBLET OF FIRE..omg cant wait to watch it man..its a 2 1/2 hours show..tink it will be too short le ba.. hope tat the release day will fall on my bd..

Its onli been a day tat im not working..and im missing work oredi.. after all it have been every day of my life.. can u imagine ive been wrking 15 days non stop..gonna start my new job soon..and i realli hope tat i will be able to adapt to it...

Finally going out wit dodo tmr..its been way too long since i saw him.. ard 11 days ba..hehe.. i missed him..

With Love, 4:19 PM

Monday, July 25, 2005'♥

Extracted from the Bible... when u sow in tears u shall reap in joy.. for whatever u sow..it will surely be added back to you....

Blessings is coming upon mi... even though its small blessings..but im realli happy to receive it.. and when u bless others the feeling is so great..u feel happy man.. Bought two tube top for my baby weisi and her sister.. from KIDS..and they loved it so much my baby dun even bear to take it off.. looking at the joy on their face..makes mi realise its good to bless others..

Went to wk in the morning.. when i reached there..Agnes was already there.. she bought mi a packet of vegetarian bee hoon...so sweet rite.. im super touched man.. then in the afternoon...when Sandy came..she bought mi the gelato ice-cream when both of us have been aiming for days..lolz.. im so happy today... its nt the food tat they bless mi..its their sincerity...awwwww..the tot of leaving them is sooooooo sad.. helped Agnes did her preparation for her Leadership test today.. hehe i can be a trainer too wor..was so worried for her..coz she failed it previously.. Thank God she passed it today man..was feeling happy for her..tink its been stressful for her the past few days..coz she didnt even have time to read thru it lor.. luckily she went for her exams.. if not i will sure cry de when i left the shop today...

Ah zhen is going to labour soon in a week..yeah yeah and i had bought some baby clothing for my god daughter le..woooohooo...i can hug a baby soon wor..dun be jealous k..gonna mit her on wed to pass her the clothes ba..and i wanna thank DODO yst..for telling mi a LAME joke abt....well i shldnt mention.. anyway pls remember the golden rules k dodo...

Note to Selyn: Hey ger dun be discouraged..im sure u will find a good job soon.. meanwhile continue on i will continue to send u those jobs tat ppl emailed mi.. when im free i will go find u for lunch de..

With Love, 11:56 PM


Today is my last day of work le.. feeling abit sad.. im leaving there after two months of work.. during these period there are good and bad times.. but when i transferred to KIDS it have always been good times...becoz of a good supervisor i got tat is AGNES.. She always makes mi laugh.. even though her face might look fierce.. She even gave mi a watch yst.. i appreciate every little things she done.. she bought mi harsh brown in the morning..tinking i might be hungry when i nv take breakfast..when i saw a little boi eating fries so delicious..she went to buy for mi..so touched rite???

We are like a small family working there..yst is Sandy's bd...and i suggested buying her a slice of cake from Four Leaves...(paiseh we are all broke le) haha and we celebrated it for her.. If it were'nt for the irregular hours i would have stayed...but nvm everything will have to part in the end.. im happy tat ive gain valuable experience here...and i will surely missed them de... Selyn remember to jia you wor...

Talked abt yst ba.. the whole place is in a mess.... and my nose is flowing non-stop at first go work abit attitude.. coz its like so many octopus.. guess by now those who read my blog can imagine it le ba.. haha then its onli after agnes came then my mood better le.. so fast rite.. Sandy at first tot tat i quarrel wit dodo..diaoz.. i was so blur tat i actually forgot to pack a stuff tat customer purchase into her bag.. not once but twice.. duhz.. bu hao yi si lei.. coz the surrounding too much clothes le..dunnno which one they want which one they dun wan..ask them check then they oso keep talking not interested diaoz... wadever lor..

TzE Hwa came and looked for mi got motive de lor.. to buy his formal pants from G2000 and Agnes lent her the VIP card..so total got 45% wor..haha.. must thank mi wor..anyway he is from my church de... My Gloria Jean's manager can say so la.. haha he keep bickering wit mi de.. until i sat so fed up man..keep calling mi ah moi ah moi..same as Agnes de.. but it was fun la.. working wit him on Sat coz Fidelia is not there.. oh ya so sad we suspected she got dengue fever..must pray for her le..

All right all right.. today worked morning..i hope no extra duties last min.. coz i realli want to come home for dinner..i missed gran's cooked food.. so yummy.. i missed interacting wit my parents and oso my bubu weisi..oh ya i just bought her a tube from KIDS..hehe so happy wor...hope she can fit into it tonite...lolz shall take a pic of her wearing it...ssexxxxyyyy

With Love, 8:26 AM

Sunday, July 24, 2005'♥

It's tat season again...

I told myself not to be like them..but i cant..

Everyone got their problems.. but mostly sad sad de..from their stories i know one thing.. guys are not trustable.. one moment their wit u..another moment they are out there flirting without letting u knowing..wtf man...

With Love, 11:41 PM

Friday, July 22, 2005'♥

A new day a new start... a week just passed by.. been a busy week for mi..coz i was busy working..but anyway i took half day off yst.. realise i cant take it anymore.. im realli realli veri tired....

Didnt went anywhere but str home.. took some porridge and i slept all the way till 7pm.. then i watched tv all the way to 12 and read my Harry Potter till 1am.. tot of toking to monster..but too bad he is studying for his test today..so i decided not to disturb him...

Kept tossing and turning on the bed.. probably becoz of the coffee i took earlier.. i cant sleep.. i tot of a lot of things that happen in my life rite now..some good and some bad.. feeling kinda of stress... daddy and mummy might be going Bangkok next month.. wit my uncle.. they just dun wan to bring mi...so sad..anyway it was boring to shop wit them to.. unless one more person accompany.. anyone wants to go?? ard 300 plus...tot of asking cindy go..but tink she got studies so cant go..anyway i shall stuck at home wit my maggie mee ba...

I might be going back to Batam in a few week's time..i missed my cousin sooooo much.. and we are going to celebrate Mi jie's bd in Ktv..hopefully the same thing does not happen again.. and Cindy and her fren Jean was tinking of going Hong Kong at their term break.. i tink i might be joining them..wawa on Boh?? Let's save money together ba hehe..

There's cg today...its been a week since i saw them.. and i guessed Ban Chuan will sure talk to mi..abt tat incident last week..im prepared for it man.. anyway i tink its time to confess abt him...wish mi luck ba..

Its just a simple girl living in a simple world leading a simple life....

With Love, 8:55 AM

Thursday, July 21, 2005'♥







With Love, 9:08 AM


What will happen if Aquarius and Saggitarius meet?? tks Selyn for this idea...

When Sagittarius and Aquarius join together in a love match, Aquarian ideals and Sagittarian knowledge combine to make them a creative and unique couple. This partnership is uninhibited, and while it can get competitive with these two, there's never a dull moment! Underneath any romantic overtone, there exists a great friendship; their Signs are two apart and this tends to give them an ability to communicate well as well as an excellent rapport. Both are idealistic and excited about life, and together they enjoy great times. Together, the two can fly without fear of falling

Many Sagittarius-Aquarius relationships enjoy the feeling of mutual admiration. Sagittarius is attracted to Aquarius's individuality, vision and creative capacity. Aquarius admires Sagittarian excellence and initiative -- Sagittarius is always coming up new ideas, but they aren't always able to carry them out the way Aquarius can. Both Signs relish their independence, and there aren't many conflicts because each understands this about the other. At times, Sagittarius may seem too selfish for Aquarius, who in turn may be too out-there for their Sagittarian partner. As long as they communicate their happiness about the relationship, they will overcome any bumps in the road, major or minor.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign. Air fuels Fire and keeps it going much in the same way that Aquarius can inspire Sagittarius to make great leaps. Sagittarius can keep up with the Water Bearer's tendency to engage in experiments based on futuristic ideas. When they come together, they are an innovative, inventive team! Aquarius and Sagittarius use intellect and a sense of adventure to gain new experiences -- each fosters creativity in the other. Both Signs have a wide variety of interests, and Sagittarius's need to get in on the action gives them ease with which to put the plans of the idea-generating Aquarius into action.

What's the best aspect of the Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship? It's their ability to resolve difficult issues when they put their hearts in the matter. Mutable Fire and Fixed Air cover all the bases: These partners can stick with an idea once it's firmly implanted. Their formidable combination makes theirs a relationship of outward motion as well as inward depth.

How true all these is?? for mi and my dodo and the frens ard mi to judge ba.. veri happy tat the clothes i order online has arrived.. love it alot.. tks agnes for buying mi a packet of fries when i just said i feel like eating it a moment ago.. she is sooooo nice to mi.. nothing much to blog abt..coz my life reovlves ard tat little shop in tampines mall... i miss home cooked food veri much.. and i heard tat popo is cooking my fav yong tau foo soon.. yummy... been growing fatter and fatter..i need to put a stop to it man.before its out of control.. one more week to pay day!@!!!!@@!@!@!@!

With Love, 12:03 AM

Wednesday, July 20, 2005'♥

Im woken up by my auntie... sianz..early in the morning when im trying to catch my beauty's sleep she woke mi up just to read a letter diaoz.. her HDB letter.. no choice..and now i cant sleep anymore...

I bought a cake from Bengawan Solo yst.. treated everyone in Kids and oso Selyn..reason?? i oso dunno..maybe becoz im leaving there le ba.. yupz i have signed the secrecy form and i will start working at DBS on next Thur..hopefully it will be a better job ba..

Went to mit my cousin in the afternoon when she is having lunch..we went to the suntec porridge buffet... didnt know tat eating porridge and all those side dishes will be so full de.. anyway its nice and i would recommend everyone and its 10 buckz per person..and now i declared im broke..have to wait until next week for my pay liao..hehe..

Yst i did cashier for a few hours..and guess wad in the end shortage 10 dollars...dunno its mi anot..haiz..tink will have to pay ba.. sian not a good thing lor.. feel so demoralised.. anyway lucky agnes nv scold mi... poor selyn she oso shortage in her NETS.. its 57 dollars.. i understand how heart pain she is man.. ger lets jia you together and be more careful ba..dun help those ppl pay for their purchase k... anyway hope tat she and Nelson will be like last time so loving.. things have not been great for them.. i tink its becoz she is too tired le ba.. cheer up k...

My family will be having braised pig's leg today..lucky im working lor.. eeee i hate the smell... im gonna go work soon.. .just to escape man...going to read my harry potter le..jia you jia you...hehe

With Love, 10:28 AM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005'♥

Im super pissed off yst nite..dunno which idiot got my password..and go and delete off all my msn contacts.. super shocked..and whoever tat moron is...its super childish for tat person to do so.. i cursed u kanna bang by the car!!!! monster told mi he saw mi online...when i actually was working..damn asshole..so boliao de idiot...

Enough abt tat moron.. coz i wont get affected by tat asshole de.. anyway im going to quit my job le.. yst my agency called mi and gave mi a job offer.. working as an admin clerk in DBS TAMPINES... the pay is better and oso the working hours.. hope tat i can realli put wad i study into use.. its so difficult for mi to say tat im quitting to agnes.. maybe becoz now we are oredi lacking of manpower and oso im so closed to her now.. working wit her makes mi veri happy..and tat result in..i dun mind going back to work even its my off day...

But i finally told her..haiz.her face so sad..makes mi wanna cry man... but i haven confirm everything until later ba..coz im going down to the agency.. will missed wkin in FOX KIDS de..i tot of working part time too but dunno the working hours can match anot.. see how ba...

Guess wad all my statement of result is wit Selyn...actually suppose to go the agency at 11am// haha but in the end i postpone it.. she is working at 12 today..so maybe after work go wait for her ba.. Going to mit Mi Jie for lunch later at Suntec.. we are going for the porridge buffet wor... yippeee..then im going to shopp around at DOROTHY PERKINS and FOX ba..now got so much SALES man.. after tat going to the agency which is at Tanjiong Pagar.. haha heard from wawa tat Coffee Bean dunno until wad time is half price.. so i might go and have some..going to buy my chocolate gateau from Bengawan Solo later for my family tonite..hehe my saliva is dripping man...and there goes my off day....hope tat everything will turned out fine...

And oh Yes..all the best to monster's common test this week..hope he will score well and make the DODO"s family proud ...hehe..love ya

With Love, 10:11 AM

Sunday, July 17, 2005'♥

WOOOOO.. Im super tired now.. first time left the shop without finished folding all the clothes u can imagine how much it is.. practically the whole shop is in a MESS!!!!.. reason?? becoz there are too much OCTOPUS.. haiz.. the aunties searched through the whole shop..just for four pieces so as to be able to get 50% discount.. haiz..

Im so angry wit ma ma in the morning.. she promised mi to buy my breakfast for mi.. i waited and waited until im going downstairs to work le.. then she came to mi...im so pissed off lor.. resulted i ate my lunch at 5... then she like so sad oso.. i nv talked to her and walked away..even when my auntie called mi i oso heck care her.. so attitude rite.. i cried in the bus.. dunno why..tink im too stress le ba,,these few days..didnt have enough slp too.. i looked at my mum when she walked away from the bus stop..how old she have became.. my heart suddenly felt so bad.. felt like alighting from the bus and hugged her tell her im sorry..but its ok now..just now when i came home..she woke up and apologised to mi..and of coz i apologised to her too... anyway my popo is here back in my house..which means more GOOD STUFF to eat le.. going to asked her to cooked YONG TAU FOO...hehe..

Uncle Sam talked to mi.. at first tot it was supposed to be veri long.. anyway everything is fine now.. hope nothing bad will happen again ba.. haiz some ppl when they are guilty..their face shows everything...

Guess wad?? It's my turn for forgetting to bring my wallet today.. trust mi to laugh at Xiao han tat day..been so forgetful recently..first it was hp and now wallet..maybe next time is mi myself..haha Laugh BA..its so LAME rite..lolz.. borrowed money from selyn and agnes.. hehe.. ate pasar malam stuff.. loved the siew mai alot man.. and oso my candy floss.. i was so happy when i finally bought it..been eyeing for tat for days man.. the next target is the cake from BENGAWAN SOLO..the chocolate gateau..woooooo..im going to buy it..and treat my popo too.. as if..how i wish i can eat the whole cake man..oopz..secrets out..haha..

k la..going to have another long day tmr..anyone wants to work at FOX KIDS TAMP?? part time position.. pls tell mi wor..

With Love, 11:59 PM


So fast and its the end of a week oredi.. had a busy week.. and oso a stressful one..

Work, relationship, church is giving mi a hard time.. its like all of them are fighting for mi..but i onli can choose one of them.. finally i made the decision.. tks to CINDY being my listening ears..i appreciate it man...tupperware ah sao hehe

I just got back from the banquet cum concert wit monster.. not tat bad..its a seven course dinner..the food was ok except for the stupid fish..where both of us got a hard time cutting the gong gong fish.. there's ah du, zhou chuan xiong and alex toh.. but the managment is veri gong gong..they served finish the dinner then started all the singing.. dioaz.. alot of ppl went off lor.. anyway monster and mi stayed thru.. haha..got some happy moments there i shall not mention lolz..

Im realli veri tired..i hope tat i will have an off day staying at home..eating all the junk food..cakes..ice cream..durian.. and be a couch potato for just one day... and relax.. haha... hope it wont come..if not i will surely regret it man..lolz..

o well im talking rubbish for now.. eyes closing le.. take care everyone.. and tink tmr my shop will be filled wit kids and parents ba.. sales is super good these few days wor.. and im so busy tat i didnt even have time for toilet man.. sad..

With Love, 12:09 AM

Friday, July 15, 2005'♥


Hehe finally managed to mit my dearest cousins yst nite.. but im abit sorry tat im late la..hehe mainly coz my course finished late and i forgot to bring my hp out lo..so in the end went home to get it..hehe..bu hao yi si wor..then who knows i took the Express Bus 512 but its not express at all..coz got jam at PIE..hehe..

Reached NYDC ard 8pm..haiz so late.. then we proceed to order from the menu..we were all so hungry lor..so in then end decided to order the potato salad..woo so shiok man...Of coz not to mention we took alot of pics lor..hehe.. then we ended our dinner wit an OREO MUDPIE..yummy..its oredi 9plus le..initially wanted to go MOMO but then they say they have no bus later to go home..coz today wawa still need to work..tooobad le.. then we went PARAGON actually wantedd to bring them to the 5 LEVEL KIDS PARADISE..but its closed le.. everyone feels like going to a place to listen to music.. so we decided to go MU..oopz.. coz last time its LADIES NITE ON THUR>.we reached there liao..but no ppl..and no one have the courage to go and asked...haiz..we were LAME la.. so we just took pics inside the shopping mall lor..shall upload it when wawa sent me...

Accompanied them to wait for their bus..while i took MRT to ORchard and waited for SELYN to finish work..coz she was relieving in WISMA OUTLET yst for one day.. waited for her half an hour wor.. then we took train back to tampines..along the way chatted alot..of coz we were constantly on the lookout for spies hahah...no la.. im mad

Reached home and i went to open up ma letterbox...received my statement of results...and my keyboarding certificate..and a reply slip to attend to the grad ceremony held on AUG 16 tot it would be at the SIMEI ITE..kns its at ITE TAMPINES LOR>>Aisha they all keep asking mi to go.. so i reply yes..but in the end going anot still dunno lor.. im so tired these few days..not enough slp.. seems tat there isnt enough time for mi to do my stuff...they are:

# to read my harry potter book..i still left abit..coz the new series is coming out tmr..yipeee...

# to finish my puzzle..im onli finish the PIGLET PART...

# to go trim my eyebrow...

# to go shoppping..so long liao i nv go and shop lor..when will i have the chance man..hehe...

Supposingly to go monster's house accompanied him study de..but i woke up late le.. srry wor.. now i still feel sleepy lor..hais..going later for the service..coz tmr not going ma.. sianz.. go alone..lonely man..soemmore until 10 plus then finish...duh.//

With Love, 2:57 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005'♥

Some ppl are just too free... they like to browse ppl's blog and comment on ppl saying they are tooo free to write abt ppl..dunno who in the first place is the one who is DAMN FREE..

Come on..this is my blog i liked to blog what i tink and felt.. somemore i nv show their pics online rite.. go and do a search in yahoo..how many ppl blogged abt bad things tat happen in their workplace..OH MAN, PLS GET A LIFE!!!!!... nothing to do rite.. go and bathe ur DOGS LA>>

They do not know i install SITE TRAFFIC..which is able to track down who are the ones who logged in to my blog.. DUN think onli u ALL GOT SPIES i oso got de lor...muahhahaa..oh well..until u know who am i referring too..then come down and warned mi k..

GTG.. dun wanna waste time blogging on simple minded..childish behaviour ppl..and worst of all.. SUPER BO LIAO ppl...

With Love, 7:15 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005'♥

will be changing my blog add soon due to SPIES haiz.. no freedom of speech man.. wad to do..

Will be miting cindy and wawa tmr evening for dinner..and im so bloody excited..its been long since we met up..so confirm will have loads of pics...cheers to COUSINSHIP... we might be busy but lets update each other with wad is happening ard us ba..

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. BEN BEN our little cousin.. cindy's bro is ATTACHED.. i was so bloody shocked when i heard it.. kids nowadays..haha we are all so surprised and now watching over him..dun wan him to repeat our footstep..so now how i felt when my mum keep nagging at mi in the past le.. JIANG HAI SHI LAO DE LA..wooohoo..

Mi and Monster is ok liao.. srry to frighten some of you when u called mi up yst nite.. i will continue to love him..

Going to do my puzzle le.. and tmr still got second part of the course..hopefully i can score better..today score 90 marks nia... but as long as higher than THE """""" side ppl im happy liao..

Must be careful wit everything i typed..coz SPIES are everywhere.. who knows they might hacked my password:??

With Love, 11:13 PM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005'♥

I tried to sleep but i can't... it's going to be a long nite for mi..looking thru the photos.. tears is streaming down uncontrobally from my eyes..

Y things turn out like dat??? Y i always do things without tinking?? Not onli him.. i felt disappointed wit myself too...

I finally know wad it means by..xing tong.. suddenly the path is so unclear..a certain decision can result in different reactions..

With Love, 11:50 PM


OuR ThREE mONths aNNiverSaRY TOday.. I tink monster might have forgotten abt it.. cause he has poor memory while i have a good memory.... God is interesting He put ppl of different character together..

I dun understand y.. its so happen tat..every month when its on our anniverssary we sure wont get to mit each other de.. and sure something will happen.. tat made mi cried.. its too conincidence le ba..

I saw his msn nick.. and i was like feeling veri bad.. i began to wonder..am i too demanding le?? do i realli know what i want?? things often happen for a reason..but i dun seemed to find the reason..

Not a great day for mi... firstly.. i was working with a gossiper.. since morning till night im stuck wit her... i was super sleepy.. and felt giddy the whole day.. but wanna tk her for buying mi a coffee later in the night.. i felt better after tat...

Dexun came and look for mi during lunch.. today he took mc.. and he went to donate his palsma before he came.. he didnt even told mi.. and was standing rite outside my shop.. he smsed mi..but i cant see him..so i continue reading my notes for tmr course.. it was onli after awhile then i noticed him.. the nurse poked wrongly his veins i tink and his arm are bandaged.. haha.. then we went food court for lunch.. since it was still early so we went to the nearby pasar malam to walk walk.. saw alot of puzzles wit nice pictures and it was 3 for $5.00..so qiao saw the ger from G2000 so we shared it and i bought two of it.. hope tat i can finish it soon.. when i was looking thru the puzzles.. i suddenly missed monster.. coz tat time we oso went and looked at puzzle.. too much memories le..

Going for the course for two days.. hope tat i will not failed ba.. Aud asked mi to go ZOUK tmr nite.. im still considering..

With Love, 11:05 PM

Monday, July 11, 2005'♥

Another day just come and pass by so fast.. im working afternoon shift today..sales was not tat bad.. and the time realli passed by veri fast.. Agnes briefed and teached mi for the course on wed and thur.. she is like my tutor hehe.. must realli thank her alot.coz since i started working at KIDS..she taught mi alot of things like cashier..transfering..and alot of thigns..not like last time when i just fold clothes and still fold clothes onli....Anyway i did the sales analysis report today..and gave feedback and suggestoins of the shop back to Uncle S**..tink he sure wont accept de lor..

There is a NTUC FOOD FAIR in tam mall.. passed by and saw tat there is a booth specially for the MEIJI BIRTHDAY BEAR.. its a box inside contain a bear which bears the same birthday as u.. I bought one for monster tat day le.. haiz..but too bad always cant find mine.. and guess wad?? TODAY I FOUND mine le.. without searching high and low..an auntie was picking it up and put it down...and i saw the date 11/29 woooooo..sooooo happy lor..its been so long since i trying to find one with my bd...

For those who know wad im talking and abt and wanted it..pls come to tam mall and there is realli alot lor...so many ppl searchin high and low for their birthday bear...hehe Since tmr is Rahima's birthday..i decided to buy one for her..and oso for AGNES...her bd so power de..09/09 hehe.. and they were so surprised.. today is a great day..coz i dun even need to search and their bd is rite in front of mi.. nice working wit rahima and agnes..sad tat Agnes is going to transfer to BISHAN next month le.. by the way FOX is going to have an END SEASON SALES le.. starting from this FRIDAY..so those who want to shop pls remember to come early in case ur size being snatched away by others le.. and im going to work full shift for many days le..no choice shortage of manpower...hehe..

I wonder how is cindy and yibin le?? been quite worried abt them.. tink they have some problems..and i hope they will solved it soon.. bullshit oso broke up wit his gf yst... haiz..wad happen to everyone??

Its the starting of monster's study week le.. i realli hope he will study and do well for his test...i pray for understanding to come upon him and tat he will not be tired... tmr working full shift le.. and Agnes is off..sianz..

With Love, 11:17 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2005'♥

Decided to gif my blog a password coz there is too many xiao ren in my shop le.. didnt even know they are so clever enough to read my blog..of coz i was super pissed off wit it..wtf is this man..cant i even write out my own feelings??

Everyone was like smsing and msning mi whether i want to go for the graduation ceremony...well the answer is JOLLY WELL NO!!!! for wad..its not as if its veri glorious..and worst of all..we share wit all of the ITE i tink..most importantly..i dun tink i can get any off day...

My off day is schedule on Friday..zzz..

With Love, 10:31 PM

Saturday, July 09, 2005'♥

Finally after one whole week of continuing working...tmr is my off Day le!!!..hehe but still i will go church.. after tat shld be miting my dodo ba..miss him sooooooo much..coz we oredi one week plus nv mit le.. nowadays we onli mit once a week.. NOT ENOUGH...i wan to see dodo everyday!! oopz paiseh let mi complain abit la.. realli miss him alot..

Well today Agnes my mama got mc so she nv came to work.. in the end citi have to come and relief mi when im having lunch.. she complain to mi abt witch.. oh..how long did i not mention this human liao.. anyway citi was veri not HAPPY with the WITCH..and she said she is going to resign later.. but in the end got a not i oso dunno..haiz if she resign more worse liao..super NOT ENOUGH ppl..whatever it is ..pls dun TRANSFER mi back can liao.. KIDS Is so peaceful...

Went for cg after work.. i was so sleepy tat i dun care abt my image and sleep like a PIG in the train.. we went to tiong bahru market and eat stingray..wooo soooo shiok..yes no pain no gain..so now sure GAIN WEIGHT de..haiz..

going to do my manicure tmr.. this time dunno paint wad colour liao..and im realli realli veri sleepy.. gtg le...

With Love, 12:01 AM

Thursday, July 07, 2005'♥

Yesh so fast and its Friday le.. been waiting for this day for so long.. coz sat is my off day yeah.. getting more used to working at KIDS le.. and AGNES is like my BIG MAMA.. today i work wit her and RAHIMA.. yesh so fun.. our main motive everyday is to hit the target $1000 bucks..and closing was like just use the magic clean and wipe mirror onli...heeeee..

Fitri, Aazard and a guy i forgot his name..came and look for mi after knwing i worked there...when they saw selyn at adults...they asked mi to join them at Coffee Bean after work..but in the end i nv went coz lazy to walk all the way there..Went to adult to wait for Selyn..just nice Uncle Brent treat them nuggets..so i had the share too..hehe

Monster is having some financial difficulties..and im realli helpless abt it..coz i cant help.. haiz..wad a shi bai gf...hope tat he will be able to get it through this difficulty.. tats his dream..and i dun wan his dream to be tarnished..but no matter wad decision he made i will always support him de..i love ya..

With Love, 11:40 PM

Wednesday, July 06, 2005'♥

Finally endure tru the FULL SHIFT in FOXKIDS le.. haha actually nothing happen lo.. working there is certainly more PEACEFUL than in ADULTS.. sales was not tat good.. $1500 plus hehe.. today hor got one ang moh baby is so cute wor..eyes big big de.. feel like pinching her cheeks.. she was holding my hands and dun wanna let go lor..hahaha..

Well i shall update abt de chalet yst.. David went to fetch Lena first coz she lived at HOUGANG..well throughout the whole thing i was like a Lampost btw them...lolz.. then he came and pick mi up..ppl got car liao ma..lolz.. we decided to go tam mall to get the present for Jennifer..after much consideration Lena and I decided to go MISHA to buy her facial products..end up is we two shop for our own cosmetic products..hahah Got free gifts from the sales ger..coz we bought a lot of things wor..Its onli 10 plus then we reach the chalet wor..so late hehe..we were lost due to Mr David no sense of direction haha..

Was greeted by Jennifer when we reached there..she looked so sweet and i love her eyelashes so nice man.. wished her happy bd..and guess wad we saw "Marcus" over there.. diaoz a secret btw mi and Lena.. hahaha it was so funni..lucky he dun recognise mi..if not die liao.. then we asked Jennifer's to let us see her brother Collin..often chat wit him in msn de..he was veri funni one..at first shy shy in the end talk alot..he got a fren i forgot who lor.. talk alot one la..but veri humourous.. the whole place was packed wit so many ppl..then Collin bring a glass of red wine and passed to mi..then i was like..duhz..for wad..."Drink la..then.." so i drank one glass nia.(realli hor monster i nv drink alot hehe) then he passed mi another cocktaill..with a suspicious look..and i drank without knowing he mixed it wit Vodka Orange..so on and off he passed mi alcoholic drink tinking i dunno hahaha..

The buffet was nice.. and we all sat down and chat.. not long after David's fren came..the whole place was like got connection one lor..suddenly u wil see someone u know there.. I saw Winnie there.. she was Wang's fren last time went out wit her one time before.. ahha i was like y she keep looking at mi de..then she told mi tat she knew mi..lolz wad a small world.. we chatted and chatted then Collin start to bbq again..so mi and Lena helped out oso.. hanging out wit them makes mi feel that im old lor.. ahhaha die liao.. wanted to go home early..but Mr David wanted to wait for his fren..so mi and Lena went to the chalet and took pictures.. time passed veri fast..and its 12.40...nagged at Uncle David..finally he tired liao and say wanted to go home oso..luckily managed to sneak home without letting Collin knew abt it.. he said i die die cant go home de yst.. haha...I liked the kid tat Jennifer's is babysitting, he is so cute..the way he ans was like so clever..below was a diagloue:

Me: Boi boi u call mi i gif u sweet ok??

Boi Boi: dun lie lor.. AuNTIE

Me: I gif u chocolate if u call mi Jie Jie..ok deal??

Boi Boi: Dun wan lor Auntie.. Chocolate eat oredi will have constipation...

I was like diaoz.. y he so cute de hahah..

These past few days i keep having ppl coming up to mi..say " hey ur shirley rite..u still rem mi?" diaoz.. first it was my ex pri sch classmates from Zhangde..Jing min, Ru Hui and another dunno wad name.. i was so happy to see them lor..for the whole 11 years i nv see them liao..missed the times im wit them.. then when i went guardian today..got one malay ger say she know mi too..she was from Qiaonan...duhz.. then another guy on the street tells mi tat.. duhz.. didnt know i know so much ppl lei..haha so must yaya abit..

Anyway who got admin job lobang ma?? must intro mi..got one HR assistant position calling mi.. i hope i can get the job wor...Anyway i accompanied hui min today for lunch.. tink its the last time le ba..coz she is leaving on Sun..haiz.. its all tat witch fault.. guess wad im transferred to KIDS permanently.. for better or for the worst?? we shall find out soon le...

With Love, 11:06 PM


My dodo just called mi..he had a sore throat due to eating too much BROWNIES!!!! and now guess wad when he was talking to mi... HE WAS STILL EATING ONE!!! Oh man.. dear mr monster pls stop urself for going to the bakery of NP...STOP!!! hahaha must try tat one day..is it tat nice?? lolz..

Well I enjoy myself at Jennifer's chalet.. with David and Lena.. shall update on the details tonite.. currently fighting the SLEEPY MONSTER.. coz i onli have five hours of slp hehe.. and the great thing is IM WORKING FULL SHIFT TODAY!!! oh how great and wonderful it is.. orite..got to get going.. see ya guys tonite..

PS: Lena upload the pics lei.. then i can steal from there hahahaha..

With Love, 9:23 AM

Tuesday, July 05, 2005'♥

Been a few days since ive blogged...or maybe i should say i got blogged but blogged rubbish??

Ive been transfer to Fox KIDS liao..tink its kinda of permanent..the onli bad thing abt it is that i need to wrk until 7pm for morning shift and one full shift every week..hai..dunno whether i can take it ma..shld give it a try..dun intend to wrk this job any longer..so maybe after the second job im quitting.. alot of ppl is quitting..huimin, wayne and the newcomer Jo.. Brent is looking out for jobs too.. so far onli our SELYN can endure..hehe..Agnes is my supervisor now..she is at least 1000 TIMES better than the witch..The working environment allows mi to see alot of kids..and they are so cute..feel veri happy when they look great in wearing the clothes i recommend to them..anyway next week i will be going for the cust svc course..so lonely..go alone lei..suppose to go wit hui min but..haiz..

Got my pay le..and i went for shopping therapy wit Selyn yst..bought her her bd present..a top from FOX KIDS (yes u didnt see wrongly...ppl is slim ma...haha) and a brienstock wit sequins..we both have the same one..hehe then i went to do french manicure, bought a top from MANGO..finally manage to find one top in a middle of the mess..bought a hair curler from WATSON..$8.90 nia..haha then i can perm my hair anytime i want.. a cap from FOX...haha i will wear cap one hor.. feel so good to go shopping.. it can realli release stress lor.. but when u go and look at ur bank acc..haiz...lolz..start from scratch again...haha..

Tonite shld be going Jennifer's chalet wit David and Lena ba..David is coming to fetch us..woooo..first time sit his car after he bought it.. last time is sit lorry lor..muahaha..hope i will not be too tired to go...and most importantly hope i can enjoy myself..lolz...

With Love, 8:47 AM

Sunday, July 03, 2005'♥

The happy days were gone... tired..sick..confused..bewildered...

With Love, 8:41 PM

Saturday, July 02, 2005'♥

Mama this morning bought mi two char siew pau for my breakfast..was so happy..when i opened it... guess wad??

It's infested with ants.. damn it.. ANTS are so IRRITATING...they not onli infest my pau.. they oso infest my Fox's crystal clear fruit candy (full name of the sweet coz its infront of mi) and oso my Kungfu Hustle Lollipop..all are my precious...Stupid ants..cant they go find food which they can carry?? stop aiming impossible food...

From now on i conclude i HATE ANTS..and the war between SHIRLEY SEE THE GREAT with THE ANTS has begun... BYGONE is on the way.. argggggghhhh wad a day to start with....

With Love, 9:02 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005'♥

Back finally after a long day.. work morning shift at FOX kids today.. super sian lor..although nothing much to do..but i was bored to death..open all the stock tat is needed for replenishing..did everything and its not even two in the afternoon.. keep tinking wad is selyn they all doing at FOX ADULT..and i realise I MISS them.. haiz.. i shall not complain so much abt my FOX ADULT le.. hehe..

Got a few kids that is cute today came to our shop...and i helped to clinch most of the deals lor.. hehe even Sandy say i can work as Insurance Agent..bu hao yi si la... anyway the sales is not veri good there.. finally got my pay..haiz first month is always veri little..but ok la.. in the end its up to wad i expected.. i shall start SAVING le.. no more spending so much..coz i know the feeling of being BROKE...so dun ask mi for treats hor.. haha all my creditors are coming to find mi liao..

Went for cg today.. and Ban Chuan told us abt his era de cartoon MIGHTY MOUSE?? wad is it man..nv heard before.. he make us laugh until pengs lor.. Auntie Katherine cooked Spagetthi for us.. and we celebrated Mabel's bd.. all eat until full full liao..in the end im the cinderella lor..cleaned up all the dishes but ok la.. then Ban Chuan send mi and Chelsia to the MRT..on the way he tried to imitate the stunt from INITIAL D.. but he FAILED TOTALLY hahhaha.. ppl EVO 7 lor.. he onli Mistubishi Lancer..hahah.. buay tahan.. he is a nice leader who is always LAME..gonna write him a letter later to confess abt something.. God gave mi strength and courage pls...

Tmr gonna serve in Gloria Jeans.. after work got one hr of free time before going to take the bus to church..so im gonna shop shop ard.. hopefully my money can be used liao.. Sunday feel like going shopping..who is free??? its been long since i went shopping le.. somemore must do it before building fund lor.. lol...

With Love, 11:50 PM


After two months of struggling.. i decided to be accountable and tell him... hope everything will be alright....

Today i will be working at FOX KIDS.. hope it will be fun..coz its small and will get to mit kids most importantly...hehe i love kids.. they r so cute..finally dun need to face witch's face the whole day..lol...

With Love, 8:27 AM


woo..nice to have a hot bath man..lolz.. Just came back home.. supposed to be back home earlier..but coz of SOME CIRCUMSTANCES.. haha i waited for our dear Selyn to finish her closing.. tmr there will be VIP visiting our shop so they need to make the shop look neater..haiz..no use de lar..once the auntie gang came..there goes their effort haha.. went back to shop so as to ask my dear Selyn to help mi scan my neo print card i took wit dar just now.. hehe love it alot.. got motive lor..lol...no la i miss her la hehe...helped abit wit the closing.. and then we went home together wit BRENT..anyway its PAY DAY tmr!!!!...its the day ive been waiting for....yeah..tks BRENT for helping mi to bank in the money tmr.. actually also a few ppl he helping hehe..

Today is my off day.. so as usual went out wit monster.. one week onli one time lor..so its veri precious de..hehe.. bought for him TWO T-shirt from FOX..and i hope he like it..size just nice ba..hehe.. met him at Clementi..supponsingly at 3.30..but i forgot and tot its 3.00pm..haha first time i so early lei..tink i missed monster too much liao..so BLUR man..then we took the train to ORCHARD..first stop: SOMERSET.. went to find ah zhen..mainly to see her stomach..but she was not there.. called her and she's in the toilet.. haha waited for awhile.. then chatted wit her lor..at first i see her i was abit shocked..she was so fat rite now.. her nose is so swollen tat i almost cant recognise her.. haiz.. but nvm one more month and the baby will be out le.. hehe.. she now not living wit ah zhu they all liao..coz she quarrel wit the stupid ah leng.. then they moved to Raymond's grandma house.. duhz..can imagine..6 ppl squeeze one room?? somemore my dear ah Zhen who is pregnant have to sleep on the floor?? heard liao i was so angry lor..cant raymond's brother gave up his stupid bed.. tats so idiotic.. she got such a big stomach yet they treated her like tat.. hope next month the person renting the room go liao..they will have a room for themselves..and tat stupid raymond see his wife so xin ku..no feelings wan ah??? stupid lor..

After visiting zhen we went to Cineleisure to take neoprint card...woo veri nice wor.. will upload it sometime later..when tat someone did her job haha.. after tat we went LIDO to buy tix for INITIAL D.. the show nt bad..veri funni lor.. love jay chou man..so cute de.. tink there is gonna be part two lor..the ending so arrupt.. and for those who watched it le..got see the word "MONSTER" on the EVO 7?? haha my monster is the spokesman for tat car...lolz..im dreaming lolz.. Everywhere is like having sales..so tempting lor..saw a nice bag at Ripcurl..tink i wan to get it man.. Mango is the best lor..the whole place was so packed and so messy..poor salesger working there..i can understand their pain..haha.. Went Topshop to get the $20 voucher for Mabel's bd tmr.. it has a nice and cute envelope... and after tat its DINNER TIME!!!..

Went to Seoul Garden for dinner..supposingly to treat dear..but due to the voucher i got no enough money haha so in the end he had to fork out some of it..hehe..bu hao yi si.. ate until so full..even up till now im still so bloated..dunno y oso..didnt eat alot ma.. haha maybe becoz of the medicine.. poor dar keep getting tricked by mi..and his bowl always full full de.. and he oso eat until become so gong gong..stoned down there dunnno for how long hahaha.. cherish the time tat im wit him..even if its onli for a few hours.. coz we one week onli mit each other once.. provided i off on a good day lor..haha

Witch msged everyone thank u..coz our store hit the sales target and we got commission wor..yippeee... die liao.now wan her transfer oso more difficult liao...anyway i was quite pissed off wit a guy just now.. he msged mi in msn..this is wad he msged mi...

Him: Eh y u friendster ur status put as married??

Me: Does it matter to u what status i put??

Him: No la, i was tinking u just grad from ITE then now married liao.unless something happen lor...

Me: (with a super pissed off attitude)..Ive been putting tat status dunno for how many donkey years liao.. pls be more observant lor.. and it doesn't matter to u rite..even if im married??

Him: Oic..u put tat so as to scare away all the buayas??

Me: YESH... be it or not.. its none of ur business...srry i gtg enjoy browsing thur other ppl friendster account ba...(blocked him str away)

I hate guys who are so SUPER KAYPO one lor.. everything oso want to ask..its so wimpy.. its not as if im veri shou to him lor.. he is onli someone i know from a forum..always came to talk to mi on msn.. at the wrong time..and most importantly ASK SO MANY IRRELEVANT QNS.. arggghhhhh

chatted wit dear for awhile.. he is super power lor.. still can go slp when feeling so bloated... and he shitted out all the stuff liao..im still here struggling.. arggghhhh i need a cup of LIME JUICE.. burpz..missing dar oredi.. keep browsing my hp at the pictures we took just now... another few days before i can see him again..

With Love, 12:01 AM

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