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Thursday, January 31, 2008'♥

Electronic 签

Instead of blogging about the Gillian and Edison's scandal which most blogger are blogging about.... I got something to share...:)

I got to know this
electronic 签 from Dasmond Koh's blog
(click on the link to know about it)

I chose No 38

Very Chim lei....but managed to find the prediction for that

第三十八首 淮阴侯背楚归汉
镜月当空出匣时 刹那云雾暗迷离
宽心守时浮云散 更改相宜可望为期


If I'm not wrong.. I think I should continue to wait, better days are ahead...haha (console myself)

Give it a try ba.. I think it's quite zhun... but anyway it's just for fun.. no need to believe so much...

The website for predictions here http://www.cnvie.com/Article/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=3780

With Love, 1:10 PM

Monday, January 28, 2008'♥

Your love never fails...

Just when I thought of giving up...
Just when I thought that it's the dead end...
Just when I thought I'm alone handling this....

You appeared....

in the most unnatural way...
a way which i would never thought of....
someone whom i can't think of...

Thank you Lord, it's because of this little act...

I know You have never left me...
I'm still here with You...

Short Note: A blessing in time...

With Love, 11:03 PM

Friday, January 25, 2008'♥

The Hell Week goes on...

As a student, we have early lesson...for the past few days, I've been waking up at 730am..and I'm going crazy soon.. I know as a working adult you sure think come on lei, only 730 also want to grumble..so mei yong..

Now that's a difference between a student and a working adult.

Students have to wake up early go school, sometime the lesson only ends in the afternoon around 3-4. AND that's not the end, after the lesson, we got to stay back and DO PROJECT.. if lucky everyone full of ideas maybe can end three hours later.. but if suay suay stucked there it might go on a few more hours..AND when we reached home we still have to rush for other subject or individual assignment..

SO in total during project peak period we might have to WORK 12 hrs!!!! Unlike a working adult, though u guys worked until the evening or sometimes even overtime one or two hours, but ONCE you leave the office building...TADAH!!! nothing weighs on your mind anymore... you can go chill out, go shopping and forget everything until the next day...

THE BEST part...you all got salary lei....at the end of the month.. that's wad Lao D always ya ya to me last time.. Haiz.. students are poor(it may differs if you're from a rich family), we have to slog so much.. JUST FOR MARKS!!! yawnzzz...

Well, well, well, it's just some complain of coz being a student there's benefits to it too.. the stress level is different from a working adult.. but that's life rite.. THE grass is always GREENER on the other side...

Alright Alright.. Pics from last week's BBQ (my bad.. it's been long since I posted pics haha)

Me and Limin the Bd Girl...

9 Years of Friendship....still counting...

Opps, I'm eating Fishball when they took this..

Just me alone...

The Three of Us...yeah!!!!

What's inside the cup?

Time passes very fast that night, I enjoyed myself chatting with Babybear and SP away.. Just then YP the one in pink who is also celebrating her bd came over to our pit and said she brought along Martell VSOP...hmmmph... I told her I dun drink.. but I DUNNO why... this lie always kanna chai chuan by my friends...They always asked me dun fake...yawnzz...I just hope people will forget about my past haha...So yesh.. What's inside our cup is Martell Neat..

Pls tell me what Lie should i say next time...

I just want to lead a normal life...and not getting drunk....haha...

Especially during Ah ber's wedding... Perhaps I should say I'm pregnant then everyone will let me off...haha..

ONE MORE WEEK to some freedom...

29 FEB to Mountain rolling....can't wait for it man...My last holiday..before going for attachment....sobzzzz....

Short Note: I wished for a chance to catch a breath...

With Love, 11:47 AM

Sunday, January 20, 2008'♥

Rainbowy Day...

Happy Advanced Birthday to Limin!!!

Went to her birthday BBQ celebration at ECP just now... it reminds me of my birthday two months ago. There are just so much things to co-ordinate, plan and assuring. The host is often so busy running around...entertaining guests. But I guess the after effect is happiness...cause all your frens are gathered together to celebrate with you...that's priceless

Hope that you enjoy ur birthday celebration...and I'm sure the few of us enjoyed ourselves too..

When we reached the pit, we were greeted by this....

A rainbow!!!!! SO NICE LAH!!!!

Rainbow is so pretty to look at... I guessed it lightens up a person's mood too... me and selyn was so high and busy taking photos of it... and this is the best we could take coz it's fading away...

Good things always don't last isn't it?

But anyway.. i feel better looking at the sea and of course the rainbow...it cheered me up...(the past few days I've been feeling moody and demoralized)...

and not to mentioned the chatting away with frens...i just love listening to babybear 's stories haha...

Selyn tot i might be bored at first... and she is so sweet enough to bring along her sis DS-Lite (PINK i loved the colour...) to cure my boredom...it's my first time playing with it (ok old sua khoo auntie me) and it's so fun ...

I LOVE COOKING MAMA... can cook all the dishes one by one... now i know why Ms Han is so hooked on Ds-lite also...So for now, Whoever who buys a Ds-Lite for me I will marry him...yawnzz... guess no fool will do that -___-

Photos of Openhouse and BBQ will be uploaded soon.. (yes i know ever since Xmas pics i've been procrastinating, not my camera ma.. have to wait and wait for pics)

So readers... pls be patient with me...

Going swimming tmr again...me and ms off is promoting healthy lifestyle now...

Next week is gonna be a "HELL's week" many projects to be due....stress stress stress!! Die Die Die!!

I really need some life in between...

Short Note: invisible barrier...

With Love, 12:45 AM

Thursday, January 17, 2008'♥









Short Note: 有时候我怀念以前的我

With Love, 11:36 PM


A break...

Recently da bao holds alot of my secrets... secrets which i have never told anyone about...not a single human soul...

NO matter how big his tummy was... i think he can't hold it anymore...he's going crazy listening to my rants...

So I think it's time for me to take a hiatus


I have decided not to care about anything at all....my mind have no capacity for other's problems....

Short Note: Convicted and Committed

With Love, 9:55 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008'♥

Laughter the best medicine...

Some Random Thoughts...

* I hope to go on a holiday right now...somewhere to relax my mind, soul and body....
* I still crave for Cookies and cream even though i just had a cone on Mon... NOT ENOUGH..*roars*
* I'm going bankrupt from all the new year's clothes that i bought...
* I'm going to have tim sum lunch tmr with my polymates..."hopefully"
* I'm still left with three projects...after so much of slogging it's still 3 arggghhh
* I'm sick of working totally no motivation at all....can i don't work and have money?
* January always reminds me of someone...
* I missed church....
* Some sweet guy just told me he missed me and asked me to concentrate in class..though the "missed" part sounds fake but i certainly need that it puts a smile on me...
* Someone with a private no prank called me recently..so from now on i won't pick up private no anymore...i mean it!!
* I missed my home and doing nothing...
* Currently, a few matters have been weighing on my mind...and i just wished i could expressed it out...but i can't...
* I sleep my problems away....
* Lastly, I want to be....

Little Miss Happy!!!

Short Note: I sense "competitiveness" in you...and i DON"T like it..

With Love, 2:30 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008'♥

The Show must go on....

The past week has been a fast-paced one... So much things to do and yet so many time...but I'm glad everything it's over... now i can truly focus my time on the projects on hand...

Yea, it seems endless though...

Past few days of Openhouse was crazy... I get to know many new friends...a fun bunch indeed...and I'm glad that i didn't pull out in the end... cause the new friendship made was priceless...

Up till now... I still remember the part that Ann played... "Like tell me about it" hahaha...I think it will be on my mind till months later :)

We took "TRUCKLOADS" of photos... yesh.. really alot.. cause one of the guy Ben, brought along his Canon EOS (those super professional one) .. so he acts as one of the cameraman too...waiting for him to upload the pics soon...

and also the Video when Me Eun uploaded it...

I'm so tired now...all i yearn for is a good night of rest....and

My Tim Sum, cookies and cream cravings are still here.. anyone out there willing to curb it with me??
I asked Joyce and she is one evil WOMAN... she heck care... that's so sad.. -___-

Short Note: 1,2,3,4,5 check...too good to be true....

With Love, 1:30 AM

Friday, January 11, 2008'♥

Marry no more....

I was being asked this question... "So What do you see yourself in 5 year's time?"

It's supposed to be a popular interview question...but i often tend to joke around with my classmates that my reply would be "Married with three kids"

It's only when I thought through the question later on...then the reality slapped me....


I'm 100-52+12-36 (take up ur calculator if u want to know) this year in five years time i would be ahem (vomit blood) NEAR THE 30 age...OH MI GAWD!!! That's SO DAMN OLD!!!!

I could only have three kids if i get marry at the age of 26.. and considering my AHEM Husband to be "Hardworking" enough...then i could have a child every year for three consecutive years...and it means to say that I'm only left with ONE YEAR PLUS to scout for "talents" opps i mean THE ONE...

How could that POSSIBLY HAPPEN?

That's so sad... married with three kids by ______ it's really impossible for me....and i'm really dumbfounded by this truth...

Orite maybe not three kids... maybe ONE? I'm graduating next year...which means I'm 50-25 so I'm left with three years to FIND THE ONE...three years to get to know each other, date, love, married enough ma?? Well, whatever it is... the BIG TRUTH IS....

I'm getting YOUNGER NO MORE!!!! That's a sad sad truth....

Up till now... I think i gave up hope of getting married le .....I shall be an old spinster... An old lonely dai sai spinster...and cry myself to sleep every night....what can be worst than this? -____-

Maybe some dai sai guy might fall for me decades later and we shall live happily ever after.....kissing with our dentures afterall.... -___-

Oh ya talk about marriage....

Congrats to Ah Ber and Mr Kenji Lim....you guys are getting MARRIED!!!... I'm one of those who seen the growing process of your relationship.... and I'm so happy for you guys!! Yesh yesh yesh...

And Hopefully Mr Kenji will be more "HARDWORKING" and there will be little dino and monkey ber running around soon soon soon haha...

Can't wait for the wedding... Miss you guys :)

Short Note: Will you marry me? Old "MAID"donald have a farm ee ya ee ya ooh...

With Love, 12:38 AM

Tuesday, January 08, 2008'♥

"Just some advertising"

Well, as I've said in my previous post, I'm involved in acting a skit in the TP Openhouse this week... We are only left with a few days to rehearsal and the time is very short as many of us have classes and other commitments..

Best thing is.... due to some saboing... my group is going to present the skit to the Course Manager, Directors and stuffs... First show COOL.. and it's a full dress one... Theme is set in a so called "alumni nite" however it's more of a clubbing setting... so those at the background suppose to dance around and mingle.. Ya...Ms Eun and me has been cracking our heads to think of what to wear...

I just love my group, we get along pretty well... and we encourage one another.. that's cool.. Oh ya I'm feeling nervous about it at the thought of that.. coz u know i tend to speak very fast when I'm nervous... BAD POINT!! haha..

Do come and support me if you so happen to be free this week...Details as follows:

Tp Openhouse
Date: 10, 11,12 Jan 2008
Time: 12-5pm
Location: Lecture Hall 23

Yeah Shufen is going to come support me this Sat... cool rite... pls bring along banners and pong pong haha..Heard that the goodie bag this year is Cool... take more hor.. hahaha...

Short Note: time together is short...

With Love, 11:13 PM

Sunday, January 06, 2008'♥

Care to Join?

An Afternoon full of love, happiness.....I'm easily satisfied....

Who wants to join me?? hahahaha...

Shufen...jealous rite??

Short Note: chocolate = happiness

With Love, 8:45 PM


Sleepless Night...

Since I can't get to sleep, I tot i might as well blog about 2007. Yesh, it's backdated...but yet I wouldn't want to start my new year before clearing up "2007" and starting "2008".

2007 is neither bad nor good for me... at least I know it's so much better than 2005 the worst year of all.

In 2007 I .....

* Adopted Da Bao and xiao bao ( my best companion ever!! I loved you two Bi Bi Bu)
* Went KL for the first time...(can't wait for the next time)
* Went Genting 2 times (dun ask me why, i just loved the weather there)
* Went JB alot of times in the initial part of 2007 (i loved the hokkien mee there)
* Learned French (yeah je suis celibataire)
* Discovered Tian Fu (my fave steamboat place, wantons!!!)
* Celebrated my god-daughter 2nd birthday (many more years to come)
* Celebrated my bd with a BBQ Party (the happiest day on 2007)
* Knew where is Jln Chelagi (tks to joyce)
* Discovered 1nitestand (and i love the live band there no doubt)
* Founded "Healing Sunday" (ahem ahem quite busy the past few weeks)
* Went to Taste paradise for two times (can't wait for the third time )
* Went to Jay Chou's event at Dragonfly (mai siao siao hor.. )
* Went St james the very first hour of 2007 and it's.... (dun need to repeat that dai sai incident le ba)
* Went prawning and fishing for the first time (tks ah ber jie)
* Went to the zoo to relive memories (yippe)
* Drank Goat's milk the first time (yeah credits to rambutan sisters)
* Discover the nice place for breakfast "THE BEACH HUT" ( i missed the american breakfast)
* Discovered Shilawon the Korean BBQ RESTAURANT (yummy)
* Attended Lina's Wedding and be her jie mei (yeah I'm left with one more time so ppl pls grabbed me haha)
* Went for blood donation two times...(yeah more to come)
* Know more new friends... (you know who you are)

Though I did not have a bf this year....or i should say for one yr and a half (forget abt lao d, he's not one of them) haha.. I think my life is blessed with friends...they are much better than a lover...(though sometimes i still wish for a guy to be there for me), i had crazy fun, i had joy with them...something which i might not experienced with my bf...Thank God for friends and family members....

My Resolution for 2007

1. Sign up for Basic Theory (this would have to wait after i graduate)
2. Get at least two A in my results (well, I've tried and got one so sad)
3. Slim, Slim, Slim (as usual at least 5Kgs) (ahem... u lose and u gain.. get it?)
4. Overseas Trip to KL, Genting, Star Cruise, Bkk (ok not so much places at least got KL AND GENTING)
5. Go Donate Blood (ok i'm proud of myself at least i did two times in a year)
6. Sign up for a ministry (hmmm... )
7. Go to the ZOOOOOOOO (yesh i did that with a bunch of frens)
8. Learn a new Language (Korea, Jap, French, Spanish) (ok at least got French)
9. Save money (I typed until sian liao) hahaa (hahaha this year i managed to save a little..not bad liao hor)
10. Spend more time with my closed ones… it’s never enough…(yeah, more more more....)

So in a nutshell, at least i completed most of my resolution in 2007...

It's time for the resolution in 2008 *Drum Rolls*

1. Save money (yeah more to come)
2. Slim down (ok lah every year sure got de)
3. Get more involved in sch activities Eg: Openhouse (yeah yeah I'm acting opps)
4. Overseas Trip (maybe to Genting again..opps im crazy, KL, Hongkong possible??)Sponsors pls?)
5. Blood Donation (3 times a year...yeah save more lives!!)
6. Spend more time with closed ones (it's never enough, hopefully bring my parents out often)
7. Learn cooking or baking more (so that i can make great food for my loved ones)
8. Get at least 2 B+ in my subjects (hmm this sem quite tough ahem)
9. To Sleep earlier ( i always slept late.. bad bad bad)
10.To be able to visit the Singapore Flyer ... (omg!! So romantic, i can't wait man haha)

That's basically all.. yeah keep it simple so that expectation will not be high and won't get disappointed.. Oh yeah my dai sai ness is forever here.. just few days after new year.. I'm dai sai again... shall blog about it more...

More photos to come coz i haven't receive it all.. OH SHIT i should put.. buying a camera as one of the resolution!!! ahah...

Till then....

May the Cherubs blessed me with good love life this year.....muahaha

Bonne année....Année Bonne en avant

Happy New Year... Good year Ahead!!

Short Note: Je veux pendant une année bonne en avant, Je veux que vous soyez les miens.....

With Love, 1:55 AM

Saturday, January 05, 2008'♥

" Till the last"

They say Love is like playing poker.......

Never show out the Trump Card till the very last moment....

Short Note: It's true though....

With Love, 12:23 AM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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