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Sunday, January 30, 2005'♥

Today is Sunday.. so tired so decided to stay at home.. dunno wads wrong wit mi nowadays.. sleep veri late but veri early wake up.. tink i suffer from insomnia le.. haiz.

Watch my fav show last episode.. daddy's phone is spoilt.. haiz.. got this kind of owner confirm spoilt la.. keep complaining..so in the end he go downstairs to repair.. the person say cannot repair..ask him to trade in for 50 buckz and in the end he bought a second home phone.. its a nokia flip phone 2650 ok la.. the rubbery keypad sux lor.. haha then he veri gong gong lor.. go buy black de.. shld have bought one ma.. but anyway dun buy tat phone no function at all de..haha my 7250i better.. veri ke lian tink im going to sell my 7250i soon..been using for so long le..so abit cannot let go.. still remember last time how much i wanted to get it.. but no choice need to sell. coz i want to buy a Mp3 player.. somemore now i seldom use the phone le..

I miss wei si so much these few days.. lookin thru my 7250i..inside got so much her photos.. she is the bubu of my life.. dun bear to delete the pictures lor.. Just now her dad called and say they were coming.. coz his dad bought ba kwa for my family.. weisi got come..but its onli a short while.. i can onli see her from afar..coz they are going to their relatives house.. nv tok to her.. not even hug her.. and she like forget abt mi le.. :( so sad.. i realli veri miss her...and she looked so thin now..so ke lian.. haiz... realli hope to see her again in chinese new year lor..

Dunno y i so affected by her.. coz maybe my mum look after her for 2 yrs plus ba..every day i finish sch come back she sure cheer mi up de.. sometimes i even quarrel wit her lor.. so childish of mi.. well anyway tat was in the past le.. haiz..

anyway jess if u see this blog.. see when u free we go ur fren hp shop.. i wan to sell the phone le.. tks ah

With Love, 1:18 PM


dunno wads going on wit my com.. just now wanted to blog again.. tot tat blogger website is ok le.. but the same thing happen again,,shit lei.. y like dat de... stupid gong gong.. i wan to BLOG!!!!

veri sian lor.. always keep things in my wordpad.. cant publish.. i had ENOUGH of all these.. argh...

haha veri happy lei.. today when i go try one of my blouse which i bought from EBASE.. i can FIT in lei.. hahah so happy.. coz initially it was veri tight lor. whether its i slim liao.. or is it the blouse suddenly become veri big or wad..im realli happy wor.. hahah u might think its no big deal ba.. lol..

went church today.. ya as usual it was fun.. but during dunno which point of time.. memories of mi and him flood my mind again.. tried veri hard to concentrate on the sermon.. but i simply cant.. in the end i pray to God.. askin Him to take all these thoughts away from mi.. haiz.. went to CIC with xiao han. we were early this time round.. and as usual.. i have been craving for the cafe teriyaki chk rice.. guess wad same ans.. SORRY ITS SOLD OUT!!! WAD!!!! AGAIN!!! how can it be. realli veri disappointing lor.. wad hurts most is after us.. suddenly still got left a few boxes of rice..and they sell to the people behind us.. wad a suay day lor..I PROMISE NXT WEEK I WANT TO EAT THE RICE hahahaha..

nothing much went home after church.. joseph asked mi to go KTV..but im nt interested at all lor.. haha old liao ma.. played gunbound just now.. and when im playin.. my msn.. skype keep on beeping.. suddenly 10 windows pop up.. zzz most of them long time nv chat liao.. wad a great time they choose man.. so in the end have to quit gunbound to entertain them..tks ah..

tmr going to be another boring day.. dun intend to go out at all.. wanted to do my hmwk lor.. and just to relax myself ba.. hope tat nothing will happen to my com.. coz i tink it kanna trojan.. haiz.. when u have no money.. suddenly everything comes together..

With Love, 2:19 AM

Saturday, January 29, 2005'♥

song im listening to: one call away

This entry is type by mi few days ago..

Life is like a harbour... many ships come and go.. Onli a few ships will stay and accompany the harbour always.. through rain and shine.. same as human.. many passer-by in our life.. onli a few TRUE FRENS will stay..

Began to doubt the definition of frens.. wad is the least thing a fren will do?? communicate?? share problems?? help each others in times of need??? haha but i got a fren (or maybe i shouldnt say its a fren ba)who doesnt meet this simple requirement. Reason?? we dont talk to each other.. even though we see each other often.. yet the person can talk to other ppl happily.. talk abt their personal life.. advise other ppl.. i began to wonder if its so forceful y in the first place want to patch things up.. dun becoz of making other ppl happy then do so.. coz in the end everything is still de same..

In Ite the most useful things tat i have learnt is.... how to be so fake.. yeah im the guru.. even though ur not happy u have to act as if nothing happen.. even though u dun like the person u still have to see the person always.. i was tinking y is it so difficult.. mind u its nt that i did not try to accomodate.. i dun tink there is a chance in the first place.. haha am i realli tat detestable?? after 20 years of living.. now then i know i can be so irritating to some ppl.. tks for letting mi know this.. well if u so like to talk to a certain person.. then jolly well go talk to each other and not in the sight of everyone.. haha dun need to be so secretive of letting ppl know u all are going out.. meeting each other.. and dun need to yaya ur bf in front of everyone.. pls at least show some simple respect to others..and pls dun say ur NEUTRAL.. coz it so bloody OBVIOUS tat ur not.. ask a simple three yr old kid..

all of u must be veri bored reading this entry.. well u can skip and pretend this entry nv exist. im just writing to vent my fustrations off.. i've bottled it up too long.. need to release le.. after all its onli a few mths more...wadever happen seriously speaking i dun care anymore.the onli reason tat i continue on is becoz of the others... I admit tat im sad and disappointed becoz of u.. y..coz i always tot tat u will stay in my harbour.. i dunno our friendship is so fragile... and becoz of this matter i dunno cry how many times.. u will nv know how bad i felt..having to pretend tat nothing happen in the first place at all.. or maybe to u all these doesnt matter to u at all//yah im sensitive so what?? cant i show out my feelings.. search ur conscience.. r u biased?? r u judgemental.. tats all i have to say.. and this shall be the very last time i blogged abt u.. coz i do not treat u as my fren from now on.. ur just an accquaintance.. someone whom i know.. and tats ALL>>

With Love, 11:45 PM

Friday, January 28, 2005'♥

song im listening to: wo de ai..

Its been so long since i've blogged.. not i lazy. its whenever i wanted to blog then the entry when i publish is lost lor.. sian lor.. now typing with my fingers crossed hope nothing will happen...

Realli miss blogging alot.. coz i tink it has become part of my life le.. whenever i nv blog i will feel veri wierd... Another week just passed like this.. so fast.. well.. this week basically nothing much happen.. except tat im sick tat day.. realli veri sick lor..so in the end went to see doctor.. and i tink its somehow or rather related to the slimming pills i took.. coz i exercise ma.. so the metabolism will react more faster.. and it takes time for the body to adapt to it.. so nothing big la.. tks for all those frens who care for mi.. realli appreciate u guys from the bottom of my heart..

Just came back from Far east.. sian lor.. haha go there again.. all becoz of my gong gong cousin la.. she say she want to go there look for clothes.. diaoz.. there all kiddy stuff lei.. haha so in the end we went there for dinner. Ate at Esteller 77.. its an indonesia restaurant.. now they franchise it in Singapore.. haha nice nice wor.. but abit ex lor.. tink i go back batam eat better haha.. finally got my avocado juice.. wa miss it so much.. yummy... haha wanted to drink another cup lor.. but here is damn ex.. tink i can buy ten glassess in batam le.. ya batam.. i miss there so much.. every day counting the days to new yr.. i want to enjoy to the fullest.. spend more time wit my cousins.. i hate singapore govt lor..for making fri a sch day.. shit lor.. if nt i can go back the whole day lor..

Now my whole life revolves ard SOP SOP and still SOP hahah.. veri rush lor.. got so many things to do.. anyway I like to work wit Gilyn.. it seems tat both of us got the same character is always must do finish things lor.. if finish half veri angry de.. hahah it was stress but quite fun la..

Its quite sad to hear tat Qian hua backslided.. I saw me from her shadow when she walk away... nv turning back to look back.. she was like me.. abt one yr ago ba.. i felt the same as her.. tinkin tat everyone in church was so fake.. going to church was like a process.. im just warming up the seats.. but deep inside my heart i tink onli a few know the real reason.. its becoz of him... of coz i hope she backslide nt becos of her bf now.. if it realli is.. i hope that God will touch her heart.. and let her be back again...

"Lord I pray that You will strength Qh, Let her be decisive in her decision.. knowing wad is rite and wad is wrong.. Renew her with Your love for her.. Touch her once again with Your love.. I pray that during this period she will not get infulence but other people.. and I pray that I will get to see her soon."

With Love, 11:43 PM

Tuesday, January 25, 2005'♥


With Love, 5:54 PM


song im listening to: none

im in sch now.. as usual a boring day to start with.. finally finish my Davinci Code..ya its a great book but some of the things inside u need to have great faith and understanding in order not to feel doubtful.. its abit anti-chirst i tink..

I tried my best to post up wad i blog yst.. tink there is something wrong wit the website.. i love this blogskins... but it is still under construction haha..

Fri is coming.. guess wad im going to mit up my orientation class..the "seafood class" quite excited abt it.. and i hope everything will turns out well.. and my precious seline is going to join our games too hahaha...

Been feeling veri tired.. actually wanted to mit my cousin mi jie..i realli miss her alot.. but then tink of wad lesson im going to have tmr..sian 1/2 lor///tink i going to mit her of Friday ba... this week is a busy week for mi.. and i believe GOD will strengthen mi de.. jia you ba shirley....

As for the neighbourhood country guy... we had no more contacts coz of a veri stupid misunderstanding lor.. suan le lor.. he is just a passer-by in my life hhahahah

With Love, 11:45 AM

Monday, January 24, 2005'♥

Song lm listening to: Numb

There is alot of things which i wan to blog abt.. but all thks to blogger.. there is something wrong.. once i click to publish.. the entry is close automatically.. tks ah.. waste my time... I simply love BLOGGER.. hahaha

With Love, 10:15 PM

Sunday, January 23, 2005'♥

song im listening to: let's get it started..

well.. i slept late yst... wonder y i open up my eyes at 8am... haiz.. wanted to sleep but cant sleep y....... later sure veri pek chek one when i go out.. hahah.. so all the best to wawa and cindy today.. lol..try to hide my emotions ba.. shhhh dun tell ppl k.. lol..

mummy went back batam today.. coz she bringing grandma back.. she will be back late tonite ba.. hope she will enjoy her trip.. how i wish i can go back lor.. miss my cousin and uncles..and most impt my cousin daughter..tiffany... haiz..but too bad im so busy now wit sch.. tink i can onli go back for cny..and its onli for tat two BLOODY DAYS... cant the govt give us another day off...shit lor. have to come back on friday.. for that stupid SOP and WP.. haiz...

miting my dear wawa at 2 pm later.. going orchard to shop for the clothes for cny..and oso one little ger from her forum is following us wor.. coz she say she dunno go where get nice clothes..hehe ask mi ask correctly liao.. coz im the guru lol.. anyway hope she will not scare of mi wor. gosh..wad the hell am i tokin.. i tink im nuts...haha.. sorry ah, my mind is so blank now..

just now when i woke up.. suddenly.. kelvin came into my mind.. haha..so long nv tok to him liao wonder how is he le?? heard tat he bought a new bike..shit lor.. not automatic wan lei.. lol k la stop day dreaming le la...lastly i want to end off my entry wit this song..

im so happy im so glad tat i found you.... haha this is copyright by mi and wawa..onli we know the tune..so no downloading pls...hahah

With Love, 10:33 AM


song im listening to: Turn mi on

wad a great day i had today.. simply spend my day in church the whole day.. mit chelsia in da afternoon.. went lunch then off we go to church.. Pastor preach a good word today.. and the praise song is nice.. then acc xiao han my cousin go CIC.. ok la short lesson.. then guess wad after tat go home.. my saturday nite..

chat wit Irene just now.. haha so long nv catch up wit her liao..miss her so much.. its been so long since we go out.. hope she will gradually be more jian qiang after tat incident.. then she ask mi whether i want to sell roses for v day.. lol.. last yr she made quite alot lei.. still dunno wan anot.. will give her an answer soon.. dunno wad im going to do on vday... my cousins are going for dinner.. but then tink its gonna be quite ex.. see how ba it will all depends on how much ang pow money i got.. this yr need to piang liao.. haha

tmr going out wit my cousin and her fren.. hope everything turns out well...

With Love, 1:09 AM

Friday, January 21, 2005'♥

song im listening to: none

its been a few days since i blogged.. wanted to but the website is abit lag.. so just forget it.. today is hari raya haji... ahha.. guess where i go?? nowhere wor.. stay at home the whole day.. reading past few days newspapers// watch my favourite ah chen.. watch wei xiao bao.. read my da vinci code..boring day...tink my life now is realli veri boring lor.. haiz..

have been sick for the past two days.. tink its flu ba. after my pe lesson.. then have a running nose.. non stop lor.. took a cab and went home.. tot it will be better the next day.. but guess wad.. its still the same lor..but wanna thk jessie.. coz without mi knowing she went to the clinic and buy the flu medicine from the pharmacy.. at first i tot she went to ask something abt her braces thing.. tink she shared the cost wit gilyn.. thks gers.. u two are great... touched but nv say out.. shhhhhh dun tell ppl hor.. hahhaha

k la im going to stop my boring u guys wit this entry coz basically i type until veri sian oso haha.. tokin, watchin tv and onilne chatting at the same time.. oh yeah.. wan to know who im close wit this time?? its nt from out country de wor.. haha neighbouring country.. i tink cindy u know who is it hahaha..

With Love, 7:01 PM

Tuesday, January 18, 2005'♥

song im listening now; stolen

Its been a few days since i blogged.. nothing happen much.. it seems that im always so moody nowadays.. tink its becoz of the meidcine side effects ba.. i will feel giddy.. dun feel like eating.. sian.. i dunno how long i can tahan lor.. if one mth no effect i might consider giving up ba...

in my heart.. i dun feel like tokin to ppl.. dun feel like smiling.. dun feel like entertaining ppl..dun feel like going out..dun feel like going shopping.. dun feel like going clubbing.. dun feel like going to schoool.. dun feel like going to bible study.. i wish friday will come soon.. stress from sch work is building up..and its onli the second week.. wads is wrong in my life.. i feel so cast out. im different from all others..

i cried in the bus today.. i saw one old woman she miss her bus stop and she had to walk all the way back.. i dunno y i cried.. so emoitonal.. u can say tat im mad.. i cant tell u y.. im addicted to habbo.. which is so LAME.. even at home.. i dun sleep early.. im tired but i cant sleep...

im waiting for him to online but he didnt.. i dunno y.. i dunnno where is he.. my hp.. so long no ppl message mi.. tink i can save on my hp bill this mth..

i dunno why am i typing all these.. its so useless.. i feel helpless.. just treat it as a moody painting of my life.. im going to sleep now.. hope it will be different for tmr..

With Love, 11:11 PM

Sunday, January 16, 2005'♥

it's about 2 am now, i am alone and music is only my companion...thinking of someone that appear in my mind all the time....
[1:49:01 AM] fabian teo says: suddenly...
[1:49:18 AM] fabian teo says: a gal name "kerin" appear in front of me...
[1:49:40 AM] fabian teo says: for the first time when i see her..
[1:50:05 AM] kerin says: no more le ah
[1:50:08 AM] fabian teo says: my mind clear...coz she looks so cute and pretty

GUYS is always GUYS.. sweet talk is their forte.. empty promises are their daily routine....

With Love, 1:55 AM

Friday, January 14, 2005'♥

song im listening to: none

Friday.. tink im realli getting old le.. nowadays dun feel like going anywhere even on weekends.. even if i go out, i will come home veri early.. dunno why.. feeling tired so easily.. no money is oso one of the problem..haiz..

Study until 3pm today.. in my two yrs here this is the first time fri i so late finish sch lor.. so power man.. last period was SOP simulated office practice..great Kingdom was here today.. realli have the urge to take off my shoes and throw at her lor.. haha.. cant stand her face, her voice..its hauting mi all the way man.. SOP was fun..we need to complete different jobs in an office environment and got deadline de.. requires us to work independently haah.. but its quite stress lor..

After sch mit my darling Seline.. took bus 54 to Orchard.. supposingly to buy the blouse i saw at Heeren.. but i found that i got too many purple blouse lor.. so nv buy.. walk around and found tat we realli dun fit in the shopping mall lor.. it seems tat far east and Heeren is for youngster..and we feel so sian lookin at the clothes there.. i tink we now onli can go Paragon, taka le ba..haha..

We walk walk then go Cineleisure.. BAD memories are back on my mind man.. haiz.. went to eat Cafe cartel.. order a salad..and a porkchop.. but we share lor.. coz i still in my diet plan haha.. nice salad they have there.. while eating hear some screaming of some bo liao gers lor.. coz Taufik is in the buildin lor..dunno he came for wad..then the gers are going gaga over him man..diaoz.. dun they have nothing better to do meh?? after dinner went back to tampines mall..walk walk awhile saw seline cousin son..haha so cute wor.. i want to have a baby!!!

life is so simple nowadays.. ya sux.. Valentine's day is coming.. i hate it man..its a day of ridiculing and making those single people feel more worse..tink im gonna stay at home and face the wall better haiz.. so fast one yr has passed..and i remember last yr.. tat day is the first day that we r together.. went to marina beach..SHIT!!!! why am i tinking of all these bullshit again?>? FORGET IT SHIRLEY U CAN DO IT DE!!!

With Love, 10:10 PM

Thursday, January 13, 2005'♥

song im listening to: jie shou

I dunno why recently these few days so moody.. so pek chek.. get agitated so easily.. litlle things in life i get angry.. im realli srry to my parents.. coz i keep shouting at them for no reason.. yes im Bad!! i realli srry.. but i dunno why.. i seem to be unable to control my emotions..

As for frens oso.. although in sch i talk but when i come home i just want to stay in my room and not talk to anyone.. even for those who called my hp to chat.. im srry tat i nv talk much to u all then put down le.. feel veri tired, lazy, and moody..just dun feel like talkin..can anyone tell mi wad is the illness im suffering?

Not much lesson today.. i feel like im basically wasting my time in sch man.. went to take the slimming pill at the Bishan clinic today.. tks jessie for going wit mi.. well the doctor was quite friendly and he told mi alot of facts tat i didnt even know man.. anyway.. i must jia you.. must eat more fruits wor.. hehe.. u all must support mi oso k.. nxt time when im MISS SINGAPORE i will remember u guys de..haha

With Love, 6:32 PM

Wednesday, January 12, 2005'♥

song im listening to: love is all around..

HOHOHOHO.. its been a few days since i blogged.. well i was so tired and burn out for the past two days man.. and tks to my telephone line.. something went wrong and i cant log on internet for TWO WHOLE DAYS..haha...shall update u guys on my sch life ba..

Reach school super early on Mon lor.. no choice senior ma.. then have a briefin session and out we go.. our LINE DANCE is the opening dance for the whole ORIENTATION programme..tks ah.. wad a great dance, although some of us may not dance well.. but in the end it turns out to be ok. haha this yr im taking class IOB..they are in retail skills.. and most of them are 17 this yr.. haha.. so all xiao didi and mei mei to mi.. had a round of introduction for them.. and started to play some ice breakin games.. sian lor.. my two juniors bridge leaders attach to mi,,is so quiet. onli know how to watch. nv interact much wit them.. i did the talkin for the whole two days.. haiz..

I have taken three orientation before.. so far this is the best grps.. haha although at first they nt veri sportin..but after i had some interact session wit them in the classroom..haha it was ok le.. i tink i talk most to the chinese guys lor.. they are so funni.. got nick names de wor.. curry puff, hong dou, scallop, see ham, si ah beng, kiam neng.. haha all these is i gave them de.. as for mi guess wad they called mi LALA..haha realli had great fun wit them lol..and today even after the orientation programme they saw mi in sch still call mi lala.. guess i cant run away le..the whole orientation went on smoothly.. and i feel a sense of satisfaction wor..

sian lor.. today i had PE.. and after tat got three hrs of break lor.. great rite..this is so stupid.. so now every wed we had to plan go where liao..i went to Jessie hse jux now..she wan go home bath..then we went back BISHAN to eat pasta mania, then go shop shop.. and i Bought a blouse from EBASE again. i tink i shld get a membership card from them haha.

Haiz..although this yr dun have so much module to take.. but then i feel tat its quite difficult lor.. can feel the stress comming in liao.. heng ah MISS KINGDOM..she was on leave.so in the end she nv teach us SOP.. realli thank GOD for tat man..

I was so tired these few days..tat i have no mood to talk lor.. oso dunno why.. at home oso the same tink I havin PMS soon haha.. k la mi wanna go rest liao..

With Love, 10:35 PM

Sunday, January 09, 2005'♥

song im listening to : breathe by sean paul

sian tmr going to be the first day of sch for mi.. dun feel like sleepin so early.. but i got no choice.. need to be in sch by 7am.. which means wake up at 5am.. kinda of regret y i choose a sch tat is so far away from my hse. haiz,, wonder wad is Wenda chairman of my CCA tinking..so early go there for wad,, wa lao si beh sian..

mixed feelings now..

abit excited to see my classmates.. got so much things to share wit them.. but on the other hand,, i saw on the online timetable yst.. KINGDOM is going to teach mi SOP.. which means i will be workin in a classroom like office. SIMULATED OFFICE PRACTICE.. which means i need to SEE her WORk wit her. OMG.. wad a great surprise to starts sch wit man.. I hope tat there will still be changes to the time table.. i realli cross my fingers... dun make mi slap her lor.. haha.. how GOOD i am rite..

Tmr going to celebrate my bao bei bd.. so going to rush all the way down to Suntec after the orientation programe.. need to buy her present and cakes.. and oso she will be receivein a surprise wor..haha tat is.. nt onli mi will be there haha. hope she reali enjoy her bd.. and soemmore its 21 birthday lei.. bao bei.. i hope u will have a great yr ahead..

great i tink im going to sleep now.. tmr will be a long day for mi.. sian at the same time i will miss Ah Cheng show.. haiz.. y do i have to start sch.. when its at the most impt part of the show.. borin..hope tmr will be a great day for mi.. buai buai

With Love, 11:47 PM

Saturday, January 08, 2005'♥

song im listening to : everytime

just reach home..mit my two LOVELY cousins to have a karaoke session..before tat went shopping first haha went to heeren and saw one blouse.. wa love it alot man..its purple in colour.. going ther when i got my pay nxt week i promise hehe..cant wait man..there was so much thing i wanted to buy but no money..so i ren ren ren.. haha suppose to go KBOX at Cineleisure.. but the charges are quite ex and its onli 2hrs plus.. so we went to check out at PARTYWORLD..haiz its more worse lor.. at first we tot of going to watch movie shop or chill out.. but in the end our dear xiao han insist tat she wan go singing coz she long time nv sing le... haha so in the end after askin her frens..we went to KBOX at LUCKY CHINATOWN.. tot angel works there so i msged her in the end she is wkin at the KSTER above.. its weibin lor..her ex..

went to KBOX becoz its realli veri cheap lor... its abt 14.95 can sing until 3am..saw weibin..and he veri good gave us alot of drinks..so we r nv thirsty..and the honey lemon there is the best i tasted so far from all the outlets wor... haha.. feeling quite sad to hear tat bth of them break up liao..but i know in their heart they bth love each other de.. coz angel called mi and i passed the phone to him..bth of them chatted quite awhile.. so as for us we sing and sing.. like nobody's business...haiz.. but in the end continue singing for abt 3hrs.. my throat feel veri dry..realli enjoy the times wit them.. we keep laughin..and takin pictures in the ktv..

but too bad i pang seh the bth of them.. been feelin abit of stomach cramp.. so uncomfortable.. and feel veri tired.. so i decided to go home first lor..i know they must have hated mi.. then when i got out of the ktv went to the toilet and found out my aunty has come early this mth to visit mi.. great huh?? took bus alone home.. and on the way back.. memories of him and mi were floodin in my mind......i knoe its nv gonna be the same again...

With Love, 1:40 AM

Thursday, January 06, 2005'♥

song im listening to: none

Woke up at 6.30am..so long nv wake up so early le..then i blur blur lor.. nv bring hp out..paiseh ah ppl.. went for Bridge Leader's Meeting today.. need to know wad to do for the ORIENTATION PROGRAM..for the yr one..haha sian lor.. went and there and we found out tat we need to do LINE DANCE!! diaoz.. can u imagine lor. we onli learn abt 1 or 2 hrs.. hope on MONDAY nothing will go wrong.. somemore we SENIORS is in the front row.. sianz.. haha.. spend my whole day in sch.. but one good pt is tat today our breakfast and lunch is FREE.. haha coz all the teachers are havin the Anuual General Meeting, and they have cater buffet.. its a lot.. so we got to eat hahah.. was so full lor.. nt bad la.. saw some of the teachers today.. saw my kind form teacher. MR RAMU.. lol.. he lk veri young wit a botak head.. lol, my mama LOH, the STUPID IRRITATING KINGDOM still dare to wave at mi.. see her face remind mi of my ENT results lor.. haha and last but not least my fairygodmother.. head of admin.. mama heng.. lol.. cant wait but complain to her abt our ENT results..and she promise to look into the matter and give us a good explanation..lol..chat quite long wit her.. kinda of miss her man..

we went BUGIS by bus lor.. my feet was achin man..after dancing for the whole day..lol.. went to get some stuffs.. and our dear Seline bought a LEVIS jean for her precious.. rich liao lor ppl..haha.. then we went to tan quee lan street, the one opp BUGIS JUNCTION.. saw a beef noodle shop. so we went in guess who we saw?? oh my.. my new husband, HONG YU.. the xiao xin lor.. wa he is soooooooooooooo shuai lor.. up till now he is still on my mind..haha..then the shop waitress asked him to take pics wit them..so envy lei..and he is kinda of shy.. for the next half an hour i am practically lkin at him man.. haha.. took two pics of him..but side view lor.. will upload soon.. and guess wad he drove a BMW... oh no its so suave.. and his plate number?? 2177.. haha quick quick go buy 4D.. haha.. shhhhh dun say i say wan ah..

i was so tired now.. yawns.. tmr going to stay at home.. and mit xh for shopping.. then after tat we shall have our KBOX session.. yeah.. lol.. hope this time someone will not cry..hahah..see ya tmr..

With Love, 10:03 PM

Wednesday, January 05, 2005'♥

Song im listening to: BABYBOY

well..another day just passed by like dat.. today veri happy wor.. granny cooked my fav macoroni.. read the newspaper.. watch ah cheng.. haha paiseh i too bo liao.. then bath and went to mit seline liao..the bus is so long.. i tink im gonna write a complain to SBS soon le..haha

our destination today is to go SUNTEC. going to get my planner..from HAPPY HOUSE.. new yr liao so need to change new one le.. haiz so sad dun have my previous one.. its a brand new diff design.. haha anyhow grab one. then in the end found out tat its a monthly planner.. oops I wanted a weekly one.. so in the end went back to change.. anyway seline paid for half of the planner.. hehe tks wor.. as part of the xmas present.. lol tink i realli owe this lady alot..hehe..

we went to GELARE.. to eat waffle.. but in the end it was not up to our expectation.. the waffle is nt veri delicious not like the one i tasted previously..went shop shop..then seline mum called and ask her go buy 4D.. oh no the queue was so long.. and she ruined my reputation..so many ppl lkin at mi.. hao dai i oso MRS TAY lei.. oh no.. wonder wad will happen if my hubby saw mi queuing there haha.. went to carrefour to buy some snacks.. on the way saw ex schmates.. hazel and qian yu.. wow everyone lks diff wor.. tink onli i lk the same..and more fatter.. sob sob..Saw a newly open lingerine shop.. wa.. the underwear inside all so sexy man..and cute.. going to buy some when i got my pay.. OOOOPPPS my secret exposed.. my hubby sure love it alot hhaa..OOOPPPS..

after tat seline came my hse downstairs to trim her eyebrow,, haha tink it will be our permanent eyebrow trimming place..lol.. sian suppose to go clubbin today.. but in the end i nv go.. dun feel like going.. and worst of all no money wor.. so have to give up; Haiz i nv go then IRENE go.. then saw the ang moh i been eyeing on.sad..anyway its so sian tmr have to go sch for CCA.. planing the Orrientation programs..so sian..so early..haha anyway tmr will be another adventurous day of mi and SELINE again.. haha better turn in early wor

With Love, 11:43 PM

Tuesday, January 04, 2005'♥

song im listening to: my neck my back

Slack the whole day at home today.. morning wake up.. read the newspaper, saw the news, saw the show Frontline.. haiz..and i cried again..sianz.. dunno when will i get over it..

basically i played gunbound for the whole day.. so sian nothng to do.. so qiao saw our dear David inside.. so played wit him..ya poor MR LORRY is out of job.. the reason?? the boss veri bad lor..make him work so long hours..haha chat and chat then realise that i got newspapers.. haha help him check out.. and he called a few of them lor.. so dear MR DAVID if u got a job liao.. u should know wad to do.. muhahahha..all the best wor..hope u get selected for the job.. lol...

Me and my itchy hand.. went to msg him yst.. ya stupid mi lol.. i tink i need a TIGHT SLAP from my cousin hahaa.. then he reply mi..say he miss mi.. I nv reply..and he msg another msg..i miss u can i mit u?? ..... wad is this lor.. miss mi..yet he saw mi on msn nv chat wit mi..miss mi.. yet he nv call mi.. miss mi...msg mi only when i msg him.. if not until one hundred yrs le then he msg mi.. haiz.. i thought it through liioa.. no point wasting my time and youth for this kind of person... i feel like a FOOL..a big GONG GONG..haiz..

I not sure whether i want go LADIES NTIE tmr ma.. feel abit sian.. coz the songs always the same..maybe i went too many times le ba..so its like a routine to mi.. hmm feel veri lost, with mixed emotions..haiz.. take care shirley

With Love, 6:57 PM

Monday, January 03, 2005'♥

ITs PIctuRES tIME....

Here are some Of the Pic i TOOk receNTly....

me and my jie pi queen

nice smile rite haha...

the 3 chio bu..2 from SEE family..the other..ahem...

three handsome guy and a beauty haha

last but not least selyn and mi took a pic wit ronald macdonald sister haha

With Love, 10:04 PM


song im listening to: lose my breath

Ever wonder how fragile a life can be?? well i was reading the news of the Tsunami incident online yst nite.. and tears roll down my cheeks.. i tink im being affected by this incident too.. saw the body floating by the river, kids fighting for food, and even worse a ger was being gang rape in Sri Lanka... wad is all these?? Are these the signs that God is telling us He is coming back?? or is he asking us to learn from this incident to cherish our life even more?? when i was quite young there was a time i keep thinking of commiting suicide.. but im glad i didnt if not i wld have wasted God's purpose for my life... Up till now i still dun understand why in the midst of this incident ppl still dunno how to cherish their lives,,, Israel keep havin sucicide bombing, terrorist attack.. what has the world become?? ppl trying so hard to survive yet on the other hand, they are always killing ppl.. WHERE IS THE LOVE??

I feel that since this incident i have changed quite alot i feel that living on earth can be quite meaningful..Learning to thank God for everything in life like everyday when u wake up and find tat ur still alive, your parents is still there with u, etc.. I realli thank God for everythhing in my life.. from now on i shall not complain and be so grumpy in life.. I know that God is real and he will protect mi...

Well I just got back home, went to eat the Tim Sum Buffet with Seline.. yeah its cheap and its alot lor.. can eat until u drop.. but this time we didnt ate much,, coz that ger got menstruation cramp.. but anyway i like the mango pudding the best.. its at Miramar Hotel.. for those who want to go remember to jio mi wor,, onli those who can eat alot.. and have a radar system *you know who you are* are eligible ahha...after tat went to her sis wkplace, to pass her something.. wow yap mui ping today look pretty wor.. haha tink coz of the wind.. lol.. we took bus 10 back.. on the way saw nicoll highway... ya the accident is back in my mind again.. well it took 6 mths to rebuild the road.. but i guess the memories will still be in everyone's heart. Came back tam shop shop..saw quite aalot of ppl.. trish, jingxian,felicia,aaron.... shop awhile onli and our dear princess is mitin her precious.. haha.. hope to see ya soon ger..

I just pray for a peaceful and simple life.....

With Love, 5:47 PM

Sunday, January 02, 2005'♥

song im listening to: Li bie

second day of yr 2005.. did nothing much today.. in the morning my mum cook spagetthi for mi.. nice nice.. although i cooked better wor.. the weather is so good then i dun feel like going out at all wor.. haiz...

Mi jie, my cousin called mi...and say she was so boring in her hotel room.. her stupid company asked her to work today.. and in the gesture of goodwill they booked a hotel for her and her colleagues to stay in.. its at CONRAD lor.. so shuang.. somemroe got complimentary chocolate lei.. yummy...

so i met her at suntec.. then we go K box, its onli 10 buck for mi.. coz i student ma.. sang for five hrs lor so shuang.. then when we were singing, the staff came in and passed us a piece of paper to write our prayers for the tsunami victim.. sad..she order two jugs of beer and we drank it man.. went for dinner after tat.. poor mi jie she is so affected becoz of the incident.. haiz hope tat she won tink so much... continue to live her life well..

suppose to go out wit bullshit today.. once again i cancelled it off..haha wonder when will we mit?? tks for sending mi all the songs..

will be going for TIM SUM buffet wit seline tmr.. so excited wor.. hope it will be nice wor.. and i miss my siew mai...haha

With Love, 11:00 PM


song im listening to: drop it like its hot

Woke up ard noon.. mum cooked lunch.. and the dish is all my fav wor.. can say its like a reunion lunch of my family.. haha tks mum and dad.. nice day to start a day in a brand new yr..."p

went church and i stayed there the whole day.. glad to see wawa and cindy came.. i know tat they all are still new, hope tat they won get too stress up with the speaking in tongues..try to understand it first before u all realli know how to say, jia you wor..Pst got talk abt the Tsunami accident and how church members and pastor went over there to help. haiz.. realli appreciate all of them.. and admire their courage... Pastor preach abt the new yr resolution... and i have set mine too.. hope this yr i can fufill all of them wor//
here are my resolutions for 2005:

* Spiritual - read bible more, pray more, join a ministry and serve GOD and his ppl
* Family and frens - spend more time at hm, better to my frens.. appreciate everyone
* Health - wad else?? of coz its lose weight lor, exercise more
* Education - hope to get into poly, read more books
* Emotional - control my mood swing, dun get into depression easily
* Material - hope to have a vacation, MP3 player

tats abt it le.. hehe.. anyway i want to comment on someone.. he is none other than my bestkaypotryingtoimpressppl HO YIn..wa ren him veri long liao lor.. been talkin and talkin, suaning mi just now. wa sibeh buay tahan man.. xiao han see liao oso cannot tahan tks to him now i will memorise wad is in pro6:6........i simply love him

had a late nite yst nite.. so i hope to sleep early today.. alvin msged mi and i promise myself not to reply him back.. i shall start my brand new yr without him...

With Love, 1:34 AM

Saturday, January 01, 2005'♥

song im listenning to>: Lonely

well time now is 4.12am...yoooooohoooooo Happy New Year ppl out there.. its a start of a brand new yr.. hope tat it will be better this yr.. and most importantlly WORLD PEACE!!!!

Yst my dear cousin xiao han came my hse and stay.. and tat cindy xiao jie reach my hse ard 12noon.. well so clever of her to find the way here haha.. the both of them are havin their rededication bible study at my hse.. ya its quite interesting.. after tat i went out of the hse wit Eric.. while the two siao char bo continue to stay at my hse

Mit my bao bei at PS to watch THE FOCKERS.. but she was LATE.. well im someone who is FORGIVING AND KIND.. so i rao le ta, haha in the end she treat mi for the movies.. tks bao bei.. the show was damn funny.. i am laughing non-stop esp the baby is sooooo cute lor.. hehe.. so bubu de..after the show we went to shop shop ard.. so qiao i saw wang and angela they all... haha so excited lor.. haha we got fate man.. took some pics... and then mi and bao bei decided to walk to ORCHARD ROAD.. while they stayed there to wait for ada.. it was so romantic man.. to walk on the streets of orchard road.. wit ur best fren... realli appreciate her as a fren.. both of us have been tru so mucch.. well anyway we decided to go to INDOCHINE at wisma. its a cafe which have live band.. been wanting to go there since long.. the waiter is so friendly. and in the end he treat us a piece of cake.. so nice of him man.. ON THE HOUSE.. lol..

had our countdown there.. ya wish the ppl sitting ard us HAPPY NEW YEAR.. lol both of us oso got buy the snow foam for protection.. the streets were filled wit indians, tourist, malaysian.. all sprayin the foam.. haha everyone was so high.. Wang called mi and say he is at TAKA..so we both decided to go there and spray them haha who knows before we saw them they oredi spray us...haha we walk along the streets.. simin was so hyperactive lor.. blowing the whitsle.. ppl were sprayin each other like mad.. haha got one policeman.. he say COUNTDOWN IS OVER PLS CALM DOWN.. haha so funny.. a stupid malaysian guy spray mi... and i fight back.. wa lao he realli spray alot man.. cry for help and wang came to rescue mi.. it was so messy lor.. i tink he hug mi..and he kanna alot lor..i was like.. wow hero man.. haha then got a few guys say wa so en ai(loving) ah..wa piang damn paiseh coz his gf was there.. but later i ask bao bei she say she oso help mi attack him.. so its heng lor haha... then my didi kelvin they all all chiong to spray that idiot lor.. tot we were winning.. in the end that idiot fren buy one plastic bag of the spray lor.. so in the end we lost liao so paiseh faster run ahha..du let mi see tat idiot fren lor.. i will remember u de.. stupid gong gong.. simin was veri angry wit a guy that spray her,, she took the cone and beat him.. power lor. if u got see.. u tot she from hongkong ganster gang.. haha power lei her.. we were all so shocked man.. wad a chilli padi haha.. u should have see the guy face.. he was so shocked oso hahah..nv see before ger bu shuang wit guy de,, haha but in the end all ok le.. THANK GOD>>>

well walk walk walk..then reach somerset liao.. so bao bei and i decided to go home le.. coz they all going simin hotel to stay overnight so shuang lor.. waited for the damn 65M for 45 mins.. can u imagine it.. i tot no more liao.. so i called my mum fren.. uncle zhou.. he drove cab ma.. haha once i called him he know wad i want lioa.. when he reach liao.. damn it.. the bus was just behind lor.. stupid lor.. so suay.. he treat mi go eat fishball noodles... haiz i hope to go home early lor..but he insist say he is hungry le.. so now im so full lor.. and he passed 20bucks to mi.. i was like so paiseh dun wan.. but he insists again.. realli thank him alot lor..

so sleepy now.. but the hair is still wet haiz.. wad to do..

With Love, 4:12 AM

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