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Friday, July 28, 2006'♥

A little preview...

MR D sent mi tis song... can fight with my WU BAI yi sheng zui ai de ren....a must sing in ktv from now on...i super love tis song..tks MR D...



Orite.. tats all for today.. currently veri busy with school projects...even our CP said that the whole class looked tired, stress and drained...

Stay tunned for more updates ba.. MRS TEA will be back soon....

I know alot of ppl change channel liao coz i nv update... pls come back ok my readers...haha...

Short note: unstability...

With Love, 1:26 PM

Friday, July 21, 2006'♥

There are times...

There are times in ur life... when u dun feel like doing anyting at all
There are times in ur life... when u dun care about what is happening
There are times in ur life... when u just need assurance
There are times in ur life... when u just miss all ur frens
There are times in ur life... when u dun feel like going out at all
There are times in ur life... when no one knw how u feels
There are times in ur life... when u feel lonely
There are times in ur life... when u feel like having someone to care for u
There are times in ur life... when u hope to have a shoulder to cry on
There are times in ur life... when u wish to have someone to love
There are times in ur life... when u need someone to depend on
There are times in ur life... when u need advises from someone
There are times in ur life... When u need space
There are times in ur life... when u need attention
There are times in ur life... when u need the love of others
There are many times in ur life.. when u need to reflect on ur life


There are times in ur life... when u crave for Ben&Jerry's
There are times in ur life... when u miss gg to ktv
There are times in ur life... when u feel like partying till e next day
There are times in ur life... when u crave for a certain cusine
There are times in ur life... when u feel like chilling out with ur frens
There are times in ur life... when u feel like going to the beach
There are times in ur life... when u feel like gg to the movies alone
There are times in ur life... when u feel like gg overseas

Of course,

There will be no end, if i were to carry on...im tired, listless, strained, dried, physically, emotionally, mentally... i need a break...

Pls allow moi to take a few days off blogging... time to restructure my life.....time to renew my mind..time to start afresh again....

Will be back asap...


Short note:
No meaning in ur life...

With Love, 12:14 AM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006'♥


There are sometimes in ur life...u feel that the load is getting heavier.. it's so difficult to breathe and u feel like giving up...

I felt it right now...I wonder how long can i continue on...i'm so far from the exit but still so near the entrance.. should i turn my back and head back to where i started? or should i continue on my journey and head towards the light of the exit...

The next step is very important...walk or turn? I shall lift it up to GOD..hopefully He will tell mi an answer that are able to solve the situation...

Heard this song from Ph aka Mao mao's blog..and i tink its a nice song..

It's been long ever since my cam is dead...I tink it's time for mi to post some pics..

Me and Tupperware See....new member of chubby club haha...

Carol and her TWO BIAO YI...yeah we are old!!!!!

ME wearing my BRAZIL Shirt..before they LOST!!! Hmph...

Last but not least.. part of my class gers.. we took it DURING CCN day..and i have been procastinating to post it till now haha..

Most of them attached le.. so u all guys dun tink too much ba.. hahaha..

Time to head for the bed.. tmr is a long day.. project discussion followed by NE TALK and Class until 5pm....the moment i tot of it.. i felt like crying.. haahaa..

Wanna congrats my class gers.. for wining third place in the Captain Ball competition.. well done gers..and im so sorry for not attending the Class Dinner tonite...broke le bo bian lei..haha..

Short note: What are the options available??

With Love, 12:39 AM

Sunday, July 16, 2006'♥

Placing in life...

*Wu Bai having a concert soon...and he is my fav singer..haiz..but the tic cheapest is 58 lei..shit... If u need a part-time maid, pls call mi...tks*

Yst service was great....healing take place...after service went fellowship with the younger ones..then BC sent mi home.. coz i wanted to change my heels..damn pain lor..so he waited downstairs..

After changing i went down..and the car is locked...he is sleeping inside..faintz...took mi 5mins to wake him up..ppl must have tot im a thief..haha then we went to pick Chel up..We finally reached CHONG QING HUO GUO..at Liang Seah St at 10.30... what a LATE LATE dinner man...it's those at the roadside one..this time round i nv went back to previous one.. this one slightly expensive cost us 15bucks per person..

Overall..It's NICE!!!!...the prawn veri fresh lei..and big..we were shocked..haha..quite alot of food..and got LUNCHEON MEAT...CHEL's Fav haha..but the MA LA soup rite..got alot of spices inside..so if u not careful u eat the pepper which taste like shit haha..but then it's worth it lor..

BC attacked all the CRABs, PRAWN...i seldom see ppl eat crab at steamboat all lazy de..i tink he total attacked more than 30prawns..not including those he peel for us haha.. Veri nice of him hor..after some scolding and pleading from us..he finally PEELED prawns for us..he said his gf he oso nv do this...wooohoo sibeh honoured lei....then MS Chan liked to eat vege alot..which makes our steamboat a veri healthy living one..for mi i like HOTDOG and CRABMEAT..remember that MS HAN?? haha..too bad there no yellow mee..haha.

Not a bad outing..there's so much laughter..too bad nv take pic..coz none of us got camera..wasted rite..the boss is nice too..so i indirectly help them do advertising...it's the one at the junction of LIANG SEAH STREET..the first one if u turn right..haha..

Reached home around 12.30...tks BC for sending us home..though he lived at the other side of Singapore..SEMBAWANG..another ARMPIT lor..muahah...online until 3.30...at 4 i received one sms from someone.."R u sleeping?"..i tot he just got back from JB..coz tat time oso like dat..I replied: " No la about to, u just came back ah?"..the next msg he asked mi to call his hp....

Chatted until 4.30 i guessed....conclusion...guys always nv think before they act...they nv think of consequences de..haiz..but anyway it's settled le..hope that nothing will happen to him ba....

Got to settled all my project work today le.. haiz.. rush rush rush..lucky tmr no school...woohooooo.. self declared holiday.. no la.. tmr no lect la..and so heng i got exempted of COMM SKILL>.so TMR NO SCH..yipeeeee!!!!...

Short Note: Placing in ur life???

With Love, 2:28 PM

Saturday, July 15, 2006'♥

Unbreak my heart..

Friday...the day which hate it among all the other days.. FRIDAY=ECONS day.. a day filled with ECONS tutorial and lecture...as if studying it is bad enough.. not being able to understand a single thing the lecturer is talking about is definetely worst than all....Im moody.. moody becoz i just simply can't figure out which language the lecturer is speaking that i can't seems to catch it.. or maybe to put it in simpler terms.. IM SLOW...haiz..

Ended the Lecture with a moody heart...I took the train to PS to mit my frens...going to catch THE PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN 2 today..which i must say..im looking forward too..but to my dismay...IT's SOLD OUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! tks to BC who went there last min to get the tix..dun they get it... FRI = FULL HOUSE?? they went and discuss where to watch the show.. while mi..standing there alone moodying(not sure if there's such a word) i tot catching the movie can change or at least make mi happy...but...haiz...

I decided to call someone...(if u got a call from mi today..at ard 7plus..then UR THE ONE)..someone who i know for sure will cheer mi up.. whenever i'm down.. even if he doesn't know whether im in a bad mood anot.. talking to him alone..always makes mi laugh....maybe we are happier in this status ba...after that call.. i felt better..

In the end they decided to go TB plaza to watch..great..and they bought the tix...I didn't know abt this shocking news until i've entered the theatre..for that i felt like strangling BC.. HE told mi..we are SEATING IN THE FIRST ROW....i tot i've heard wrongly.. double confirmed it.. TRUE enough WE ARE SEATING IN THE FIRST ROW!!!!!...I'm fainting...I HATE TO SIT IN THE FIRST ROW.. cause that means..my neck will be strained..damn it..he knew it all along..and he cheated mi all the way here.. and im soooooo pisssssseddddd....if i knew it..i would rather watch it on vcd man..arggghhhh..But in the end..he pacify mi with popcorns...and a treat of steamboat tmr nite..tats more like it..

THE show..is damn hilarious i tell u.. all ur troubles will be gone in that 2 1/2 hours...i simply love CAPTAIN JACK...and not to mention.. my beloved Oorlando Bloom...for those who knew mi..u knew that im always in love with him..he is sooooooooooooo cute...and SEXY!!!..haha...anyway although im SITTING RIGHT IN THE FIRST ROW...it's WORTH it..a good show.. and now im soooo eager to watch PART 3...

WARNING: if ur watching this show..pls do not eat seafood beforehand, or to be precise.. OCTOPUS BALL....i will forgo Sashimi for the next few weeks...muahaha...

BC asked mi to make sushi for him...mi jie asked mi to make sushi for her..and my classmates tooo...think i would chong chu jiang hu back my popular demand..so u will soon taste my sushi rather than my er xing the cheesecake veri soon...

Orite tmr will be a long day...someone said he wants to bring mi to MOMO but he always lie to mi de..so im used to it le..might be gg steamboat with BC...but nt cfm yet....

Phew.. What a week...
Short note: Promises are just HIGH class LIES....

With Love, 12:42 AM

Thursday, July 13, 2006'♥

Nothing gonna change my love for you???

Back to school today.. was damn sleepy the whole day..drank two cups of coffee but it didn't help at all...Stayed back after class for discussion...and saw Kelvin..one of my best fren last time..then he told mi his sis married le.. with a baby ger.. faintz...younger than mi somemore.. feel like a LAO CHAR BO man.. what am i doing here when ppl already got kids le...hahaha..anyway this type of tings cannot rush de..

I heard this in the car...until i keep repeating it...

Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You...

If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong

Our dreams are young
And we both know they'll take us
Where we want to go

(Chorus 1)
Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

(Chorus 2)
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

(Chorus 3)
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

If the road ahead is not so easy,
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you if you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too

Although the MTV sibeh old la.. but the lyrics is damn power i tell u.. That's y i prefer oldies nowadays..(ya yaya ya IM OLD..happy?) cause their songs last time the meaning veri good..not like songs now..onli know how to yo yoyo check it out..haha..

I was thinking... If ever there is a guy who sang this song to mi... of coz in a veri sincere manner.. wakao my heart will totally melt lor...and i will marry that guy...hahahahaha...mad rite?

Muthu u got the hint?? Come on.. sing to mi when ur making prata flying in the air..damn romantic hao bu hao...haiz.. but u too concentrate on ur prata liao....and ur not romantic at all.. hahaha..

Heard from Ms Han that she went to pick up the bones of Da gu for the urn....not much left *read her blog for more details ba*...seriously life is so jialat.. we worked so hard so as to have a good life.. but by the time we earned enough..all the sickness started to come and then when we died..*poof* onli left some bones...what is life seriously about??

Anyway..sch is damn stress, next week gotta hand in POM proj, then presentation,then Accounts Test, then hand in ECONS proj then presentation..then... FINAL EXAMS..tmd so fassssstttttttttttttt...wakao.. i tink my seats in the tutorial class oso haven't warm yet then now have to take final exams le..puiiiiiiiii

Haiz.. seriously i dun mind to be a tai tai now...Muthu mei yong le..so i decided to change bf le.. pls intro hor..if you all got any suitable candidates...

Short note:
Still waiting for that song....

With Love, 9:27 PM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006'♥

Good to be home...

Been to alot of fren's house,hotels,chalets... But there is no place better than home... it just feels great to be home..the familarity..my nice heart heart pillow, my small small bolster...is what i missed whenever im not at home....

Da gu's wake ended today after five days...yest was the last nite.. so we went down to help out..cause when they are chanting.. Ms Tupperware and I would have to serve the guests... we would have to serve them drinks...Lucky we went down cause the guest is never-ending.. i've lost count on the number of times walkin up and down...clearing the tables....realli feel like the CAPTAIN in a restaurant haha..

At the end of the day.. both of us were so tired man...and i decided to go to Tupperware's house to stay for the nite.. as she lived in the west it's easier for mi to go there the next morning...First time go her house.. although we are so close..and her dogs..are "NOT FRIENDLY" at all.. keep barking at mi.. machiam i wan to rob her house..haha good job COCO and JUNIOR..at least u all nv bark at mi haha..i veri scare of her dogs lor machiam wan to bite mi.. So MS SEE pls tame ur dogs ok? haha..used her laptop and i realised she got so many spywares on her gonggong lappy.. haiz..this ger realli no hope le..she doesnt even realise it haah...

Went to sleep at around 1.24...after talking to someone..*sweets* hahaha..then wake up at 8.30 after some procastination...went to the wake..bought breakfast for others...then it was time for the chanting again before the cremation...we are suppose to walk one round around the coffin before they close the window....felt quite sad as it's going to be the last time to see da gu le.. but of coz we will always remember her in our hearts..daddy cried..yes u nv read wrongly.. cause it's his sister..and i tink he love this sister the most.. must be strong wor daddy...

Then it's time to chu san la..can u imagine at the voidedeck got ppl keep taking pics lor..walao machiam praparazzi lor..faints.. Cremation took place at MANDAI CREMATION CENTRE.. the place is so advanced.. until it's computerised....and the whole environment there is veri nice and clean...

Went back to the void deck for lunch.. and then proceeded home...Although its veri tiring.. but these few days at the wake somehow or rather the younger generations gathered together and we foster a much better relationship.. cause for some of them.. the last time when i saw them they were just a baby.. and now their in sec sch amazing lor..its amazing how time flies.. and realli i tink we should stay in contact.. and kids nowadays realli veri jialat lor..good at talkin back..but nvm la..they never fails to entertain mi..and u know what is my status there ma?

THE KIDS there either call mi BIAO GU or BIAO YI... arggghhhhhhhhh i feel so damn old u know?? And from now on.. my bf is called MUTHU..pls call mi MUTHU sao ba.. hahah...

Ok la i buay tong liao have to go koon le.. tmr still got sch..sianz...

Short note: it's coming back again...

With Love, 6:10 PM

Monday, July 10, 2006'♥

4 yrs ago...

It's amazing how times passed.. four yrs ago.. i was watching the World Cup finals 2002 at Suntec City Fountain of Wealth...Brazil won Germany.. I was damn happy and high that day..and I was 18 at that time...

Today.. I was watching the World Cup Finals 2006 of ITALY vs FRANCE with my daddy.. and mummy(when they won then she come out)at home..though i haf to do the explaining all the time (cause my daddy is abnormal..he loves boxing than soccer..-_-), its quite fun la.. and i tink not alot of ppl expected ITALY will win.. I was happy for them..and i tink my beloved cousin Mi Jie is the happiest.. coz she always supported ITALY...anyway as long its not RED WINE then im happy le..

One mth ago.. the match started.. and now.. it ended.. Time passed by so fast without us realising it.. and this yr im 22...arggghhh I'm aging so fast...

Congrats to all ITALY FANS.. and to Barthez (although u belong to red wine team but i still love you)

Was talking to MIGUEL online.. one of my ITALY frens..he was so happy that he nv slept for two days man.. lol he said his whole family cried.. INCLUDING HIS DOG!!! well.. tats abit powerful ba... next time if SINGAPORE HAVE A CHANCE.. COCO and JUNIOR u all better cry too hahaha...start training them now ba...

MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
u know i'm so fuckin happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
i cant sleep
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
2 days
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
i think
要珍惜..... says:
haha relax
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
oh god
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
i love itali aa
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
i loveeeeeeee
要珍惜..... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
when italy
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
要珍惜..... says:
i crie too
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
my family
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
my dogs toooooo
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
jesus im so happy
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
viva italia mia italia ragatza mia
要珍惜..... says:
要珍惜..... says:
even the ants crie too rite
MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
the ants cried too
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
all italia
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:

- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
u see in the street
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:
- MiGuEL.......! O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso di mite circonfuso alba lunar... says:

Next four yrs 2010 the match will be at South Africa..I'll be 26 liao at that time...what would i be doing? working? Studying?..haha whatever la as long as by that time BRAZIL got in and i know that's when my BRAZIL will FIGHT BACK.. Stay tuned for that ba...

Short note: THe glory is there to withold..

With Love, 5:10 AM

Saturday, July 08, 2006'♥


Da gu passed away today in the morning i guessed.. just received the news from my dad...Was quite sad..but i guessed maybe to her is a form of release...seeing her under those tubes hurts...

Will be going down to the wake after church today....

Short note: it's link up...

With Love, 12:11 PM

Friday, July 07, 2006'♥

Food for Thought...

Yst was my APEL lesson...My Cp posed us a question..."What things in life influenced ur thoughts?"....Some said money, media, family...Some said SOCIETY and Environment...*she hui de cuo* hahaha..and guessed what i've said?

I said... PAST EXPERIENCE...and my CP was shocked..pratically shocked haha..He said pls elaborate..so this is wad i said:

"Past experience will tend to have a influence on u.. a good experience will lead u to being a better person...a bad experience will allow u to cherish the things in life and also u learnt from your mistakes."

Maybe my past experience had a great impact in my life ba...which leads me to giving this kind of answer where the others, my juniors was still blaming the society for their thoughts...I felt so matured in that class yst...lol...

But come to think of it.. Your thoughts determines your habits.. isn't it so...When you always thought abt your past...you tend to not let go..or maybe go back to the person...this may in turn.. results in a bad habit...a bad habit of unable to move on.. a bad habit of not letting go...

But the past is so tempting...ur so comfortable with it... u dun need to start all over again... u dun need to waste time and effort knowing another person again..

WHEN ur vision is blurry, you tend to run back to the past rite?..come on, it's time to set a new vision...

Life is so contridicting.. Do u tink so?? I certainly do...in fact past and future it's just between a line... ur decision makes a big difference...

Oh well...sadly to say.. life still have to go on...

Short note: it's tempting... but yet it's forbidden.....

With Love, 11:38 AM

Wednesday, July 05, 2006'♥

Hot Humid Day...

Recently... the weather is terribly.. onli got one formula to describe it all...SWEAT = WATER...tats wad MR E told mi...yeah finally he spoke something that makes some sense... it's terribly hot lor.. especially for someone who doesn't haf an aircon at home *Looks around for air-con sponsorer*...haha..

Yst nite i went to Jenn's Chalet..together with Lena, Uncle, ah ber jie and two cuties, JUNIOR AND COCO...we went there quite late and there is quite alot of ppl le.. COCO and JUNIOR was so happily running here and there esp that COCO..she is getting bigger le...and she is so hyper lor.. i dunno what did her mummy trained her with...she can fly too...hahaha...Saw one of my pri sch mates there.. she power...realli.. become TATOO artist lei..i wished i was so brave like her hahaa... anyway nice to see u CINDY aka XIAO ????

Anyway we waited for Jenn to be back as she went to buy something...then...something terrible happened...HOLD UR BREATHE BA... UNCLE said he wan to TIAO ZHAN mi...hahaa...so he called Jenn to buy one carton of HEINIKKEN back... haha so we drank and drank...together with LENA and JEN's Bf...many cans ma..so we tell LENA hmm..later can go and sell it le for some extra money.. then i tink SHE IS DRUNK.. she TOOK US FOR REAL LEI!!!..AH ber jie and i was laughing like mad lor.. she realli tink so lei...haiz u nv see her expression damn funni i tell u....

We left there around two plus i guessed..forgot abt the time le..i onli know once i reached home..removed makeup and i just went to the dreamland le..if u got insomnia u can try getting drunk.. coz u dun need count sheeps can str away koon liao...better than sleeping pills...

if u are suffering from insomnia.. pls gif mi a call.. i'll charge u lesser if you were my fren...and i'll make sure u laugh in ur sleep... pls dial.. 1800-ineedhenikken.....fees may varies with different capacity..lol..

I saw this somewhere...

which is better? Lies that draw a smile or the truth that draws a tear?

I chose the truth that draws a tear....reason is simple.. i dun like to feel being cheated....tell mi the truth and you will be SPARED... haha

Short note:
think simple

With Love, 11:48 PM

Tuesday, July 04, 2006'♥

Let ur hair down...

Went for my POM LECT yst...the lecturer was MAD de...Keep using BGR for example.. and he said LOVE IS DEBIT WHEN U CREDIT...quite true in some sense lol...there will be love if your bf credit money into ur account..madzzzz..

After sch met up with MS Han for some shopping in BUGIS..was looking for the RETRO type of hairband..but then to my dismay.. it seems too over popular le.. no WHITE left..shiet...so we just walk walk awhile..then went to mit that SI AH SAO TUPPERWARE...

But she damn pang seh.. she took her dad car and went to the hospital themselves..so poor MS Han and me walked up the slope to SGH..damn hot lor.. keep sweating like mad.. machiam go hiking like dat man...in the end who knows MS TUPPERWARE haven't reach yet haha still msged ppl ask us to hurry up..kns lor..

Da gu is in the ISOLATION WARD..so we had to wear MASK to go in..not those normal mask.. its those machiam pig nose de.. wakao damn hot lor wearing the mask.. Saw Da gu.. and my heart feels so painful.. she aged alot..and she is so weak... she suffered a stroke...and she cant talk properly.. onli mumbled..but actually yst she is better le..at least she can open her eyes and mumbled...We asked her whether she recognised us..and she did...im so happy...at least my da gu remembered mi... Felt quite bad..that during new yr i always seldom visit her..coz i was always in BATAM...it's been a yr since she last saw mi..sorry da gu..will visit u again once ur well ok...

Mi and Tupperware prayed for her...and GOD pls heal her...seeing her like this our heart breaks.. she tried so hard to talk but she can't and her eyes told mi she got alot to say...We went off ard 9plus..the mask is damn suffocating..this time round TUPPERWARE's DAD sent us...but me to MRT haha.. understandable..im the ODD ONE OUT staying in the east..

I went to people's park to walk walk.. sometimes its good to shop alone..dunno i like the feeling ba.. im damn used to shopping alone le.. coz im a loner.. hahahha..then took BUS 12 home....In the bus i tot abt alot of stuffs...

Anyway today im gg out again..going to JEN's Birthday Chalet..with LENA they all..hopefully AH BER JIE oso go...and UNCLE too... and oso COCO and JUNIOR..haha..hope we will enjoy ourselves..and pls bring camera hor.. mine 's spoilt.. it's been long since i had a new photo to change in frenster hahahahahaahhahahaahhahaha...let us enjoy ourselves and forget all unhappiness ba...

Short note: It's been concluded...the root has been found...and the cause it's not important anymore...

With Love, 11:29 AM

Monday, July 03, 2006'♥

Stay Away...

Bad news...Da gu is in hospital..critical condition.. she is xiao han's ah ma too.. so if u guys can help to pray for her too ba...will be visiting her tmr i guess with Cindy See...Ms Han must be strong ok...we are here for u.....

What do u do when you are not in a good mood?

1. Sleep
2. Go for a jog
3. Go to the beach
4. Go shopping with ur best fren
5. Go for a drink
6. Go clubbing
7. EAT and EAT and EAT
8. Call up ur frens
9. Listen to noisy music like techno full blast
10. Listen to soothing music

Have u been in a bad mood?? Where u dun wish to do anything at all..dun wish to think about anything..and just slack ur day away.. but u realised no matter how u avoid the problem is still there...so u need to do some thing in order to get ur mind temporarily away from the problem...

I think as a person gets older... what they will do when they are in a bad mood will change or differ... For mi, i used to like to go clubbing, listen to TECHNO when im in a foul mood last time being a teenager...but its not the same anymore..

Nowadays when im in a bad mood, i will go to sleep, i find that after that when i wake up at least my mind is clearer...Of coz i will still go to the beach, go for a drink which i did yst nite, i wish i will go for a jog, haha but tats nt my way of releasing my bad mood away, instead i will eat and eat.. but thank GOD for medicine hahaha...i will listen to soothing music instead coz i find that my mind will not be so stress and i can think better... i used to call up my frens when i haf a problem..but as the time pass, ppl haf their own life, they might be with their bf or they might be outside busy shopping.. so nowadays when i got a problem i will not call ppl up.. instead i will mit them up face to face better if they are free...

Today i chose to go shopping with Chelsia... I'm in a super pek chek mood and i know i will go crazy if i stayed at home the whole day.. therefore we met up...Why am i so pek chek? First thing, BRAZIL LOSE...(yayaya u tink what's the big fuss over it rite?) You all dunno de la.. imagine once i go online.. ppl bombarded mi with message like "Oei ur BRAZIL lose lei..hahahahah." TO them it's nothing.. but to mi..it means quite alot lor..

Second thing is matters of the heart..which i surely wont disclosed it here...i prefer to blog it in my private blog...haiz..Met up with Chelsia..we went to cityhall... on the way to Suntec, we saw a pushcart at CITYLINK and we each bought a RETRO blouse... WOMAN normally release their unhappiness through shoppings or cheap bargains..and i can say i quite cheer up after tat..Then we went SIZZLER for the salad bar..but the best thing i like abt there is their soup, nachos and ICE CREAM.. chocolate realli can make ur mood better..

After dinner we went to ESPLANADE and chatted there for two hours...powerful ba...then as we abt to leave.. I saw 2phat, Kitty they all.. they got the outing today.. i tot suppose to be alot of ppl but last min not alot can make it...well i will sure join them next time de...if im in a better mood haha...then me and chelsia walked all the way to FULLERTON HOTEL...and we went to the cafe inside...i ordered a MAGARITTA and she ordered a Cheesecake (which i tink the one i made better lor)...the atmo there is super nice.. with mist fans...so cooling...Then we walked over to BOAT QUAY and took a MERCZ CAB home... Just nice uncle gg home too..so he drove super fast.. (this week i got alot of INITIAL D experience)..

Tat's my day.... im feeling whole lot better.. thanks chelsia.. for sponsoring all the expenses today.. i realli owe u alot lor..thanks for investing in mi..lol next time when i come out work le..im sure ur investement is worthwhile de...with good RETURNS lol...

Short note: just don't get the message across... i give up....

With Love, 1:14 AM

Sunday, July 02, 2006'♥

Depressed, Disappointed, Dejected.....

If u see mi online...or outside dun talk to mi abt WORLD CUP now.. coz i simply haf no interest at all...Im not interested in who will win the WORLD CUP and to MR E pls dun msged mi to ask mi for tips of who will win from now on.. i swear i will curse u if u do so...coz


I CAN'T BELIEVE my fave TEAM BRAZIL WILL LOSE... and they LOSE TO RED WINE?? tis morning i woke up.. i still asked myself whether am i dreaming..or is it the truth...

I didn't watched the match yst...i was abit seh...and this is what happen.. i support them every match..but yst.. i realli had no mood.. damn it..

AT around 5am MR E msged mi and told mi how much he lost...that's when i know BRAZIL lost.. damn u.. how much u lost is ur own bloody problem.. dun always curse the team who lost.. i despise u lor seriously...


F___K lor.. wad a day to start with.. im in depression now..so if nothing big better dun chat with mi on msn... im going crazy soon...

There is one thing to be happy about though... STUPID ENGLAND IS OUT TOO!!!!

Short note:
It goes to shows the importance...

With Love, 1:23 PM


Half Drunk..

Today is Shermaine's baby JULIAN's first month.. Shermaine's is my best fren Older sister.. so mi and shao mei went to her house at FRANKLE AVE.. its a bit Bungalow...and there is alot of guest...

Including artist.. guess who we saw there? THe Bo ying wang zi YANDAO..and WANG JIAN FU...i tink they are shermaine's husband frens ba...anyway everything went on well..we even took pic with them...

Celebration went on quite well...and ended at 9plus..but mi and shao mei didnt't want to go home so early..so we went FISHERMAN to haf some drinks..i tink the waiter there see my face oso sian..everytime i go.. HEINEKEN rite? haha..we drank and talked....about our problems..about our life..then the terrible thing happened...

SHAO MEI WAS DRUNK!!!! omg....she cried, she scold vulgarities, she laugh like mad.. i was DAMN SHOCKED lor..coz we onli ordered two jugs..and i drank most...faintz...first time lei.. i alone with a drunkard...i had a hard time coaxing her u know... she didnt want to go home...and i kanna scolded by her like mad...faintz...luckily im her good fren lor.. imagine she passed mi all her money... faintz...if i were a bad fren i will surely take all de...

Reached her home void deck..tats when the drama started..she die die dun wan go home.. sit on the floor.. wakao.. i myself oso 1/4 drunk le.. i still haf to pull her.. faintz..reached her door step le.. opened her doors for her...then i went off le.. now i know how is it like to send a drunkard home...then i called her bf and told him she is fine...

But seriously..i wished the person who is drunk is me...i rather make a scene and the next day pretend nothing happen...at least now she can sleep peacefully...but me? i cant i still haf problems to tink about..haiz...

Brazil is playing now... but currently i haf no mood to watch at all... so u know how serious my problem is le ba...

Anyway...to each haf their problems.. just dun be like us bad examples. drown our sorrows with alcohol ba...

Short note: if onli..a msged was sent...

With Love, 2:55 AM

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