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Monday, May 31, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: None

Went to find where is my workplace today..according to the person give mi the details of the place.. we cant see the place lor.. so blur rite.. so in the end we took the bus to Plaza Sing...went to find seline workplace..wow her workplace is a commercial sch..so posh wan..mux wear formal somemore... lol.. then we went PS to shop shop//wa everywhere is having sales so tempting sia///

Saw a pointed heel in Bata... and unbelievable i can wear it man...love it so much..but the black colour wan is out of stock man,., we took 65 back and in the end i finally found my workplace.. it is soooooo ulu haha...but then got lots of places to eat lor... its behind the Macperson kopitiam...and its not veri big..no wonder no need to wear formal// haha we went back to Tampines, Simei, Whitesands to find the shoes..but still dun have haiz..realli love it damn much man/// so tmr im going to Pennisular to find again hahah... Bought a Non-authetic Gucci bag from the Pasar Malam..cost mi 29 bucks sia... my mum keep sayin i kanna cheated..haiz//

So blur sia while we took bus 38 we were talking so much..we didnt realise we took the wrong way..haiz went to Expo then back home..realli damn blur lei/// so happy today bought so much things.. and most important my mama found a job liao..tmr she starting work..she is wkin near my dad man,, so they can go work together..yeah!!!

With Love, 11:19 PM

Sunday, May 30, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Fuck it (i don't want you back) by Eamon

Like this song veri much.. coz the lyrics veri gd.. haha just like wad i'm thinking now... Download the lyrics frm internet..lol

See,i don't know why i liked you so much
I gave you all of my trust
I told you i loved you now that's all down the drain
Ya put me through pain,i wanna let u know how i feel

Fuck what i said it don't mean shit now
Fuck the presents might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses,they didn't mean jack
Fuck you,you hoe,i don't want you back

Fuck what i said it don't mean shit now
Fuck the presents might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
Fuck you,you hoe,i don't want you back

You thought you could
Keep this shit from me,yeah
Ya burnt bitch,i heard the story
Ya played me,ya even gave him head
Now ya askin for me back
Ya just another hag,look elsewhere
Cuz ya done with me

Fuck what i said it don't mean shit now
Fuck the presents might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
Fuck you,you hoe,i don't want you back

Fuck what i said it don't mean shit now
Fuck the presents might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
Fuck you,you hoe,i don't want you back

Ya questioned,did i care
You could ask anyone,i even said
Ya were my great one
Now it's over but i do admit i'm sad.
It hurts real bad,i can't sweat that cuz i loved a hoe

so sian the whole day stay at home today..I'm bankrupt again// hate this kind of life without money especially during the Great Singapore's sales period.... ah... i wan go shopping!!! haha i tink im going crazy liao.. dunno y lei feel veri moody today.. maybe im too bored liao..been playing gunbound the whole day.. my eyes so tried.. gt ppl ask mi out i oso dun wan go.. Jux now he got msg mi ask mi wan to patch ma.. but then i no reply.. i cant imagine lor.. i want to vomit liao... its impossible.. all those days with him are like living hell lor.. i promise myself i wont get softhearted and want him back////

With Love, 6:04 PM

Saturday, May 29, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: 7years and 50days by Groove Coverage

Went to Audrey's house yst stay overnight coz her parents were away for holidays...we waited for Tricia to come then we went clubbing..sianz it was raining so we took a cab to Orchard.. sianz lor the jam so long and we need to reach Chinabalck early so as to get free entry...but when we reach there the queue was oredi veri long liao..Saw Kelvin's Stephanie ex there, Nash fren Cindy..so many familiar faces there.. so we queue and queue in the end we queue for an hour plus,,and know wad?? the free entry was over..-_-

In the end we went to Devil's Bar lor.. onli $12 nia..and got one free drink.. alot of ppl lor..and the crowd there quite old wan u can see aunties and uncles damcing haha..can see some guys dance until so action packed lor.. like matrix haha but overall the crowd was spontaneous...dance and dance for 4hrs..until our leg ache so much haha..then Audrey spotted this guy in white shirt,,he invite her to dance at the bar top but she act shy lor,,up till now she still of him..i tink she regret nt going up haha...

We reach Audrey's home at abt 4am then took turn to bath.. then we ate our Audrey's home made pizaas,,,lol it was delicious!!! but we r so sleepy and tired man.. in the end we slapt at 6am..realli veri tired lor..

This morning we woke up at 11am -_- so sleepy..yawnz..and help them make breakfast.. and we played monopoly..times realli flies..and we all need to go home liao..Overall it was veri fun lor to live with frens together,, realli cant bear to leave the house.. but no choice lei.. hope nxt time still gt the chance..haha

With Love, 8:01 PM

Friday, May 28, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: My Immortal by Evanessance

Went out wit Seline today,, we went to Suntec shop shop..everywhere was having sales lor.. in the end we went to Ebase.. my fav shop..haha..then in the end bought one purple blouse...yeah u nv see wrongly its purple..haha coz everyone knw that i always buy black colour clothes..and my wardrobe is full of it... so today i decided to change liao haha.. gt 50% off.. so gd onli 15 plus nia...

Went to the Suntec's convention hall to eat steambboat.. today is thursday lei.. the place is packed wit ppl lor..maybe becoz of the 15% off offer promotion ba...wa eat until so full..the steamboat there reaalli nice lor.. so fufilling haha..

Hmm..today ah zhen msn mi told mi abt her bf haiz.. i see liao feel like slappin his bf,,so gigloo wan..always take money from her somemore treat her like shit.. haiz realli dun understand wad she thinkin still wanna be wit him...k la i wan go slp le...tmr have to go Audrey house in da morning.... sommore bukit batok again lor..haiz// yawnz...

With Love, 12:39 AM

Thursday, May 27, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: It's My Life By Bon JOvi

YES finally the day has come i have finished my exam...yeah... juz woke up nt long ago..enjoy myself yesterday...

I went out with my private sch fren yst.. we went to eat at a restaurant Vickie work.It's at Bugis called Sketches.. becoz she wk there so we had 25% distcount,,haiz we always lk for distcount wan..we r damn cheapo haha.. the food there was nice..After that actually we want to go clubbing want..but then yst Wednesday lor..so no transport back and we dun wan to waste money in Taxi..so we went to a Bistro in Millenia Walk.. the atmosphere there quite nice and got live singer there,,BUt the Liquor there veri ex lor.. we onli ordered onli Vodka Lime and BurBon coke and it costs us 25 bucks,, pub are more cheap lor.. haiz in the end we think that we did not drink enough no kick..so went to 7-11 to buy some more... haha Tricia the face so red lor.. like tomato then dunno y she veri mabuk liao she accidentally go kick the glass bottle and it broke into pieces..then the passerby saw it..tot we r fighting or wad..muhahaha

Overall veri fun lor go out wit them.. haha we r miting on Fri again..this time realli mux go clubbin liao,, coz i wan to release myself haha.. fri oso going to Audrey house to stay..lol hope everthing turns out well...

With Love, 12:40 PM

Monday, May 24, 2004'♥

SOng I'm Listening To: Get Busy by Sean Paul

Mama is finally back..misss her soooooo much lol...today is her bd.. my grandma cook a lot of her fav dishes man... wow... gt red colour eggs summore..wish her stay healthy always ba..

well today..its my first paper.. finally one down.. lol two more to go...today paper ok ok lor... tink some part of my format went wrong.. haiz..better dun tink so much liao..hope tmr paper will like today paper..nt so diffucult..

jux nw went to the attachment briefing..haiz all of them laugh at my company..sianz coz mine is a construction company..first impression of them is i wear a yellow helmet walking around..wat the,,,, haiz.. but cum to tink of it the company ok la.. but then its at a veri ulu place..i tink nxt wk i mux go there see see first,,,if nt i will get lost on the first day.. hope that everything go on smoothly la... then get my pay i wan go treatment my hair le,,damn dry man,,

k la k la mi wanna go eat dinner le..smell so nice lei.. yummy,, haha

With Love, 5:45 PM

Sunday, May 23, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To : Chong Dong by Zhou Chong Qing

Finally the time has come..tmr it will be my first paper... hmmm luckily its BC paper..its about writing the minutes of meeting, report, memorandum nia.. haiz tmr 8.30am start paper.. realli sianz lor..tonite mux realli slp early..

k la no mood to write liao..tmr then write abt hw is my first paper ba..got to study liao... 3 more days to freedom

With Love, 9:23 PM

Saturday, May 22, 2004'♥

Took it when im having my study break..lol

With Love, 9:40 PM


Song I'm Listening to: Miracle by Cascada

Did nothing much today..just study and study..jia you wor..2 more days to go then start exam le..haha i hope to finish it soon..so i can go enjoy le.. onli have one week of holiday..coz the rest of the june holiday i will be going for attachment..abit sian lor..but i pray hard that i will survive thru the 3 weeks haha..

today my house nearly got fire wor.. my grandma cook the mushrooms until the thing burnt..waa my whole house so smelly.. at first i tot the smell cum frm downstairs then i go kitchen check..omg..the whole pot is chao da lo.. haiz my grandma 80yrs old liao i tink her memory nt that gd liao..she cook le then go slp..lucky today i at hm if nt dunno wad will happen lor...haiz realli worry for her..wad if on weekdays when everyone nt at hm she alone at hm..veri dangerous lor..hmmm but anyway wait until my mum cum back ba..

today dunno y my dad mood so gd..keep cracking jokes..lol..so funny sia..wan to act cute onli.. anyway life without mummmy is abit wierd lor..haha i miss my mummy...

With Love, 9:31 PM

Friday, May 21, 2004'♥

Song I'm listening to : Love LOve Love by Jolin Cai

stay at home the whole day studying...but still cant manage to get the facts inside my brain. I also dunno y..my mind seems preoccupied by something..but nt sure wad it is.. haiz people study ITE i oso study.. dunno y am i so stress lei..see my fren from other ITE so slack wan.. i tink my class too competitive liao..I'm going crazy soon...help!!

My whole house is so messy rite now.. coz my dear mum is packing her lugagage..wow she bring so many clothes..she think she go there perform iszit..haha..my mummy is going Penang wit her cousin...they r going at 6.15am tmr..haiz this is going to be a long weekend for mi without my mum..but too bad cant go out n play lei..gt exams..haiz//

As for my love life now ne,, i find that single is not bad after all.. no need to worry so much..gt lots of freedom man.. although sometimes i might feel lonely..but as times goes by.. i find that loneliness can be overcome by family love// i realli love my family alot..as for the days ahead.. i dunno wan to think too much..i tink all depends on fate ba...

With Love, 10:18 PM

Thursday, May 20, 2004'♥

Song I'm listening to: In the end Linkin Park

Stay at home the whole day... haiz so sian and tired..onli manage to study a bit lei..continue like dat i tink i will die le.. today nt so bad..the weather nt that hot too.. for the whole afternoon ive been doing my blog... do until i soooo sleepy haha..

Juz nw my mum tell mi a news hahaha..she say my dad and her won 4d but then nt alot la.. onli a few hundred nia..haha but then i got abit of commission lor..yeah.. finally i dun need to be tat poor le..but cant spend alot though..need to save..

my mummy going to malaysia on sat.. so sad i cant go.. haiz i tink i will realli miss her lor,,, and this is the first time she sit on a plane,, i hope she will cum back safely too..

With Love, 8:59 PM


CHOCOLATE CLASSICO....so yummmmmmmy :P

With Love, 2:00 PM


the birthday ger NINI..lol

With Love, 1:46 PM


Song I'm listening now : This love by Maroon 5

Haha ysterday so suay,,, got stuck in the MRT for about 20mins.. sian lei..I'm late becoz of this..thus, i was kanna scold by audrey.. wow she's a gd nagger man..can nag non stop haha..we went to Raffles City to get Yanni her present..my cousin was wking in ESPRIT..as all of us are quite broke so we bought a T_shirt for Yanni (50%) off haha..then we went to the cake shop and bought her a choc cake..the name is so power it's called CHOCOLATE CLASSICO. Hear oredi you can imagine how thick the chocolate is..wa it's so fattening..think have to start diet le...

We all mit in Clarke Quay, in the end Audrey and i end up to be the first to reach..wa so long never see vickie le...she changed le lor..more and more pretty..lol..We went to this American Restaurant called Brewerks..Aaron wk there as a waiter so got 50% off again for the food..wow realli damn cheapo lor..haha but in the end Yanni say she treat us. Poor Tricia she came at 9plus when we all eat until so full liao...In the end we see her so ke lian so we went to the Satay Club eat with her..wow when we reached there guess who we saw?? Tay PIng Hui lei!!! wow so shuai.. and we went further we saw ZOE TAY!!! they were there fliming..wa so excited man..especially that Audrey, she used her hp called her auntie, mother... like nv see be4 stars like dat hahahah... went hm quite late..but it is realli veri fun to go out with them..we chat a lot oso..realli have an enjoyable nite..LOL..

But the headache has come... my exams are on Mon and here I am still enjoying myself...haiz...

With Love, 12:43 PM

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