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Wednesday, May 31, 2006'♥


How to study well without getting distracted.... I dont realli haf the motivation to study lei...

Today at CSA, Mrs Yeo, pat mi on my shoulder, "Shirley u must do well for the mid term test ah, I pin high hopes on u and ur clique."....i felt touched, for once i tot of hugging her and tell her..thanks for looking mi so up...BUT the truth is.. i haven even read one page of the NOTES...looking at her eyes.. i felt so guilty..coz i onli attended twice of the lecture before...

SHIT... wad am i doing? where is the hardworking Shirley (or has Shirley been even hardworking before?) nevertheless, I told her i will try my best de...hopefully she wont get a heart attack when she marked my papers...

I didnt meet my WC khaki today... i felt so guilty of putting aeroplane...but too bad.. i had to study.. and oso i veri broke le.. so ppl out there.. if u tinking of providing a scholarship u may consider to subsidies me... its a long term investment ok...hahaa

I cant wait for the holidays..couting down as the days went by.. Setting aside one day for MS Hannie..wanted to go GSS wit her..although i would be onli carrying her stuffs for her... One day to go TIM SUM with MS SELYN YAP...we agreed on it this afternoon on the bus... and the rest sadly to say will be dedicated to my projects and WC matches..whooooohoooo

Anyway i heard a new song by FAN yi cheng....and its real nice hao bu hao...

歌曲:love story
歌手:范逸臣 专辑:不说出的温柔


I tink what i need now is moral support from my loved ones...pls tell mi tat i must study hard ok....

Chelsia CHAN is back from REDANG... she better bring nice seashell or some sea water back for mi if not im going to throw her with coconut tmr..miting her for XMEN 3 woohooo... and after tat we are gg to EMERGE Conference...pray that its nice..and guessed wad AMOS IS PERFORMING.. i cant imagine HE IS ACTUALLY going to perform.. i tink i must check whether the stage has great stability anot...'

Dunno wad is EMERGE?
Click on the link below ba..

WOOHooo.. off to study le, or TV..which one shld i choose??

Short note: Just ONe WORD

With Love, 4:58 PM

Tuesday, May 30, 2006'♥

Mid Sem TEST...

Mid sem test is just next week.. power ba.. its onli a mth plus since i started sch.. well well wad can i say the PACE here is damn FAST hao bu hao...

Anyway guess i wont be blogging much this week..coz im going to transform myself to a .....


To a BOOKWORM.. yeah... i guess my hard work will be pay off...coz straight after my last paper im going on a holiday..yippppee..Well a short one in fact coz there is still project..haiz..

BUT nvm Im going on a holiday...YI PPPEEEE...and also I can watch the first match of WORLD CUP 2006 - GERMANY vs CROATIA at my holiday destination..so i barely cant wait to finish my papers soon.... 10 more days to WC woohooo...

Tmr will be miting my WC khaki for dinner cum movie.. its a DATE wor..haha.. hao le im going to sch now le..wish mi all the best in my test ba.....see u guys...

Short note: I cant wait.... 4 long yrs..and its 10 days away...

With Love, 11:58 AM

Sunday, May 28, 2006'♥


How to know when u had overcome a habit, a person, a fear?

It's when u walked passed the pub and dun feel like going in....

It's when u can talk comfortably to your ex as a fren with no feelings attached after one yr...

It's when you are able to kill the flying croakcoaches without waking ur dad up in the middle of the night.....

How do u define no LIFE?? is it when u go out and enjoy urself until the wee hours, drunk and had hangover....is that realli LIFE?? I doubt so...

Today i had been labelled as "NO LIFE" -_- Normally this is wad i tell ppl half a yr ago...whenever ppl stayed at home on SAT nite i will say them NO LIFE....BUT.........

Now it happened to mi....hahah huo gai rite... ya i tink so too...for the past few mths I seldom go out on weekends...even if i go out... i will go to those places which is less noisy.. some place to chill out and haf a drink....same as today....

Mervin called mi in the afternoon just before i stepped out of the house, he asked mi to acc him to church... i was shocked... Thank God for Holy Spirit!!!....he felt in his heart that he wanted to go church... fyi if u dont know he is the one who brought mi to church six yrs ago...and now he himself backslide... or in another sense nv go church le....so today this fine afternoon...we went church after he came my hse downstairs for lunch...

Service was great...and after tat we went to the FOOD EXPO and walked walked...well...as usual its the same old store...onli added a few new stores... and we veri cheapo try this and that...bought the INDO MEE, the new flavours...omg its so delicious man.....then together with wei..he drove us to the BEDOK 85 and haf our dinner...

I onli ate porridge coz we veri cheapo ma ate those samples of the food until veri full haha.. save money ok... then after tat he sent mi home...and tats my day...

TO some of u might be no life...but currently although sometimes i feel abit sian la...but i tink this kind of simple life is not bad le... and Dear MR LAOCHEK...dun always ask mi go MOS ok...when i tot of being a passive smoker, being sweaty, squeezing here and there, the LOUD music... it realli irks mi...haha cause at the end of the day..wad i get is hangover and nothing else..when i reached home im still lonely..still veri sian lor.... i rather spend my money on Balcony or SummerBreeze....

It's a meaningless post anyway.... but just wanna thank one of my ex... it's the period tat im with him that i started to quit clubbing...although i still club sometimes... but its not so hiong like last time le ...

To have LIFE anot..it realli depends on individual...and its not up to you to judge whether ppl have life anot...most importantly is you are happy... GET IT??

Short note: i crave for FAMOUSE AMOS... AMOS where are u..make mi some cookies quick haha

With Love, 12:21 AM


Random Network Check Instructions:
Name 20 ppl
u can think of at the top of your head.
Dun read the below questions before you write
and tag 5 ppl to do this survey.

1. Hannie
2. Cindy
3. Chelsia
4. Laochek
5. Mr A
6. Zhu
7. Zhen
8. Lena
9. Ah Ber
14.Bao bei

How did you meet 14?
-Baobei lei.. at CHEC, our private sch

What would you do if you never met 1?
Continue living lor..u tink she so indispensable meh..haha no la life would nt be so dai sai or interesting now haha...

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
I will get killed by UNCLE KENJI muahaha

Did you ever like 19?
Yes of Coz SHUNDY remember i like u lei

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
BC and Zhu?? U must be kidding..haha totally DIFF character lor

Describe 3.
Chelsia chan?? haha of coz i love her la.. i might bully her sometimes but she is my best sista ok.. always there when i fall... hehe when i broke up she is the fist one i called and cry to....

Tell me something about 7.
She is married with a bubu baby Charlotte..i love her to bits man...

Do you know any of 12's family?
Erm... haha i not veri shou with her family lei.. correct MS Joweyn?? i know she got a brother..and live in REDHILL lol

What's 8's favourite?
Still need to say meh.. makeup la.. she got tonnes of make up lei..can open makeup store soon haha..

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
Happy la... eligible bachelor with a cute dog.. who can resist it ...haha
*pray hard that he confess ba*

What language does 15 speak?
Mandarin, Hokkien... English... she loves to shout hahah...srry trish

Who is 9 going out with?
Still got who none other than UNCLE KENJI...

How old is 16 now?
21 years old...haha but she looked older..oopps no la she veri pretty de hor

When was the last time you talked to 13?
i tink its last TUES at TP bus stop he sibeh tao lor..haiz cheng sim ah..rather talk to another ger than mi..sobs

Who's 2 favourite band/singer?
she got listen to songs wan meh? i tot she onli love KOREAN DRAMA and her KWON SAN or dunno wad la...i tink she loved HILLSONGS

Would you date 4?
Pengs...we ARE GOOD FRENS once again i must CHENG QING haha..good good fren

Would you date 7?
-OF COZ if im a guy...definitely better than her husband lor..oops

Is 15 single?
YES... veri single and available.. any takers?

What's 10's last name?

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11?
Diaoz y 11 again...i said liao im more than willing le.. pls dun make mi spell out my intention ok.. paiseh lei haha..

Which school does 3 go to?
Bendeermer SEC, SP, NUS

Whats your favourite thing about 5?
He understands mi and always make gong gong jokes to cheer mi up when im down...always there to listen to my problems.. PROVIDED he is NOT TIRED hahaa...

Have you seen no.1 naked?
PUKES.... are u sure u wan ask this qn? lol

Tagged victims:
1. Lena
2. Ah Ber
3. Ikan Bilis SAO

With Love, 12:20 AM

Friday, May 26, 2006'♥

My WEEK....

Basically this week has been a busy week for mi..quiz, test, tutorials, project discussion, CCN day and stuffs...

I got one word to describe... TIRED....haiz.. im so drained man..tat i slept on the MRT until i almost missed a stop...run out like a mad woman..yawns..

Ya wanna wish BABY BEAR happy birthday...

Yst mi, Selyn, Nelson, Limin and Shihui met up together for a simple dinner at BEDOK 85...we ate zi char..coz its shihui dad's stall so its quite cheap..anyway wanna thank BABY BEAR for the dinner..its so delicious.. we had 8 course dinner and its onli less than 60 bucks.. Uncle realli gave us great discount...lol..

Hope Baby bear love her ANNA SUI's perfume set...happy to know tat she is happily married..but she is still as usual tat blur de... anyway sometimes a few frens mit up after a long time...the feeling is good.. we shall mit up more often ba..lol...

Today is CCN DAY...the whole of TP is converted into PASAR MALAM...there is food stalls, jewellery stalls, games stall etc...and it is also a day which gave us headache... haha yst last min went to get all the MANICURE stuffs and they went to rent the costume for the photo taking session.. our stall consist of manicure service and photo taking and editing services...sounds cool rite..wait till u see wad costumes they rent..its super nice lor.. THE VICTORIAN STYLE de...

Ms Selyn was my first customer together with one of her classmates...lol...and Michelle and me was the MANICURIST for the day...stress lei...imagine so many ppl standing there and watch..anyway its veri tiring oso coz need to focus ma...enjoyed myself today.. i sat there for 6 hours u know.. without gg to toilet and lunch... power lei.. but all these is worth it when ur customer is happy...lol...

At the end of the day we still incur a loss.. mainly becoz the Costumes rental is quite ex...but nvm la.. at least our class had a great time of bonding...and its a fun experience...

Hao ba im so tired rite now.. decided to post up some pics... more pics will be out.. when i received the photos from my classmates....

As usual im veri zi lian

Hehe...the same old LAO NIANG

Me and Selyn...waiting to go to BEDOK 85

My Manicure stall... xie xie da jia de zhi chi....ohhhh how i love the blink blink table cloth hehe.....srry ah abit messy lol

Short Note: Im waiting....

With Love, 11:37 PM

Thursday, May 25, 2006'♥


Inspire by MS Lena TAN... Im going to blog about the same topic...

To be togther..
you need chemistry..
To be together
you need someone who understands u
To be together
You need someone who makes u laugh
To be together
You need someone who is honest
To be together
You need someone who loves u
To be together
you need someone who is willing to share ur burden
To be together
you need someone who loves to take pic as u
To be together
you need someone who has a sense of security
To be together
You need his protection
To be together
You need his attention
To be together
You need someone who has the same believes as u
To be together
you need someone who is willing to sacrifice ur time for u
To be together
you need someone older than you
To be together
you need someone who is patient

Above are some factors i look for in a bf... if u tink u fit the bill.. and is willing to be together with someone who is mad, gonggong, blur, slow, lazy, fat, have panda eyes, loves to eat, like to suan you.....pls feel free to call my hotline

1900-kerin155@hotmail.com, add mi in msn ba...

I make sure u its money guarantee...woohoo

My mum says i got WANG FU face.. in simple terms.. my FACE VERI ROUND GOT LOTS OF FATS got FU QI lei.. woohoo...

Or if u happen to have any frens... who is single and not attached or married..pls do mi a favour let him read this post ba...

My xin fu is in ur hands...


Short Note: Trust me, it will nv come

With Love, 12:53 AM

Sunday, May 21, 2006'♥


When one of my fren saw my blog... he msged mi.. "Oei.. u gg overseas is it?, why u put in ur blog u gg to a place near the sea, mai chong dong lei."

Haha..i tink my fren must have tot im gg on the holiday myself as wad i blogged abt in the previous entry... lol.. nt yet.. i tink that will happen in the mth of JUNE during my two weeks break...

Well..actually suppose to go MOS yst nite..coz got the Corona event.. i got free entry for two ppl...but i back out the last min... dunno y.. sian of this kind of nightlife le ba... too noisy for ah sao like mi...

But i dun wan to spend my SAT nite, munching on potato chips...looking at the com screen...neither do my fren.. so we came up with a lot of places to spend our night..and the conclusion.....

Fisherman Village...

How lucky am i to be staying in the east..and fisherman village is just 20mins away...a place to chill out... a place to enjoy the breeze...and a place to listen to the waves...

In case u dunno...its one whole stretch of food cum chill out cafe...or beach cafe i must say.. coz u will surely get in touch with the sand...After dinner there.. we decided to go to one of the chill out beach cafe...and in the end we chose Summer Breeze... On the outside.. the exterior look veri high class.. with dim lights..and candles on every table.. and the best is there is a pavilion...with sofa beds..(yes beds again) this time made of wood.. facing the sea...ohhhh...tell mi hw could u resist the temptations of mother nature?

We found a place at the pavilion... got our menus..at first tot its suppose to be veri ex...BUT!!!!! the price there is so reasonable...with no service charge and stuffs....Ordered RED wine, one jug of San Miguel Beer, nachos, Ice hazelnut coffee for warm up first....after tat 1/2 dozen of Carlsberg(complimentary) read on to find out why.....

and our bill added up to be less than 50 bucks..COOOLLL....i seriously love the atmosphere there.. the music was fantastic..oldies...*yes laoniang admit im old le hao bu hao*...oh ya not to mention the company was great too.. u would have not imagined tat Chel and Laochek would get along so well.. and as usual lao chek tried to entertain ppl with his LAME JOKES...

Was admiring the sea when suddenly someone called out my name... It's one of my colleagues at DBS...and guessed what she said when she saw mi? "eh u nv go Chiong ah tonite?" (one of my khakis for DEVILS BAR half a yr ago).. I replied: " I prefer plain porridge with salted vege nowadays." and she laughed like mad there...lol..chatted with her and her fren..they are all so friendly..lol.. and forgot to mention FREE 1/2 dozen Carlsberg from MS GOOD EX-COLLEAGUE..xie le...

Orite time for some pics le...Too bad too dark cant see the beautiful sea...

Start with MR GONGGONG LAO CHEK first ba...see his new pose...

THE below part of the cafe...

Loook closely and u will find MS GOOD COLLEAUGE and her fren lol...

Me and Chel... the best sista

Us again...

Chel will kill mi if she saw this.. oopps...

Laoniang and my red wine.. wooo shiok...

THE drinks....initial part...

HAHA oh ya got some overdue pics to show u all..bu hao yi si..oredi expire liao..

Me and BC before my baptism

THE most sacred moment... Im BORN AGAIN...

Went out with my sec sch frens, finally some sort of reunion...

Jas and her daughter Lorraine.. if i nv spell wrongly.. one of my best fren in sec sch...modern mum hor..

After having our brunch at Riverview hotel..we went to a sec sch fren's malay wedding.. u see la.. i realli veri old liao..all start family le..haiz...

Hao ba tats abt all.. lazy to upload the rest...wan an da jia..

Short note: No point wasting ur time on something tat is irrelevant

With Love, 10:34 PM

Saturday, May 20, 2006'♥


Gotta change my answering machine
Now that I'm alone
'Cause right now it says that we
Can't come to the phone
And I know it makes no sense
'Cause you walked out the door
But it's the only way I hear your voice

(It's ridiculous)
It's been months for some reason I just
(Can't get over us)
And I'm stronger than this
(Enough is enough)
No more walking 'round with my head down
I'm so over being blue
Crying over you

And I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing
You were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?

Gotta fix that calendar I have
That's marked July 15th
Because since there's no more you
There's no more anniversary
I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you
And your memories
And now every song reminds me
Of what used to be

That's the reason
I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing
You were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?

O-o-h (Leave me alone)
Leave me alone (Stupid love song)
Don't make me think about his smile
Or having his love
Then lettin' go
Turning off the radio

(Chorus x3)
'Cause I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing
She were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?
(So why can't I turn off the radio?)
Why can't I turn off the radio?

A super nice song... if ur missing the one u LOVE....but he/she is nt there for u anymore...

Im going to somewhere near the sea tonite.. guess where ba??


Short Note: It's coming...and i dreaded it

With Love, 12:35 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2006'♥


All thanks to Ms LENA.. im influenced by her... I LIKE THIS SONG too!!!!...Sad song indeed..can sense the singer's "FEELING" inside the song..well DONE Kang Kang...

Anyway srry for the lack of updates... pratically nothing much.. sch life is veri routine de... everyday go sch.. come back do tutorial.. next day go sch.. discuss project...and go home again...

BORING hor... more and more projects coming up le.. haiz... veri stress ah..and the best part is for POM im grouping with AH beng 1 and 2.. BEST lei.. but hor they both veri funni la.. had our first discussion today..and i must say tat both of them are realli veri clever wor..can u imagin ah beng no 1 got A2 for his ENGLISH ...power ba..

Ya CAMPUS CARE NETWORK DAY is fixed on NEXT FRI.. we had to open one stall and decide on wad to sell.. the profits earned will be donated for some charity purposes... and guessed wad is our class doing?? MANICURE and MAKEOVER lei...cool... although SELLING FOOD sure earned better de lor...but nvm la.. as long the whole class participated and have fun lor..

Im one of the in-charge for the make up... GOD BLESS MI ba...hope tat everything turns out well wor.. going to buy all the stuffs next week..so its gonna be a busy week for mi...

Anyway i met up with the two DAI SAI QUEEN on TUE....we went to CRYSTAL JADE KOREAN RESTAURANT...coz i went once before and also the review there not bad..just tat its quite ex lor.. but overall the service is veri good..and most importantly i wan to use the metal chopsticks..but to my disappointment they use plastic chopstick..duhz..

MS TUPPERWARE commented tat the one of the WAITER is CUTE over there..duhz.. so the threee of us...DAI SAI QUEEN or DA CHANG JIN wadever had our dinner there....and as usual MS TUPPERWARE made us sibeh malu

SHE took out one styrofoam box... inside its A packet full of IKAN BILIS lei.. she dapao..or i must say her boss dapao for her..coz previously her co got NASI LEMAK BUFFET...can u imagine how cheapo she is??

AND u nv see her biao qing..she looks so satisfied with herself..and i tink she tink she veri li hai lor...the smell is killing us there..poor mi and wawa have to tahan her for the rest of the dinner..lucky she nv take out and pei fan... haha

Here are the pics...

The starters.. totally free wor.. maybe coz its too ex le for other dishes...

Our fav Seafood pancake..which we were pratically fighting over it..and i got the last piece woohoo...$15 must lick until the plate is clean...

Our bim bib bap....if nv spell wrongly.. but this is nt mine..coz mine i stir until veri nice..hahah.. its quite nice..and taste like claypot rice...hahaha..

After dinner went to find TAMAGOTCHI..the new version according to expert MS HAN... heard some raves abt it.. but too bad all out of stocks..im tinking of getting one too.. at least when im bored i can go TAMATOWN haha.. but 30bucks lei..so ex..haiz..

Overall a nice outing with them since our last outing.. too bad we had to rush home to watch DA CHANG JIN...Pls organise another one soon.. MS TUPPERWARE..tis time dun bring any tupperware along..and im serious hor hahahaa....

Short Note: I am who I am.. Love mi for who I am..

With Love, 5:13 PM

Tuesday, May 16, 2006'♥

A Holiday...

THE thought of going for a short trip lingers in my mind the past few days...I feel like going on a holiday....Ppl have been coming back from their trips telling mi how fun it is....and i wanted to thk Ms Huilian...she bought a necklace back for mi from BKK...im realli veri happy cause we are not those veri close frens..but yet she tot of mi...tks ah lian jie haha...well come to think of it...how i wish i can go on a holiday oso hehe...

TO where??

No need to be veri far...i dun mind gg to JB, Batam,Bintan or even Pulau Ubin...ujust somewhere im familiar with...just somewhere i can rest and relax...not that im veri stress just tat i wanted sometime to be away.. to have sometime with myself...to explore new places...

SO dun be surprise if suddenly some day u find mi go MIA....suddenly im not online for more than 3 days..coz i might go alone for a short weekend myself...and this shall be the breakthrough in my life...

Short note: The Answer does'nt look veri good

With Love, 12:26 AM

Sunday, May 14, 2006'♥


When i was just a little girl, i ask my mother what would i be?...will i be pretty? will i be rich?.. here's what she says to mi...

"Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be will be..."

A nice song taken from the soundtrack of "Take the LEAD"... many times we think abt alot of stuffs...our work.. our family... our money and our love

We burden ourselves with "what if"....we worried abt nonsensical stuffs...but many a times.. must say MOST PROBABLY...the thing we worry abt won't come true...scientifically proven de ok....

Sometimes u feel that its so difficult to breath... u feel tat u cant take it anymore...U are so negative in ur thinking...even though maybe the answer and solution is just right in front of u.. but becoz ur blinded with the negative mindset...u gave IT a missed....

Y not Take a deep breath, pat urself on the shoulder...and tell urself tat...u've done well...afterall u u've come that far.. just continue to walk on..solution is just miles away...

13 May 2005

I went to watch the show Poseidon eventually with Lao chek...and i can said that its actually not wad i tot so initially...at first i tot its the twin sister of titanic..but actually its way better than titanic if ur like mi...Not tat kind of veri dramatic person...

Its not veri long and the storyline is nt tat bad.. after watching the show i can conclude tat..besides God's love... A parent's love is the greatest...Ur parents can do anything to save u...even if it cost their lives...

Yst nite i went to Changi Hospital...was there for three long hours...nah..im fine... I acc Chelsia there..coz that poor ger had a swollen eye...and its quite serious...went to the A&E dept...was there waiting for her when she went for the checkup.. i was alone sitting outside the room...

Saw many ppl.. most of them with a solemn and serious face...got one ah beng was admitted...he was all alone..i tink he was involved in a fight...after awhile his mum came...his mum nv scold him..instead she hug him and told him everything is all right...

Inside the hospital u can see different ppl... coming from different walks of life...facing different situation...and during the one hour of waiting there...i realise.. LIFE REALLI IS VERI VERI VERI PRECIOUS...esp those ppl who like to cut their wrist when their bf or gf leave them.. i tink SERIOUSLY ITS NT WORTH IT!!!!! wad u did..the person dunno...even if he know...he can onli feel sorry for u... sms u a few caring words..and tats all...ur left all alone...

No one deserve u ruining ur body for them....I know i might be a FOOL in love...but i wont to that extent did this...

To the person...who did this....WAKE UP BA!!!!!

Short note: F O O L

With Love, 5:20 PM

Friday, May 12, 2006'♥

The Right Kind of WRONG....

There are many things in ur life... you know that u shouldn't do... but yet u do...

There are people in ur life.. you know you should'nt lie.. but yet u lie..

There are people in ur life..you know you shouldn't love..but yet u still love...

There are many truths in ur life...you know you shouldn't continue lying to urself... but yet u still continue to live in false reality....

Why is human so weak? y do we still continue commit the same mistakes when we know we shouldn't done so......There are many questions in life that cant be answered...

the lyrics is just so true...true to a extent i tot this song is wrote just for mi...

Know all about
About your reputation
And how it's bound to be a heartbreak situation
But i can't help it if i'm helpless
Every time that i'm where you are
You walk in and my strength walks out the door
Say my name and i can't fight it anymore
Oh i know, i should go
But i need your touch just too damn much
Loving you isn't really something i should do
Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you
That i should try to be strong
But baby you're the right kind of wrong
Yeah baby you're the right kind of wrong
Might be a mistake
A mistake i'm making
But what you're giving i am happy to be taking
Cause no one's ever made me feel
The way i feel when i'm in your arms
They say you're something i should do without
They don’t know what goes on
When the lights go out
There's no way to explain
All the pleasure is worth all the pain
Loving you isn't really something i should do

Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you
That i should try to be strong
But baby you're the right kind of wrong
Yeah baby you're the right kind of wrong
I should try to run
But i just can't seem to
Cause every time i run you're the one i run to
Can't do without, what you do to me
I don't care if i'm in too deep
Cause you're the RIGHT KIND OF WRONG...

My pre-mother's day celebration was spent in the SOUP RESTAURANT at Compasspoint together with my Xiao yi and her daughter SHU MIN and not to mention my mum and my dearest po po...Cause Po Po cant walk veri long..so me and my mum went to queue up for the table first...and i realised i nv brought along my powerful camera...so too bad no photos to show the lovely gathering...

Ordered the Deluxe Set which cost mummy and Xiao Yi $150... it's indeed abit costly but it cant however, compared to the family warmth and happiness that is in our hearts...I bought a bottle of the Yomeishu, in case ur wondering wad on earth is that...its a Jap Tonic Wine if im nt wrong...YANG MING JIU in chn.. cause mama has been complaning tat its too exp for her to have that everytime when the advertisement was on the tv...and its such an obvious hint....she was gleaming when she saw that and tried to show it off to my xiao yi...SHU min on the other hand who is by now 11 yrs old.. hand made something for her mum...which i tink worth much more than my wine...but whatever it is... "It's the thoughts that counts"....

Walked ard Compasspoint for awhile...and its onli my second time there...went to Metro and i got a cardigan for 12 bucks..and im quite happy with it...after tat we parted and i came back home alone..as mum wanted to go shopping again...

And im right here..pouring out my thoughts onto the computer screen...today actually its not a so "happy day" for mi....in case u start wondering wads the cause....i tink i shld just end here....

Going for my beauty sleep and meeting up my beloved Laochek for movie tonite.. still struggling btw when a stranger calls or the twin of titanic POSEIDON..

Short note: The night has been too lonely...and the road has been too long...

With Love, 5:22 PM

Thursday, May 11, 2006'♥


I'm now in the library.. classes already ended long ago le..but my clique and i stayed back to revise and did some of our tutorial.. hardworking hor.. haha life here is veri busy lor.. anyway one thing abt my poly... is u will keep climbing the stairs everyday and the most powerful thing recently the weather is so bloody hot lor.. ya i tink i have already lose 1KG liao with all the stairs climbing hahaha.. Well done SHIRLEY..lol

Today in APEL lesson.. with my class Careperson.. who is super funny and nice..Well basically APEL is a lesson veri slacking one just talk and discuss.. then our CP asked us to fold a boat and write what is success.... haha this is what i wrote..

"Success is what we achieved after Failure.. without failure there wont be success."

Guess what did my class AH BENG no 1 2 and 3 wrote??

Ah beng 1 => "Success is when i am able to provide for my family and wife."

Before u tink its funni lets take a look at wad Ah Beng no 2 wrote..

Ah beng 2=> " Success is when i finish folding this boat."

The whole class nearly fainted pengs lor...haha and now for the best ONE...

Ah beng 3 => "Success is when i strike lottery."

Walao i tell u hor the whole class broke out into laugher lor.. super corny lor him... haha starting to love my class the ah bengs liao..at least they are better then the gers lor...lol

After tat we discuss abt the Campus Care Day.. where each class is suppose to open up a stall and sell things for charity.. yeah of coz Ah beng gave alot of stupid suggestions...

Burn video of them..and sell at 5dollar per disc
Wear Tele Tubby mascot and take photo wit ppl..
sell kachang puti and wear like Mr Osama...

They are sibeh lame lor.. duhz...haha enough of all these bullshits sorry to bore u guys with this post coz hor so long nv blog liao lost the passion of it le..dunno wad to write coz too many things wanted to blog ahhaa...hao ba..before i forget...


Hope that u all will stay happy and spend a wonderful day...

To Mr A.... continue acting ur RUSH HOUR 3 and 4 ba...lol..

Short note: I feel LOVED...

With Love, 2:08 PM

Wednesday, May 10, 2006'♥

In the Library...

Wanna thank all those who show concern abt my gastric flu.. yeah im feeling better le... and nowadays been busy with my tutorial so seldom blog... i promise will blog soon de..

Meanwhile im slacking in the Sch library waiting for my gonggong CSA tutorial yawns... anyway its so hot nowadays.. u ppl take care and drink more water ok ...

Take care everyone

With Love, 1:46 PM

Monday, May 08, 2006'♥

Dear Blog..

I am down with gastric viral infection...a long term for stomach flu...I vomitted out what i ate and i keep having diarrhoea too..haiz..sorry that for the next few days i wont be able to update my blog... i promise that once im feeling better i will try my best to blog ...i got tonnes of photos to post up....realli alot until my camera memory is full....

Meanwhile i would like to take a rest le...the drowsy effect from the medicine is working...

GOOD NIGHT everyone...

Yours sincerely

With Love, 7:16 PM

Friday, May 05, 2006'♥


Tommorrow is such a big day... no no no nope becoz its the ELECTION DAY.. but becoz its going to be a day...when i will be BORN again.... A day where which seperates mi from all the worldly lifestyle i used to have...

Going to get baptise in a few hours time... Currently feeling nervous.. coz today is " so called my last nite".. haha maciam getting married hor.. but its also a lifetime commitment ma..other than getting married...

The water baptism service will take place at 2.30pm at the Jurong West Premise..(haiz y is it tat place sianzz) anyway its going to mark a new life of mi...so jiu de bu qu ..xing de bu lai hahaha...

Confirm will take pics of mi in total WHITE colour de..so u all can see all my fats dangling around...lol...

Hao le..gonna get my beauty sleep le..tmr gonna be a busy day...not for u but at least for mi....

From tmr onwards... i'm Shirley Kerin....haha wierd name hor..lol.. but tats my baptism name...currently.. just in case i changed my mind when im inside the water tmr lol..

Short Note: I got my bling bling bag le....and im so happy woooohooo...

With Love, 11:43 PM

Monday, May 01, 2006'♥

Wouldn't it be nice....

I had a wierd dream yst.. i dreamt that i went clubbing and in the end i missed my lecture....and that club is just inside my school...

Wouldn't it be nice tat if my school inside had a pub..that we students, when we are veri stress after a long day of school..can relax oursevles after tat...partying.. gossiping... drinking to our hearts' content..haha am i tinking too much or is it tat im too stressed up in school??

Nevertheless... i tink its time for mi to enter back into my korean drama scene..im so so so in loved wit korean dramas nowadays.. u named it and i haf it.. haha nah i nv spent much on it.. we haf form a partnership out of it.. which consisted of mi, zhu and zhen..together we are the KOREAN SISTERS...lol..

Excuse mi now will ya....dun pin too much hope on mi updating my blog nowadays..coz im a busy woman ok??

Meanwhile before i forget..some overdues pics of mi and my colleagues on my last day at DBS...

ME and Aminah my best colleague ever nv fails to make mi laugh...i love her...

Me and Sufen.. my best fren and colleague

In the office slacking...

Cassandra and Elaine...

Meanwhile on Sat i attended Cassandra's wedding, it was fun and i saw many of my ex colleague there.. alot of funni things happen there...and i simply loved all of them....

The Video of the Groom and the Bride... both are my colleagues and its and inter-racial marriage..(somthing like dat la) the bride is a chinese.. Enjoy ba..

Short note: Twinkle twinkle little stars.. how i wonder what you are..

With Love, 1:52 PM

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