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Saturday, January 01, 2011'♥


2010 just passed by in a breeze... it's so fast that within a blink of an eye.. it's over..

2010 was a neither bad or good year for me...I would say peaceful?

It's a you lose and you gain year for me....

The two major events in 2010:

I ended my job in SA and I started a job in OPS... Till now I never regretted it.

I ended a relationship and I started a new relationship. Till now I never regretted it.

It was not easy ending a relationship that was dragged on for so long.. after all I believed there's love in the first place just that it started at a wrong time perhaps.

That's when I decided to throw in the towel. The saying often goes like these: Once a woman, made up her mind, that's it, it's Final.

I started a new relationship not long after that..

Initially, I was apprehensive about it, many factors to consider and worse of all I'm still suffering from a breakup at that time.

I would say it's his love that touched me and I feel comfortable.

I'm really touched by what he did the past four months plus.

Maybe to many people, we are still in the honeymoon period. Whether we would end up together anot in the future, that's not for us to decide.. I would just leave it up to God.

and most importantly, I am happy with I have now :)

Not much photos to post for 2010, cause mainly it's in Facebook

Two New Groups of Friends

My SA colleagues.. Till now we still kept in touch and we are going for our next trip this month woohoo tgt with my bf :)

The ex-clubbing group... we had toned down on clubbing nowadays... fun and crazy group

Went for Two Overseas Trip in 2010

LGK in March with the SA girls...

BKK with Pat in July...

Went Malacca at the start of the year ...

Went JB like more than 5 times? Hahhaa I love JB...Oh ya JB is also the place where me and my bf went for our first date.. haha cool rite.. where got ppl first date go JB de hahaha

Er jie's wedding a day before my bd.... Congrats er jie...

My lovely Bd cake from Canele ordered by bf ... it's just so yummy

Thanks to those who attended my bd in the small hotel's room... I had a great celebration and thank you bf for cooking and preparing the food overnight :) much appreciated.

One of my resolution last year was to have more family time together.. Thank God Mi Jie shifted near me nowadays we had more family gathering at her condo.
The above: BBQ at Mijie's house

Xmas Eve Family Party at Mi Jie's house...and that's my fave ah bi in the pic.. love her :)

My New Year's Eve was spent at Boiler Room at St James with Shufen, Christal and Fiora..

This guy met his gf at Boiler and he proposed to her on New Year's Day... Omg damn sweet and who says that you can't meet your Partner at clubs? Sweets and congratulations to them :)

That's the end of my 2010.. Hopefully my 2011 will be better and happier :)

Dear God

I don't ask for much, In 2011, I just wish for Simple happiness like this:

Thank you bf for everything in my life :)

Short Note: May it turn out well :0

With Love, 3:55 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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