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Saturday, December 31, 2005'♥


LOTS of changes.. due to alot of Kiasu ppl going to MOS to queue as early as 6pm..when the door actually opens at 9.30am COOOL.. i might go back BATAM celebrate at THE ZOUK there.. haha.. Peeps bring along ur passports pls...

With Love, 1:06 PM


Auld Lang Syne

Finally its last yr of YR 2005 le.. it comes and goes so fast that we didnt even haf the chance to cherish some ppl and they are out of ur life...

Maybe this yr is a SHIT yr for mi.. but certainly i pray tat i wont repeat the same mistakes i made in 2005, so far so good so i hope tat YR 2006 is a good yr for mi..HEHE.BY faith...

What i ACHIEVE in YR 2005

seriously its not much la..Manage to SLIM down a little...but still not enough.. Except tat i graduate in ITE wit a HIGHER NITEC CERT... I found a BANK JOB..now still considering whether to be PERM staff anot.. I celebreated my 21st birthday wit lots of gifts...I joined a ministry but sadly now IM BACK TO ministriless again..

Nothing much rite.. so i decided to set some resolution in YR 2006

* To slim down more.. 10kg?? JIA YOU
* To get a car licence if nt at least go and book e stupid theory test
* To save more money..open another account for saving...
* To go on holiday with frens to the nearby country preferably BANGKOK
* To join a ministry
* TO read the bible again thoroughly
* To get a new hp
* To get a Diploma Cert be it FULL OR PART TIME

Tats abt all ba...

YSt was a moneyless day.. i didnt spent a single cent for my breakfast lunch and dinner... WHO says there is no free lunch in this world...hahahaha Company ordered buffet for us as its the end of the yr le..some kind of appreciation.. food was ok..but the stupid otak is spoilt de..so we demand a refund for it...A who is an associate came...He was from my church oso..then dunno which gong gong go and tell him im oso from his church..he came to talk to mi..diaoz we talked awhile and tks to SAMSUNG who interrupted us..heng ah...i faster run away...

Dinner was at MElVIN's house..Thanksgiving cg ma..we are supposed to haf potluck so i did my fav POTATO SALAD hehe the response nt bad..finished up within a few mins.. they bought so much food tat in the end we cant finish it..Here we go.. FREE FOOD again....

Programmme for today....

We haf ppl station at diff station (tks to my own suggestion) to see which place we can go in without much queueing up...Laochek will be station at MOS...supposed to call mi and tell mi whether alot of ppl ma and he said he will treat mi covercharge woohoo..Baobei will be at BALCONY to see if we can get a place ma.. I will be going down BACLAVIA to see if we can get a place oso ma...power rite.. we still gt frens station at MOMO, DEVILS BAR... hopefully in the end all can go in MOS...

After clubbing or chilling we will be watching the KING KONG..ya im watching myself act can ma?? at 4am in CINELEISURE power rite.. hehe coz after tat we want to go eat breakfast and then go home KO the whole day.. hahah i tink we are a bunch of mad ppl...lol..

HOW U END A YR DETERMINE HOW U START A YR...last yr.. mi and baobei was at INDOCHINE having our solemn dinner... THIS YR.. i want to be HAPPY.. and ENJOY myeself..woohoo BAOBEI I LOVE U

With Love, 11:00 AM

Tuesday, December 27, 2005'♥

Gan CHiong Spider

As to what i expected.. wking wit GAN CHIONG SPIDER today..its PISSING mi off... quite alot of passbooks today.. and thks to GC spider.. she keep wanting to do the job in a ver FAST WAY..ended up we finished everything twice the time later...

She keep giving herself stress...keep wanting to do many things at a time..tat i almost shouted at her.. EXCUSE MI CAN U STOP WHAT UR DOING?? but of coz i didn't coz i knew if i did dat she sure broke down and cry de..At one pt of time i was actually eating my ice cream sitting down and literally watching her every movements and i felt like laughing..EVIL mi rite.. but its like she keep forcing herself to be fast..but instead more mistakes lor.. diao...

haiz for once i missed MILK..wished tat she will be back soon..and oso not to mention gifts from THAILAND..woohoo..

ORITE.. im dead tired today..TUESDAY BLUES huh.. tmr i need to go library le..buay tahan no books to read anymore..

With Love, 8:41 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005'♥

Trival Matters..

BOXING day... suppose to open all my pressie today.. but its on my office desk..so i tink i will go and open tmr ba.. hope i got the time.. long weekends = more retained passbooks.. sianz..somemore milk went to Thailand on FRI..so tmr mi and gan chiong spider together.. diaoz..

While i was typing..gan chiong spider suddenly msged mi..

GCS: u wan to play badminton ma
ME: u got msg wrong ppl ma?? Hmm i anything lor
GCS: Time i will arrange, I nv msg wrongly.. I WANT U TO JOIN TO KNOW MORE PPL...
Me: erm ok lor.. u arrange le tell mi..

WALAO..wad is tis..join in know more ppl?? wad is she tinking sometimes i realli dunno lei.. pengs.. just see how ba..if bh going then i go..if not i will faint de....

The whole day i was at home today..surprisngly rite? Suddenly i miss someone..guess who?? MS HAN la.. coz she is always at home de.. wit mi chatting at msn..but TODAY..she went out hahhhaa.. lonely me.. msn oso nt much ppl to chat...no story books to read le..all finish..

SO>>>>> i went to play gunbound again..pengs haha.. realli sibeh bo liao lor..Until mama went downstairs so i ask her to rent vcd for mi.. haha...then i watch and watch..until now...

BORING LIFE RITE.. diaoz..nvm la...anyway auntie came my hse and popo cook her powerful CURRY CHK..

Yst nite i chatted wit one of my ex.. who recently made a reappearance in my life.. Always tot that he is the same old person..until i chatted wit him yst...to my surprise he reali did change abit.. i was telling him abt my problems in life then advisse mi in a veri serious way.. hmm since i knew him i always tink he is veri flirt, always anyhow spend money de.. but one yr le..this one yr he realli changed quite abit..

Was glad tat i talked to him.. and from now on i promise him to SAVE MONEY together.. NAH.. its not like LENA AND MR K so loving go open on account la.. we save individually.. and if allow he will bring mi go BAngkok next yr.. provided i save money lor...dun get mistaken la.. now my feelings for him is just like a brother lor.. after all i wont be wit him again de.. coz he is nt a christian oso ma...

TO Mr A..tks for sharing wit mi ur lifestory.. u realli did impact mi wit ur changes.. will save money de from now on.. hahaha coz i wan go BANGKOK lol

With Love, 7:27 PM

Sunday, December 25, 2005'♥

Another Day Passed....

Finally its Christmas Day today.. The Management of MRSTEA.BLOGSPOT.COM would like to wish all the ppl here.. MERRy CHRISTMAS HOPE U GUYS ENJOYR YOURSELF during these long WEEKEND....


Yest went for church service.. the drama was great..its so funni lor..after tat went to the xmas carnival.. xiaohan and mi saw this MR BEAN's BEAR its so cute..and we are veri SURE we DIE DIE must win tat.. So we used up all the coupons just to GET TAT.. Banchuan is realli gifted in all these games.. he veri power lor..we are aiming the SMALL prize which is green in colour..and he go and throw on the BIG PRIZE which is red.. and the FIRST PRIZE is like SHIT.. a ugly rabbit...so we negotiate wit the guy and requested for three MR BEAN's BEAR haha in the end he won four total.. woohoo he realli GIFTED in this AREA lor..next time got pasar malam i sure ask him go and win those bear for mi de.. woohoo..

We came back home.. thru our power..xh and mi manage to psycho MS CHelsia to buy the BAO BEI for our steamboat woohoo.. we started eating ard 8 and end ard 10 we are so full and it makes us want to slp..still got alot of food lor..power rite each person ard 12 bucks and we got so much food tat tonite we are going to haf steamboat again this time wit my beloved family haha.. second round.. THEN after eating tat two SPOILT PRINCESS tot they can just sneak away.. of coz NOT..haha make them wash the dish while i clean up and packed the whole place..

We lied on my bed motionless...veri tired and sleepy.. then the conversation starts....

Me: "Wei veri sian lei.. nothing to do"
Chelsia: "Ya lor but i veri tired lor"
XH: Continue to play wit MSN

Me:"SO i tink when alarm strikes 12 we just close our eyes and slp is it?"
Chelsia:"Haha abit ke lian rite...but go where?"
XH:"NO MONEY still wan go where, i dun wan change clothes again"

THEN feeling abit sian.. after calling ah jin..who is at MOS yayaing tat ITS SO FUN THERE.. i cant help but took out An Assessment BOOK from Chelsia's bag.. ADVANCE MATHS FOR PRIMARY 4 to do the sums.. (NOtice MS CHelsia is a TEACHER)

Chelsia: "Wei dun like dat lei..like veri ke lian ok la we go watch movie?"
Me: OKOK Ms HAn go check GV Website
XH: Huh no money still want to watch movie...

Me: GO LA veri sian lor..
XH: Narnia at TM its 12.30 and onli left second row lei

So here we are so last min decided to watch NARNIA.. been wanting to watch lor..but that MS Han going to watch wit her fren.. so we begged her and Ms Chelsia is a good ger(but later on not good liao, tell u later ba) helped Ms Han to fork out her movie ticket...tats it.. THREE WOMAN.. wit no MONEY..in DEBTS... NO LOVELIFE...going to watch movie together in the cinema.. haha LOSER RITE...


We reached the cinema quite early..saw Randy and MAd oso..chatted wit them quite awhile.. the show is nice.. but the intro abit long.. i felt like watching it again lor....at first we were like going to slp le..coz we sat second row..the head so pain lor.. but when the show started awhile..walao we sat upright lor.. GOOOD GOOD SHOW..its worth the mONEY wor...reached home ard 3.30 buay tahan le..faster remove makeup and KO le.. Ms han oso buay tong liao..

Woke up 8.30 this morning to go service again..walao im so reluctant to wake up lor.. the weather damn good.. and we onli slept a few hrs lor.. THEN I REALISE SOMETHING.. MY MR BEAN's BEAR had been SWOPPED!!!!! coz mine is veri slim de.. MUST BE TAT CHELSIA.. SHE GO AND EXCHANGE coz hers is the super fat one.. see the face felt like slapping those kind.. ARRRGGHH so angry she KIDNAPPEd MY BEAR.. Saw her this morning..throw back tat FAT BEAR to her.. and she tot i nv realise..FAT HOPE lor.. SHE BETTER bring my bear next week IF NOT I SURE KILL HER de....hehe.. coz i realli like tat bear veri long le.. and so difficult then got it.. hur hur so sad..need to wait one more week to see the bear bear...

Ok la..no matter wad still want to thank this two SHITTY CLUB MEMBER..they brought joy into my life yst.. appreacitate it spending Christmas wit them.. XH got mi a foot scrub(maybe she tinks my feet stinks..sob sob) i just used it and now its so smooth woohoo.. and oso tat KIDNAPPER for the Spag top haha first time lei..hope they enjoy themselves too....

Christmas is going to over soon.. and new yr coming.. lets end these last few days of 2005 well ba... Tadah going to get my beauty slp now le..and get charged up for tonite steamboat...woohoo

With Love, 2:36 PM

Saturday, December 24, 2005'♥


ITS SOOOOO HOOOOOT now... i just came back from MARKETING.. marketing not in the sense of the business related subject u took.. but its the marketing in the market.. the MARKET where ur mama went twice a week...

IM FORCED to or maybe i happily volunteered myself to go and buy stuffs for the steamboat tonite.. arrgghh.. becoz i tink its much more cheaper.. but to my AMAZEMENT.. its ard the same lor.. duhz...and its so many many housewives ah ma. and MARIA there..

Its been i duno how long maybe ard one yr plus i nv went to the market le.. muahaha.. i went to buy yong tau foo stuffs, pig liver, jin zhen gu, spring onion, fishballs, fishcakes... and miss han fav YU JIAO.. touched ba..oh shit as i was typing i realised i forgot to buy tang hoon.. ok la..later will buy la.. i tink we are havin a sumptous dinner tonite.. plus the stuffs we bought yst woohoo.. and i realise being a housewife is nt easy lor.. so many things to carry.. arggh.. i will appreciate my mama de.. i promise.. becoz the stuffs i bought so ex...where she bought de so cheap...NOT FAIR...

Yeap and i bought chocolates for church frens too.. last min all the candy canes OUT OF STOCK.. wad the... ALL U KNOW.. duhz.. be it NTUC , COLD STORAGE.. CARREFOUR..even 7-11 oso Dun haf. wads so popoular abt tat CANDY CANE.....

Im realli veri tired.. so the two monkeys better appreciate mi ok.. treat mi better from now on.. and i tink more or less we will be going FISHERMAN after eating.. woohooo.. chelsia chan treat lei.. hehe..pray hard for it ba..

I LOVE MY FAMILY.. and Xmas is a time for giving... y not gif ur mama a big hug??

With Love, 10:58 AM

Friday, December 23, 2005'♥


Today was just another day where i had no mood to work
Something happen..But thank GOD tat HE ans my prayers
Its still a good day though..
Coz now my desk is filled wit presents..
And from the initial five present i bought more than 10 present
For all my beloved colleagues..back to square one..
IM BROKE.. arrghh..

After work mit beloved han go FOR A super market SPREE
WE bought stuffs for tmr STEAMBOAT DINNER at my HOUSE
First time organising it..and im quite..errr ANXIOUS??
Notice the ** coz tat HAN cant live without it as USUAL..
The taxi queue was so bloody long tat i nearly cried waiting for it alone
Couple behind mi was whispering sweetnothings to each other
AND I FELT like walking HOME..darn it..

ED asked mi to be his gf yst nite. HA HA HA.. im amazed
WHen we onli knew each other less than a week??
IMPOSSIBLE.. no matter how desperate i am.. i wont stoop so low
BUT NONETHELESS the feelin of talkin on the phone at nite is great

Wad am i tinking abt??
Hope tmr dinner will be successful..and the after dinner program will turn out well
We are a bunch of BO LUI CHAR BO....

Merry XMAS to all.. hope tat svc will be great tmr
All the best to TUPPERWARE"s Performance on SUN ..jia you dun throw SEE's FAMILY FACE...
Xmas and the motto is to BE HAPPY...

With Love, 11:45 PM

Thursday, December 22, 2005'♥


Work has nv been better.. recently im so free tat.. i read finish three storybooks in office.. including HARRY POTTER 6..power rite.. becoz there is simply nothing for mi to do.. i enjoy my work..my collegues i simply love them.. everyday there is sure to be something on my desk..be it choc.. chips..fruits.. and nowadays its PRESENT.. small present.. big present.. im realli touched by their actions.. COZ IM ONLI A TEMP staff..wad they haf done is way enough for mi.. they celebrated my bd.. they know i love chocs..always buy for mi..(now u know y im fatter le ba)..its like my second family lor..felt abit paiseh..so i went and bought gifts for them just now.. hee..

Today the few of us..ordered Canadian Pizzas, seafood platters..chicken wings.. Milk bought ice cream too.. its just a mini celebration btw the five of us.. wow so much food.. and i nv had dinner lor.. coz im super full.. THEN.. VP came.. wit TURKEYS and HAMS.. omg.. he said the BIG BIG Boss bought for us de.. diaoz.say earlier ma..anyway the turkeys is so juicy...THKS BOSS.. There wil be another buffet lunch for the whole dept next fri.. STANFORD Catering lei..nt bad de wor.. Now u know its difficult to diet le ba in this kind of environment...

Been playin this game KALONLINE.. nt bad game intro my BULLSHIT.. ask ah jin to play oso..dunno how is he getting on.. but i looked veri CHIO inside haha..show u the pics ba..

Me and Bullshit.. hehe we both like mad cow taking photos here and there..the graphics is nice wor..

Xmas is coming.. its seems tat the ppl celebrating wit mi is getting lesser and lesser by the day.. this one got party tat one got other fren.. I always tried to be a good fren to others.. i listen to their problems.. i bought them stuffs.. i tried to contact them..but it seems tat im always on the back of ppl's mind.. everyone seems to haf their own frens..their own lives.. while im just a back up.. miserable huh? I dunno y ..seems it start from long long time ago.. bf de got their bf.. others got their own fren and work.. y is it like dat..

Tired ba.. from organising this and that.. everytime is mi always the one SO ENTHU abt the event.. everytime de.. be it going out or wad.. NO xh im nt saying u.. at least u help out abit.. im just sick lor.. do so much for wad..ONE NO and it really makes mi low morale..

Today i dunno y..suddenly i flip to page of my planner where i wrote down my tots six mths ago.. tat time i was still wit him..wrote abt how happy i was.. how i wished he is the last ONE in my life.. i smiled and remember how xing fu i tink i was at tat time..Until the last word then i realise.. everything HAS STOPPED...Xmas..tat time i always tot tat if i got the chance i would go ESPLANADE wit him.. and countdown.. SIX MONTHS and many things changed..sometimes i wonder y things are happening so fast tat i dun even haf the time to rest and got through it...Maybe this song features how i felt rite now ba..







Today is dong zhi.. hope all of u will haf a happy time wit ur family members ba..after all they are the MOST important ppl in the world...

With Love, 9:04 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2005'♥


Finally had the time to settle down and typed my blog..well well..WEEKENDS had busy for mi lately...as the church is in EXPO now.. So everytime need to support service..or like today.. GOT SOT grauation SERVICE.. LAONIANG is on the call.. cant reject coz.. IM STAYING SO NEAR lor.. anyway i enjoyed it la..in fact i perfer the church in EXPO..hehe

Y? Because its so near tat even take cab onli $3 nia. and im always the first one to reach home unlike last time the LAST ahha.. Yah.. XMAS is coming and im getting quite excited abt it.. although this yr nv buy much present..IN FACT i haven't even BOUGHT it.. hehe although this yr wont haven any grand celebration.. but i know i will be wit frens tat is my closest.. THE NAME LIST ARE>>>>>> tadah...Xiaohan(didnt have a choice as u can see), Chelsia(well she kept pestering mi abt it), New one.. Christine(Hmmm..She is having a rough patch in relationship now)..Baobei (hopefully u wont mind joinning them hehe).. so i invite her to join us lor..after all she is my best fren ma)... will be going down to fisherman for some makan and chilling out session ba.. BUDGET is the THEME wor..Grow up liao dun like to go to noisy places and wad for squeeze here and there wit the crowd.. hmm SHIRLEY is DIFFERENT le hor.. alot of ppl said i haf changed alot le.. ever since im 21 yrs old.. haha still alot to change wor..

So we wont be staying out too late...coz the next day we will be all going to church for the XMAS Service and CARNIVAL.. woohoo got the coupons ready le.. xiaohan oso got wor.. dunno which gong gong go and bless her wit that.. Hopefully Lena and Ah BEr can join us too.. and not to mention MR LAO CHEK. pls dun work hor... haha..Tats is Simple XMAS rite..We had our EVER first Candlelight Service in CHurch yst .. wow the atmosphere is so great and touching.. the whole church was dark and we light up our candles one by one..passing the flame.. show u all the pics ba.. I LOVE CHC wor..

Swee boh..the whole church lei imagine 6000plus ppl light up their candles...and sang SILENT NIGHT...

Me and tat short short de YICHUN haha..cant even see her gong gong face...

ME and GUESS WHO BA.. lol GUESS HOW OLD IS HE>. da dui you jiang haha..

Me and JERRY took this pic at last xmas.. ya forget abt mi..i look so ROUND AND BIG.. at tat time haven JIAN FEI ok...(ORITE u won I STILL LOOK LIKE TAT RITE)...tat is 2004 Jerry in his GAYISH POSE...and


Me and my gaysih pose version 2005... arggh not tat convincing enough hor.. i tink i shall take again this week.. SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN....wooohoo i simply LOVE XMAS...

Just got back from dinner.. treated my whole family to ZI CHAR... woohoo and great it onli cost 45 bucks...wohooo.. coz granny is old le ma.. and i tink its time for mi to treat her since im wking le.. ya i feel like an adult when i called for bill just now.. and oso my heart bleeds..no la no la.. its great to see my family happy although its just a simple dinner..

PS: super buay tahan my tat gong gong uncle.. my mummy's youngest brother.. so bo liao de..always wan to create politics in our family..always talk back abt my cousins all those.. DUN LIKE HIM AT ALL>> so petty and stingy...sometimes nv call him he say we NO RESPECT FOR HIM.. i mean must so gei gao meh.u tink we are ur MAID ah..once see u must call u.. BIG F**K meh.. blehh...dun like dun like dun like him.. oops BAN CHUAN preached tat GOD will onli BLESS U when u had FORGIVENESS IN UR HEART...oopps SRRY SRRY i take back my word ba...

With Love, 7:55 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2005'♥

Money Issues...

Money is a veri sensitive issue whenever ppl heard abt it they will tend to siam..avoid.. or even keep quiet not to comment abt it..

I just read Miss Tupperware's blog and i just wanna welcome her to join OUR SHITTY club together with MISS HAN...Huang yin Huang yin

Ppl often asked is money important?? Let mi tell u how important it is ba...


* Ur family is poor, both of ur parents are old..u need to at least share some of their burden...

* Ur penniless..as in realli penniless..no dinner..and u starve urself all the way back home and eat maggie mee..

* When all ur fren are out there enjoying themselves.. all u can do is to come back str home..

* IT will make u into depression, mood swings...low self-esteem easily..

* Ur fren's birthday u have to avoid them..coz u realli had no money to celebrate not to say even go out wit them...

In short.. its veri easy..got money = got fren..no money = fren all run away.. maybe not in the physical sense.. but as in slowly they will seldom ask u out..coz the answer is always the SAME..u cant blame them..their youths they need to relax and enjoy their lives too...Blame it on your poor management of money ba.. u lousy steward...

Ppl always thought tat when u started working liao..life will be better.. U will have more money.. But dun they know tat..on the other hand..different situations arises....

* Ur parents asked u to contribute to the household expense..
* U haf to pay ur own bus fare which is killing everyone of us...
* U haf to pay ur hp bills..
* Not to mention buy some cloths.. u cant be always wearing the same for office everyday rite??
* Frens expect better quality of gifts...
* Ppl expect u to treat them dinner
* Frens came and borrow money from u...

On the surface they saw tat u got ur pay.. but on the other hand they dun understand y ur money is spent away so quickly.. first THOUGHT.. "AHHH..must be u la..buy this buy that anyhow spent rite" They didnt knw tat being a working adult u haf more OBLIGATIONS.. MORE CONTRIBUTION.. and nt to mention Religious contribution....

To Miss CIndy.. Studying is still the best.. afterall canteen stuffs are cheap.. trust mi...when u earn more.. u spent more.. rite MISS HAN??

Enough of money.. which is driving mi crazy...I went KTV wit SUFEN yst..she treated mi everything and im realli veri impressed by what a fren i got.. i meant its her bd she treat mi the ktv.. and yet she bought the cake herself...how guilty can i be seriously? U know deep inside how bad i felt? wanted to buy her something but the reality hits mi like a thunder.. U HAF NO MONEY..so darling sufen.. wad i can said is..WAIT BA.. hehe..

I sang alot of songs yst..nt to mention all time fave YI SHENG ZUI AI DE REN.. tats when sufen went to toilet i faster insert tat song.. wad happens when i heard tat song?? NAh shall nt say it out.. anyway i sang WANG RI QING..and i understand totally how LENA felt when she sang tat song.. its tmd a sad song...


( music )

SAD song indeed...

To one of my fren...

Im surprised when u msged mi ur decision.. at the same time im happy for u.. because u finally make the RIGHT decision.. I know wad u going tru.. the hurts the betrayal.. No ones likes to divorce.. its onli after a veri careful consideration...I know u still love him..I know u cant change suddenly to be veri strong..but dun forget u GOT mi and ur sister.. we will be there for u ...

When u called mi just now.. i was surprised.. tat u did not cry.. and the way u told mi abt tat incident.. reflects a diff person..a diff u i once know..in fact a stronger one.. im happy tat u xiang tong le..maybe realli when a person go tru TRIALS their thinking will Realli CHANGE.. It will be tough at first ba.. but i know its FOR UR FUTURE OWN GOOD...wad for continue to stay in hurts.. depression..cry urself to slp every nite.. where u can find another kind of happiness and freedom....

I will be there.. just a phone call away..promise to spent more time wit u ...meanwhile continue to be the STRONG GER i once knew...

With Love, 12:11 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005'♥

Rudolph THE red-nose Reindeer...

Congrats to ah leng jie *ah zhen's older sister* that ur getting married le.. finally haha.. might not be going to ur wedding.. coz no money buy nice clothes lei..see how ba..anyway congrats to our veri DEAR SOCKFANG.. ur getting ROM on 18FEB will try to be there de.. our DEAR BABY BEAR lei.. haiz... SO FAST LOR... gong xi gong xi wor..

Xmas is coming and i tot it would be great if i surprise u guys wit my XMAS WISHLIST..hehe see ba see ba.. pls feel free to take alook..

* Someone to treat mi to the CHocolate Buffet at FULLERTON HOTEL?? $28 per person..im sure some kind soul can fulfill this wish rite??

* TO have tat teddy bear from tat ESPLANADE shop...hehe..

* A MP3...im felt so wierd without an MP3...


Talk abt money.. MEMBER no 1 from SHITTY CLUB aka EX-Singlehood Club..Miss He xiaohan.. and i decided to open the SAYE account and oso an account from UOB.. after some careful consideration we decided tat WE REALLI need to SAVE money le....the previous SAYE account i got my mum took it for her own..haiz..so NOW laoniang have to save save save...Life without money is veri cham de..no one wil pity u lor.. worst is u lend money to ppl and they oso no money pay u back, and worst of ALL u borrow from someone and they gave u tat kind of si ren attitude..suan le..hai shi kao zi ji ba.. rite MISS SHITTY HAN??

Quite moody these few days.. i oso dunno y.. maybe on the outside no one detects it..but actually i am....call mi useless ba.. but i longed to be loved by someone... i felt so lonely sometimes going thru this dark periods of my life.. i wanted so much for a shoulder that i can rely on.. i missed the feeling of a hug...have anyone told u tat a hug can do wonders??

I read the chat history of the past..and i realise how childish i was tat time...i realise tat at the latter part we are actually both veri stressed up.. y like dat.. i asked myself wad if??...........

But the answer will still be the same...coz u are u ..and i am i .. our thinking is somehow different.. but stil i thank u for the effort of loving mi.. i felt it at tat pt of time...



With Love, 9:00 PM

Monday, December 12, 2005'♥

6.15 Pm....

When the clock strikes 6.15 in the evening.. i str away chiong out from my office.. str to the interchange..chiong up a veri packed bus.. just to go str home.. reason?? Jitao BROKE liao..cant go anywhere....last time always tot tat those aunties always chiong home super no LIFE..now i become one of THEM liao..hehe...

Brought my baby weisi and her sister down to the pasar malam below..duhz..all i could see is BURGER...POPCORN...Taiwan FRIED CHK...diaoz.. is tat a food fest?? y now de PM so sianz wan..nothing to buy..ALL FOOD onli..and somemore all SAME FOOD de..cant they be more CREATIVE..had a stall selling CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN??? lol..anyway i bought icecream for my darlings..can see they realli enjoying themselves..even the stick oso wan to eat....diaoz.. walk awhile..mummy called and said their daddy is there to fetch them...diaoz so early.. yuen lai their daddy oso wan to bring them to PM... haha..

Popo is back...yeah..so long liao...its been four mths ba..the last time she went back BATAM..i was still wit him...duhz.. y i go back to tat topic again.. SO FAST rite.. i cant imagine when i looked at my calendar.. NEXT SAT is XMAS liao.. ITS REALLI VERI FAST..coz i haven go ORCHARD take pics.. i haven bought gifts for exchange.. i haven Learn my XMAS Carols.. wow..and not to mention two more weeks to the end of 2005.

Darling Trish called mi and told mi that her fren works in HOTEL RENDEZEVOUS..got discount.. wan to book a room ma at 130 nia..WOW great offer lei.. last time we went to ask its ard 200 per nite lor..somemore its XMAS eve..so ill be spending my xmas wit my beloved baobei.. chelsia and xiaohan..hehe all my darlings..and hopefully tirsh will be staying besides us..woohoo.. hope we will realli enjoy ourselves ba...

Saw this survey somewhere..so i out of boredom did it...


1. Name the first thing u did when u woke up this morning..
Switch off the alarm lor..

2. What did u ate this morning?
Hmmm..homemade sandwich by my mama...

3. What did u wear today?
Green lacy blouse and black pants...

4. Who is the first person u talked to today?
My popo...

5. Who is the first person who msged u today?

6. What makes u happy today?
Nothing actually... its the same everyday...

7. What songs are u listening now...
Yiluxiangpei by jay chou.. a song tat reminds of someone...

8. What is the last book that uve read?
Xian shou wo ai ni.. i read it at NLB yst...

9. Are u happy now?
Not realli...

10.Are u in love now?
Can i skip this qn?

11.Who do u miss the most in these past few days?
Skipped.. no point saying out rite..if i say my mama means im lying rite?

12. Who do u wish to see now?

13. Who are u talking to in msn?
Sadly to say ..MISS han..member of SHITTY CLLUB

14. If you could have one xmas gift wad would it be?
A hug...

15. What is the most happening incident tat makes u remember Year 2005?
Haiz... haiz...haiz...skipped...

16. How do u want to end Year 2005
Nah.. obviously not MAMBO ZOUK event...just a simple dinner like last yr wit baobei..at INDOCHINE.. this yr maybe ESPLANADE ba...

17. Whose voice do u want to hear now?
God.. Im feeling veri confused now....

18. What is ur feelings towards Year 2006?
Hope it would be better nt a another SHIT yr for mi ba...

19. If you could forsee Year 2006? What do u wish to see?
That im happily married wit one kid...preparing breakfast for my hubby....haha im seriously MAD now...

20. Who do u wish to see doing this survey??
XIaohan..Tupperware..(coz we are from shitty club)..Pekhar(i know ni hui zhi chi wo de)...Selyn and Ah jin ba...


With Love, 7:58 PM

Sunday, December 11, 2005'♥


Had a busy weekend.. im sooo tired i did not even rest a single day and now im going back to work tmmr.. and the best part is the amt of passbook im going to face tmr.. arggghh...

Church was officially moved to EXPO yst.. The service was great.. location is SUPER great..and its BIGGER..From now on my SAT nite is FULLY BOOKED le.. so no more going out on SAT nite le..

Woke up at 7 today.. washed up and called lao chek up coz he is going church wit mi today..hehe.. yeah tks ah lao chek for sacrificing ur BEAUTY SLP.. so met him for mac breakfast...then we took a cab to EXPO..im glad he finds it interesting and did not doze off during service..hehe..

We went to BUGIS to have lunch later on.. nowhere to go so we went COFFEE BEAN chat chat.. hmm tks lei..for wasting ur time wit mi..coz im basically wasting time to wait for the dinner afterwards.. tks for treating mi all those stuffs..hehe get pay le wo hui zuo ren de..Anyway laochek went home ard 3plus.. coz he quite tired le..and somemore im going dinner afterwards ma.. I saw UNCLE DAVID at BUGIS..wit AHEM.....suan le lor..he veri bo sim de..haha..saw quite a few ppl ...went to find darling trish for the discount card.. tks ger.. and then i make a veri stupid decision ..i decided to walk to PLAZA SING from BUGIS..duhz, saw the NATIONAL LIBRARY i went in wow super nice lor.. Took a chinese novel from the shelf..and read one chaper of it...realli touches mi..too bad i cant borrow books if nt sure borrow de..coz i owe NLB 7 buckz ahhaha..

So i continued my journey..finally after losing my way a few times and saw a few or langs who tried to talk to mi again.. i FINALLY reached DHOBY GAUT MRT station.. We are having our appreciation dinner for GLORIA JEANS..some sort of D&D but informal one la.. anyway i oredi make a reservation at SKETCHES at ROBERTSON WALK..so all 25 of us proceeeded there.. sad tat one of my earring drop into the longkang.. arggh suay ppl is like dat..im used to it le.. can say the food there is NICER than BUGIS de..ahem, trish pls feedback to ur CHEF..haha..total i tink spent ard 400plus..but its paid by our HEAD..hehe BRO ROBIN.. Chelsea kept teasing abt mi and roti prata..duhz..nw almost all knew abt our stupid bickering history.. anyway its a nice outing.. and we are realli sad tat from now on we go our seperate ways.. im ministriesless..hehe...

Im abit affected by a fren tinking of getting a divorce.. sometimes wad u tell her or advise her..she wont listen.. y ask for others opinions when u oredi had urs.. no matter wad decision u made i will support u..but for once.. pls be WISE...

Love....ur love is not perfect if u had fear in it..we often scare of commtiment..failures..responsibilities..worst still confession.. confessing out that u love tat particular person is so difficult...wad if ..he dun like mi at all??..wad if he's now in love wit someone else?? wad if he's not ready??WORST part.. wad if he treat mi as a good fren onli??? STUCKEd in between? the best solution for everything is lift up all the FEARS to GOD.. ABBA ur FATHER..the rest.. will depends..



*shakes head* Love is realli realli veri ma fan...but without love its not a perfected life at all....

With Love, 11:00 PM

Saturday, December 10, 2005'♥

Heritage TOUR...

Had an adventure wit BELOVED..XIAOHAN..all tks to her..i tink i clock in 2km walk yst haha..Met after work at Bugis..wanted to try the steamboat..end up cant find..so we went to this 7 Story HOTEL de.saw tv recommend before.. so decided to go have a try...

It is cooked by charcoal de..so the soup is veri natural and due to lack of money.we ordered the standard package..most is vegetables lor.. hehe great rite.. but nonetheless the soup was nice..Total ard 32 bucks.. taking a loan from her haha..she rich women yst nite lei..

Then after dinner actually wanted to go to Bugis Village walk walk de..then suddenly she talked abt CAFE.. and abt tat CAFE CANOPY..which u can rent movies, play board games and chat chat de...was quite enthu abt it..so we from BUGIS walked to CITY HALL.. and then CITY HALL to nearly PS.. COZ WE CANT FIND TAT STUPID CAFE..tks to our dear princess who die die said tat its NT stamford HOUSE.. but actually it is lor.. onli knew it this morning when we browse thru the website..arggghh its so near yet so far.. in the end we super buay tahan le..went to TCC at CINELEISURE..

HAD our cheesecakes...and chat chat abit..then saw ANGIE, ERIC they all..hmm lucky i nv did anything wrong hee.. then we went to ESPLANADE.. on the way down.. SAW a COUPLE.. THE GUY WAS PRACTICALLY SHOUTING..yes i meant SHOUTING..AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE..at first tot got ppl fight or wad...duhz so many ppl looking he buay paiseh de meh.. yi dian fend du dou mei you.. SHIT HIM LOR..no camera if nt took down his bloody face lor.. so jian..the poor ger is so ke lian..if mi i just walk away lor.. JIAN NAN REN...

Reached ESPLANADE...argghhh saw the bear bear shop..it costed 29.90 lei to make a bear..i wan!!!! xmas present pls..anyone?? and i didnt know BEAR BEAR got spa treatment de..to make them more FLUFFY..duhz.. haha the sales ger is veri friendly wor..too bad no money hehe..then went outside to chat chat.. haiz..COUPLES all OVER.. chat quite long..ard eleven plus buay tahan le.. so we decided to go home.. so we walked all the way from ESPLANADE..to NORTH BRIDGE ROAD PEARL BUILDING there lor...just to find a bus stop where both of us can take bus together ..veri duhz rite..haha slept in the bus like a pig lor..too tired le..

Although yst nite involves alot of walking..but i still enjoy myself la.. haha..and did i mention another blackie..wanted to know us yst///i tot im SAVE coz i nv went PS..but who knows.. duhz..yyyyyyy we always so suay de.. haha in the end laoniang use jue zhao le.. IM MARRIED...haha and heng he nv follow us cross the road.. phew...

Today and TMR is going to be busy for mi...FIRST svs in EXPO.. going to the agency to hand in my time-sheet later coz they FORGOT TO GIF MI ONE WEEK PAY>>SO sad...haha then miting my BELOVED SUFEN..she's going to buy mi a GUESS wallet..as a belated BIRTHDAY present..coz now GUESS got 20% sales..damn it... y it always had when laoniang no money...saw the BOUTIQUE in RAFFLES CITY..totally packed wit ppl..they dun even allowed any one in anymore..shit cant even take a look lor...but anyway woohoo nice fren i got there.. i love u SUFEN heheeeee....

ORITE got to go le.. hope today will be a great day...

With Love, 11:10 AM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005'♥


Orite im blogging in the middle of the nite.. im tired.. YES im REALLI am..so I HAVE canceled all my appt for tmr.. haha... GOING TO STAY at home and be a good ger wor..

Just got back from My CHurch FIRST CHURCHWIDE PRAYER MMEETING in EXPO..GREAT its a new HOME for us...and we were like praying for two hours plus as a church for that HALL 8.. the atmosphere is good..and almost the whole hall is FULL.. Thank GOD for EXPO one st bus and IM HOME..wohooo.. but nt so easily..Hong jin they all asked mi to wait for them at my hse the busstop and they wanted to go eat PRATA.... haha eat prata wit them?? who cares?? haha no la.. in the end i waited and said i wan go home first..realli tired ma.. and guess wad the six of them hold their hands together and im like the MONKEY stucked inside.. and dun let mi out..until we reached the coffeeshop..haha veri funni lor.. ppl were staring at us lol....

And forgot to add on..for those who haf 3G phones..now u all can even watch THE SERVICE on ur phone lor..power rite.. Thank GOD for technology..realli lookin forward to this sat de service..its gonna be GREAT for SURE..

Oh ya.. the KITCHENWARE had did the survey oredi.. Im realli veri busy but i decided to do oso..becoz i know they are dying to see my ans whcih is going to dissappoint them lor..hahahha...


The MEME Survey.
3 answers to everything.

1) What fairy tales do you think of when you see '3'?
- THREE BLIND MICE(are they fairy tales???)

2) What are the 3 things you cannot live without currently?
- Handphone
- Money
- IC..i learnt my lesson le hor...

3) What are your 3 favourite books?
- Harry POTTER
- Never BE the SAME

4) What are the 3 types of things in your room that have the most quantities?
- BOUQUETS of FLOWERS..u name it I GOT IT..haha
- DUST lor..hehe bu hao yi si la

5) Who are the 3 friends who keep you sane?
- Sadly to announce.. THE BOTH KITCHENWARE
- CHelsia

6) Who are the 3 friends whom you think treat you as a big part of their lives?
- Shu FEN
- Chelsia..huh no more space liao ah..so many ppl lei..no space write haha

7) Who are the 3 people whom may think you're indispensable in their lives?
- Parents
- Chelsia

8) Who are the 3 people whom are indispensable in your life?
- God
- Family

9) What are the 3 songs that are stuck in your head now?
- Last XMAS...
- Shine like a stars.. True worshippers..
- Chong Sheng..My date wit vampire 3 sub theme

10) What are the 3 dishes you can eat everyday?
- Vegetables
- soup
- chicken

11) What are the 3 things you can do everyday?
- BLOG...if i got the time la
- Listen to songs

12) Who do you like to go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out with the most?
- Baobei la..SHe's THE QUEEN..
- Lena and AH BER's GANG
- Xiaohan la.. TUPPERWARE OUT this time haha

13) What do you do when you go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out?
- Wad u TINK?? dRINK la..BUT NOW NO LA..
- TAKE OUT secret weapon and snap snap snap

14) Who are the best people to talk on IM?
- XiaoHAn..nt becoz of photos hor..coz she's the MOST FREE de..
- Lao CHEK lor.. likes to get scoldings from mi ma

15) Who do you think has the most patience around you?
- Chelsia..she can wait for mi one hr plus and nt complian..learnt from her ba u all haha...
- Xiaohan la.. pai ming bu fen xian hou..hehe
- Selyn lor..now seldom le la..coz seldom mit her sob sob..

16) What are the 3 things that reduce you to tears almost instantaneously?
- God's presence
- When im lonely...no ones there for mi
- Someone close left mi....tat includes HEartbroken TOO...

17) What features do you like about yourself?
- My Long FINGERNAILS..hehe
- my EYES..hehe seducing pair of eyes..haha

18) What personality traits do you like about yourself?
- Im Humourous.. comeon face it ba.. u laughing now rite?lol
- I can relate to anyone
- Im friendly lor..hehe super de when im drunk haha

19) What are you proud of about yourself?
- that I’m someone who loves to cook
- I cherish my family and relatives...
- Im loyal to frens

20) What do you do when you're down?
- Switch on LOUD MUSICE
- EAT CHOCOLATES..tat explains everything rite??
- SLP LOR..after a slp everythig would be fine

21) What do you do when you're bored?
- surf porn..haha no la.. net la
- chat on phone lor
- TAKE pics of myself hehe

23) What have you done to regret?
- not studying hard enough..play somemore la..u see..haha
- kanna psycho by my mum to eat the vitamin pills from doc.tat explains my GOOD APPETITE afterwards..
- Being too soft hearted always

24) What do you loathe?
- Yaya PPL
- LIARS lor..
- PPL who act as if they know mi alot well in fact they DONT

25) What will you do with a million bucks?
- Buy an aircon and a new house
- Buy a EVO 7 haha...

26) What will your children's names be?
- Kerin?? nice name hor
- Xavier.. shuai ge name
- Rayden..oh ya i prefer boy more hehe

27) Where are your favourite countries?
- Melbourne...
- Maldives
- Taiwan or Hong Kong

28) What are you thinking of right now?
- why am i so stupid to sacrifice my slp for this??
- what to wear for work tmr
- why he msg mi in MSN

29) Who do you wish to see now?
- God

30) What are the flowers you like?
- Blue, PURPLE, PINK, BLACk roses
- Sunflowers

31) What are your favourite designs of clothes?
- I love tee shirt tat make mi look young...IP ZONE de lor hehe
- LACY black gothic blouse
- Long sleeve de

32) What do you think are your good friends' weak points?
- Chelsia- TOO generous and SOft hearted nt decisive enough
- SUFEN- COnservative and naive and worst straight forward
- Li Jia-Too simple minded.. easily trust someone

33) Who do you want to pass this meme to?
- Lena
- Ah jin
- Selyn
- Ah Ber
- Medic

With Love, 11:58 PM

Tuesday, December 06, 2005'♥


Have u ever wondered how does it feels like to wake up suddenly and find u yourself in a room wit a few others and u all are locked inside.. the onli way to escape is by killing someone??? How would u feel??

Watched SAW 2 and its a great great movie.. WAY better than SAW 1 and this time round more story and the plot is nice.. Dun wish to say too much..go watch urself ba..and MOST IMPORTANLYT... Cherish ur own life ba...U dun deserve to live if u dun appreciate ur OWN LIFE...good for those who are now thinking of committing suicide ba...


Will be blogging on thur ba..im too busy le.. take care guys..

Oh ya...i miss LENA and AH BER...hehe take care frens...

With Love, 11:47 PM

Monday, December 05, 2005'♥


First day of the week and im already so tired le..how to enjoy the rest of the week??

Reached workplace..and im stunned by the number of passbooks placed on my desk..183 pengs.. my fingers are weak now..even as im typing this entry.. duhz..so much procedure to be done before we can sent out the passbooks.. milk said the volume will nt get lesser coz all the festive season is coming..somemore INTREST is debiting into account..sure alot of ppl update their gong gong passbook and got jammed.. so i tink i will start saying HELLO to OVERTIME le ba.. three mths plus le..and this is the first time i did so much man.. Milk compliment said tat im oredi fast enough le (finish at 6pm sharp) the other temp staff all veri late lor.. pengs...can u imagine half of the day laoniang is facing the comp?

Hmmm nvm la.. at least i still can cope wit it...but im super tired rite now lor...

Called Roti Prata just now to inform him of the restaurant we are going to...(AS A MINISTRY la) wad u all think...heard from the background i tink he is wking.. diaoz i shldnt be here complaining how tired i am when he is not.. IF U KNOW HIM MORE..he studied in the morning wk at nite..served on SAT and SUN full day as USHER.. power ba.. NO LIFE OSO haha..anyway i tink we are going to SKETCHES for our ministry outing..tks to TRISH she worked there and got discount woohoo..tats the word i love..DSICOUNT...

Today GOT two guys chat wit mi one of them is laochek.. They both think tat SINGAPORE gers pai chi Malaysian GUYS..is tat so?? for mi i wont lor.. coz i tink we are all humans ma..and make more frens around the region is good ma.. but i just dun understand y some gers when they know a certain guy is from a certain country they pai chi them lor.. pls lei..haiz..i dunno wad all the gers in SINGAPORE is thinking..actually they are nice ppl too.. take for instance LAO CHEK..who would go someone's bd and help her pick up rubbish when she kanna sabo.. LAO CHEK LOR..hahaha..wadever it is.. tks la tks la..


Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye
Tell me baby
Do you recognize me?
It's been a year
It doesn't surprise me
(whispered) Merry Christmas,
I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I love you"
and meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now
I know you'd fool me again

Oh well miting BELOVED tmr for MOVIE SAW 2 wo lai le..hehe double check the booking..haha scare later make some gong gong mistakes again.. remember SAW 1 watched it wit BAOBEI aaroon they all.. and we were celebrating my BD then.. wooooww so fast and its one YR LE... i miss u baobei..hehee

With Love, 9:33 PM

Sunday, December 04, 2005'♥

Taxi Drivers....

Today woke up quite early la.. too excited le ma.. going to mit my beloved cousin..pui..haha.. im excited coz of IKEA lor..hehe...

Anyway after some unforseen circumstances..im LATE again as usual..and we onli started our shopping trip at abt 3pm..veri li hai tu lor..hehe.. had the yummy delicious MEATBALLS there..and the food there is actually quite cheap.. SUNDAY and the whole place is PACKED wit PPL.. PPL mountain ppl sea..hehe..

After the late lunch..we started our SHOPPING le..hehe i was actually lookin for SOFABED and saw a few quite nice and fit to my budget de..but i haven bought it yet..coz mama haven pass mi the money.. the sofa there is so comfy tat we dun wan to get up and i swear i can even slp while sitting on it haha..yes of coz nt to mention TOOK PHOTOS lor...

In the end we each bought a quilt wit Pillow and its onli 19.90 damn cheap lor.. love it alot..and its so wen luan..woohooo...lao niang always dig for cheap deals de ok...hehe.. too much ppl le..so in the end we carry OUR Heavy IKEA plastic bag.. shld be drag and off we go took a cab down to PS...coz laoniang wan to buy a TEE from IP ZONE..hehe seems like im always shoppin there nowadays.. even the salesperson kinda of acknowledge my presence haha..

TOok some neoprints and one of it was DISaSTROUS...first time in my whole life took neoprints and i onli like one of them..haha...anyway we walked ard wit our heavy BURDEN.. and end our day quite early..coz mama SEE cooked dinner and usually wit OCCASSION like STARS AWARD.. MAMA SEE would whipped out good DISHES..today SPagetthi was on the menu.. woohooo

Took a cab home..coz MAMA see kept calling mi up.. and its disastrous too.. the cab driver kept talking to mi.. and i was oredi half dead by then.. and he first moved from political news to SEX issues.. erm.. frankly speaking i nv read much newspapers nowadays..so i just nodded and appear to be bored..but he continue on.. and said one of his customers jio him for SEX.. diaoz..wadever it is its NONE OF LAO NIANG"s BUSINESS rite... erm i felt like puking lor..

Finally managed to get off the cab safely.. he even asked mi am i married.. pengs.. and i lied as USUAL yes wit TWO KIDS.. pengs...Watch the stars award..hmm could said tat this yr their dressing is better..FANN looked realli pretty wor..

Orite la.. laoniang got monday's blues le.. sianzzzzzzzzzzz catching a movie wit BELOVED on TUESDAY hehe.. this week im gonna be quite busy... take care ba..buai buai

With Love, 11:28 PM



Today is the last svc we had in Jurong West le.. Next week onwards we will be moving to EXPO liao.. Happy and sad at the same time...

Happy coz i dun need to go there anymore.. a place filled wit memories.. coz his house is just opposite the church..everytime i alight of the bus.. memories will be flooded back to my mind..so now its a release le..yeah..AND...its so near my hse got two str bus there.. woohoo i dun mind staying late in church.. hehe...

Sad coz four yrs just passed by like this..its so fast..remember the times when we were in Paya Lebar.. abt to moved to this building.. and now we are moving to a BIGGER place.. Also GLORIA JEANS CAFE will be closed down le.. haiz.. my beloved ministry.. joined for a yr nia..and now...Today im nt supposed to serve de.. but i just went down lor.. last time le..kinda of missed the laughter, the serving times we had together.. and now im having a headache over wad ministry to join lor..

Since its the last time there..most of the ppl brought their camera along to snap and snap photos.. of coz laoniang mi how can be left out..although i had no camera..but BETSIE got..so we kept taking pics hehe.. and oso our beloved cafe GLORIA JEANS...Pastor sang the song that we sang on our opening ceremony four yrs ago..and i teared...realli abit sad to leave this nice beautiful building...

Dear Jurong west.. i tink we will nv mit again ba.. its so far..and i dun haf much frens staying there.. except for one gong gong cousin.. Thank you for all the memories good or bad.. will missed the ban mian and the chk rice there de.. will missed those bangla hanging out at JP...haha..

We had our prata session today again...seems like now every week we will go private dating...haha no la.. thank you for always helping mi to fork out the money..I prefer u to quarrel and argue wit mi..rather than being so gentle.. ahha not used to it... anyway.. we will nt mit so often le..coz our svc is different day..Be it yes or no.. Let GOD decide wads the path for us ba...:P

With Love, 2:01 AM

Saturday, December 03, 2005'♥


Was happily painting my nails.. waiting for it to dry....until i dozed off while waiting...when... the phone rang.. and my heart skipped a beat.. and one little finger hit the keyboard... and it SMUDGED....argggghhh the effort and time is all GONE....angry and removed it all....

GUys reading this entry sure say " aiyah nail polish onli ma..dunno y u gers so siao abt it" BLEAH.. u know how difficult it is ma.. u need to focus.. be careful and the satisfication u get from it is wonderful...haha u all sure dun understand de la.. arggghh...

Abt the phone call..who is it??? Bleah its a missed call.. from who PIGHEAD la.. he pressed wrongly lor.. i was shocked when i saw too..coz we NEVER TALK DE..onli SMS and MSN.. ahhaha..create mystery ma.. nabeh all becoz of him my nails all GONE.. keep nagging at him lor..until he promise a FREE MANICURE VOUCHER hahaha..im evil huh...

GOt back from TIONG BAHRU MARKET its been a mth since i went there.. coz no cg for one mth ma..whoooo missed the place man.. ban chuan drove us there.. and he treated us...nt bad huh this leader.. too bad attached liao..if not.. muahahhaha.. ya rite...

Working is the same old stuff.. yeah Tamp central is going to have a XMAS CARNIVAL.. its big lor..going to haf a look soon..woohoo.. two more days to PAY DAY..and im getting myself a NEW BED.. mummy after some careful consideration allowed mi to haf a new bed.. hehe im so much looking forward to IKEA on SUN wit han...nt to say the DELICIOUS MEAT BALLS there...

U brought laugher, joy , peace, happiness into my life......

With Love, 12:42 AM

Thursday, December 01, 2005'♥


Been coughing the past few days..think its due to the excecssive munching of chocolates.. serve u rite SHIRLEY!!! eat somemore la.. wait no voice then u know.. hehe this kind of feeling sux.. my throat feels damn itchy.. feel like opening it up and scratch it.....

After two days of leave finally went back to work.. as usual work is pilling up due to selfishness of some colleagues.. sianz.. everytime must wait until im back then gif mi de lei...suan le...da ren bu ji xiao ren guo.. hehe.. aim for the day is to faster finish work and chiong home.. like dat can save money ma....

Im touched when i receive a birthday card thru the INTERNAL MAIL.. Colleauges from Chai Chee (CHoo li, Darina, CHitra...etc) all sign and sent mi a nice nice birthday card.. oh man...i tot its a letter coz we always sent letter thru INTERNAL MAIL.. its a REAL SURPRISE.. tat reali veri you xing..tat day called mi up today sent card.. tks pals.. will sent back surprise as a gesture of goodwill de hehe..

Enough of crapping le.. i want to get this done hehe.. i want to hibernate le.. yeah going IKEA this SUN woohooo..going to choose my bed.. if can la.. i wan to revamp my stupid orpiang roommmm...


Yes its us again trying to act gong.. in fact we are...lol...

Angel wit Angel?? lol

My SUNFLOWERS from THEM....chio worz....

Fa HUA CHI hahaha...

Ya la zi lian hao bu hao..hmph...

Lovey dovey COUPLE.. see la even help u all do effects..must say gam sia hor...

Ah bER de PIGGY and LENA's DE RICHARD....incest...oh noooo...

Me and NANA...wohooo

DEPRESSION FAMILY...ooppss...hehe Kenneth, LENA, AH BER and UNCLE KENJI....
we are the EXTRA in there...

Hao le Hao le tats all le..exceeded my slpign time le.. going to orh orh le..good nitez and sweet dreams everyone.. TMR WILL BE A BETTER DAY... I ASSUMED...:L

With Love, 11:24 PM

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