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Saturday, December 31, 2011'♥

End of the year 2011

Every Year no matter how busy I am, no matter how tired I am... I would still try my best to churn out a last entry for the year.

I guessed this is done so, so that I would remind myself what I've done for a year and it would bring me down the memory lane.

2011 was really a fast year... Sometimes I wonder is God trying fast forwarding the time above?

2011 was the same as 2010, a neither good or bad year.. I've learnt to appreciate many things in my life and I'm happy that I managed to filter through my friend's list and know whose the "close circles" of friends. It's the same for everyone I guess as you're getting older.

In Work....

I've learnt many new things, with two new technicians attached to me.. they taught me quite alot of things, and I love my workplace with laughter with the security guards and I'm happy working with them.

My team minus the right technician Alias...

It's kinda of sad when my boss told me she has tendered on the 16th of Decemebr 2011... Been working under her for going to be 2 years... these two years though there may be times i buay song with her, but afterall she's still a good boss... we gossiped, we talked, we shared knowledge... and once I got back to work next week, it's a day more before she left.. I'm going to have a new boss soon. the thought of it brings uncertainty....

Also at work, relationship with colleagues at HQ got stronger... we gossiped, we shopped, we have fun together, without them I really dunno how to survive through my nearly 2 years at work.

Our Annual DND with my khakis at work...

our Xmas Celebration

My 2 Best Colleagues at Work

Happy that Susie's got married this year :) and I'm the emcee for the wedding woohoo

I was also involved in a few events celebrations at work... which I really loved doing it. I loved to plan, source and if the event was completed successfully I felt a sense of happiness in me...Yeah maybe i shld change job...

OPS Deepavali Celebration... Woohoo I love my saree and the kachang putihs.. we wrapped it ourselves!!

Performed at DND and ever since then they always asked me to do emcee job...wtf

PSD Year End Celebrations... which just happend yesterday..happy that the event turned out well and everyone had a great end to the year :)

Next Year I will be in-charge of CNY Celebrations 2012, oh gosh I really loved planning shopping the stuffs at chinatown but kinda of pity that on the actual day of the event 27 Jan 2012 I wont be able to join in the fun.. haha why? Let's see


My policy of one year go 2 overseas trips came to pass... though I never travelled very far this year but I'm quite happy with the two places... Phuket and Bangkok...haha all at Thailand.. I really support the country ok...

We had lots of fun playing this ATV... dangerous but exciting!... Phuket is really a nice place with nice beaches :)

At the Erawan Shrine... this is taken at Bangkok.. the annual shopping trip.. as u can see i lazy to post up pics...coz most of them is shopping and food pics... haha I really loved Bangkok..and I hope I will go again next year WOOHOOO...


I'm thankful for having this bunch of close friends, they are always there for me, helping me in my life without any rewards in return. I hope next year will be another fruitful years ahead for all of us!!

Photoshoot for the 4 Golden Flowers

Candice my Colleague come khaki at work

Zhen with me on my BD...

My Dearest friends who attended my bd party this year :)

Family & Relatives....

Spending more with my family is one of my resolution in life this year...and I'm glad I did... :)

I love you my dear parents :)

At Cindy's Wedding... so happy for my beautiful cousin that she is Mrs Poh now... I wish her have a blissful marriage

Also this year, Mi jie finally had her customary wedding with my biao jie fu Jonas...WOOHOO

They are always so loving.. thanks for always being there for me too...and as im typing I'm actually rushing it out coz im gonna be so late for the family gathering later OMG...haha


Our 1st year Anniversary....

At my bd celebration this year...

Thank you my dear fat ass bf for being there for me too... though your working hours sucks..but I'm glad that we still managed to phone each other daily... Though there may be times I fa pi qi or emo... you are always there tolerating these... and making me laugh no matter how tired you are....

I love you my dear ah lui :) and I hope 2012 will be a better year for us...

and our future... :)

2012 is going to be a year full of challenges and changes for me...

1. New boss... I hope the new boss will be better of course and able to work with him :)

2. School... I'm gonna start my degree course for 16mths starting Jan 2012... I hope I will be able to cope with school and work together... I hope I will pass and acheive my dream :)

As I'm listening to Auld Lang Syne... a year of past memories brought to my life...

"How you end a year determines how you start a year"

I hope my last moments in 2011 will be great.. and 2012 will be a better year ahead.

Enjoy all your celebrations my friends...

As the clock struck 12 tonite, Happy New Year 2012!!! Woohoo!!

Short Note: Cherish :)

With Love, 3:55 PM

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