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Wednesday, December 30, 2009'♥

The Last Post for Yr 2009

It's another 365 days...yet it passed by faster and faster year by year. I guessed everyone would have agreed with this...

2009 was a year that have both happy and sad times. I'm quite guilty for the fact that one thing for sure, I did not blog as much as I do in 2009. Busy is always the excuse and I'm kinda of regretted it, cause as I read through my archives I realized most of the big events were not recorded in here.. damn it..

So for my memory's sake (as you can see, I'm going to turn 26 years old soon, damn freaking out), let's me just recap my life in 2009....(Summarized version)

In January 2009...

On the 24th, I got attached... yes back to the same guy you never see wrongly hahaha..

After a few year's of waiting, welcome back my bf haha..

See how fucking awkward we looked here, cause it's our first photo after being back together.. ya ya we got back together on CHU XI YE cool rite...

In February 2009....

It's CNY.. this year is one of the best chn new yr I had, lots of bonding and took lots of photos.

Managed to take one last shot with my grandma at least.. I missed her so much.

Cousin's gathering :)

February is also the mth for VDAY....

My first Vday with bf on the Singapore Flyer....

In March 2009.....

Finally graduated after so so so long.. haha a mth for me to enjoy before I started on my new job... I love this mth the most in 2009 :)

Went for this photoshoot with bf. Never knew photoshoot was so tiring..yawnz

Ppl even thought he proposed to me on the spot? yawnz sibeh embarrassing...

Went for 2D1N to Batam with close friends....Nice experience.. next up..hopefully we are going to Malacca :) wheee....

In April 2009....

Had Father's Side Cousin gathering during Xiao Han's bd.. (eh when is the next time again?)
Supposed to let her go up stage and sing..end up Ms Cindy singing yawnz...

Attended Shinjuku Incident gala preview.. Bf at that time kept winining lucky draw for alot of shits...but nowadays never WON yawnz....

Grandma left us on 21st April... Went to work at SCB for the first day and I had to take compassionate leave.. thank God boss was kind enuff...

She passed away peacefully.. even though she's gone... I still dreamt of her now and then.. She will always be in my heart :)

April was not that great...

In May 2009....

Went for 1 Day trip to Muar with Bf and family.. first trip out.. quite enjoyable :)

You see.. I'm rite.. Bf always won lucky draws and we kept attending events from Beer Fest to Jolin's Showcase.. BUT NOW THE DAMN LUCK is gone... hahahaha

Attended the grad ceremony with my parents... finally some little achievements for them to be proud of :) more to come I hope :)

In June 2009...

June was the most boring month, mostly because I started to work like a bull, from 830 to almost 1030pm everyday.. due to mortgage promotions..it was crazy lah the volume...

However, in between, the colleagues got closer because of this...

Lots of snacks to help us tide over the long hours at work...

Got to know two close colleagues who became frens... awww missed working with the girls.... The gossip girls in CAPTS haha..

Our first Pedicure and Massage Session.. due to high stress level at work haha..

Missed the times that we were in Pandan Room, everyone just loves to come in and disturb us.. and we can gossip ALL WE WANT in there..

Even Bubu Wan ni likes to come in too :)

In July 2009....

Went Genting with Shufen.. it was damn fun, 3 days were never enuff for us...hopefully I can go again next yr :)

First ever CAPTS bbq where almost everyone attended.. amazing :)

More and more KTV session :)

2nd Cousin Gathering for the year... so fun laughing and watching a stupid show called THE MURDERER by Aaron Kwok... RETARD show..

In August 2009...

I realized I never blog.. damn it.. see that's when I started to neglect my blog.. anyway here's some events..

Msia Colleague Yee Chyi came over and we bunked in at her Pan Pac Svs Apartment...so damn fun, a great day of shopping, movie and chilling out.. tai tai life can..

Went Charlotte's bubu 4th Bd.... she is so cute as ever..and I last min pulled in two khakis to go with me cause someone aeroplaned me last min...

Ktv again this time with our Msia colleagues.. sibeh no life always ktv haha..

In September 2009...

Fann Wong get married...

Ya rite as if she's related to me haha..

Picnic + Kite flying @ Marina Barrage.. whereby the kites don't fly?

In October 2009...

An Impromptu trip to KL for over a mth... was there for work purposes.. to train the team in Msia..

A fun, exciting, and tiring trip cause basically I'm flying back every weekend.. Jet Star was my best friend then...

Uncertainty awaits...

Hilton @ PJ... the hotel that I stayed in for a mth or so...

The cute girl was there too :)

Met up with my auntie and cousin there.. I heart Baskin Robbins.. why dun they have it here in Singapore..damn..

My four wonderful tour guides from KL... they showed me around, stayed with me, drove me around.. wonderful ppl :)

Dinner on the TRAIN.. cool rite.. Victoria's Station @ KL

Romantic dinner with CHRIS haha

Nuffnang's Blog Award...

Flew back to Sing for Nuffnang's blog awards..

With THB at the award ceremony so excited when finally someone we knew same table as us :)

We had our own post part at

afterwards we proceed to Butterfactory..

With lots of people, faces are blocked as they don't wish to show their faces.

Last party before I go for my operation in Nov.

Halloween @ Zouk

In Novemeber 2009....

Walao at this point of time, I feel like not blogging anymore damn long can.. pls dun fall asleep one more mth to go hahaha..

Went for operation for the thyroid lump in early nov... finally decided to go for the op and damn the lump is damn big can.. 1/4 kg.. haha the doc says its one of the biggest he ever operate on.. COOL..

Well wanna Thank God that I managed to survive it through all.. thanks to all families and frens who were there for me, caring for me... I love you guys :)

After 3 weeks of recuperating, 29nov is Lao niang's bd

For my bd stayed at Rasa Sentosa, cause bf's auntie got discount..

The view damn nice can..

Bd Dinner @ Traders Hotel Biz Cafe.. thanks to all those who attended.. hope u guys enjoyed the FOOD :)

Thanks bf for all the gifts...

Complimentary cake from the Hotel..

Cupcakes with pink themes and bimbotic stuffs on it haha

Went to underwater world the first time damn suaku can...

In December 2009....

Attended my first DND in life...

Boss not there.. so not full attendance.. damn it.. I'll miss them alots :)

My cousin's ROM

With free flow of beer... brewed just right at the brewery..

Me with Ah Bi.. so cute and pretty... Wish you guys the best Mr and Mrs Ng :)

And December was filled with lots of ...

Lots of clubbing and drinking session which I also dunno why.. suddenly Fiora's crazy jio-ing me every week..

Anyway all these sessions will be cut down once I started my new job.

Xmas eve dinner at Senki with bf followed by Alvin and the Chipmunks at PS... nice, simple date together .. love :)

My Xmas pressie = Boots from BF

Adidas Parfum set for Bf

Xmas day was spent at Joyce's, having pot luck and monopoly. Cozy and fun, more of this kind of gathering pls :)


New Year is coming soon, time for some resolution..though I'm sure most of us would not attained all of it, but I'm sure at least we need some goals in life so that life would be fruitful.

In 2010,

1. To bring both my parents overseas, at least a family outing together :)

2. To really really learn driving lah.. not young anymore somemore drag until now when ppl take away poles, if continue to drag I think next time will come out dunno what more powerful rules..

3. Be happy and positive at all times :)

That's it, just so simple :)

Anyway no matter how good or bad Yr 2009 is, we have all been through it. Just prayed hard that Yr 2010 is a good year to come :)

Always remb: How u end a yr depends on how u start a yr.

Enjoy all your countdowns people :)

Short Note: Phew, another resoulution, I must blog more next yr.. wad a long update haha

With Love, 7:48 PM

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