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Saturday, July 31, 2004'♥


The time now is 10.04pm.. usually every week this time I will still be outside lor.. either clubbing or Ktv... but today no mood lei.. oso veri tired maybe becoz I this week veri siong lor.. study 8am for so many days... haiz

Went to Bugis wit seline today.. first thing is to see suping bf. He wk at the tako poachi there.. see how he lk like haha..we 2 veri kaypo lor..hmm nt bad haha veri man wor.. then second thing is to take Neo-print haha,, i will upload when seline scan finish le...third thing is to find a blouse..coz nxt mon I got a wedding to attend ma.. Haiz find the whole day all the blouse either is too ex or last piece liao... sianz -_- Saw a blouse at E-base wa veri chio lor.. pink colour but too revealing liao... haha but the most impt thing it cost $43 bucks lor.. veri tempted to buy.. haha but think think like not worth it lor.. sob sob.. coz I now abit bankrupt le.. haha.. Then in the end I bought a blouse at OG.. guess wad colour?? haha its another same colour yeah ur rite..its black lor.. hahaha when my mum saw it she say nothing coz she numb to it liao.. my whole closet full of black clothes lor.. even my grandma oso bo wei gong... hahahahaha this blouse cheaper lor.. 29 onli nia.. hehe ya quite happy lor...

Went to find yong shun at his wk place but he is nt there.. then saw that MARK there.. sianz.. he lk shock lor when he saw mi... then I ask him where is YS,,, dunno wad wind lor.. he so friendly to mi today.. he simply say he went out to buy pancake lor... ask mi to wait for him... see his face i blood boil liao.. tink I will stand there and wait meh... quite disappointed lor.. thought I won be able to see him.. On our way down.. we saw YS haha veri happy see him man.. but he lk more thinner and thinner but he more shuai now lor.. even seline said so... she say he lk like a bunch of skeleton.. haiz... dunno why whenever I see him my eyes abit watery lor.. he oso.. ask him how is him he say ok lor.. he veri poor thing lor.. no off wan lor.. but I think the business quite good lor...He say he might be going army at March.,..I pray for the day to cum lor.. so he won be need to see that MARK every day///I lied to him say I going to marry liao.. hahahahaa his face so shock man.. lol.. so cute hahaha.. i tink i siao liao.. too bad onli can tok to him awhile but I oredi veri happy liao..

At first want to go BIlly BOmber to eat.. coz I saw an nash there,, haha he so funny.. but he finish wk early lor..So We went to Sketches to eat.. coz Vickie wkin there haha got 25% off lei, the food was nice... but too bad Vickie wk until 6 onli if not go walk walk wit her.. But anyway she miting her bf too la.. dun go and da rao ppl lor..Saw wang and JAmes today oso..he wanted to give mi the cream puff but I dun wan haha tooo full liao.. Now then realise I got so many frens wking at Bugis lei...After eatin le..we wanted to go Kallang River see firewk but too many ppl liao.. so we went back to tampines..walk walk ard there... and saw seline cousin baby so bubu wor.. haha veri cute lei.. haha sometimes I feel like marrying and have a baby now.. stupid rite... hehe *shy*..

Sian lor.. my Saturday jiu zhe yang du guo le..sad lor i miss my fav show the last episode lor..-_- Go shopping whole day..but ok la saw a lot of ppl nt bad afterall... later watchin tv le.. as for tmr dunno do wad lor.. maybe stay at hm and rest ba.. haha

With Love, 10:07 PM

Friday, July 30, 2004'♥

Song Im listening To: Time by Pinball

Dunno why toay when i woke up.. I suddenly miss my god-brother Yong shun alot... so long nv see him liao dunno how is he liao.. I miss the time then we r together.. especially working together, after work we will go sun plaza park, the time I cried on his shoulder, the time we go church, all the memories kept fooding to my mind.. He is always there to listen to my problems,, he knew all my secrets...But now we cant be the same like last time again... all becoz of one mistake he made..The last time we went out together was on his birthday.. since then.. i can onli go his shop and tok to him,, onli that pathetic 5 mins.. he had totally change to becum another person... I know not onli I miss him wang they all sure miss him too,, we try all our ways to ask him cum back.... but he did not even bother to save himself how r we suppose to save him... sob sob..I cried everytime when I thought of that... Although he was jux my god brother,,, but we had those kind of infinity, I treated him as my real brother.. frankly speaking i nv felt that much for Kelvin lor.. If u ask mi who do I hate, I can onli tell u the person is MARK!!!!!!... I hate u for ruining shun's life, I hate u for influencing him, I hate u coz u broke the friendship of wang and shun, I hate u, u make mi miss shun so much.... and if u ask mi wad is a mistake that i've done.. that is I nv control Ys, let him know Mark is the biggest mistake in my life!!!!
Tmr I'll miting seline go Bugis... I tink I will go find him and this time I dun care what the stupid Mark is saying Im going to tok to YS alone... I had so much to tell him...  

Nothign much happen today,,, excpet that jean yeo scold the whole class.. say we had bad behaviour man.. wtf is she herself deaf hor... dunno la she tok so fast as if wan to catch MRT home like dat,,, she tink we tian cai ah.. have to take notes and listen to her lecture at the same time...then tell her then she give wad stupid attitude... haiz.. sian la... Elise kanna condemn by her whole project group.. haiz she so poor thing.. I can see that she is tryiong to change her attitude.. It's jux one mistake and ppl remember it for a life time.. cant we ppl be more forgiving and give ppl another chance,,,Dunno wad this wrld is coming to, Where is the love??

With Love, 5:16 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: My All By MAriah Carey

Whole day sleepy sleepy de... haha my word processing even forget to type one whole sentance.. haiz,,, tonite got alot of things to do liao coz of the ent project... after sch went to Mac wit steph, justin, hk, xw, em and gilyn,,, haha weather so hot lor.. so go there eat ice cream lor.. so shuang man...

How do u know ur in love wit someone?? thats wad my fren ask mi today,,, I, myself oso dunno lei..there is no definete ans to it... I oso wan to knw...  k la mi wanna go do project le.. its going to be a busy nite..

With Love, 6:12 PM

Wednesday, July 28, 2004'♥

wad do u ppl tink of this wallet.. love it alot lei.. but no money buy haha.. *hint* *hint*

With Love, 10:06 PM


Song Im Listening To: If i can be the one by He yao sun

Hmm... My mood was so so today lor.. jux felt veri tired stupid lor three days in a row study 8 am lei.. yao wo de ming ah.. haiz.. today is da best lor.. 1 lecture and 2 tutorial for e-commerce.. zz wad extranet intranet.. until i wan sleep man... Jess uncle passed away in da morning... hmm tink i might be going to the funeral tmr evening ba... deepest sympathy...

Chelsia msg mi today wow so long no see her le.. miss her lei.. she ask mi when I free then go out.. haha finally can see her liao... sianz Ian wedding cumin soon... IN church lor.. sianz lei.. dunno wad to wear, i tink this Sat need to go buy a dress liao... so long no go back church liao.. dunno wad will happen on that day man.. haiz I find that Christine has changed lor.. she changed to becum so vain liao.. then always so sacarstic,,, dunno y she becum like dat... tink i won be going to the wedding wit her ba.. maybe I mit Mervin then ask him drive mi there lol...  

k la mi wan go feed wei si eat rice liao.. this ger huh.. so irritating hehe... lol..

With Love, 6:43 PM

Tuesday, July 27, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: MovE Bitch

I am farking angry now lor.. not becoz of my own problems... but becoz i jux read the blog of my fren ex stead... I realli dun understand lor.. y sometimes a ger can be so bitch lor.. this is a story abt a fren and her ex.. Dunno why is this world so unfair lor.. my fren stead wit this guy in the end broke up wit him,, the reason?? coz i have no more feelings for u liao... mind u the  guy treat her veri good lor.. shower her with gifts.. try to spend time wit her,,  then when they broke up they still got contact.. the guy miss her alot still love her.. but the ger??? found another bf... live happily.. life as normal.. when she needed his help like borrow things from him, borrow money, borrow handphone,then she will contact him, of coz the guy will stupid stupid lend her all the things she want lor... then behind the guy she will tok bad things abt the guy to her fren.. say he veri irritating ah.. all sorts of nonsense... wad is this man.. here is a guy who love his ex gf alot.. is there anything wrong wit it?? even if u dun like him liao.... dun go and do things that hurt him lor... I realli dunno wad to say abt this ger lor.. although she is my frens for many years.. i still veri angry wit her lor... cant she jux wake up??? and for the guy.. pls lei open ur eyes wider.. some woman are not meant to love... feel like slapping the guy ask him to come to his senses...

Of coz this is the problem btw the two gong gong... Im not going to say anything to her,, neither is the guy.. I jux hope for those ppl who r reading this.,... Pls dun ever do these things to ur bf or ex.... U know the feeling of loving someone is so torturing.. So wad if ur pretty alot of guys like u.. U have no rights to hurt other ppl feelings....  

With Love, 8:58 PM


Song Im Listening To: My Happy ending by Avril Lavringe

Hmmmm.. actually time pass veri quickly today.. before I knew it, it was last period liao.. veri sian lei the whole day... nv wait for seline after sch today... Nothing much happen in sch today.. guess its becoz no entrepreneur class ba.. haha so today can take a break lor..

Yst Steven come my house downstairs...mit mi.. pass mi his wedding invitation card... haiz.. When I see liao.. all my memories of mi and him flood back to my mind man.. Wedding at 15 October.. he ask mi cfm mux go.. haiz.. dunno whether shld I go ma.. He is my first stead lei.. last time still young... My feelings?? Abit happy for him but oso abit surprise ba.. So long liao nv expect him to still remember mi.. wonder did he invite all his ex?? muahahaa.. Anyway its still long la.. got a lot of time to decide.. A few of my frens ask mi to go and bring a bf and yaya to him.. haiz wads the use la.... in the end it jux to show offf nia.. suan le dun tink of it liao,,Hmmm... wish him all the best ba..

With Love, 6:45 PM

Monday, July 26, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: None

Dunno why I feel my computer wierd wierd de... haiz dunno kanna wad virus again tis time.. sianz lor.. haiz.. today was a boring day... all the lesson so boring.. Having a headache now again.. i tink its becoz i tink too much le ba.. haha.. So many projects are coming up... tink im feeling stress liao..tink our group nt like last time liao...oso dunno why.. like veri slack lor.. all no motivation sianz... haiz cannot like dat liao.. mux zheng zuo qi lai... kampatei...

Seline wait for mi after sch.. haha she even bought for mi old chang kee.. so touched lei.. hehe going out wit her this sat.. yeah.. finally bth of us r free.. and go out wit her sure no go clubbing wan so can save money le.. hahaha....

With Love, 6:12 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening to: words by mark oh

Jux woke up a while ago... hmm had a fun nite yst.. went to alot of places too.. well first thing in da morning went to tea lover's KTV at Chinatown with the twins, adeline, keline and jessie.. the KTV veri grand lor.. haha quite big nearly went into the wrong room.. haha we sing and sing.. it was fun.. but too bad we dedicate too much song liao cant sing finish wad we dedicate.. nt bad we go there another time.. Bought a pair of earrings at the Chinatown Street... Onli 2.50nia.. and I love it veri much...

After that the twins, jessie and I we went to the People"S Park hawker eat.. so long no go there liao.. last time i live near there always go.. then we went to Somerset.. intending to go MU.. so we sit at Coffee Bean and chat chat waiting for the time.. too tired to walk walk liao... At abt 8.30 like dat we go chop lor.. coz free entry ma.. the song yst nt bad.. can say better than last week lor.. as usual I saw that Andy.. no matter which club I go i will sure see him wan.. so sian of seeing him.. Kelvin msg mi say he wanted to mit mi.. so in the end we went off at 1.45am like dat... Steph fren cum and fetch her.. they r veri power lor.. so late liao still can go play billard.. poor steph her eyes so red liao.. coz the day be4 she oso nv slp much haha.. When I reach my hm downstairs Kelvin was oredi there liao... poor him wait for mi for half an hour.. then we go to the coffeeshop and chat chat tok cock lor,,, went hm at about 5am...

HAiz today totally no mood go out liao... too sleepy le.. haha tink i won go clubbin until a few weeks later.. haha old liao.. go clubbing veri shiong.. haha enough fum le.. time to get serious to study liao... lol..

With Love, 5:23 PM

Friday, July 23, 2004'♥

Song Im listeing to: Angels brought me here by dunno who

Hmm jux reach hm... tired... went to Bugis to take neoprint wit my fren...so fun... hehe.. then after that... went to chinatown to eat ramen... haha all wanna yaya can eat chilli so we all order 4 chilli wan... wa.... damn hot lor....then my fren bf... the sweat like dun need money,,,,,,, haha like waterfall......it was so funny lor... haha had a great time...

veri tired now i better go and sleep now liao if nt tmr no strength to sing ktv... muahahahahahaha,,,,,,,,,

With Love, 10:36 PM

Thursday, July 22, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: wo ke yi bao ni ma ai ren by zhang hui mei

Nothing much happen today.. haiz i found that my friendship wit her is drifitng away.. although yst we manage to tok things out.. but this morning when we r in class we seldom tok.. when i ask her something she jux gave mi a short reply.. i realli dunno wad to do.. at first i tot she was my best fren in class.. my best listener but now..i dunno if she still angry wit mi.. she seems to be normal when she is wit steph they all.. haiz realli feeling not veri gd lor..also maybe she is tired ba.. or having some problems.. haiz i realli dunno le.. i myself oredi so much problem liao.. if its realli my fault im willing to say sorry lor..

weekend finally cuming liao.. wad a stressful week man... today run for sw lesson.. wa onli run one rd i wan to die le.. too long nv exercise is like dat lor... so tried man... lucky tonite not much hm wk... k la mi wan go eat dinner liao...

With Love, 6:43 PM

Wednesday, July 21, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: CHong Dong by powerstation

Sumtimes when a person fall in love he/she will tend to get lost in their own world...even though u know that ur partner is drifting away from u.. got something hiding from u.. but u choose to believe, trust ur partner.. even though no matter how hard ur fren tried to convince u... then when they broke up wit u... u will be the one crying under the pillow for 3 days 3 nites but ur partner will feel nothing at all.. continue to enjoy life.. y r we so foolish when we r in love?? y is it so unfair.. is it wrong to love a person too much???

well went out wit my cousin yst,, haha so happy to see her actually.. its been long since we chilled out together,, welll bth of us were so excited abt da jie (our older cousin) wedding at october,,, we even think of wad to wear and wad hairstyle.. coz we will be the ah yee ma,,, HAHAHA i tink i want to go back batam soon liao.. sian of the life here.. so stress man.. go back 2-3 days will be great man... realli miss da jie and ah boy a lot man.. not to say the cheap tiger beer there hahahah,,,mi and my cousin went to glutton square to eat,, and we queue up for the oyster omelete for one hr man.,.. wa damn tired and hot lor... haha but it was nice lor.. so crispy man.. then after that we went to sit down at spinelli and chat chat....

Haiz today slack the whole day lor.. no lesson at all.. all the teachers were either in meeting or course,, so boring man.. had some misunderstanding wit emerly but luckily everythign is alright now.. kelvin nv go work today lor.. when he called mi i was shocked lor... haha stupid him.. lazy to wake up,,, want give mi slap liao... lol... mathew grandma passed away today.. tink i going to the funeral wit jin chun tmr ba... nt sure lei.. sure will be veri awkward wan.. so long nv see church members liao.. haiz... hope tmr is a better day man...

With Love, 6:51 PM

Monday, July 19, 2004'♥

Song Im listeing to: Anyone out there by dunno who
I was feeling sick the whole day,,, haiz keep having running nose even till now... haiz.. feeling damn tired lor... feeling abit moody today.. at first no one.,. i tink its becoz i give myself too much stress liao... projects are all cuming at once... haiz..
dunno y lor.. we need to hand in a evaluative summary for our entrpreneurship by wed lor.. wtf man... so tight lor.. everyone was still like in the honeymoon period no mood to do anything.. i tink i feeling stress lor.. so many things still haven start..although hk is the leader but she still nt veri experienced,, and she nt fierce enough lor..haiz.. i was abit fed up lor,,, in the end i took out the paper and write the ES myself.. i jux find that my group lack of initiative lor.. everything mux i start planning.. maybe they used to it lor.. but if i say too much they say i veri autocratic... haiz i dunno wad to do lor.. i jux wan to get it over and done... but finally in the end managed to type out.. i jux wanna say sorry to the 6 sister.. sorry if i scare u guys or offend u ppl.. i jux nt myself today...
i miss him the whole day today.... and i hope he will do so too......

With Love, 9:41 PM

Sunday, July 18, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: crazy sexy marvellous by panderdoff
Went to Mu last nite..hmmm nt bad lor... the music ok.. but quite a few trance lor.. haiz i dun like trance wan lor.. so that time abit sian lor.. got lots of hot babes there man.. haha clubbing wit bao bei is fun man... the bth of us keep gossiping hahaha we dance until 1plus then we go eat at the old orchard road food centre... wa 1plus liao still so packed man.,. luckily we managed to find a place to sit.. eat hokkien mee satay and chk rice.... wanted to eat oyster omelete wan.. but the queue damn long lor.. -_- the food there nt bad... but one advice if u wanna go there better go wit a lot of ppl.. so can all spread out and buy food hahaha... we went in the evening at first lor.. but damn too much ppl liao.. so in the end we go eat lok lok.. wa dat one more worse lor.. so ex man.. one stick 1.50 like dat... so eat veri little lor.. coz no money ma hahahah....
went to watch king arthur wit jie jing hahhahah.... it was a nice show.. dunno y i now like to see guys wearing armour man.. so man lei..hahahhaa it was an interesting show..i bought a piglet at bugis lor.. 14.95,, so cheap man.. but when i cum hm jux now.. i kannna the nagging lor.. haiz expected liao... my mum went non stop.. haha until now still scold.. used to it liao.. lol.. then we went to bedok 85 to eat... hmmm according to our food expert jie jing he say the food ok ok onli lor.. hahaha anyway tks ah jie jing for treating mi and the sending mi hm... lol.. k la mi wan go bathe le sian lor.. tmr have to study again.. monday blues -_- 

With Love, 8:49 PM

Saturday, July 17, 2004'♥

song im listening to: here without u .. three doors down
sianz so early..... wake up today sia... go seline hse do my attachment report lor.. finally finish le.. so happy man... then help her straighten her hair lor.. coz i got the hair straightener ma.. haiz she veri poor thing lei.. go rebond but not str.,.. i tink the salon auntie wan to let mi slap liao haha... hmm i tink my straightener better lor..muahahah... so now her hair better liao.. poor ger i tink she need to straighten everytime she go out..
hmmz now doing nothing lor.. jux now pat wei si to slp.. in the end end up we 2 playing.. haha then i kanna scolded by my mum.. then now kanna kick out of the room liao.. lol.. she is so cute man,, cant resist playing wit her.. dunno when she grow up liao,,, will still remember mi ma?? muahahaha
k la mi go rest le.. later in the evening going out wit bao bei.. maybe will go zhong guo hei (chinablack).. or ying yue di dao(MU)
this is mu bubu wei si..hehe like a mushroom hor...lol


With Love, 1:37 PM


Ah chua n mi...

class photo informal

With Love, 12:02 AM

Friday, July 16, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Ai qing bu neng zuo bi jiao by ping guan
Ladt day that chua is with us... as usual we cried again.. last day means last time of seeing him.. we took photos until late for mdm rajes class we oso dun care lor.. haha time realli passes veri fast today.. before we knew it sch was over... sad man,,,
went to eat pasta mania for lunch.. got promotion lei 4.90 nia..after that went to a saloon in ang mo kio.. seline wanted to rebond her hair... so shi hui n mi acc her go.... then dunno y i feel so tempted to treatment my hair.. in the end i did it lor.. dunno wad ice treatment ah.. wa damn cold lor my hair.. but after all ok ba quite smooth...so wait and wait until she finish it was oredi 8pm liao... then went for dinner lor.. then decided to take bus 88 tot of chaging bus in pasir ris.. in the end guess wad.. we took the wrong direction lor!! how blur can we be man!!! so in the end go toa payoh take number 8 lor.. sian.. reach hm at abt 11pm..so tired man...
tmr mitin bao bei le.. so long no c liao./// bao bei i miss u wor...

With Love, 11:18 PM

Thursday, July 15, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Becoz u love me by celine dion

The day has come..we celebrated chua's farewell today... have lots of fun.. and oso we took tonnes of pictures man..will upload here when my fren send mi.. Thank God everything went on smoothly.. the cake was great.. and there is lots of tidbits man..
so sad he cant bring our present along man.. coz too heavy liao... shit i forgot took a pic of the present we bought for him.. anyway... i tink everyone of us enjoy ourself..

Ah chua gave each of us a postcard he wrote for us.. when i saw mine dunno why veri naturally tears roll down lor..This is wad he wrote for mi..

Shirley da jie da(big sis), wonder whether the day will come when ill meet u outside gate(my fav quote), doubt it'll happen!Anyway ur a great gal and dun let anyone tell u otherwise. Dont lose sight of your goal. You'll reach it one day. We may be slower but its still ours to keep! Do give God a chance always! Also, learnt to let ppl see your smile always!!!

the words in touch mi the a lot lor.. haiz.. i will sure miss hiim.. and i wanna thank him for teaching mi.. tolerate mi.. coz i always quarrel tok back to him.. lastly thank him that he send some of us home today.. it is the first time we sat his car and it shall be the last time!!! At first when i knew that he is leaving im abit angry coz i tink he veri bad lor leave us halfway but now when he explain to us his vision his dreams.. i tink he is veri great lor.. i realli hope he will fufill his dreams as an lecturer...

With Love, 6:10 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: I can Live without you

Veri tired these few days.. tink its becoz somehow or rather im in charge of the farewell party of MR chua.. haiz alot of problems cum in here and there.. esp my class got a group of malay gers cant be cooperative wan lei.. makes my blood boil man!!!.. Finally after so much disagreement we decided to buy a cake for him... 2.5 kg lor.. cost us 75 bucks man.. everyone pay up now except that naha.. feel like giving her one tight slap lor.. tink she monitress can yaya here and there ah...

Ah chua came to class and tok to us... he gave us each a dreamcatcher as a farewell gift...hope our dreams can be fufill.. wa.. tat part is damn touching lor.. jess and steph cried.. i also wanted but act strong lor.. no choice la mux make the class atmosphere rite lor so i force myself not to cry// dunno will I cry on thur ma.. coz we r celebrating on that day..tat day mux realli take a lot of photos lor... but i admire chua character lor.. he go and pursue his dream.. hmmm most impt thing is he happy can liao..

dunno y medi cum and msg mi ask mi dun be wit someone for the sake of having someone...hmmmm haha i oso dunno y he say so.. anyway i dun tink i want to have a relationship for the moment.. i dunw an to hurt myself again lor.. and i like my life rite now.. except for my dear dunno how to makeup teach MS Kidsom..haha.. nxt time then tell u guys abt her ba.. mi veri tired liao.. later still have to practise my keyboarding skills lor...

With Love, 4:54 PM

Monday, July 12, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: The laughter of my classmates

In school now.. so sian feel like sleeping man.. sian now having entrepreneurship class.. wad a boring lecturer... she everytime like to shout shout lor... realli feel like sleeping now.. somemore raining so heavily lei...

haiz find that this few days my temper veri bad.. yesterday did my keyboard skill until so pek chek i use ruler and beat my finger..muahaha i tink im nuts lor... i tink its becoz of the PMS... having stomach cramp now... ah so fan.... k la write again tonite the woman who dunno how to make up is coming..muhahaahah

With Love, 1:41 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: I Dont wanna know by mario(dunno wat)

Haiz been wanting to dl this song from IRC.. but nowadays IRc damn lag lei.. haiz realli love this song alot.. so ppl if u have this song kindly send mi lei. hehe love the lyrics alot..

It's a Sunday again.. as usual its a day for mi to rest lor.. slept at 3 yst.. today still a bit sleepy lei.. but no choice have to do my homework lor. jux pray that i wont fall asleep while doing man.. not intending to go anywhere today.... haiz.. my life is so sian man.. lol

Yst dunno chui she me feng.. suddenly 2 of my ex bf called mi... so qiao lor.. jux call and chat chat lor.. one of them ask mi out but i no mood go out wit him lor.. then after them Kelvin called mi.. and we tok until 3plus lor.. realli dunno him lor.. he like Shu qi so much.. then bth of us were like arguing abt her.. coz i dun find her beautiful lei.. then he find her so cute..zzz i wan to vomit lei.. haha tink guys and gers taste are different ba.. die liao he ask mi to be his stead again...then i jux say i need more time lor.. although i knw him for 4 yrs liao.. he is a nice guy.. but i dun have the confident to stead wit him lor.. haha i jux dunno why lei... maybe i scare nxt time if stead liao then break.. mei you peng you zhuo le.. haha..

aiyah currently i dun wan to have any relationship lor.. dun wan to fan myself wit akll those BGR problems.. hehe so this few days i abit siao siao.. for those who r my classmates then knw lor.. muahahaha k la mi gtg do my ASDF JKL: liao hahaha

With Love, 1:09 PM

Saturday, July 10, 2004'♥

MY Colleagues at attachment...

Shi Hui BD

Vin N mi

With Love, 2:25 AM


SonG Im Listening to: xue bai by SHE

now is 2.05 am reaslli veri tired but dunno why cant slp.. suddenly feel veri lonely.. feel veri cast away.. suddenly memories keep flooding back..usually this time i will be tokin to him. until 4 or 5 in the morning.. those were the happy times.. so sweet and loving..i have this thought in my mind.. wad if i nv broke up wit him?? are we still the same?? can we be so happy like last time??? i realli dunno the answer to all this qns.. wad i onli knw is that im veri lonely.. i miss him... ]

i tink this song suits mi rite now:


Come notice me
And take my hand
So why are we
Strangers when
Our love is strong
Why carry on without me?

And everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby
And everytime I see you in my dreams
I see your face, it's haunting me
I guess I need you baby

I make believe
That you are here
It's the only way
I see clear
What have I done
You seem to move on easy

And everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby

With Love, 2:09 AM

Friday, July 09, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Jiu Shi Ai By Jolin Cai

School finish veri early today.. so steph, koong, jessie and mi went to IKEA.. we wanted to buy a present for our form teacher lor.. we decided to buy a bottle and put all our messages for him inside.. after the lunch when we r abt to go.. Christine call mi lor.. she tell mi that i left my keys at my locker lor.. -_- y i so forgettful wan.. haiz so paiseh still have to let her suan.. but luckily she found it lor if other ppl i tink my locker dun need to open liao hahaha..

Wa.. IKEA alot of things to buy lei so tempting lor.. coz the things r nice and cheap lor. we bought a bottle and some glass pebbles.. to decorate it..hope AH CHUA will like it haha,,next week is his last day liao.. dunno whether i will cry anot haiz.. been trying to hold back my emotion lor.. whenever we tok to him.. haiz.. after IKEA we went to Queensway Shopping.. haiz nothing to buy lor. jux walk ard.. then after that took bus 14 go hm lor.. wa damn long lor.. mi and hwee koong chat along the way.. can u imagine how long we chat?? haha 2hrs lor.. stupid bus lor.. haha..poor jing jie.. his lorry go for servicing at TUAS,,, haha he cant go home until 8pm.. lol have to feed mosquitoes there.. i guess the mosquitos are damn lucky lor.. hahahahah
sian lei MDM RAJES gave alot of keyboarding skills homework to go lor.. 22 exercise lei each 30 lines.. i think my fingers will cramp lor.. zzz poor mi no life man..

Steven keep calling mi to go out wit him tmr lor.. but i dun wan.. coz veri sianz nothing to tok lei.. then i lie to him say need to do project.. hahahaah so bad of mi man.. k la mi gt to go start doing my pathetic keyboarding homework liao... buai buai and dun miss mi ok muahahaa

With Love, 9:05 PM

Thursday, July 08, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: this love by maroon 5

had a long and tiring day today, early in the morning got word processing.. so scary man.. but luckily today she nv tape the keyboard// kepp practising our ASDF JKL: home keys lor.. until my finger now so tired man.. zzz.. she ask us to practice typing at hm at least for one hr per day man.. haiz wad to do man.. dun wan to go back on sat for make up lesson lor..

today rainning so dun need to run for my SW lesson haha.. heng lei.. so we play badminton wow so fun lor.. long time no play liao.. tink tmr my whole body will be aching liao. so tired man..but i had a great time lol..hope can play more in future man.. now waiting for my cousin to cum back from batam haha so we can go play in stadium lor..

Ah Nash cum to find us after sch today.. to pass the padlock of the locker to jessie.. hehe wow nash da ye more and more shuai le wor.. haha he jux went to cut hair yst haha,,, haha miss him so much man.. since he graduate in sch veri sian liao.. no ppl to tok to.. last time we will stand outside our class and chat chat lor.. then miya and shou jing go in army liao.. wa so fast man.. time realli flies.. anyway wanted to congrat to our nash da ge lor.. he is going poly after his army.. haha jia you wor.. xiao wei and i alight at orchard.. coz she accompany mi to go collect my skirt ma,, hehe finally got my skirt liao.. so happy man.. then after that we go walk walk and go the food court eat carrot cake.. zzz dun ever go lucky plaza foodcourt lor. the food there is damn ex.. esp the drinks lor.. zzz i pay 1.80 for a cup of lime juice lor.. sianz.. wont go there liao.. so pian ren wan.. haha k la mi need to go do my report for my attachment liao.. tmr going IKEA.. yipeee.. haha..

With Love, 7:10 PM

Wednesday, July 07, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening TO: Roses by Outklast

Haiz can say that today then i finally start sch lor.. wa.. alot of module to study this term lei.. damn stress liao..haiz first lesson is e-commerce.. tok abt webpage.. HTML, HTTP..ETC wa piang makes mi feel like sleeping lor. im an computer idiot man.. wonder hw am i going to survive tru the whole term man... then the entrepreneurship teacher siao siao wan.. zzz her make up all smudge liao she oso dunno hahaha.. im bad man..

jux the first day i can feel the stress liao.. got 5 projects to do man.. wa realli headache lei.. and still got a veri scary woman.. MDM RAJES..wa nv went her lesson be4
my classmates all say her like.. a witch man.. die die liao tis time.. she teach word processing man.. tmr gt her lesson somemore 2 hrs lei.. they say she is going to cover the keyboard switch off the monitor.. and let us type.. die liao la.. minimum mux 45 words per min.. then if nv improve mux cum back on sat.. zzzzzzzz she is so fierce man..tmr sure dead man.. haiz..

With Love, 6:55 PM

Tuesday, July 06, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: If ur Not the one by Daniel Battingfield

Wooh... Finally two days of orientation has finished... wa.. damn tired man.. lol.. veri happy to take class ISR.. they r veri gd man.. alaways listen to my instruction.. especially Alvina, Li wei, Rabiah.. haha glad to be their Bridge Leader man.. have fun these two days.. but its tiring lor.. so fast 2 days have passed.. but when i see them won the telematch i realli feel a sense of satisfaction lor.. they are like my babies.. haha see them all enjoy themselves.. in my heart i oso feel veri happy// hope when i see them in sch they will still remember mi man.. lol

hmmmm realli veri busy these two days man.. i realli miss my classmates.. and my teahcer.. veri sad to hear that MR Chua is leaving the sch... SOb SOB.. nearly cried out when i knew the news.. haiz.. he is going to migrate to Perth.. and stay there forever.. sob sob.. and becum a lecturer in an univerisity.. i realli miss the times that we always make him angry.. quarrel wit him.. although we all nv say out but i knw in our heart we will all miss him man.. left 2 more weeks wit him.. i promise not to make him angry anymore.. dun scold him gong gong anymore.. lol.. thru this incident make mi realise that we realli need to cherish the ppl besides us.. u'll nv knw when they will leave us///

With Love, 7:04 PM

Sunday, July 04, 2004'♥

SonG Im Listening To: Ai De Ke Neng by Sally Yeh

Dunno wads wrong wit my stupid modem.. mux wait so long then can dial// haiz sianz.. Finally finish my attachment and got my pay...Yeah!! but i have spent half of it liao.. sob sob..

Went to Fishermasn village yst wit paul and jing jie.. so nice man.. so long nv go beach le.. but too bad veri late cant see the beach.. one of these days im going in the evening..we chit chat and drink there.. haha veri stupid lor the table next to us.. got 2 ppl vomit.. eeeeeee so er xing... haha then in the end jing jie send us home.. tks ah.. if u reading this.. and paul thks for accompanying mi before jing jie came hhahaha..

sleep until 12pm today wa,, so long nv sleep so much liao.. then went to trim my eyebrow wit seline.. then mit jessie 3pm at orchard.. im realli sorry ger.. that i late almost one hr.. so so so sorrie.. haha we went to Ajisen..for lunch..wow so full man.. in the end we nv east dinner lor,, u can imagine how big bowl it is.. haha haiz.. dunno y lor.. the nth of us veri fan.. then buy cigarette.. Jessie i wan to tell u that no matter wad happen u mus stay strong ok.. jia you wor.. anything happen ill be wit u.. haha abit mushy hor.. lol.. die liao lor.. these few days keep smoking.. bought a skirt... nail polish and a few packets of junk food .. all becoz of that jessie la.. keep psycho mi to buy these and that.. haiz spent alot today.. mux save save liao from tmr onwards.. lol.

haiz tmr sch reopen liao.. haha finally.. but veri sian got orientation programme for the first yr.. so i mux reach sch at 7.30am.. yawnz lei.. later still have to wake up to watch the score of the final... haha i got bet on Porugal this time round.. dun make mi lose hor.. and lastly i HATE greece and i realli do.. muahaha

With Love, 11:20 PM

Friday, July 02, 2004'♥

no mood to write blog.. sorry ppl

With Love, 11:43 PM

Thursday, July 01, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Waiting By Boa

Today is 1st Of July... Nelson'S death anniversary.. 5 years have passed by so quickly.. time realli flies.. alot of things can happen in 5 yrs.. and i find that i have changed in this 5 yrs..

My love life is getting from bad to worse..I'm getting more and more soft hearted..and oso foolish.. i seem to have difficulty on how to differentiate btw a lie and a truth..why am i so foolish.. always trust someone so easily..What did I do to deserve all these...im realli a failure lor.. i hate myself.. in fact i hate guys,, yes.. i realli do.. 1st of July is the day i swear nv to trust a guy too easily anymore.. this shall be the veri last time..I hate u.. XXX and i realli do..

With Love, 8:08 PM

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