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Tuesday, November 30, 2004'♥

song im listening to: wo zhen de shou shang le.. by jacky

srry ah peeps.. tat day wrote something so sad.. tks to my cousin and jessie for all those encouragement.. well i oredi xiang tong le..

heee let mi update u guys on my bd bbq ba.. well yst our class had a bbq in east coast park.. well supposingly to be the whole class go la.. but in the end onli some of them came,, hk mi and mei mei mit them to buy the bbq stuff in the morning.. no choice la coz no chn going later they will feel we chn nv contribute anything..

well reach them ard 1 plus. hmm the weather yst was good.. initially tot it would be raining.. so i pray to God and realli thank God for the weather.. haha the three of us went to the beach and have fun takin pictures.. strikin diff poses wor..hahah then after tat my darling went to rent rollerblade. actually i oso want de.. but scare later i roll myself into the sea lor.. so in the end choose bicycle.. haha tell u all one secret ah.. i dunno how to ride wan lei.. ooops its so paiseh.. haha we rent 3 bicycle but becoz i want to learn poor hk and mei mei they cannot ride theirs.. keep accompanyin.. realli xie xie ni men.. so xi sheng de pei wor.. in the end i fell down lor.. and guess wad my slippers snap.. damn it man.. actually wanted to learn finish liao.. then coz of this in the end hab to stop lor.. hai...

we went back to the pit to rest.. and it was bbq time yeah.. i have hire two maid, ras and putri.. keep orderin wad i want and they keep bbq lei.. haha in the end we liang xing fa xian.. so it was chef shirley and chep stephanie on the grill haha.. assistant chef hk is helpin us applyin the butter.. hahah we had a great time although damn hot and smellly but veri fun.. mr ramu came and chat wit us,, poor him he was sick.. and he told us some ghost story during his army times hahah..

abt 8pm emerly xw bunni gilyn and jess came.. wow 7 sisters finaaly all dao qi le..haha so happy finally my wish came true.. wanted so much for the 7 of us to take photos.. and guess wad emerly bake a cake for mi..wow realli veri veri touched jux tat i nv cry out la.. ate the cake it was nice.. oh ya hk bake bisuits for us.. nice nice.. bth of them can go set up a shop and i shall be the pr manager haha..then it was gift time.. but i nv open it till the whole thing finish,,, the whole class.. erm i shld say half of the class took a photo.. and now somthing happen

a white circle thing was on aisha face.. for those of u who watch shutter u will know wad im sayin wa lao we were all shock man.. but our tall freak photographer say tat it was the light hahah and in the end we took another photo and this time it was ok..so in the end haha zi ji xia zi ji.. haha

well time for opening the gifts.. mei mei.. gave mi a small pouch.. there was a piglet on it.. and she cross stich herself.. oh no it was so sweet of her man.. love it xie xie.. and jess gave mi a small piglet..it was cute wor.. so bubu.. xw gave mi a bottle of stars and a hp bear accessories.. coz i say before no one fold stars for mi..my heart was so touched for dunno how many times yst man.. well time for the big gift.. hk, bunni, em and gilyn gave mi a nail set.. it was big wit quite alot of colours.. and all those tools i needed for manicure.. wa realli love it alot lei.. tks for giving mi a gift that suit mi so well haha.. ya for ur info i was doing french manicure now.. hahah so i had started using it le.. cant resisit it man.. lol

just wanna say thk u to all the 7 sisters.. thks for all the gifts.. big or small it all meant something and trust mi i realli appreciate it man.. love u lots// u ppl are so good to mi.. xie xie for making my bd so wonderful...and oso tks wenzhong and bunni for coming..

With Love, 1:09 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2004'♥

song im listening to : my blog midi

i was browsing tru the blog skin when i came across this midi.. like the moment i heard it.. and it brought back some of my memories....

whenever i heard love songs the first person who came to my mind will be him,, i oso dunno y.. no matter how bad he treated mi.. my mind is always full of the happy memories that im with him in the past.. i always tot that i have successfully forgotten abt him.. i didnt know he made such an great impact in my mind.. maybe he is the first guy that i realli love in my life..

just now i was tinkin abt him.. i tot of how we ended up together.. the places we went to.. esp the roof garden in suntec.. whenever i go there i will tink of him... i know that subconsciously i hab not forgotten abt....i know tat we cant be together anymore but sometimes i wonder if we nv broke up.. will we still be together??? 6 mths jus pass on like dat.. the time we r together is not veri long,, but i dunno y i still cant put down and had a new relaationship.. its so easy to counsel ppl. yet its so difficult to do it urself...

tmr is my birthday,,, i remember he told me before if we r still together we would go to bintan and enjoy ourself...the day would nv come............

this yr had not been a great yr for mi.. simply becoz i did too many wrong things.. that even i myself oso cant forgive myself.. maybe to ppl ard mi.. they will tink that im often laughin and as usual so crazy.. but they dunno actually deep in my heart.. this yr sucks.. its the most torturing year for mi..

sorry to frens out there.. im jux feelin abit emotional today.. hope it won affect u guys.. but isnt this my blog?? cant i write something off my chest??

With Love, 9:08 PM


song im listening to: ai ni yi wang nian...

yawns.. yawns.. yst i 4am then reach home... so tired..went to mit my bao bei, nini, aaron jie mei and ah ru for dinner.. they r celebrating my bd for mi.. well we went to far east to eat.. actually want to go chinablack after tat but alot of ppl.... and its ex.. so after some consideration we decided to go watch mid nite show at LIDO.. no show watch so we watch the saw...ahhhhh another horror movie.. but this is abit psycho wan lor.. some scence abit gross.. haha the last part is like titanic// sian two days of horror movies at a row.. i promise myself i wont watch another horror show this yr.

well they bought for mi a cake its my fav fruit cake.. tks bao bei.. and my present is.... a perlini silver necklace. tks everyone.. alothugh its abit tight..but seriously the design is nice wor..so elegant.. i will try to post the pic sooon.. dunno who talk abt going on a holiday.. we suddenly have the urge to go genting highlands... but too bad bao bei they all starting sch liao.. haiz...hope tat nxt time we will have a chance..

feeling so sick now.. keep sneezing and sneezing.. sian.. i saw the testimonial he wrote for her.. it is then i realise,, ive been wasting my time... once more.. i failed...

With Love, 4:54 PM

Saturday, November 27, 2004'♥

song im listening to: 91.3fm

yo im back finaallly so long no blog liao... hehe got miss mi?? lolx.. haiz sian today my mummy went to malaysia in the morning le.. onli left mi and dad in the house.. kinda of not used to it.. although i nv say anythin mummy i miss ya..been having diarhhorea since yst i oso dunno why haizz, maybe coz of the seoul garden?? went to seoul garden wit seline, limin and shi hui.. coz to celebrate yst last paper ma.. yeah im free le.. supposingly we want to go johore eat seafood de.. but i tink coz recently johore alot of theft cases our parents dun let us go lor..

seoul garden realli alot of ppl wor.. then alot of tings dun have lor.. mux wait so long then got all the meat,, worse still the spagetthi sauce was nv top up.. so in the end i have to eat plain spag.. hhaaha.. but the susshi is nt bad.. but too bad by the time i saw the sushi i was oredi damn full.. haiz dunno why lei.. last time can eat alot de.. remember the times mi, li zhu, lizhen.,. we can eat dunno how many rounds. now.. haiz i tink im realli getting old haha. dunno who started the topic first .. haha we were all discusssing abt the past man,, the tv serials last time.. haiz bu ren lao bu xing le.. we r realli llike havin the aunties gathering haha...

go back tam to watch shutter wit seline... shi hui they all dunno why out of the blue say wan come tam watch movie too,,, hehehel,, but they watch taxi.. heard alot of ppl say shutter is veri scary.. for those who dunno. actually i always nv watch movie de.. i use de ear to watch.. hahha coz ill be clossing my eyes with the sweater haha. tks ah seline for ur sweater.. hahah its nt a badd show.. coz i have open my eyes to see abit,, the part at the toilet was funny,,, moral of the story dun do things that hurt someone who loves u.. came back ard 10 tryin to find something to do,, but nothing lor.. maple story cant play.. no ppl to chat.. suddenly feel veri lonely lei.. haiz..

i oso dunno y... the feelin suddenly come haha. find that my distance with bullshit has started to drift apart.. sometimees we dun tink the same.. i oso dunno y... haiz.. although now got a guy called alvin kinda of woooing mi,., but i oso dun have much feelins.. is my heart dead?????

With Love, 10:28 AM

Sunday, November 21, 2004'♥

song im listening to: liu sha..

time now is 1.38am.. wad am i doing?? u mux be guessing that im studyin rite?? haha ur worong veri WRONG!@!!!! i was playin maple story. got kinda of addicted to it man,, yst play until 5 in the morning.. i hate it man,, i got no self discipline man., anyway tmr im going to study for the whole day nothing shall distract mi..kinda of panic liao.. haha not much time left..

sian ah of my life rite now.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. so boring every single day man... exams get lost quick man.. i wanna enjoy myself to the fullest..

bullshit early morning msg mi.. so happy wor.. hehe one more week then i can see u le

With Love, 1:35 AM

Friday, November 19, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: ai ni yi wan nian

had my first paper today.. quite ok la not tat difficult as we expected... we r supposed to type out the thing in the required time.. damn it i got a stupid printer.. wasted so many of paper. coz each of us is onli allowed to have 8 papers.. wa lao eh.. first tiem.. the paper cum out a lot of arabic words wad the.. then second time the paper jam.. diaoz.. i panic sia.. coz i got 3 assignment to print and guess wad in the end i wasted 5 piecce of paper.. intend to hand in liao.. then at this veri last moment i reallise i forgot to add in something.. -_-| shit la.. then i got no MORE PAPER LE!!! look at gilyn she is so busy doing her table.. then i scare later she oso need paper to use.. (coz we share the same printer) so while the teachers is chattin and chattin,, i turn to adeline.. and ask for paper.. this is consider cheatin mind u.. hahha but out of desperation i dun care liao.. lucky ade finish le.. anyway tks ade hahahahahah.. if not i will die le..

yst desmond msg mi say he is hospitalised.. wa lao shock mi lei.. then i msg my fren so happen tat she know her too.. but she say he nv tell her.. saw him in msn.. then i ask my fren go tok to him.. then i msg him.. the person say its his sister. haha so funny since when he got sister.. then keep askin question like do u like my brother?? how is my brother?? so fake lor.. my intuition tells mi tat he is lyin to mi.. he want to see i care for him ma..shit ass.. i hate this kind of liars.. my intuiton proves to be true when my fren msg mi say its him lai de in msn.. coz they chatted for awhile and my fren ask him some questions.. wa lao eh for guys out there for goodness sakes pls stop lying for once.. u know how hurt it is when u found out that u kanna lied by some bloody shit..

A guy from frenster msg mi,, he is attahed.. so i jux chatted to him like a fren.. then he say he got a lot of flings.. wad the f**k is happening to all the guys out there now.. i tot when u had a gf somemore for so many years le.. u suppose to love her, cherish her. and not cheatin behind her.. bastard realli a damn bastard hate this kind of people.. where is the love?? y our society gt this kind of bai lei.. thsi leads mi hate guys even more.. y we gers can be treat them so faithfully love them. and there are out there having a fling.. giving all kinds of excuses to their gf.. its so bloody unfair man..

That guy ask mi to be his fling.. i tink he is a sicko.. and i have deleted him le.. jina nan ren..

hai shi wo de zhu zhu bullshit bi jiao hao..

With Love, 3:53 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2004'♥

song im listening to: dang by dong li huo che

love this song man.. esp in ktv my guy fren.. haha if my bf sing to mi i sure heart melt de.. hehehe.. well ya the day has come.. in less than 10 hrs im going for my first paper.. Word processing.. although alot of ppl tink its not impt at all.. or its so easy// haiz but too bad i got a fussy teacher.. got so many page setup to remember.. haiz.. qucik i wanna get all these out of my mind to store new memory,,

well went to cg jux now. can see that actually Eric felt veri burden.. maybe coz of frens ba.. well.. but anyway have a fun cg today.. anyway they r opening a bbq for my bd.. wad another?? coz im habin a class bbq on my actual bd.. and now a few days later one more.. tink im gonna scare of chk wings liao.. hehe

tok to wawa cindy and ben ben on msn.. haha we had a great time man.. so funny esp tat siao char bo cindy.. wa lao eh.. u two better dun play so fast hor the maple story wait for mi hor..nxt fri i sure play whole day da si ni men,,haha.. anyway hope our coussie gathering will be a successful one.. ah mei if u readin its on 4 dec,, at marina bay.. then after tat we go ktv sing all nite long.. hahahaha misss my cousin.. but with cousin so siao like them who needs enemy.. haha

time for bullshit column.. today nv tok much to him.. coz this zhu zhu is watchin his fav show on tv and i went cg,, thur is like dat de.. haha need a break too ma..lol.. dun tok so much laio i need to go prepare for my war tmr le.. all the best shirley!!!

With Love, 11:39 PM

Wednesday, November 17, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: qing ren by huang pin yuan

well i had ban mian for dinner.. so fullnow man.. Burps.. oops.. haha stay at home the whole day today.. nv go school wor.. study abit of PR and the rest of the time i was distracted man,, haha Cindy gave me a website to dl chn songs.. wa finally able to listen to all the songs i wanted le.. heeh tks ger// haha we were chatting on MSn.. then suddenly dunno why we touch on the topic of marriage.. we were guessing who will be the one who will get marry in the SEE family..

will it be wawa?? ah mei?? ah leng?? cindy?? or me?? haha so we bet on who will get marry.. for mi i bet on Cindy.. coz she pretty and funloving ma.. haha ah mei will be the second one.. lolz.. whoever is the first to get married will treat us to either steamboat or buffet.. lol hope i will win.. cindy u mux jia you wor.. meanwhile tokin abt the buffet.. wawa if u happen to see this entry.. 4 dec u free ma.. we want to go to have buffet.. u betta come hor. lol

finish chatting wit cindy on msn,, study while.. haiz my shoulder was aching.. Gilyn i miss u again.. i misss ur massage.. so tired man.. how i wish u were here hehe.. well after that decide to relax.. but in the end i relax too long liao.. heard my fren say Maplestory a new online game was fun went to dl it.. and in the end i spent 3 hrs playin mi.. oh no.. stupid shirley..u tink exams nxt yr is it?? wa realli regretted it lor..

knoe a guy called desmond recently..he was sick today u mux take care ok.. and i realli srry if wad i sayin u take it seriously.. i dun mean it.. drink more h2O ba..

sian tmr lesson is 8am// no choice have to go lor.. wp lei.. sians.. our bullshit kor kor today bad mood.. tink becoz of his work ba.. hahahha poor zhu zhu

With Love, 8:04 PM

Tuesday, November 16, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: jie kou by jay zhou

went sch today.. haha suddenly have this wierd feeling.. coz its been a week since i went sch.. well time passes veri fast.. nothing much happen in sch,, except that em and i shake hands to patch things up.. yeah im happy.. finally another burden in my heart lifted off..

one more week and its exam time.. hasiz,, so many things to study but so little time.. starting to panic liao.. shirley ni yao jia you wor.. cannot throw SEE family face ok.. rite cindy? hmmm got my attachment workplace add today. its at kallang near lavander.. well quite happy cozz sat is free.. no need to work.. hope that syafiqah workplace will be the same building as mine.. then we can go lunch togather wor,, hehe,, hope everything turns out well...

tink my depression starting soon.. i miss alot of ppl today.. miss baobei, miss my cousin, my granny, my ex colleagues... im nuts again. realli hope exams will pass by soon..

of coz i miss zhu zhu too... jujujujujujujujujujujujujuju.. xiao bu miss ya.. hahahhaaa..

got to study now..

With Love, 8:07 PM

Monday, November 15, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: yue guang by wang xing lin

Meet my bao bei today at orchard.. coz both of us are going to source for our new shoes.. haha went to far east to shop.. hehe so fun to go out wit my bao bei.. well we went to all the shops.. and in the end onli i found the one i like and got my size de.. hehe so happy wor. and the salees ger is good.. well we walk and walk but still cant find bao bei fav shoe so in the end we went to BUGIS VILLAGE..

Guess wad we saw a Hong kong movie star wu zheng yu.. wa so shuai man,,,, lol.. took some pic of him but it was not veri clear wor.. hehe.. then finally saw the shoes she like le.. the boss is veri young and she veri friendly.. so we bargain and bargain.. haha one piece of tips for u guys,, u know actually feng you.. the medicated oil actuallyy can wipe off stain of ur white shoe de.. hehe now u know liao rite?? hmm after that went home le.. coz bao bei went to westmall to mit her mum.. act fillal lor. hehehe

went to simei to mit xiao wei.. she say she got something to pass to mi.. i tot something bad.. then actually its a letter from her.. jux read it.. and i nearly cried.. dunno why its been so long since we last tok.. and yst i was jux tinkkin back abt the past.. can say that this is the burden of my heart.. i tink all the matters have come to a rest le.. realli veri happy.. i jux pray that things will return to normal again..

tks for wakin up so early in the morning to dl song for me.. i like tat song///

With Love, 10:04 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2004'♥

song im listening to: tuo diao by alex toh

I REALLI NEED A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!! wa piang my feet was achin so much that for once i tot of walkin barefooted home... -_-.. i was so damn tired man,,, onli slept five hrs today and i was out the whole day today,,,

went to indoor stadium for the chc carnival.. for two days... yst brought my mum there,, and we had quite a "fun" time.. tks to the rain man.. cant play the things in the carnival.. and the service ended late.. it was 3 and a half hour service power rite.. hahaha then after that uncle came to fetch us.. and we went kallang airport eat.. i haben eat since breakfast lor.. cindy went there too.. and she receive salvation.. realli hope that she will accept God slowly at a time,. and know HIM more.. tok to wang online.. haha suddenly tot of inviting him to the carnival tmr.. but i know that his pattern sure cant wake up de.. so i nv bao zhe tai da de xi wang.. haiz..slept at 2am

realli dun feel like going to the service again today.. wads the point man.. so sian listen to the same thing again.,. waste my time might as well stay at home study.. so i purposly turn off my hp and pretend i overslept.. haha my plan work halfway..heard my hse phone ring go pick up its wang... shit y him?? oh my God i forgot that he is going to today service with mi.. i tot he won be able to wake up de..so touched man.. tks u wang.. for everything today.....praise God for souls man!!!! i was so energetic suddenly i go dress up haha,,,angela cumin wit us too.. wow realli thank God man... hmm took cab there.. today svc was diff frm yst more fun lor.. hehe nv regret going there..went to the carnival finally today but... sooooooo many pppl sia.. onli get to buy a pizza haha okok onli nia.. then took some pic then the three of us went to suntec walk walk take pic.. hehe then we decided to go watch movie.. watch the Forgotten.. hehe not a bad show wor jux that for those who tink that its a ghost show its not lor.. betta watch when its 6.50 ba.. hahhahaah..

tuo diao tuo diao tuo diao.. bullshit tuo diao tuo diao tuo diao...hahahahhaha

With Love, 9:11 PM

Friday, November 12, 2004'♥

song im listening to: IOIO by SHE

wa lao jux now type one whole chunk now all gone.. stupid lei.. ppl sick liao still qi fu wor.. shit.. been habing a running nose for the whole morning man.. so xin ku

well nv go sch today coz of the stupid flu.. mit seline go inter to get something.. well we went for lunch at 505.. tot of going popular.. guess wad go until there.. " we are sorry popular has been moved to tampines mall level 3" -_-||.. waste my time man.. then go tm lor. no choice,, buy a notebook and two pens.. like dat 7 plus liao.. tok abt economic crsis huh? hahaha .. well after that went to watson to get my med and bodyshop to get seline's sis stuff but too bad no more liao.. hmm tats it wad a simple day rite..

went home took 2 pills and slept for 3 long hours man.. so sleepy now.. watch tv for the whole nite.. tink im gonna be a couch potato soon.. sian.. haha yeah olinda is in for the top 3.. jia you wor.. donald duck is finally out le.. heee//

well yst i chat wit him in msn... he ask mi how was the clubbin that day,, got anyone took advantage of mi ma.. then i say yes lor.. but the guy touch my butt accidentally,, hahahahha ,, then he say.. $%#%#^ u belong to mi cannot let ppl touch ok.. understand? wow wad a powerful phrase.. hahah die le la.. he say all these make my heart melt even more.. i hate u bullshit... always say this kind of things to psycho mi.. stupid bubu.... wads up doc

With Love, 10:46 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2004'♥

song im listening to: more than words

THUR.. happy depavali's to all those indian frens out there... hope u guys enjoy ur new yr,, I jux woke up.. feelin sleepy again but cannot slp liao if not tonite got insomnia liao...

Went for dinner wit aud and trish.. haha suppponsingly to be alot of ppl de.. but last min all late haha.. before that went shop shop ard with trish..went to forever 21 the boutique that 98.7 keep advertise de.. ya the blouse there realli veri nice.. so tempted to buy man.. the price is like topshop,, haiz too bad now no money haha.. Mrs lee called mi before i went out.. she ask mi to go for attachment this time round is going to emerly old company.. haiz dunno i can do it ma.. its like telemarkter there will be another ger going with mi.. i hope is someone i know man..tink i will be going ba.. coz the workin time not bad 9-6 and its 5 working days...

went to chinablack with audrey, trish, jingyi and her frens jessie, siru and her five frens... yeah quite a big group man.. its been so long since we clubbed together le.. hmm luckily we reach quite early so queue abt 1 hr then go in le.. the placed was so packed man,, so crowded and hot sia,, poor vickie she came late after work so she queue for 4 hrs.. can u imagine that??? wa lao if it was mi i surely go hm de.. sianz.. she came in ard 1.45?? wads the point in the end onli get to play awhile nia..heee..went to deposit our bags with the uncle.. he was so funny.. he gave mi the number card,, and say i hope u will find ur prince here.. lame lor.. hahahahahahaha.. but anyway he was veri funny always go always got new trick de..lol the most power award goes to jing yi frens jessie.. wa we onli dance half an hour she say she wan go take a rest.. then we went toilet when we came out she was sitting on the seat guess wad she was sleeepin!!!! diaos.. she realli veri tired lei.. power lei.. then she say she wanted to vomit.. in the end poor jing yi send her home lor.. pay 15 go half an hour wad the...pppl tot she is drunk or wad man.. coz we hab to carry her.. wa i realli take my hats off her.. she is the sleepin queen..

after that went back to dance.. saw jia wei, shufang my primary sch frens, eric, steph ex stead kelvin, steph lim and zheng, jessie sister, and i nv got to see jessie ahah.. she mux be hiding in some stupid corners..actually cindy my cousin oso wan come de.. but she queue until fed up then go mu,, haha i understand coz last time we oso like dat... so moral of the story either go know someone who got member or go early hahahaha///wow the crowd realli damn packed sia.. until we all cannot tahan abt 10 of us go dance on stage cannot tahan liao man,, damn bloody squeexy.. dun care abt image liao... hahahah tink im drunk haha no la nv drink much..then got this two stupid ang mohs.. dunno wad they trying to do man.. one go carry another then fell off the stage then kanna my head at first i tot im going to die le.. coz they so heavy wad the f**k... wa lao tink their drunk// then got ppl fight oso until ambulance came.. this guys realli damn childish like to spoilt ppl mood de...

mi and trish realli cannot tahan liao.. my feet was achin man.. coz i wore heels no choice coz i left my another slippers in batam...shit man.. wad the .... , sian man,then bth of us went to mac sit sit chat chat,, until vickie and aud finish dancing.. haha it was orede 4 am lioa.. cannot tahan so in the end took cab home wit vic... the uncle veri good go ang mo kio and tampines.. lolz..

thats the end of my day,,, do u tink i enjoy my day???

With Love, 6:08 PM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004'♥

Song Im LIstening to: none

HOHOHOHOHO.. yeah finally im back.. srry ppl that i did not blog these few days was realli damn busy,,, a dull life filled with CA, projects and presentation.. finally yes finally after today everything is over... my burden was lighten...

Nothing much happen during the week... Went to Lay sum man to eat with my cousin that day on Friday.. miss that restaurant veri much,, coz since i young my parents has been bringing mi there.. as usual it was delicious man,, and we were so fulled..Well as for sat i go church lor.. but i left early coz i got to study ma.. went home with amos and jia wei.. haha tru out the journey from boon lay to tampines amos was testing mi on my e-biz... haha i memorised until he want beat mi liao, coz i keep forgettin hahahahh..well as for sunday ne I had a bad cold lor.. ate the medicine that xw gave mi.. i was so sleepy but too bad need to make some ammendments to the ent slides... sians.... haiiz

did my ent presentation on monday.. not bad la.. luckily kingdom nv shoot very hard qns.. gilyn was the first grp.. their grp hab to re present again... but seriously gilyn was good.. kingdom say that my voice abit not clear coz i was tooo heaty!!!!!..ate too much brownie liao.. seline la keep askin mi go secrets receipe hahahaha.. wa side track abit.. for those of u nv go secret receipe before.. go try their brownie...wa it will melt in ur mouth man.. yummy!! ok where was i?? oh ya,, so finally we finished our presentation.. and after 6 torturing months.. FINALLY... ent project came to a stop.. thank GOd for bringing mi tru man.. ya in my heart when I hand in the project on kingdom table.. i feel the burden in my heart was lighten... yeah.. as for the Ca ok la// jux hope that i can do welll can le..

Ya dun care abt so much liao.. now onli left my final yr exam which happens in 2 weeks time.. hmmm... promise mysself i will enjoy myself tmr and on thur.. need to rest ma... anyway im not going sch tmr oso.. hehehe bad ger mi.. going to mit my bao bei tmr.. ya miss them so much its been 5 long months man...we r going for a dinner and i tink after that maybe going clubbing.. yeah im going to release my stress man..

Kelvin called and ask mi what flowers i like.. what is he up to man?? if u lookin at my blog better dun waste money ok.. as for bullshit.. i love him man... he is so cute everyday...lallallalal big bad wolf big bad wolf

With Love, 5:39 PM

Tuesday, November 02, 2004'♥

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Continue from the previous blog///Well because of the wedding dinner, mi jie, my da sao, ah mui the three of us went to a makeover cum wedding studio to make up.. onli 35 bucks nia/// COZ da sao know the people there/.. hmm the one who make up for mi and da sao nt bad.. poor mi jie.. her hairstyle look veri wierd initially.. luckily she complain haha.. well i was quite satisfied.. hee..

It was raining heavily lor. but we manage to reach there veri early.. coz we need to entertain the guest... heee saw my hotel room it was like a presidential suite so big man.. reallli wanna thank my cousin.. she booked the room for us wor.. wa love the room alot got 2 toilets u can imagine how big... hehe the weddin went on smoothly.. my cousin realli veri chio wor.. after the dinner we went back to the hotel and oreder room service haah coz nv eat much durin the dinner.... weeeeeee.. the night view is so nice..

I realli enjoy myself these few days at the wedding.. too bad lor got sch if not i will stay there longer.. jux wanna wish da jie and ah john a blissful marriage.

These few days my friendship with her is better at least we got tok and im realli veri happy/// as for him.. i dunno is he the one for mi.. i find that somehow the bth of us won be together... i feel so confused///

With Love, 8:55 PM

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