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Tuesday, May 31, 2005'♥

Tired is the word to describe how im feeling now.. tired of going for interviews, tired of my boring life... which is basically everyday walking aimlessly down the road.. tired of spending my mum's hard-earned money....

Grandma blessed mi with 10 Bucks today.. i didn't want to take it from her..its so embarrassing to take money from an old lady instead of u giving it to her.. but she keep insisting.... I tell myself one of these days when i got my pay.. I will bring gran to eat her fav dimsum...and i swear i will!!!!

Sorry to heard what is happening to Cindy's family...Auntie is such a kind person.. but this world is unfair.. Bad things happen to Good Ppl.. But nevertheless I'll pray for her and ur family.. this is going to be a great trial for u..continue to keep on walking.. and im sure blessings will come soon.. Let's keep on encouraging each other in our Walk with God... Nothing is impossible with Him!!!!

Went to suntec and marina..and bought onli undies from Dorothy Perkins... Great Singapore Sales..is not happening at the right time..there are so many things which i wished i could have bought it..but.. reality is cruel..went for an interview at my Bf's brother workplace.. its so paiseh..coz i nv talk to him before.. but we all know who we are.. haiz Lame..hopefully can get a reply soon ba...

Miss the carefree times.. miss the childish moments.. miss the happy times.. I began to wonder where have "they" gone to??? Real happiness has left mi a long time ago..

With Love, 10:27 PM

Monday, May 30, 2005'♥


Dun talk to mi.. im confused.. and onli CINDY know what happen...
This song depicts what im tinking rite now....

You look into my eyes
I go out of my mind
I can't see anything
Cos this love's got me blind
I can't help myself
I can't break the spell
I can't even try

I'm in over my head
You got under skin
I got no strength at all
In the state that I'm in

And my knees are weak
And my mouth can't speak
Fell too far this time

Baby, I'm too lost in you
Caught in you
Lost in everything about you
So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you
(Too lost in you)

Well you whispered to me
And I shiver inside
You undo me and move me
In ways undefined
And you're all I see
And you're all I need
Help me baby (help me baby)
Help me baby (help me now)

Cos I'm slipping away
Like the sand to the tide
Falling into your arms
Falling into your eyes
If you get too near
I might disappear
I might lose my mind

With Love, 5:51 PM


Always felt that everything that happens on earth is predestined...its amazing how wierd it is...sometimes u can predict the ending of something but u dun realli bother abt it.. but when it happens u blame urself tat time for not trying to prevent it....

Went church yst.. and during worship i cried..the song is HEART OF WORSHIP..humans are binded with all areas of their life.. when will we ever have a time set for the LORD totally just to worship HIM?? That we came back to the Throne to confess and repent to HIM?? Reali veri touched by the spirit..but wad abt when im home?? its back to square one.. LORD forgive me for unable to focus on ur thoroughly

Signs are starting to show tat the two precious wont be able to get along with Each Other.. and its now constantly on my mind whether should i give up him...I always tot that day wont come.. but i tink its coming soon..

No matter what decision i made.. I shall not regret....

With Love, 12:32 AM

Saturday, May 28, 2005'♥

Just woke up awhile ago.. having a bad hangover... guess i drank too much yst at the chalet le.. I tink the worst one is NELSON..lol.. he is sprouting nonsense and the second followed by MEISHAN..muahhaha It's been long since i drank so much le.. anyway i had a great time yst. Wished to stay over but haiz.. i tink monster is not veri happy... and oso today need to go church..dun wan to go in a sleepy face.

Yst i talked to monster and i dunno wad a i talked to him..forgot all abt it.. i tink i was sprouting nonsense...and MR MONSTER if i not wrong said he drank one can too.. haiz.. sorry dear if yst i made u worry or wad..remember u having PMS..duhz.. anyway i miss u badly...

My feet were aching..due to the pointed heels i wore yst for interview.. interview was ok la.. except for the SUNTEC one..so professional..haiz.. hope to get the UPS job now.. k la got to go le.. me going to serve as kopisoh le...

With Love, 12:17 PM

Thursday, May 26, 2005'♥

Im confused.. went ard almost the whole singapore today..agency after another...in the end i got these offers:

UPS - As a cust svc officer at Tanah Merah

Suntec City - As a cust svc officer and admin

Premas - A receptionist at Bedok

Shipco Trading - As a admin Shenton way

A logistics co - Handle some simple accounts (6mths)Changi

A MNC co - Admin Changi

argh..tmr going for interview hopefully i can get the Suntec one.. coz i quite like working there.. and the second one should be the cust svc of UPS ba.. hope everything will go on smoothly.. Tmr is going to be a tiring day..somemore need to wear formal for the whole day.. Going sock fangs chalet aftert tat with Selyn... Hope my dear ger will wake up.. if not everything ruined le..hehe..yeah gotta sleep early le.. i dun wan them to interview a PANDA...lol

With Love, 11:12 PM


Im woke up so early today... going for an interview with an agency later wit Selyn...yst nite nv talk to monster..coz he is veri tired..poor monster...

Gotta go for Sock Fang's Chalet later in the evening..hope it wil be fun..monster will nt be there..haiz..lol.. anyway i miss shi hui's mum curry..oops.. gonna enjoy myself.. worry no more...

With Love, 10:09 AM

Wednesday, May 25, 2005'♥

Below are some photos that my MONSTER and I took on MONDAY for our outing...

My fav pic

With Love, 9:19 PM


My whole life now actually revolves around resume, cover letters and agency..ive been doing the same thing over and over again... three agencies called mi up..one is doing logistics in a MNC, customer service in a courier co...and another one is an admin asst but need some simple accounting skills..and ALL of them so HAPPEN TO be IN CHANGI..are they talkin abt the same co?? waiting for news of whether im shortlisted..Selyn dun feel low morale..remember we are always together de.. im sure u get an offer soon and pls be patient....

Read Cindy's entry abt my AH MA...was kinda of sad tat i didnt get to talk to her more before she passed away.. I was pri 3 tat yr... ah ma is not veri close with mi..she dote on CINDY the most..but nevertheless she offered to buy mi a toy last time when my mum actually refused.. of coz in the end i did not buy it..but to mi ah ma is someone who is veri kind..she smokes those kind of ANG HUN which is quite smelly... I remember her staying at our house for a short period..OUt of so many sibilings she dote on my dad alot.. but my tat ah beng dad last time treated her for granted and always fool around.. Always shouted at her.. onli until he married my mum tat he actually changed... I remembered the day when she passed away my dad was the onli person there..mum and mi rushed over but ah ma was being wrapped up le.. kinda of sad not to see her face.. The last day of funeral.. i dunno y..i cried the most...tink most of them also dunno y..coz she is not veri close to mi..but tears just keep flowing out.. the memory of her wanting to buy mi a toy keep appearing in my mind.. how i wished i got the time to know her more.. to bring her out for dinner... No matter what AH ma will forever be in my heart de... Ah ma i missed u toooo....

Dear is realli veri tired nowadays.. he worked after he finish sch everyday..when i saw him so tired and so hardworking..how i wish i can help him but i cant.. haiz.. now he is taking a nap while he is online..haiz.. poor dear...I love him more and more each day.. he is so accommodating to mi..he always kanna affected by my mood... and im so srry for tat.. i missed him alot although its onli 2 days tat we went out..this week is going to be a busy week for both of us.. i wan to hug my MONSTER...

With Love, 2:56 PM


Woke up feeling veri tired and sleepy.. and realise i was late meeting Selyn..rushed out of the house.. forgot to bring my resume..wad a day to start with.. both of us hope to enjoy ourselves today while the Poly students were having their lecture...

We went to Orchard..walk walk.. nothing much.. window shopping all the time..coz no money no job..no mood...there is nothing we can do.. tot of trimming my fringe..so went to one of the saloon at Far East..Selyn cut her hair..and it was not bad..so basically we spent half the day in the saloon.

While going out of Far East.. I saw Alvin..my ex.. shocked for a moment..and just smile to him and i walk by..he look older than the last time i saw him..and he look kinda of haggard.. dunno wad happen to him.. hope everything is alright.. Selyn said that he went to the Foreign Exchange..hope he is not running away.. its been time we contact..coz im angry wit him..for breaking the promises he made to mi.. i trusted him so much..and gave him the second chance..but he ruined it..anyway tat was the past...memories are fading...

Met Chelsia to go church together..coz i got tat Wordpower Challenge..haiz sian.. who is Jesus' cousin..i dun even know... lame lor.. name the 4 grounds for the parable of sower.. handed up the paper quite early..diaoz..feel so paiseh..nv study alot..haiz..after tat went to my ministry training for hot drinks..yeah now i know how to make most of the coffee le..Love IRISH CREME NUT COFFEE the best..Betsy send us to CITY HALL and mi and Tze Hwa took the train home together.. nice talking to him..and he advise mi to complain my matter to MOE... haiz..

Im abit moody now.. i dunno y.. being a tai tai is not good at all.. I just wan to find a job sooooooooooooonnnn...

With Love, 12:17 AM

Tuesday, May 24, 2005'♥

Had a great day out with my dar.. for more info pls read OUR STORY..coz i lazy blog two place hahaha....

With Love, 12:00 AM

Sunday, May 22, 2005'♥

Sunday... That marked the end of this week.. hope to end it well.. coz this week was certainly not a good week for mi.. ku guo le hai shi yao zhan qi lai de...so from today onwards..whatever the results of the application is..it wont affect mi anymore le.. yeah...

Met Selyn just now to take the digital cam from her.. haha..tks ah..wanted to borrow it for tmr outing wit my dear..hopefully to our fav place..ESPLANADE wor.. yeah we chatted for awhile in Mac while waiting for her veri veri veri long fillet o Fish... Both of us decided to look for jobs and at the same time maybe take out some course..yeah.. and im happy to see her strong again..we must jia you together rite??? lol.. Going to another job agency on Tuesday ba..anyway i helped u do ur stat counter le..rem to thank mi wor..lol

Time now is 1619... wa..i was busy typing my cover letter and resume..didnt realise it took so long man..apply for a few jobs online le..hopefully got reply ba..coz tonnes of ppl are eyeing for it... tink i would be watching VCD later ba..dear borrow mi a big bag of vcds..my mum see liao..tot i was going to sell it man..lol..

This week is going to be quite a busy week for mi ba.. going out tmr wit dear.. tue going out wit selyn shop shop for sock fang's present (hopefully she wont read this entry) hehe...wed hopefully can go out wit my two precious cousins..and from Thur onwards..its chalet time..yeah.. Gonna celebrate Sock Fang's the blurqueen birthday..gonna stay overnight on Thur and the birthday celebration is on Friday..hopefully dear can go..and MR Nelson will be going too..hahha so long no see le wor..hope we can all enjoy ourselves man..forget the worries and burdens in our hearts....

Anyway Selyn the 4-D the four of us bought rite.. damn it lei.. we missed out one letter its in the consolation prize..6527 came out...it's all my fault.. all the digit came out except mine..pls pls dun blame mi ok...arghhh shld have wrote 7...opppz..maybe Christian realli should'nt be gambling wor..srry GOD..hehe..

With Love, 4:13 PM

Saturday, May 21, 2005'♥

Got this burden deep down im my heart... Wanted to be accountable to my leader but i cant bring myself to talk to him abt this...coz this means giving up my precious.. giving up ***

But i simply cant... maybe there shouldnt be a start... now the path seems so difficult to continue... i hope to find a balance point between the both...my precious...

Dear wrote a veri touching entry in our blog.. the momemnt i read it.. tears roll down my cheeks again.. arghhhh..dun so good to mi lei.. tks for being there for mi when im down..letting mi scold u always haha...

Tink im gettin used to the fact of not going to POLY le..frens ard mi and of coz my coussie have helped mi and encourage mi alot.. now i know who is my TRUE frens... trying to look for a job le..got a few offer but im stil tinking..anyway if u guys got lobang can stil tell mi.. of coz the best is to be a tai tai...if u all know any OLD uncles who want a wife..call mi man... lol..

Im release early today from ministry..tks Bro Tze Hwa.. haha tink he see mi like veri tired ba.. and oso got alot of ppl do closing...supper pissed off by an auntie lor.. haiz suan le... love my ministry alot.. and the members.. good news good news..from dec onwards my church will shift toooooooooo SINGAPORE EXPO..WOOOOOO which means i onli need 15 mins to go CHURCH...not the 1hr15mins now..YEAH>>> love PST KONG tooooooo much le.. all the best to ppl living in the west... wad goes ard comes ard...muahhaha..and in 5 yrs time we will have a BUILIDING IN THE TOWN!!!!!...which means.. after svc go ORCHARD fellowship..wooooo.. great great.. but all these needs sacrifice.. but i dun mind... coz i know im doing all these for my Precious

With Love, 11:47 PM


Dreams shattered... Loss... Indecisive...How bad can it be?? but no matter what happen i will continue to Praise the Lord continually...

The Devil tempted mi today...saying "Where is ur God, when u most needed Him?" "Why is He not helping u at this point of time?".... At that point of time I was tempted to agreed with The Devil... but the Holy Spirit came in time.. I rebuke the Devil saying.."This is a momemnt of trial and im sure i can walk through it..A moment of testing to test the character of SHIRLEY SEE....I felt the Devil defeated instantly....

We went to Tp to submit our appeal letter today..together with Selyn's dad..He is a good dad..in fact more concern than his daughter haha.. but the answer of the admission officer seems to disappoint him once and once again.."Im realli srry we dun have any vacancy...maybe u shld try next yr?" to them its onli a yr..to us?? we went tru so long just for this day..and now?? wads the use of planning ahead..whats the use of applying for the PPE thingy?? The part im angry its becoz then dun bother to inform us at all..make us wait like a FOOL..whatsmore they dun even gif a minimum of 10 vacancy to ITE STUDENT..its just a basic respect....respect for students who will nv gif up even though they failed their Olvls...

After being demoralised by the staff there.. the four of us..dun pin in too much hope le.. the death sentence is next fri.. but of coz..i believe in MIRACLES..we went down to Riverina JOB angency to fill in the application form hopefully can find a job soon.. Went PS walk walk but everyone was like feeling so lethargic.. cg starting at 7pm and we left at 4.30..initially wanted to go find dear..but i tink he shld be quite tired after a long day..

The MRT reached Raffles Place.. I walked out of the station.. and went to sit at somewhere near the Singapore River.. listening to my MP3...Tears fell uncontrollably... but its onli at there.. i made a decision to my future.. I decided to find a permanent job.. whether to go in Poly next yr anot.. i dun care le.. tot abt so much stuffs there.. its good to have sometime for U and URself... A guy propose to his gf there..so romantic.. a couple taking their wedding photos there too.. looking at the smile on their face..the happiness they had..is beyond description.. how i wish to have that kind of smile one day.....

Cg was great.. and i wanna thks Ban Chuan for sending mi his resume.. to let mi had reference.. currently got a job offer by Karen.. as an admin asst.. pay not veri high..but the colleague is mostly from church..and somemore i got Karen wit mi.. not sure im still pondering..

God enlighten mi on my path pls...show mi the purpose.. I dun wan to Be LOST anymore....

With Love, 12:37 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005'♥

Life indeed is full of uncertainty...what may seems well now.. might not be in the future...

Im super demoralised with the Poly application... what the hell is this?? "Im sorry due to the overwhelming response.... we dun have vacancy left..." so what we ITE students are just RUBBISH... it does'nt matter to them tat we worked so hard for the past two years just to gained entry to tat poly..what's the point of getting good results?? what's the point of topping the class.. it does not matter at all...

Gonna write a letter of appeal..and seriously wanna thank JIN CHUN for it.. he was at HOLLAND V..then he had to get back early to help mi type the letter.. realli blessed to have such a TRUE FREN like him.. and if the appeal letter doesnt work, i tink i will just dropped off this stupid idea and step into the working life.. haiz.. maybe i have realli no fate wit poly ba.. retook the olvls for the second time.. onli to know last min that.the teacher register the wrong syllabus for us.. haha what a joke is this...

Many of us cried.. uncontrollably.. selyn, xiaowei, and i always tot i can hold my tears back.. onli until i talked to Jin chun.. i cried...feeling so demoralised by the whole incident.. what is my whole future gonna be????

With Love, 12:31 AM

Wednesday, May 18, 2005'♥

Im damn F**king pissed off by TP..oops srry hor seldom so vulgar de...but this time veri angry lor..coz of the attitude the Customer Service Officer gave mi when i enquire abt my admission to the school...

Haiz.. They HAVEN EVEN send out the ENROLMENT PACKAGE..so much for checking the letterbox...arghhh... and they say latest will know by end of the month..wad?? can't they say earlier??? coz next week oredi sch reopens..which means:

* I will not be going for orientation. Miss out the FUN>>>

* I will go in later...where everyone already got their clique of frens

* I will get lost on my way in sch..while others oredi know how to go

* I will be looking stupid on my first day of school..eating alone in the canten

* I will need to find toilet myself regardless of how URGENT i am.

* I will be a LONERANGER..arghhh the thought of it makes mi miss ITE LIFE..

This is so stupid where others who apply for NP oredi happily packing their bags for the first day of sch..im still here on the ferry waiting for the boat...hate the feeling of waiting..and i promise if one day i become a CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER..i will be more polite to ppl enquiring info..have some basic telephone skils de...

Tks TP for giving mi such a wonderful experience... i will definetely be glad to enjoy myself for these few days...without worrying abt opening my letterbox de... lol

** I love my bf...and his purring purring...** >>>lOlx

With Love, 2:15 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005'♥

Finally two years of ITE education is over..today shall be the last time that i wore my sch U... finish my last paper finally.. took some pictures with some of the teachers before i went out of the school gate.... as i walked out of the school gate.. memories of the first day of sch came to my mind.. indedd time passes veri fast...

listening to Jolin's new song.. tian kong.. nice song...depicts how im feeling rite now.. LOSS....

Graduate le.. now dunno what to do.. all tks to TP who nv reply our application..sch will be starting in one week's time...what is these?? my future seems so far away... so blurred... if i nv receive a reply from them..i dun care le im going to look for a job.. and if the reply come i dun care le..gonna work and not study le...

Whatever it is..im gonna rest today and enjoy the day... tmr going out with my baobei they all happy.. and thur if nothing goes wrong..go sing ktv with my MR KEITH... fri go cg..sat serve Gloria Jeans..left Sunday and Monday...xh we go out on Sunday?? lol

With Love, 1:59 PM

Monday, May 16, 2005'♥

Going to have my last paper in the next 10 hrs.. graduating in another 12 hrs..cant believe that 2 years just passed like these.. have alot of happy memories in ITE BISHAN...and honestly..i will sure miss ISB alot..

Went to study in airport with Selyn today.. nothing much.. just wanna thank her for throwing away my overdue hp bill... haha..but in the end lucky we know the M1 cust svc no...manage to pay the bill on time... just wanna tell her tat..ger dun be so paranoid nothing will happen de.. i'll be here for ya..wad r frens for rite??

Tmr last paper le.. so im officially having my Holidays le.. hahaha.. booking starts now!!!!!.... im booked on Wed, coz of nini and aaron bd's celebration.. miss them so much..and not to say my baobei..lol...friday book for cg too... so those who want to book pls start now... strictly by appt onli hahahha...

With Love, 11:09 PM

Sunday, May 15, 2005'♥

What can i do except to study, study and still study

Its been 7days since Chelsia went overseas...although i always scold her..i realli miss her...when are u coming back ger?? im going to treat u better de..lol

Congrats to Cindy See XIng Li... on ur Baptism..Ur now Truly a Great Child of God...continue to grow in His House..and He shall show u Your purpose...

Btw did i mention that i see better days ahead........(just one more day)

With Love, 10:16 PM


Raining so heavily when i was going home just now.. lightening flashes..dunno why im scare of lightening de..haha funni rite.. tks elisha for taking cab together wit mi..hehe

Went to watch the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with Jinchun.. been wanting to watch that show..and after all it worth the $9.50..good show man..if u love watching all those classic war show or history show..like LORD OF THE RING>>KING ARTHUR>>TROY..then pls go and watch this show gave it 4 out of 5 STARS..lol..btw i didnt know that GV got this service..order the cupcorn at the counter they say no more le..so we were like suan le..then they saw its ok we can deliver to ur seats de..diaoz.. like dat oso can..anyway got our cupcorn while watching the movies..ppl were like tinking..wow so big sia..still got delivery service hahaha..dun xie mu wo wor haha

I would like to announce my new hubby for this month... OLANDO BLOOM..oh man..he is so man in that show..and he fits my criteria of having long hair and goatee..oh tai shuai le.. lol..call mi MRS BLOOM from now on.. haha

Well service was great today..so jam packed man..and its so hot queuing at B1..diaoz..talk to Ban Chuan my leader awhile..tink he is a not bad leader ba..but too bad seldom got the time to talk to him..hehe..

Sianz.whole day did not study a single word from the book.. haha self-declared holiday.. arghhhh.. so lan..tmr must jia you le..anyway wanna thks Jin CHun for the movie ticket..haha half la..the cup corn..the drinks..the cab fare...tks for the blessing...lol..ya la MR NICE GUY La..lol

With Love, 12:53 AM

Friday, May 13, 2005'♥

The Management has decided to named SHI XING LI, LETTICIA, CINDY as The Smelly Tofu for the rest of the three years..The Management have given her a chance but instead of showing signs of regrets..She ruined it..

Therefore The Management hereby sentence her to THREE YEARS imprisonment in the TOFU STALL...We deserve the right to change and gave her a new name during this period at our own discretion...

This will take effect from MAY 13, Friday...which is also THE COUSIN DAY...haha the three of us decided to named today as our COUSIN DAY..we shall use this day every yr to commenmorate our cousin, appreciate them and love them..no quarrels and disagreement are allowed except after 12 am...

LAME RITE?? haha we onli decided it when we r chatting together at the MSN just now.. but it was realli funny talkin to the both of them...

CINDY - THE SMELL TOFU...she came to this world when im 2 years old..after that ive been seeing her for the next few yrs till she moved to Choa Chu Kang...we often played together and as u can see SHE COPY MY PATTERN OF NAME..im SHI XUE LI SHIRLEY..she is SHI XING LI CINDY hahahah...but nonetheless..she is a mad woman..funni..always act cute..even though its has been proven that she is NOT..lol..love her to the core..we often have the same situation in life.. be it failing our maths..(btw SEE FAMILY MATHS ALL SUX DE HAHA) or even our spiritual walk with GOD..and oso not to mention our relationship with bf.. LOL too many similar point le..

XIAOHAN - THE WAWA (DOLL)...dunno when did she came to my life..the onli thing i know is when she is young she always have plaits..then her eyes big..which makes her quite cute...BUT...its so different NOW..she's not CUTE AT ALL...haha..last time seldom talk to her de..see her face feel like slapping her..haha no la..she got so many dolls and yaya hello kitty to mi.. so i decided not to talk to her le..sobz lol.. we onli contacted each other back i tink one or two years back..since then always go out le..she like to sing,,,sing ,,and still sing..took silly photos with her cam..and always tink that she got SUPERSTAR BF..oH man...give us a break..anyway whenever we got problems cindy and mi we will go FIND her de..she is just like our NANNY...muahaha and the song "Im so happy im so glad..that i found u" is used to describe her...lol.. everytime yaya to us dat she got a tai tai life rite now..haha

I realli Thank God for both of them in my life.. they realli brighten up my LIFE..although sometimes they are LAME...SIAO...BU YAO LIAN..but cousins are for life..so i have no choice but to accept their differences hahah..they are like my frens..there to cheer and encourage us..realli happy that we cousins can remain so close..where most of the ppl didnt even contact their cousins...all right read until here le both of u dun so touched k...

SO every yr de MAY 13..someone pls send mi one stalk of roses and i will deeply appreciate it de ..lol

With Love, 5:04 PM


Dunno y suddenly got the urge to listen to oldies...esp the song Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters...tats my fave oldies...yeah once in a while listen to oldies is oso not bad..saw an article in the newspaper..and tat results in the urge suddenly...

Saw the articl on the MR NI, the taiwan comedian..on his funeral yst.. many famous ppl went to his funeral..include the politician...and oso not to forget Ah Mei..who sang Unchained Melody at his funeral...Amazed at how depression can realli ruined a person's life....and that leads mi to what im studying rite now...STRESS AND CONFLICTS AT WORK..

Ppl react to stress and pressure differently...here are the four types of reaction:

FREEZE - These type of ppl tends to immobilized under pressure. They fear making the wrong decision..and have the deep desire that someone will take control over their responsibility. A tendency to feel overwhelmed by the multiple options tat are being presented. Do not have confident in themself, execessive checking and rechecking of their work. Normal problem-solving and prioritising skills are forgotten.

Flight - These type of ppl feared of being trapped or attacked. They would tend to avoid stres-producing problems. Tends to leave reponsibility to others. When unable to phsically escape they would retreat in their own fantasy. Unreliable, irresponsible, unstable work history and problems with absentism. Likes to procastinate their work or project.

Fight - They tend to be aggressive and involved in conflicts. Blame is often placed on others before others blame the fighters. Past mistakes and gossips of others are raised. Subtle or blatant intimidation is used to find safety. Appeared to be strong and self-assured, but usually have many self-doubts..and high expectation of others.

Submit - They are usuallly a caretaker who wants everyone to be happy and is therefore willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of that perceived good. This will take a toll on the person and if its long-term they might suffer from mild or severe depression.

Haha like im teaching on these man..those who are having exams..this will act as an revision..so after reading which type of person are u?? my bf is the submit one..so i tink he will be mad soon...lol no la.. he veri wei da one lol..

For mi lei.. i tink i got a mixture of fight and submit..becoz after i say out abt the things i not happy..in the end i wil still do the job..to make everyone happy..muahhahah lame lor.. but i tink the worst one is the FLIGHT type..so irresponsible and selfish.. hope that urs will not be that wor.. tag mi wad is ur type ba...lol..

With Love, 2:02 PM

Thursday, May 12, 2005'♥

One down...one more to go... I can't sleep the whole night yst..tossing and turning around..its onli until 2.00am that i closed my eyes..and the alarm went off at 5.30am..im feeling so sleepy and tired...not to say the headache as usual..

The worst is over..agreed with what Adeline had said..manage to finish all the assignments..but dun have enough time to check..so i just hand in by faith..no matter what the results..dun wish to tink abt it now..

Feeling damn sleepy rite now..but i need to go church later for the Pst Phill's Seminar..heard from those who went down that its great..and i believe that today sure alot of ppl de..before the seminar..Bro Tze Hwa asked mi to served in Gloria Jeans..lucky dun need to do closing..tink im in love with this ministry..i had no complains abt serving nowadays..Thank God for strength and convictions..Later need to pass Ah Chua our class photos too..so good got free one..tonite tink i will reach home quite late ba..tmr as usual miting Selyn dear to go airport study...hopefully can wake up on time..hee..

My heart is burden with a few matters....feeling quite stressed up and pek chek...sorry for those whom i gave attitude to...dun mean it.. anyway i hope to look for a part-time job str away after my exams.. anyone got lobang??

My tears are turning into time...cant believe its over...honestly tell mi its over..

With Love, 3:33 PM

Wednesday, May 11, 2005'♥

Nothing much..went to airport to study with Selyn at the airport for our OA.. finally manage to copy finish all the notes.. nice weather..not hot and not veri cold..quite alot of ppl studying there..some r abit wierd one...

Feeling veri tired rite now... been having a headached since this morning..tink im fallling sick soon..but pls let mi endure through one more week ba.. tmr is my first paper le..haiz..hope everything will not go haywire ba.. dun ask for much just hope tat at least i got a B for it ba...and hope tat i can finish all the assignments..

God i lift up my exams to You...I pray for peace upon mi..and I will bring glory to Your Name....

Feeling abit moody rite now..dunno is it becoz of the exams or something else..but im quite affected by what he told mi today.. Sometimes its better not to know so much..coz the truth hurts....

With Love, 7:29 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005'♥

Took a nap..and the feeling is soo goood..haha coz its so tiring these few days..lol.. had a nice dream..until when i cant bear to wake up//dun ask mi what is it abt..coz i forgot abt it lol...

Hmmm trying hard to study but seems difficult to focus..haiz..oso dunno y..anyway i will be going to the airport to study tmr..alot of ppl can study there but its a miracle that mi and selyn can..haha we went there since sec sch..coz at home there is simply too much temptation le..anyway some ppl veri xin fu...she is now at NELSON's house..revision lei.. muahahha..oops i say out le..haha..yeah ger we two must jia you jia you for this last lap le wor..

Read the newspaper and they show a study that students facing stress like exams tend to have a much higher intake of caffenine..like chocolate...coffee..etc..hey tats so true..its mi..whenever i study i sure drink kopi de..coz im kopisoh ma..lol..and chocolates when im stress..but mi better la..nv take alot wor..

7 more days to freedom...yeah let mi show u the list of places that i wanted to go ba..ive been planning it man..lol

1 KBOX (to sing my hearts out)
2 Bacalavia (to have a nice glass of wine)
3 Fisherman Village /Beaches (to look at the sea..relaz myself)
4 Movies(House of Wax, Monster-inlaw, Divergence(maybe vcd), Amosville (dunnohowtospell la, Initial D (stil long way la hehe)

5 Go chinatown market to eat my fav porridge...awww i miss it..
6 Go Esplanade sit at one of the rest and enjoy the nite view
7 Go Johore to shop shop
8 Go back Batam..arghhhh miss my cousins alot..and my tiffany baby
9 Go Indochine and listen to the band
10 Go Orchard and shop the whole day....

Counting down the every mintues and every sec..faster finish exam ba..ok la.mi going to continue mugging..all the best to myself..dun WATCH TV anymore..hehe

With Love, 7:00 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005'♥

Monday.. basically wasted my time of going sch today..coz the stupid wp teacher is not in sch.. so we basically spent that one hr in class autographing our class photos..

After sch went to Yishun to mit my online fren Huilian.. Aisha they all accompanied mi there too.. tks huh.. yeah finally got my skirt that i bought online from US le.. love it alot...then we went to Toa Payoh and have our lunch.. yeah going out with them is fun..although im the onli chinese they lor.. after that rushed to Dohby Gaut to mit Lena they all.. haha collect another skirt from Rainflower.. so now i got TWO new skirts le wor.. but too bad that time order the size too big..so now the skirt abit veri low lor..but no choice..hehe

Feeling veri tired rite now.. oso dunno y.. tink im falling sick soon le.. have a lot of phelgm in my throat.. and keep having headache.. dar this week worked late again..haiz.. so sian.. tink we wont be miting until thur or next week le ba..coz i oso need to stay at home and study for my exams le.. exams coming le..but still no mood to study..arggghhh..hate this kind of feeling....

With Love, 9:46 PM

Sunday, May 08, 2005'♥

Yoo hoo.. before anything wanna wish all the mothers in the world..Happy MAMA DAY!!! guess its still not 12am yet...Wanna thank all the mama for making a difference in their son's and daughter's life.. and esp my mummy!!! yeah..

This yr veri budget..so i decided to cook something for my mama to give her a surprise....and at the same time for my dear.. lol..one stone killed two birds..haha..i did an omelette..nuggets and oso stir-fry the macoroni..papa did the washing up coz i was rushing for time..hahaha he had NO CHOICE..coz he nv bought anything lol.. took the train to CLEMENTI..and mit my dear..he was abit shocked to see that i bought him food..initially he tot we would be eating.. lol.. so sweet of mi rite??? lol..he finished all of it..dunno is hungry or give face la..but who cares?? lol.. then we went to search for mama present..bought a lipstick coz she was complaining the one i bought for her few years ago..finished liao..haha so my dear's hand become a testing board for the lipstick lol.. after that we went to buy cake for my mama..the cake is so nice..and its 18 buckz..there goes all my savings these few days.. haha..then after that time to say bye bye to him le..rushed for another tai liao..haha

meet my mama at JP..she was so shocked when she see that i actually bought her a cake..coz she knew i was REALLI BROKE liao..then she asked mi y this yr i do so much things for her..coz this yr i 21 yrs old liao ma..so must be special..we went to Crystal Jade Kitchen at JP to eat..and she ate my macoroni there too..lol..happy that she like the colour of the lipstick..after eating then we went back tampines..sianz ah.long journey..but ok la..

Reached home..cut the cake wit papa..so heart warming..lol..coz its not onli mama day..few more days oso my mum bd..so we celebrated together..papa loved the cake..and this is the first time he ate two pieces of cake at one time..next time for those who want to buy cake pls go to GLAD TIDINGS CONFECTIONARY..at CLEMENTI INTERCHANGE...coz its the first time since i knew that MR SEE TIOW EE will so support a cake by eating two pieces..and of coz dun judge the cake by the shop front hahah...realli happy that today we three can get together..both their mood all not bad.. realli thank GOD for giving mi them as my parents..although we three all have our faults..but we actually love one another..but seldom show out la..haha

y dun they have a happy daughter's day?? to commenmorate all the daughter's in the world??

With Love, 11:49 PM

Saturday, May 07, 2005'♥

Sometimes You cant realli doubt God's Power...something happen today and i realli feel that God is real.. in the end i did not blame HIM..and maybe everything is GOd's will ba.

Accompany Hk to go Bugis buy her slippers..after that we just simply walked around there..sorry wor..keep having u to pei wor.. saw JEFF WANG AND FIONA XIE..they were shooting the tv programme..well whateever haha..just tat the makeup is super thick lor..now u know y their complexion is so good ba..

Had a minor misunderstanding with Chelsia just now.. i oso dunno y am i so offended becoz of what she say..maybe im actually bothered by what happen in the morning..but manage to clear it up..and we prayed over it..she shall always be my sister and my true frens.. sorry for being so fierce just now.. tink its the first time u saw that..

Been losing control of my emotions recently..either is i cry too much..if not is i get irritated easily.. just left a message in his friendster just now.. typed out all my feelings about our relationship..hopefully by tmr everything will be alright...

After all these incident i realise something.. you can love without giving..but u cant give without loving... u need to give in order to sacrifice..thats what love is all abt.. guys out there..nv ever dun reply ur gf msg..afterall gers are sensitive creatures...

With Love, 12:52 AM

Thursday, May 05, 2005'♥

One week from today will be the first paper for my exam.. Word processing.. the most stress paper..finish four assignments within 2 hrs.. haiz.. got back my CA results..all becoz i forgot to save a stupid document.. in the end i got a C.. first time man..in ITE i got a C..haiz.. abit disappointed...

One more week..and now im still here online surfing the net.. wad a slacker i am.. recently a lot of things happen in my life.. can be happy or not happy.. resulted in the passive spirit within mi.. how i wish i can graduate now.. but nonetheless.. its gonna come soon...

PMS is realli torturing mi.. i wanna thank CINDY for listening to my complaints these few days.. my life realli sux now.. its the same old thing happening..

i asked myself what do i realli want?? what will make mi happy?? but i dun even have the answer myself.. how am i expect ppl to know???

With Love, 8:42 PM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005'♥

Argggghhhh.. hate being a woman..have to suffer these and that.. damn it.. been having the stomache cramp since yst morning..dunno what happen this month..super shiong lor.. lol..did not went sch..not feeling quite well.. sianz..next week exams coming le..im still here slacking.. haiz..realli no mood at all lei..

Went to watch Creep with my bf yst.. haiz. not veri nice wor the ending.. and the whole show.. more rats than the actor..and no storyline de..so its not recommended..actually wanted to watch divergence..but the timing is quite late..but nvm ba. tink still got chance de next time rite dear?? hehe then we went to ate at the coffeeshop above Bishan Bus interchange..after that is home sweet home.. been so pek chek with my dear..but then im glad he understand.. he msged mi something that is so touching.. and i realli wanna thank him for everything..

Actually wanted to go and find him for dinner de..but then.. coz of the waterfall so in the end didnt.. guess i realli got to rest well..feel so tired..somemore got sore throat..wad a day...

anyway now my dear and i have a blog le.. its called ourstory.. lol... feel free to go and see wor..

With Love, 4:09 PM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005'♥

Tuesday is always not a good day for mi.. a PMS day to be precise

With Love, 11:17 PM


I went to da gu house and visit her yst finally.. heard from my parents..that day that she not veri feeling veri well and she nv eat food at all.. feel so worried for her..and its ard 10 years since i last visited her..so bad of mi..haiz...

Meet Cindy at JP..but as usual i was late..hehe..then in the end she revenge by trying out so many clothes at JENNIFER.. arghhhh so ma fan of her..bought so many things..wan to yaya onlie.. hehe then we went to NTUC to buy fruits for da gu...reached da gu house and saw that she look older than the previous time i saw her.. saw carole.. one of the auties daughter..oh man..that time i saw her she was onli a baby man..but now.. primary three le.. how time flies man.. im so old now..chatted wit da gu for awhile.. then we left the place.. coz wawa miting her "FREN"... dunnno wad we talk abt then talk abt dar..suddenly both of them say wan go see him.. so we took BUS 173 to his wkplace.. but too bad he was having dinner.. onli talk to him for awhile then we need to go off le...

we went to Raffles.. the Lau Pa Sat.. initially veri happy..but in the end something happen which i shall not say.. Cindy and I watched the news while eating..and to our surprise..there is actually FIREWORKS at ESPLANADE in celebration of LABOUR DAY.. so in the end we three chiong there lor.. so many ppl..and there were TAUFIK, YE LI YI...some stars singing.. but when the moment i heard that "FAKEMAN" singing feel like throwing my shoes at him man..haha we took tonnes of photos..lazy to upload here.. u all can view it at www.kerin.multiply.com

We waited and waited..lucky no rain.. sat at the steps near the MERLION.. the stage was at ESPLANADE but we can hear all the songs they sang.. its was performance by the oldies singer YE LI YI..wow her voice veri nice. and its so romantic sitting down there listening to oldies..msged dar abt it..and he was like so disappointed coz he cant see it.. but nvm la..if we can be together...we r able to watch it again 3 more mths from now rite??... when i turn left and right im disappointed to see that two creatures beside mi.. muahahha no la..its actually a blessing to be with them..coz i know that no matter what happens both of them are always there for mi..although we three nv go wti our bf, but we realli did enjoy ourself rite gers??
The fireworks is so much nicer than the NDP de.. and it lasted more than 5 mins.. so happy to see it and its realli veri nice wor..everyone was like so excited there..taking pictures...

Reached home quite late..and i was super tired lor.. realli wanna thank Gilyn for lending mi her cam..got so much things to snap until it was low batt and no memory liao haha...total was 113 pictures altogether..

Talk to dar..and we had our evaluation time again.. haha so happy to hear what he say to mi.. and i promise him i wont anyhow tink and so sensitive from now on le.. love ya

With Love, 12:32 AM

Sunday, May 01, 2005'♥

im realli realli realli veri tired to blog.. too busy and went to many places today..shall update u guys tmr... im going to sleep liao....

With Love, 11:58 PM


I was so pek chek the whole day..tink its due to the medicine i ate ba..stopped for a month liao..and now continuing it..doctor say i lost 12 kg?? u believe it?? even i oso dun believe it lor..when i saw the weighing scale...

Tks Chelsia for alwways accommodating to mi.. i know sometimes im a bit unreasonable..but i realli thank GOD for a fren like her..always there for mi de wor.. we went to eat at a chn rest.. she treated mi wor..so nice of her..but i didnt ate much..coz she nv say earlier..if not i would not have ate my medicine le..

Mit MR Bai the tortise to go church together.. haha first time lei he reach earlier than mi..tink he must have crawl out of his house super early ba.. then we took some photos on the bus.. nice nice wor..

After service.. dar call mi.. and he was eating wit his bro at the other coffeeshop..so near yet so far..haiz.. but in the end he came and find mi..we chat chat walk walk awhile and i confessed that im on the pills to him.. in the end he did not mind instead he encourage mi..and say he will donate his liver for mi should anything happen..muahaha touched wor.. onli chatted for abt 30 mins..then have to go le..coz auntie chelsia wanted go home study le..seems like always i mit dar..will not exceed 2 hrs de.. tmr he wil be workin afternoon shift le for the whole week.. haha tink can onli mit him on TUesday..we going to watch movies hopefully.. then the rest of the week i tink i need to stay at home and study le.. realli must jia you le..last sem..

one more week to graduation........

With Love, 1:35 AM

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