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Wednesday, June 30, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening TO: Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance

This morning i was damn suay lor.. first i forgot to bring my wallet.. second, i took the wrong bus to work man!! i was like wad the..F**K wa piang i misunderstood 28 for number 8.. until Bedok then i realise man.. sianz.. veri panic lor coz oredi 7.30am liao lei.. in the end i was late for 15 mins lor.. lucky the supervisor nv scold mi she say she understand hw i feel.. haha My boss treat us to lunch today.. wow seldom can whole company eat lunch together wor.. haha the roast duck was veri yummy wor!!'

After work i met seline lor.. go service my hp.. stupid phone lei.. so lag and the cam siao liao.. tmr then can take back.. meanwhile i using my dad 2100.. more worse lor.. open one msg need to wait 1 min.. -_-.. i miss my phone man,,, accompany seline go mit XXX (im nt suppose to say out his name.. coz he jux nw treat mi lei haaha) wa he so gd lor. bought a swatch watch (limited edition) as her bd present..realli veri nice lei.. haiz when is my turn.. been wanting a swatch watch until my neck so long liao man..haiz she so xing fu lor.. but then she dun like him jux treat him as fren.. this world is cruel man,,, lol

saw mr xxx online and he didnt even bother to say hi to mi.. haiz realli veri disappoint wit him ba.. sinc ehe so busy i can still see him online surfing net.. a mas won take much time rite.. i dunno la.. maybe im used to it liao.. suan le im nt going to bother so much anymore

so sad lei.. my phone bill shoot up lei.. coz too many msg liao.. my mum scold mi man.. sob sob.. this mth mux save abit liao.. finally got the blouse that i bought from auction liao.. my mum say its nt bad.. but for mi i find pink colour nt suit mi lei.. maybe im used to wearing black liao.. tink i need some time ba.. haha tonite no matter wad mux slp early liao.. damn tired man.. and my panda eyes is cumin out man.. lol 2 more days to go..

With Love, 9:16 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: Colours of the wind

after work went to find seline ane we go bedok to mit the rest coz today we r celebrating shi hui and baby bear bf John"s birthday... went to shi hui's mother stall to eat zhi cha..wa so full man.. the food was yummy esp the sting ray.. poor seline have to go on vegetarian for 49 days.. lol at the end baby bear bf sent us hm lor.. veri thankful to him man..overall the dinner was fun haha will upload the pic soon as seline sent mi..

haha jux nw tok to david until half the line was cut off.. in the end then i knw half of singapore was blackout.. esp the west side.. lol tampines is da best nt affected man.. lol now then i find fan is better haha..all the best to audrey who r still stuck in the black out...all the best ger.. haha im so bad..

k la 3 more days to go on man,,, attachment finally finishin soon man.. yeah..

With Love, 11:38 PM

Monday, June 28, 2004'♥

With Love, 9:31 PM


Song Im Listening To: Chinager By Usual Suspect

Actually quite surprise today..coz that nerd nerd guy in my office.. well his name is calvin.. ask mi wan to go lunch wit him ma.. haha i tot he was tokin to somemone else man..haha in the end i agreed lor..haha i was laughing all the way.. coz he so guai guai type.. then the action all so funny.. i knw i veri bad la.. after lunch then go back office le.. all the aunties were like gossiping of mi n him.. haha no la i have no feelings for him lor.. jux treat him as a fren and i guess he oso treat mi as fren la.. the aunties think too much le..muhaha,,]

whole day use com today so sian.. keep surfing net man.. until i fall asleep again.. tis time die liao.. haah its my supervisor ask mi to wake up.. but she nv scold mi la.. she jux smile smile say aiyoh yst nv sleep ah.. hahaha so paiseh man.. i quickly go toilet wash my face man.. jux now after work go wait for seline. then we go kfc eat cheese fries.. haha long time no see her.. poor her she have to eat vegetarian for 49 days.. haiz... wish i cld get my pay real soon.. saw a denim skirt and i realli like it man.. hope to buy it soon,.,,

With Love, 9:13 PM


Song I'm Listening To: None

Jux came back from lunch.. haha its a miracle i can use com..lol coz today doing data entry,, so secretly use awhile lor;; so sian lei.. doing nothing now.. i am so full rite now..lol

haiz i tink i have to face the com for whole day today le.. k la mi wan go work liao.. btw my company got a guy veri nerd wan.. haha he sitting behind of mi.. haiz his face so blur wan.. haha but nv tok much to him.. k la go hm then write abt him lol.. buai buai

With Love, 12:53 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: its my life by bon jovi

sleep so much today.. wake up at 7pm today,,,haha damn tired man,, watch the match between holland and sweden.. wow soooo long.. they keep drawing man.. but thank God Holland won... at the penalty shoot out...

went chinablack yst.. onli mi and bao bei.. haha but we bth 2.40am go off liao.. damn thirsty and our feet were aching.. haha stupid now chinablack open until 6am... i realli salute to those ppl who can survive until 6am.. haha someore now no free entry,, 10 bucks man plus one free drink.. we went to the 7-11 at far east,, and rest man while waiting for bao bei dad to fetch us.. wan to thks her dad man.. for driving me to the bus\stop..

haiz most of my fren sch reopen liao i realli hope mine will start soon,, haha still left one more week to finish my attachment i mux survive through it.. jia you man,, haha k la got to slp liao..

With Love, 10:25 PM

Saturday, June 26, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Confession By Usher

I received a shocking news the first thing today... Mr XXX msg mi that my France lost To Greece.. at first i tot he was joking man,, in the end its real lor.. wa damn sad and disappointed lor... its so unbelievable man..wa lao.. lucky nv bet ah.. if nt sure lose till siao.. haiz now onli left czech and hollan that i support if bth of them lost ah... forget it im nt watching the final man!!!

haiz did data entry the whole day man,, face the com until i doze off man.. haha lucky no ppl saw if nt throw face man.. lol..

later miting my bao bei to zhong guo hei.. hope it will be fun coz onli the 2 of us going today.. and mux remember to bring ic haha.. k la mi wan go bathe le,,, later going to the funeral of seline's grandpa.. holland pls pls win sweden ok.. i cant take another blow anymore...

With Love, 2:05 PM


Song I'm Listening To: Spirit of Yesterday By Dj Valum

Went out with my private sch frens today after work,, we went to V8 movies cafe to eat.. yummy!! then after that went to took some neo print.. haiz nt veri nice lei.. coz got 7 of us squeezing together.. haha after that vickie went to work.. so we decided to walk from Bugis to Suntec..while walking we saw a saloon having distcount..so we ask Aaron to cut his hair.. coz he keep saying he wanted to cut hair. haha and it turns out to be veri nice.. he look more stylish man..wee woo wee.. shuai ge lei.. guess his gf will get a shock haha...

We have no place to go so in the end we went to our lao di fang.. suntec sky garden playground.. it was still da same nv change much.. haha so we play crocodile and bling cat.. so fun man.. just like the time when we were studyin in the private sch at suntec.. every wed we will cum n play.. although we played onli a while we were sweating like mad man.. so fun haha.. miss those days man.. after that we went to carrefour to shop shop// guess wad the sushi buy one get one free.. haha alot of ppl chiong man and snatch here and there.. so kiasu and squeezy hahaah// although we nv go anywhere fun.. but gathering wit them always end up wit laughter,, haha.. next outing is sushi buffet.. our dear sis AARON is going to organise haha.. lol he is our jie mei man.. k la tired le.. tmr still need wk man.. sianz.. haha FRance pls pls win Greece... haha

With Love, 12:13 AM

Thursday, June 24, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Only Time By Enya

Had a busy day today lots of stuff to do in my workplace.. but time passes veri fast.. went home after work.. suppose to mit mei qin but in the end she got something on.. seline's grandfather passed away yst nite.. when i saw the msg in da morning i was shocked man.. we were just tokin abt his condition on tue.. haiz life is realli unpredictable.. u nv knw when u going to leave this world.. so moral of the story.. live life with no regrets.. be forgiving and enjoy ur life.. oh gosh.. wad am i tokin abt.. sounds like im gonna leave this world.. haha

went to the chill out session yst nite at hotel intercontinental.. the first outing i had wit ppl from the forum. True enough they r so friendly.. and realli they make mi laugh a lot.. haha too bad i abit shy la.. so nv tok much haha.. mux act abit ma.. lol reach hm ard 11plus.. i was damn tired lor.. straight away go zz. damn shit i forgot to switch on my alarm.. haha lucky my grandma cum and wake mi up if nt i sure slp like dunno when,, haha

Mr XXX called mi in da morning andi was surprised.. tink its been a few days that he called mi.. wad to do ppl is busy ma.. dunno y i feel veri stupid when i tok to him... dunno how to describe the feeling.. it was like not the normal mi.. but rite now i dun expect much from him liao.. as long as he sometimes call or msg mi i will be happy liao.. :P coz i want to live happily everyday..i wan to enjoy life..

tmr going another gathering with my private sch frens.. haha sure will be fun wan.. lol miss nini and tricia alot// so long no see them liao.. tmr will be a better day..yeah!!!

With Love, 8:25 PM

Tuesday, June 22, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: I need a lover tonite by masterboy

Often in life we will have a lot of failure it's onli tru all these failure... then we learnt our lesson.. But i dunno y,,, i still cant get over it... repeating the same old mistakes.. wad to do love is blind... its onli after that then i realise that im sooooo foolish haiz....

had a long day today.. not feeling well today.. went dinner wit meifang at Kenny Rogers.. then after that she accompany mi go see doc.. realli touched coz she like veri tired le still accompany mi there somemore she lent mi money coz i nv bring enough.. the doc was veri friendly lor.. keep making mi laugh.. got an injection haiz realli hope i will get well soon coz its damn painful....where is he when i most needed him... cant he even show some concern haiz,,, xing tong ah,,, forget it le,, im nt going to bother so much liao..let mi die ba.. sob sob..

jux took my medicine feeling drowsy now,, k la i wan go slp le..

With Love, 10:53 PM

Monday, June 21, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: I Dont Wanna Know

damn tired today.. i oso dunno y? doing filling until i sleep in the office man.. luckily no ppl saw as im in the meeting room today if nt i will die.. finally finish boxing up all the paper.. guess tmr she will give mi a diff job to do le ba..

feeling rather down.. coz of a lot of things.. maybe its becoz im scared of my results ba.. and maybe becoz of my love life ba..there is a lot of things in my heart but i dunno how to say out.. im feeling veri in secure rite now.. i wish there is someone here that i can depend on to tok to mi.. i tink sooner or later im going crazy liao.. history tends to repeat itself in my love life.. haiz no mood write le.. i think im going to check my results now le.. all the best to myself..

but quite happy that portugal won spain over the match last nite.. way to go portugal.. its been so long since they won spain.. but spain u have done well too and im proud of ya!!!

heard this song from the radio.. and i love the lyrics veri much,,,

Hold up, let me answer my phone
Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably
I'ma call you right back
I'm doin this mixtape right here
Now back to what I was sayin

[Verse 1 - Mario Winans]
Somebody said they saw you
The person you were kissing wasn't me
And I would never ask you
I just kept it to myself

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna know
If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

[Verse 2 - Mario Winans]
Oh baby
I think about it when I hold you
When lookin in your eyes, I can't believe
I don't mean to know the truth
Baby keep it to yourself

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna know
If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

[Break - Mario Winans]
Baby taught you better then me (taught you better then me)
Then why you fall asleep (why you fall asleep)
Shove 'em off and stay, what you used to do to me (do to me baby)
If your better off that way (better off that way)
Baby what I like to say (all that I can say)
Go on and do your thing and don't come back to me
(Stay away from me baby)
don't wanna know where your whereabouts or how you movin
I know when you in the house or when you cruisin
It's been proven, my love you abusin
I can't understand, how a man got you choosin (yeah)
Undecided, I came and provided ma
My undivided, you came and denied it (why?)
Don't even try it, I know when you lyin (I know when you lyin)
Don't even do that, I know why you cryin (stop cryin)
I'm not applyin no pressure, just wanna let you know
That I don't wanna let you go (I don't wanna let you go)
And I don't wanna let you leave
Can't say I didn't let you breathe
Gave you extra cheese (c'mon), put you in the SUV
You wanted ice so I made you freeze
Made you hot like the Western Beach (that's right)
Now it's time you invest in me
Cause if not then it's best you leave
Holla, yeah

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I don't wanna know
If your playin me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

With Love, 6:23 PM

Saturday, June 19, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: An jing By Jay chou

finally its saturday le... words cant describe my happiness.. the moment when i walk out my office.. i realli hope i dun need to go back le..hahahha

the dumpling festival is on tue and my grandma today wake up so early to bao zhong zi.. so touched man,,actually my mum ask her dont make liao but she keep saying she wanted to make coz i that day say i miss her dumpling ma.. lol all my fault.. last yr didnt get to eat coz my grandma was hospitalised.. up till now i can still remember that day.. we tot we would lose her.. but thank God she was fine.. and today she is here,,, from that day onwards i promise myself that i would cherish her even more.. i wan to eat her dumpling for the next 10, 20 , yrs..

he told mi that he read my blog...-_- i was damn shocked lor.. its so paiseh lor.. i tot he dun have the address so i wirte out my feelings,,haiz i wish now got a hole so i can hide inside man.. zzzz... dear MR xxx if u reading now.. stop laughing ok...

k la i need to go prepare liao.. later miting audrey they all,, hope tonite we realli can go in chinablack ( zhong guo hei) haha hope i wld enjoy myself today.. and nothing bad will happen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

With Love, 2:40 PM

Friday, June 18, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: 7years and 50 days by Groove coverage

nothing much happen today except i nv went luch again.. they all tink im dieting man.. haha no lor is no mood.. see so many things haven do finish no mood eat sia... haiz.. another day passed by so quickly... feeling a bit sick though i oso dunno y...

The feeling of missing someone is so tormenting... realli.. especially when u are waiting for him to msg u.. u keep thinking wad is he doing now.. haiz the feeling sucks lor.. u wanted to call him but u dun wan to show u so desperate... haiz. i like him but he tell mi be4 he dun wanna have any commitments rite now.. he wan to focus on his career.. i always wanted to tell him that i have fallen in love wit him but i knw we won be together,, y?? y is this like dat?? dunno y i tink from now on i have to restrict myself for being hurt again..

i hate myself for fallin in love so easy.. i mux nt be softhearted.. tmr i wan to enjoy myself.... play as if there is no tmr.. i wan to escape.. escape from all these problems.........

With Love, 8:35 PM

Thursday, June 17, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Jie Tuo By Ah Mei

realli damn angry today wit my supervisor lor.. she always like dat ppl do finish things then tell ppl got soemthin to add in.. wa lao.. need to redo redo and redo.. cant she jux say all the things at once?? damn angry man... since i started attachment i've been doing the same thing again and again man.. for 2 yrs they never do anything then now push all to mi wtf man.. tink wad do shit work ah...-_- i was so pissed off today that i nv went for luch today... no mood to eat man so for the whole day i nv eat until evening.. then she was like so caring asking mi y i nv ate.. zzz then i jux say im veri full.. pls lor im full wit anger man!!! haiz tmr more worst man have to put all the paper in da box.. i realli realli hope after this wk i can change and do somethign else man.. if nt my report i dunno wad to write man.. zzzz

i now jux hoping for sat lor... can go out wit my frens man.. release stress ah.. dunno wad will happen tmr man.. i sincerely pray that the nxt 14 days will pass damn fast man.. i miss the teahcer ah chua coz so long no ppl quarrel wit mi liao, miss the bridge leader.. and oso miss my frens alot.. hahaha

With Love, 10:44 PM

Wednesday, June 16, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: cant take my eyes off u...

i was late today for work.. first time man.. i was late 20 mins.. luckily not all of them r there yet..zzz miss lim tell mi that i did something wrong.. sianz. so i have to redo man.. redo the sorting for the whole day man.. nv realise the time passes so fast man..

Mr XXX cum mit mi for lunch today..finally got one day dun need to eat wit the aunties liao.. we went to macperson kopi tiam to eat lor.. then after that drive around the place coz the time still early somemore my office is still lock man... then we chat chat in the car lor...

With Love, 8:20 PM

Monday, June 14, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Ji Shi Ben By Kelly Chen

sian monday again.. when is my weekend cumin man.. realli wish time could pass faster.. i wan go back school!!!

actually quite happy la.. yst my France won england haha so happy man,, all thks to barthez and zidane man.. u guys rockz.. haha.. had a bet with xiao pang.. he take england ma.. those who lose shall treat dinner.. lol and he lose.. hehe.. so i will be expecting a dinner from him.. he say sizzler lei.. hahahahahahahah 23 june f&g will be have a chill out session at the jazz lounge...

audrey went to malaysia.. hope she can faster cum back sia.. waiting for her to bet socceer man and oso this sat go clubbing.. my cousin oso cum back liao.. haha got so many ppl acc mi liao.. if no attachment more better sia..

k la k la mi wanna go bath le..

With Love, 7:01 PM

Saturday, June 12, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: God Is A Ger By Groove Coverage

Haiz this few days damn tired so nv come online and update my blog.. somemore my com kanna this Trojan virus.. cannot be repaired so my com damn lag ...

My life so booring now.,. everyday after wk then go hm,,, wanted to go out my no strength lei.. if nt is to wait for seline after her work.. but then she 6pm then finish so sumtimes i oso veri lazy to wait for her lor.. hehe,,,, today is sat the one and only day i can go out lor.. so i went suntec wit seline.. go walk walk.. and help my cousin find a puzzle so stupid lor.. then we went to eat the steamboat again.. but then tis time got a promotion its a thai style one. but in the end we still prefer the normal one coz the thai one gt a lot of food we dun quite prefer and not much food for us to eat.. so the 2 of us keep drinking soup lor,, hehe...

This few days PMS lor so temper quite bad that day even quarrel wit my mum and dad,, haiz dunno why maybe i oso veri stress la,, everyday go work the table is full of paper haiz.. one week down. 3 more weeks to go liao.,.. jia you wor shirley!!! and i pray that my france will win in euro cup 2004.. france is da best..haha

With Love, 10:26 PM

Tuesday, June 08, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Be My Lover By dunno wHO

Can see from the heading what i did today in the office.. yes sorting, sorting and still sorting.. i've been sorting out all the fax message of the different projects since the morning..and onli manage to finish it at abt 4.30pm.. can imagine hw much paper i sorted?? it's like a mountain,,, pity i dun have a digi cam wit mi.. if not can let u see my whole surrounding is full of paper even the FLOOR!!! My company did a lot of project be4 so i tink i have sorted out more than 30 companies fax message today -_-.. but although its boring lor and my eyes are realli tired.. it's better than filling and oso the time passed veri fast today.. hope she won ask mi to file wad i sort tmr.. if nt i will realli faint..

Went to lunch wit my supervisor onli.. coz the other auntie went out.. nv expect that auntie actually is the board of director.. she is the sis of my boss..-_- first day saw her i tink she veri yaya.. haha now cant think that way liao.. ppl BOD lei.. tok more wit my supervisor think she nt a bad person she today buy mangosteen for us to eat.. my mum tink i wk in a fruit shop man, everyday gt free fruits hahah.. and when she ask mi do something she nv give dateline one..hehe but dun say too soon.. suddenly her tail haven show out haha..

Went to find Seline after wk.. we went to KFC to have dinner.. i tink im growing fatter again liao.. cannot i cant afford to do that...i tink i cant eat lunch liao...hopethe miss lim can let mi stay at office tmr during lunch time hehe...so tired esp the eyes.. realli lookin forward to weekend.. aud ask mi go ladies nite tmr.. haiz dun say ladies nite ask mi go town i oso veri sian liao.. everyday wk until wan die le..haha

With Love, 8:58 PM

Monday, June 07, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Ru guo you yi tian by Liang Jing Ru

First day of attachment.. wake up at 6am lei.. but the whole nite nv slp much.. tink i too nervous liao.. took the bus 65.. so many ppl sia.. luckily i was 1 min earlier for work.. i tot i was late man!!

The office was veri small ba... when i reach there the person in charge miss lim ask mi to punch one whole stack of paper lor.. wa now im scared of puncher liao.. haha after punching then she ask mi go to the meeting room and do filling... the paper like dun need money lor.. wa... they accumulate the quotation invoices forrrrr soo long wan.. can imagine one cabinet of file i file for 6hrs.. damn a lot lor.. haiz.. went to luch wit 2 aunties they keep gossiping then i jux sit there and listen lor. i tink im like transparent lor..-_- but Miss Lim nt bad la she bought lychees she bring in and give mi a lot hahaha...

But inside the meeting room veri relax lor.. no pp there to supervise mi.. i jux took off my shoes and file lor..muhahaha.. coz the meeting rm so cast away from the office..overall not bad la.. i hope tmr she will not give mi task i dont knw hw to do lor.. haha coz i quite slow ma.. then she tok sooo fast lor.. the task i like to do most is photocopy paper lor.. so fun jux press here and there...ai yah hope tmr will be a better day.. now my onli wish is sat faster cum.. actually office life veri sianz lor

let mi show u the filling ive done today.. the whole box of paper lor...

With Love, 9:17 PM

Sunday, June 06, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: My Song by dunno who

Jux wake up... my whole body aching man... dunno y lor.. nv dance much lei yst.. my who feet is aching so much..coz of the heels i wore yst.. sianz,, dunno tmr wearing that heel to work ma.. feeling sooooooo moooody and pek chek now.. i oso dunno why.. maybe PMS coming ba...

Yst i went to Chinablack and queue.. all tks to Joycelyn lor.. come sooo late in the end no free entry one.. wa lao.. standard lei every wk like dat i will faint.. if nxt time wan go 7pm havt to camp there liao.. hehe..then Aaron suggest go Embassy.. so we took a cab there.. and when we reach there guess wad??? hahahahahahahha Embassy closed liao... the whole Embassy tao pi liao.. wa lao nv inform ppl wan lei.. Luckily saw Eden. he told us that.. Eden was working at one of the restaurant at Esplanade.. he say i change liao..becum chiongster liao.. wa lao where got man.. So we went to China JUmp.. coz the internet say there gt Ladies nite.. when we reach there.. haiz they say no ladies nite lor it's air crew nite.. somemore the minimum age is 25 yrs old.. sianz -_-.. so guess wad we took bus back to CHINA BLACK... zzz.. reach there the queue still veri long wa lan eh..so we queue and queue.. the bouncer ask whether anyone wan go in tru the express way..35 bucks got free drinks dun need to queue.. wa lao so ex sia.. but a lot of ppl did that lor.. so the queue nv move at all..damn a lot of ppl sia.. in the end we all sian liao 11.30 liao so late still cant club.. so i suggest going to Music Underground lor.. coz Angel they all there ma,, reach there Angel tell mi she going liao coz wei bin wk today.. haiz realli no fate wit her lor.. Mu veri cheap lor onli 10 bucks.. Joseph, James they all oso join us.. so i tink we gt 12 ppl go together lor.. when we went there the music is retro and pop.. alot of ppl sia.. i saw a lot of familiar faces.. like cascade, zhong shan.. and i saw my fren ex lor.. Francis.. but too bad a lot of ppl cant tok much to them..

This new location is smaller than the previous wan lor.. so small sia.. but the decor nt bad la.. then when we all want dance oso no space sianz...-_- in the end they all like veri sianz lor coz they keep complaining alot of techno lor.. especially freddy they all lor.. cant they be patient abit... so in the end they suggested going to a pub called Addictive.. their fren open wan.. but that place no dance floor lor.. then my side of fren wan go back China black lor.. zzz,,, guess where i chose to go?? haha i choose none.. sian lor go Mu haven even more than 1hr plus then go liao.. then it's like my fault man.. bring them go there.. guess wad in the end ying ying msg mi after we left say got alot of rnb and pop song lor.. haiz.. so wasted... so in the end actually i intend to go back hm wan.. sianz liao lor.. walk for the whole day.. somemore i dun have so much money to go another place liao//so joycelyn acc mi go take bus she take taxi hm lor.. then when i in the bus,,, suddenly.. daniel msg mi.. he ask mi where am i.. then i say at orchard lor.. in the end i mit him then he cum n drive mi to SOS lor.. he got membership there so i dun need pay at all... wa lao shld have thought of him initially.. then saw alot of long time no contact fren.. like wilson they all lor.. then ah xiong won 4D ma.. so he open Chivas Regal.. wa i drink until like dun need money.. bu he bai bu he ma,,, hahah in the end i was drunk lor.. vomit until siao.. now still gt abit of hangover,,, then poor daniel he cant drink alot he in the end drive mi and serene go home lor.. reach hm 5 plus lor..

yst was an adventure day lor.. go soooo many place in the end 1 plus liao then settle at one pub.. zzzz so suay... hope nxt time go chiong won have this kind of problem liao....

With Love, 3:37 PM

Saturday, June 05, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: May it be by Enya

Wake up veri early today// mainly its becoz Sharon msg mi jux now..she ask mi whether i want to go back church today// haiz too bad im going out wit Audrey they all today lei.. maybe nxt wk ba.. realli surprise that she will msg mi today...

My motive of waking up so early is to make pizza.. haha surprise rite..shirley knw hw to make pizza// lol// jux a simple one la..coz i learn from Audrey one..everything went on well.. except i BROKE a bottle of Ketchup// :{ so sad.. have to wipe here and there somemore have to clear away the broken glass..sianz.. i knw i veri clumsy la..haiz... so stupid of mi lor.. but in the end my pizza turns out well..haha yummy!!! did 2 for mu parents too.. and my mum did not scold mi haha heng ah///

okok let u c how my pizza looks like ba.... mi got to go out le.. write again tmr ba..lol

With Love, 2:30 PM

Friday, June 04, 2004'♥

Song Im Lsiening To: NoNe

Today did nothing lor... jux stay at home the whole day// muz save money for tmr ma.. somemore veri tired lei.. nothing to do so jux now take out the otto foot reflexlogy to do lor.. wa veri relaxintg sia... haha.. the paper say can slim down wan..i tink bull shit lor/. haha

chat wit audrey jux now.. haha long time nv chat wit her so long liao.. she even book mi for countdown this yr haha///tmr miting her and joycelyn for dinner and clubbing,,hope everythhing turns out fine....dunno going where to club i tink its china black or MU ba...

my life today is sooooo boring.. so nothing much to say le haah.. tmr going to make pizza.. hope it will be nice.. hahaha k la.. need to go watch tv liao.. buai buai

With Love, 10:57 PM

Thursday, June 03, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening To: Fantasia Singing.. American Idol

Wake up so early today.. coz have to go Tp for the business experience course// but went there for an hour..all of us feel veri sian,, so we run away,,hahaha then we went to Changi Airport.. go there have our lunch and chit chat a bit... At one plus we all go seperate ways,

I was late in mitin my 2 aunties.. coz today i promise to bring min min and wei jie to watch Harry Potter..Finally after 1 yr plus.. i can watch harry potter,, all the tickets in Tampines Mall was sold out,, so we wnet to buy at Century Square..veri heng we got the tickets.. its a damn nice movie.. especially if u gt read the bk be4// u will understand better.. everything is sooo magical// haiz after this part 3 have to wait for one more yr then can catch pt 4 at nxt yr NOV.. im sure pt4 will be veri exciting.. better buck up on my reading..haha i still haven finish readin pt5 ;p lol///

Accompany seline to cut hair at Storm after the show... wa inside got one guy veri man lei.. like zhang zhi ling..hehe keep peeping at him.... tink i hua chi liao// shhh dun tell him ok..lol

With Love, 10:32 PM

Wednesday, June 02, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Poison by Groove Coverage

So sian i whole day stay at hm... except jux now went downstairs to trim my eyebrow.. after that i watch LOTR Part 2.. last time dunno who give mi one.. 3 hrs lei.. watch until i wan to slp..but its veri interesting lor//

Listen to 91.3fm now.. wa lao they keep emphasinsing on the party tonite.. Groove Coverage is coming down to Music underground tonite lor..ah jin cheemun they all oso going..they keep cumin to tempt mi haha.. haiz haiz realli wish to go lei..kelvin heard abt this he go transfer 20 busks to my bank account..but then i transfer back lor.. coz he xing xing ku ku earn his money wan.. and somemore i not his stead lor.. dunw an anyhow take ppl money unless close frens la haha.. suan le all beocz of no money to take cab hm at nite... oso tmr i got to attend a course from Temasek Poly at 8am.. if tonite go clubbin i onli can slp 3hrs.. somemore tmr long day lei.. after the course im going to watch my fav HARRY POTTER with Seline.. and i got to bring my 2 little cousin along cause they keep pestering mi lei..haha

So i tink its zhu ding wan lor... not onli beocz of money.. but oso i abit not feeling well la.. i tink i too heaty liao.. keep eating durian these few days haha// if tonite go cfm fever tmr liao haha.. wa lao my stupid modem.. keep online then dc.. this computer is giving mi alot of headache man.. so stupid... everytime make mi waste money wan... yst i dreamt of going back to church,, this is the 2nd time lor.. haiz dunno wad to do oso.. i miss the members but i dun tink they miss mi lor///

With Love, 5:54 PM

Tuesday, June 01, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening To: Lydia BY FIR

Today my main motive of going out is to buy my pointed shoe..hehehe..went to our first stop that is Pennisular..see the shoe displaying there i sooo excited sia.. but then the salesman say no black oso..haiz..so we went to suntec..more worst cant even see the shadow..so our final stop is Marina square.. went there oso no black colour wan..haiz in the end i ask the person called some branches oso no more// haiz i knw i veri stubborn wan.. once i like tat thing i will try to get it wan.. but realli no choice liao..so disappointed sia..

So in the end we go walk walk... then went in Charles and Keith..wow there more pointed shoe sia..saw one shoe not bad one.. and quite like it..so in the end i bought that,,,hehe so happy finally got shoe liao..finally bought all the thing i needed for my attachment liao.. now the onli thing i pray is the people there nt bad wan..and i willl not find wrong place on the first day..lol

Today went out the whole day..so tired sia.. haiz tmr Groove Coverage cuming to Music Underground.. realli wish to go lei but no $$$$$$...haiz... maybe wait until Friday then go Chinablack ba...sian// oredi owe my mum $60 bucks liao..haha

k la mi wan go watch HOlland V liao...hope tmr will be a better day.... lol...

With Love, 10:21 PM

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