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Tuesday, April 13, 2010'♥


I came across this while I was clearing my desktsop icon....

He came and chat with me on Msn and since I was playing Sl on the other hand, I chatted casually with him. I promised to help him buy the keropok and in return ask him to treat me better for two times. To me, it meant as a casual joke. He then suddenly apologized to me, saying that’s he’s really sorry for what he had done in the past. I was shocked and asked him did he mean it seriously and even though we are chatting in msn, I can sensed his sincerity. I teared.

Thinking back all these years of what I have done for him silently, even though the journey is long and tedious, there are many times which I nearly gave up but in the end I hold on. We continued chatted like normal friends, until this topic when I asked him did he have anyone in mind now. He said no, he only will wait for people to like him first and no one will like him, it will be a miracle if someone does. I then replied, no somewhere out there, there will be someone sure to like him. Then he replied, is it you? adding on that he read through my blog posts the past few years and he know I do, finally I plucked up my courage and confessed to him. In my mind, even though he might not like me too, I just wanted to get these out of me so that maybe I will be happier. He then admitted that he actually love me too, in fact even stronger than the past and over the years both of our thinking changed and we are so much in common in thinking. I’m just so touched by all these and I really can’t believe that all these are actually happening.

I hope that we will live happily ever after is what he promised me and I really do hope that we can last, even though in my heart I’m afraid that history might repeats itself, but I tell myself what’s more important is that I’m happy at this moment. He told me that he’s really happy cause he thought that all these while we might not be together back again, he was afraid that I hated him after the break-up.

For the past few days, I’ve been so happy that I can’t sleep well. I missed him so much, how I wished he’s here. I really do hope that both of us will really cherished this second chance and this time well we would make things worked.

I love you my dear monster. Let’s work hard together for our future ba.

I totally forgot abt writing this.. Never knew things happened to start so suddenly and end so quickly too....

What I can say was, at that moment on that very day, I'm very happy, probably the happiest girl on earth that day....

And now after reading it once again, it totally ruined my mood for today...

Short Note: 我相信你爱护我, 只是爱没有想像中的多

With Love, 8:32 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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