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Sunday, October 31, 2004'♥

song im listening to: none

yooohooo... i'm back.. from Batam.. wooooo the weather has been so cold everyday man.. *shivers*.. so tired rite now man.. actuallly dun feel like comin back today.. but wad to do?? I stiill got WP homework and tmr is the submission of my Ent project man.. sianz,, still have to rush a lot of things haix... its the burden in my heart rite now...


Went back to Batam on Thursday nite.. sianz reach there oredi 9 plus liao.. so had our dinner.. then mi and my cousin watch tv chat chat.. but the tv programme realli damn borin.. so we decided to slp lor.. at ard 12 plus.. coz tmr we will have a long day,,,,,


Well woke up quite early today.. coz my cousin ah boy cumin to fetch us after his half day work// haiz bth mi jie and mi we r still so sleepy.. but no choice still have to go man...Reach my cousin, the bride house ard noon.. so we sit sit chat chat// the aircon spoilt so imagine 5 of us in a small room.. and it was so cramp and hot haha.. er jie help us do nail art.. wa she veri pro lei... got one whole set of tools de... do until my whole hand so nice.. tks ah.. Sui yi is going to be the make-up artist for my cousin, Da jie,, she damn power de.. got one big make-up box// so professional lor.. the decorations of the wedding car.. our hand band, our accessories is all she do the.. two thumbs up for Sui yi.. she realli veri good at all these.. haha.. well she test the makeup for da jie..jso the three of us llike gong gong sit down there watch tv and chat lor.. heeeee.. they make up until so long.. then it was dinner time.. we had a simple dinner.. then all of us sit down chat abt the past haha.. time passes so fast.. before we knew it it was ard midnite.. we cannot slp lor.. coz the bridegroom will cum at 5.30 singapore time..there onli 4.30.. then we need to make up oso.. so we must by 3 am wake up le.. onli left 1 hr then for wad slp rite... haiz.. realli veri excited.. after makeup liao... we were all waiting for da jie to make up finish..

before we knew it, the sound of the car horning scare us.. oh no the bridegroom reach liao.. and its 45 mins earlier.. duhz.. how excited can he be??? wa lao. all of us panic man.. somemore got photographer, got lighting..I feel like reporting news man... hahah... no choice lor.. coz da jie haven ready yet.. we cannot open door.. so we have to prolonged the time// hahah we sabo him first, ask all the guys do 10 push up, haha ask him sing a song.. lolx.. then while he singing i went to the kitchen,, and use an egg, coffee, tea and the da pao.. hahah gross rite.. supposingly the da pao is our breakfast... lolx... stir them up and i ask him to drink it.. hahha gong gong him he still say not bad.. lolz... then the mother in law cant bear to see him kanna sabo quicklu take the keys and open the door for him... diaoz.. haven take ang pow yet.. hahha he reach the door of the bride.. then sui yi came out ask him to give ang pow for her and all the sisters before he can go in.. hahahh at first he try to use one empty ang pow.. but too bad sui yi got check.. lol.. then in the end he no choice give lor.. wow total 500 bucks wor.. yeah.. song bo.. heee.. then he kneel down and pass the bouquet to da jie.. so sweet.. see liao oso want to get married hahahahahahh..

Then we went over to his house.. ah john mother gave us ang pow yeah..but too bad rupiah la..,.hahah anyway she hug mi when i say thank you..i was shocked...hahahah// wait and wait for the tea ceremony. coz AH JOHN olderst bro still in the ferrry cumbin back from singapore...hmmm all the sisters were so tired man,, coz we whole nite nv slp lei!!! HAHAHHHA 7 pandas in the house...lol.. then after the tea ceremony we go to the da bo gong temple.. its where they have their matrimony.. hahah power rite first time i see ppl exchnge rings in a temple.. lolx.. i cant go in lor.. coz i christian ma.. stand outside and let mosquito bite haha then after this we went back to the bride's house.. wa we were all like zombies man,, so tired and hungry.. llolx.. after they had the tea ceremony... mi jie and i were tinkng of the bed in our house haha... soon after we went home/// yippeeee/// its so heaven...guess wad// its oredi 12.30noon.. and we had our makeup appointment at 2.. so we onlli can slp for one hr... zzzzzz so sad

haha i shall continue wad happen tmr,,, now oredi so late liao.. tmr still got sch man.,. sux..... to all my fans out there do stay tuned to ,know wad happen to the makeup and the wedding dinner... byesssss...

With Love, 11:51 PM

Wednesday, October 27, 2004'♥

SOme OF The PHOtoS I TOOk REcENTlY....

EVIL woMAn NumBEr 1 AND 2


LenA and Mi.. stUpId DAvID sAy I Look LIke CHArCoAL

With Love, 6:54 PM


SOng Im Listening to: MOre than Words

This were suppose to be my blog song.. but dunno why the song cant cum up.. haiz do until super pek chek liao. nxt time then do ba.. so tired man.. been having headache the whole day haha..

Finally finish quite abit for the Ent part.. hope wad we do will be correct ba.. today that Kingdom say she have a gd news for us.. that is we will postpone the presentation part until nxt 2 weeeks.. wa that was a good news for mi man,, coz my heart was so burden by it.. supposingly we need to present this cumin monday. haiz i onlli came back during sunday, so im afraid im not prepare for it.. anyway suan ta hai you liang xing ba.. hahaha

Hmmm as usual slack in sch for the whole day.. hee.. took pictures all the time.. mux thank hk .. she is the photographer of the day man.. mi and xw were busy takin and takin hahaha..we were like mad woman,, xw is the new member of the Evil Woman Club haha,, lolx// well after sch went to trim eyebrow wit Selyn.. coz sat BIG day ma,, haha.. wow so painful man.. coz my eyebrow so long nv trim liao.. and its so bushy muhahhaha..

Hmmmm these few days Bull shit treat mi quite gd.. heeee.. tink he go reflect himself le ba.. muhahah... he say he will call mi tonite.. lolx.. see wad he have to say before i go missing for 3 days..lol.. starting to miss him liao.. oops.. let you all know le.. so shy hahahahahah// k la mi got to go pack the clothes.. hmmm tmr leaving Singapore at 7.40 pm.. so dun miss mi too much hor ppl... heehe..

With Love, 6:43 PM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: You had mi

Well another day passed by so easily again.. hmmm today early in the morning got OA test.. haiz buang liao man,, hahahaha then WP so stress man... sian/// life is so boring.

Two more days till i going back batam liao... my cousin say she help mi book appointment for makeup and doing hairstyle in Batam liao.. wa.. Singapore onli 35 buckx lei.. hope will be nice la.. later i becum ru hua i will go bang wall de.. hahah...Yst he tell mi that he will miss mi de.. these few days when im not ard.. wa.. my heart melt lor.. hahahahha.. i tot he won feel a thing// dun worry bull shit i will miss ya too...

sian got ENT to do later... jux now went internet.. find that got a lot of pop up.. die le i scare is the virus.. Mr Ramu say these few days got a few virus.. i tink i better dun use the internet so much ba.. i will cry lor.. if my com spoilt.. realli no money liao.. my 800 buckx.. got wings and fly away liao...

jux now my mum go to peep at wei si.. she was shock to see her man.. then she becum abit gong gong le.. my mum say she look thinner.. hmmm my bubu becuming thinner.. haiz i miss her so much.. guess one of these days i will go find her tooo.. i miss her lei.. bububu...

With Love, 5:38 PM

Monday, October 25, 2004'♥

song im listening to: Yeah by Usher

Today i veri tired lor... tmr then update

With Love, 11:36 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2004'♥

song im listening to : jie kuo by jay

now its 2.35 in the morning.. i was damn full so cant slp man.. went to Swensen at Jurong Point.. 9 of us went.. haha eric treat 2 earthquake, hy two ice cream cakes.. haha wads the big day?? haha its qh and raj bd lor// tink the main focus is qh. tou ta de foo.. that we can eat so much haha.. anyway had a good time of chattin there esp wit hp and Jerry.. lolx.. went home after that.. oh ya i bought a mascara today... haha it realli becum longer wor..

Thanks yao for buying mi a mic.. it realli veri nice and suit my com..tks lei.. appreciate it alot man.. and now im waiting for a webcam. hhahah.. chat wit Ivan Tan in Msn. lol coz i too men liao.. he ask mi to be together wit mi him again..haha crap heard all these nonsense for so bloody long liao.. i won let myself suffer again.. its all becoz of him that I have changed.. I admit sometimes I do miss him and the times we r together.. but now is a nono.. I had enought of the work COMMITMENT..

well.. sometimes i realli dun understand why ppl r so prejudice.. tong ren bu tong ming.. can be wit someone so gd yet when it comes to u .. a black face, suan you?? i hate this kind of ppl... unfair bitches and jerk.. dun expect ppl to treat u nice when u urself dun even respect others..

tok to him for awhile find out that he went out with someone from his past.. sian,, anythin la he happy can liao.. i dun expect much...

With Love, 2:36 AM

Friday, October 22, 2004'♥

Song im Listening to: none

yaawns yawnns.. so tired man.. well i jux reach hm.. went shopping with my mum jux now..bought quite alot of things man.. I bought a wallet, a tshirt, two bra, a nose stud and a lip gloss heeheheh.. so shuang.. but then i have to pay some lor.. haiiz sian..rush home to see the singapore idol.. so happy Maia is out le.. but can see she quite sad loe.. at first tot it will be christopher.. singaporeans realli dunno how to vote de.. so gong gong

today sch slacckkkkkkkkkk all the way lorr. stupid Jean yeo she relief us,, then she go lock the auditorium.. haha we were locked up outside.. wad a gong gong// then WP no relief so we all went home.. haha it was illegal de.. hope no one find out man.. xiao wei was sick and they acc her go see doc.. i nv go.. coz if i go it will be 5 ppl acc one person go le.. realli startin dunno how to understand them le//

the sky is so orangey now.. tink tonite will be damn cold lor.. it will rain like hell.. haiz better cover blanket woe.. broing nite for mi.. tmr will be going swensen for ice cream,, no choice have to celebrate qh and raj bd.. hmm hope tmr will be a gd day.. good nitez...

With Love, 10:08 PM


song im listening to: whatever u want by christine milian

hmmm now is 7.39am in the morning.. wa so early online.. haha coz nothing to dp ma.. yst slp damn early abt 11 lor.. normally 12 or 1 plus.. dunno why oso so tired...yeah I finaaly install the game liao.. i bought frm the shop downstairs de.. but cannot play coz i scare i will be addicted, and exams cumin le.. hahah

well yst went to cg.. learn abt how to be patience.. tink its a nice msg.. He nv call mi yst... tink he veri tired oso ba.. whatever lor.. hehe.. today going shoppin wit my mum later.. want to buy heels. for the weddin nxt week.. then need to collect the bouquet receipt from sui yi.. she yst suddesnly call mi i tot who sia.. hahah.. k la its going to be a slack day in sch.. as usual... boring day.. boring ppl.. haiz

With Love, 7:38 AM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004'♥

song im listening to: somewhere i belong

well another has passed.. boring been slackin the whole day.. haiz my heart realli burden by the ENT project so much still haven do lor.. yet no one took the intiative.. onli know how to tok.. but no action de.. juz now wan to find the data dunno wad stupid thing cannot go online den its damn stupid lag.. wa lao eh.. fuck la want to do project research oso cannot..tink i wan to change to use starhub liao.. singnet sux..

after sch went homw lor.. then go to my hse downstairs shop to buy pirated cd rom.. shhhh dun tell ppl.. bought the norton anti-virus cd, and two games.. haiz i was busy installing the norton until im crazy..tks hk for helpin mi alot.. haiz.. no time to play games oso.. maybe will install it durin my holidays ba..

tmr will be another slackin day man.. sian waste my time onli.. mux go self-access to do research haiz.. so sian.. stupid

He called mi from his workplace.. i miss him man..

With Love, 9:33 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2004'♥

song Im listening to: CHi dao by CHina DOll

I will always remember this song is sung by Ah Mui my biao sao daddy during her wedding..hehe so full of gan qing..

well day passed again just like dat.. well poor Ah loh she haven recover from her flu.. her face still so pale.. somemore jux now she fell down coz she trip over the laptop cable.. haizz poor her i sit in front i was so shocked lor.. scared anythin happen..although nv say i tink she mux feel veri pain de..

Ah Loh ask mi wad am I troubling with why these few days face so sad..so quiet.. actually its becox of her lor.. although we patch tings up liao; but the scar is still there.. we seldom tok..the friendship is not like last time liao.. it so different.. Jux feel veri tired lor..well I forgot to bring notes today lor.. she know but nv offer to share wit mi.. so i went to gilyn place to share wit her.. wad to do.. wad can i do? beg her to share wit mi? no ba.. i tink i rather be quiet ba... in case i offend anyone again.. jia you ba..

Had my e-biz presentation today..we r the first team.. haiz so so ba.. went to tam mall to buy present for QH.. guess wad Elisha forget that he mitin mi.. yes i am there waiting for about half an hour..diaoz.. bought a tank top for her..hope she like it.. realli no mood to go tink wad to buy..then he like so sian oso haiz... weill.. jux finish my Ent now.. sure she will change again..fussy woman.. haiz.. suppose to have OA test today.. change to tnr.. haven even highlighted my notes.. not to say study,, sian.. not much time left le.. i mux jia you...cannot let other ppl look down on mi//

Poor baby he injure himslef while workin. mux take care ok.. ren dao di.. no matter how tough it is.. dun care abt wad other ppl say or do.. be urself.. wo hui zhi chi ni de.. haha..

I miss wei si lei.. feel like seeing her.. she such a bubu... i miss her laughter and voice..

With Love, 10:32 PM

Monday, October 18, 2004'♥

song im listening to: drive mi crazy

Where r u when I most needed you>>// I quarrel wit Bullshit yst.. all becox of something stupid.. I also dunno why I suddenly flare up.. haiz.. I realli regret it lor.. I msg him but nv reply me... he nv online.. I tink he dun wna tok to mi anymore liao lo.. so sad.... ya la my fault la..

Stupid Ho yin I had enough of him le.. always suan ppl.. then like to yaya alot..kns im the bd cord lor.. keep giving mi suggestions as if i dunno wad to buy.. tok to him i feel like vomitin blood.. if he nt treasurer dun ever wish to tok to him man.. wad is going on man.. seems that im angry with everyone.. seems like offend everyone.. ahhhhhh sucks

So many things to do tommorrow still got presentation somemore, ENT project, OA project.. so many things so little time... crazy world

I hate all the projects.. I hate the world .. I hate myself....

With Love, 9:33 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2004'♥

song im listening to: In ur eyes by Kylie

Wad a boring Saturday. Well went to Jurong Point to play shi zi lu kuo.. our team late so we start later,, haiz,,wad a bad start..then we were like mad ppl running and searching for all the products eat until so full lor.. tks Eric huh.. then we chiong to take cab back lor.. yeah we r the first to arrive.so happy tot the 50 bucks voucher sure ours de... haiz but in the end Chelsia group got it,, coz they got the bread,,, we went but they say mux wait half an hour.,, so we bought another wan to substitute it,, sian.. but never mind la i knw Chelsia veri good wan hor,, hehe..

Stay at church after service... wad a suay day.. slipper came off.. duhz.. cant walk man.. Realli want to thank Hong Peng.. he went and help mi buy super glue.. hehe in the end ok le.. tks tks.. Took the Victorious Living qiuz for one hr,, wa lao the questions all so tricky..I was thinking sure die de,, Pray to God.. then suddenly.. Eric came and tell mi they have change the questions..to 50 mcqs.. wa..realli Thank GOd for that man.. so in the end not so stress liao..wooo..

Supposingly after church wan go Kbox with Trish wan,, but in the end I tink i veri tired and she stay in church until 12 plus then I sian liao so nv go lor..hehe nvm lor nxt time ba...

I called HIm and then give mi stupid attitude.. then I saw him online.. hmph heck care him all the way... was tokin to Daniel...he is my new fling hahahha no la.. tok until 2 plus.. haiz poor him jux broke up with his gf.. haiz..

Jux receive da jie weddin card..diaoz so big piece man,, veri fast liao left one more week to go le.. I need to collect the flowers on Friday haiz.. poor mi.. wad a big bouquet..ppl will tink Im mad... hahah.. anyway I still gt alot of things nv buy.. help mi ba..Haiz i lost my ring .. I miss it man..

With Love, 11:11 AM

Saturday, October 16, 2004'♥

SOng Im Listening TO: None

Haiz veri lazy to blog these few days feelin veri tired lor.. i oso dunno why...well.. Finally yst I went to eat the Suntec Steamboat wit Seline liao.. haha after 5 months of waiting.. lolx.. It was gd lor.. still the same standard.. But dunno why so easily full liao.. xiang dang nian I can eat non-stop de.. muahahhaah...Went shpping be4 tat.. poor ger seline is sick.. ask her go hm rest she dun wan.. die die mux eat the steamboat hhaaa.. anyway I bought a skirt from e-base and a blouse from Giordano.. hee.. spent quite alot.. but i tink its worth it.. haiz my bursary money still left a bit nia.. now mux save save liao///well i took a lot of pic.. but i lazty to upload oso.. haha wad has our miss shirley becum?? a lzy pig hahahaha.. sian got two assignment to amend... haiz when is my ENT project going to end??

Tmr muz stay at hm and do liao.. maybe tonite going KBOX wit Tricia.. oh no im addicted to KTV liao... hahah take care folks.. have a ncie weekend wor..

With Love, 10:58 AM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: jie kuo by Jay zhou

well..tks the 5 sisters that they bought a cake jux becoz i reconcile with emerly.. realli appreciate the effort.. I was reallli touched.. ya nearly cried.. I know that for the past one week its been so torturing for us.. and I even wronged some of them.. Well although now mi and her still not tokin a lot but I guess its becoz that she is tireed ba.. coz got a lot of projects lor.. anyway Im realli glad that everything is over.. there wil always be the 7 sisters.. and I promise I won be so sensitive liao...

Was veri busy the whole day... well but time passed veri fast.. Adeline, steph and keline all bought the same phone as mi.. haha so we had a goog time takin pic.. well did nothing much today.. i juz hope that life will be so peaceful.. and I will live everyday happily

I miss him a lot.. night and day~~~

With Love, 8:12 PM

Tuesday, October 12, 2004'♥

song im listening to: none

yeah my com finally ok liao.. tks to marcus if nt today i will need to reformat my com liao... hmmmm,,, got internet zhen shuang.. haha.. same as my friendship.. the long and cold war has finally finish... although we both still haven tok.. but i hope everythin will be over le.. we ate together oso..ya i was quite happy.

Guess wad i bought my fav hp yst... yipeee.. words cant describe how happy I was.. it was E600c.. the phone i fell in love with since the firsst time I saw it.. maybe ppl will tink that its no big deal.. but i realli lvoe it alot.. bought it at 198,,but new line.. that line I jux heck care ba.. but the phone is realli cheap llor..mi steph and keline bought together... hehe

Going to dye my hair later.. hahahaah i wan to make myself becum a fat blonde. hahah no la.. jux wan it to be a little bit more obvious.. countdown to da jie wedding its......... 19 days... yes not much time left liao.. I betta go buy all the things i like ba..tmr going to watch Excorcist wit mi jie.. alot of ppl say nt bad.. haha hope it will nt be that bad ba...

Today slack whole day again..poor ah loh she is sick.,. haiz do rest well.. and cum back soon.. jia you wor.. k la mi gonna play gunbound wit bull shit le... grrrr... wads up doc.. mmsz... hahaha

With Love, 5:51 PM

Monday, October 11, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: the voice of some idiot

well been quite a few days that i nv blog liao.. miss blogging actually... well once a person is suay,, all the suay things happen together... haiz.. i go dl a stupud windows update// dunno wad service pack 2 bloody hell my whole com go haywire...wa lao cant go internet at all.. onli can use the stupid window messenger.. haiz...

well I was feeling veri down these few days all becoz of a stupid quarrel.. so i decided to go unwind myself on Sat.. After church I went to mit wang at Cineleisure.. suppose to be the 2 of us onli.. haha coz he know i bad mood ma.. in the end 8 of us go out together haha stupid lor... but anyway quite fun.. we went to the KBOX in CIneleisure... haha took the package for four nia.. then in the end Ada they all sneak in.. LOL.. the staff there is veri stupid gong gong ... haha Well then after awhile GIGI and her fren Angela came in.. haha at first I was feeling a bit awkaward lor. oso abit jealous la.. but after tokin to her for awhile find that she is a nice ger lor... hehe and in the end i xiang tong le... The bill came and we onli sing for 3 hrs lor.. haiz so fast sia.. then we found out that actually ada onli have 4 bucks left....haiz they sing and sing.. then in then end bill coem say no money haiz.. so poor wang he pay for them lor... haiz...

After Ktv decided to go clubbing... dun wan so early go hm lor.. so we decided to go MU..wooo alot of ppl leh...queue and queue.. in the end we onli go awhile.. then dunno which idiot suggest go SPARKS..duhz.. haiz in the end go lor..so throw face sia.. haha alot of malaysian there. realli lor.. but can say the crowd change alot le la. no more stupid ah beng .. all quite mature de... haha saw a guy there to my taste he is quite shuai lor... then wang wanna help mi get his numbers but i dun wan lor.. hahah coz all thsoe guys who go clubbing de,,, most of the time not faithful de lor.. hahah.. well then got one ren yao(bapok)come in.. haha sexy sia.. ya then he/she keep dancing alot of guys go touch her butt wor hahahah.. so cute sia.. dunno why la the crowd was so enthusiastic.. then ada went on stage and dance hahah in the end we oso follow lor.. muahahah first time lei dunno why i so daring oso.. lol.. had a great time there.. we went hm at abt 4 plus.. haiz so fast man.

Call the elephant owner.. poor him.. his hp lost,.,, and he lost in his mahjiong game.. i tink he is having the same fate as mi ba.. bth of us are so suay recently...Wads up DOC!!!

I onli sleep for 5 hrs then have to get up laio.. haiz I need to go shopping wit my cousin on SUNday.. coz we bth need to get the dress we need to wear for my cousin wedding.. haiZ not much time left liao.. went ard the whole of ORCHARD.. esp the top shop i tink abt 6 times ba.. the sales ger see the two of us liao oso sian.. coz we cant decide wad blouse to buy.. all so nice man.. hahah my feet were aching.. and im so tired coz not enough slp ma... went to eat MAGICWOK... and my cousin ask mi to treat her.. haiz no choice ma got the bursary have totreat her coz she always treat mi de... haiz time is running out liao.. still ahve to get a lot of things for the wedding.. hope i can buy it on time.. and guess wad in the end im going to TOPSHOP again.. to exchange the blouse.. OOOHHH undecisive mi.. haiz..

Xiaowei wrote mi a letter jux now./.askin mi to yi ren rang i bu.. haiz.. ask mi to say sorry.. wad the... come on lor..now is dunno who haven cool down.. haiz i dunno la.. and i dun wan to know oso.., my life is in a mess rite now.. FUK

With Love, 1:48 PM

Friday, October 08, 2004'♥

song iM listening to: none

Woke up late today... forget to set my alarm.. luckily ah boon msg mi.. if not i sure late for sch de.. early in the morning saw the F**king face again spoil my mood... Ya Jess and I today we were acting the movie cast away.. haha.. we were so outcast.. haha after sch str away chiong hm.. sick and tired to see all the face.. went for BS and it was the last lesson yipee...

Mit seline to go TM walk walk.. I bought some necessities..ya wanted to buy more buy no money le.. sianz..waiting for my bursary to go into my account.. then i will shop till i drop...

I get hm and saw wad she wrote in her msn nick.. wtf is all these.. saying ppl as sticky follower. ENOUGH liao lor.. i wrote to her a letter.. i knw maybe we won be friends anymore.. i duncare liao...

With Love, 9:18 PM

Thursday, October 07, 2004'♥

Song im listening to: funny day

It was 5.45am my msg rang I tot it was my hp alarm.. when i saw the msg.. it was from a guy I name unknown...he say he love mi alot.... he miss mi,,up till now still dunno who he is,, wad a day to start with,,,

My stomach was feelin damn wierd today.. no appetite at all.. feel like vomitting.. haiz.. but anyway I felt veri touched coz Rusydi went to 7-11 to buy the drink I like during the break time.. I was so surprised.. tks darling...

HAd a stupid arguement wit em... ya my fault again.. wonder y am i always not appreciated.. from now on I shall not tok so much..SILENCE IS GOLD!!!!.. fuk all these projects.. enough of this attitude ppl liao///

Went to cg and learn a lot of things.. tats the end of my sucky day.. i hate oct 7..

With Love, 11:02 PM

Wednesday, October 06, 2004'♥

Song Im listening to: no limits

Well whole day slack in sch man.. Until 2pm we went on an excursion to Eu Yang Sang.. haiz quite interesting la the presentation..then we went on a tour of the shop saw one slimming tea so in the end Jess and I decided to give it a try haha.. quite cheap la onli 8.90...

Well after the talk Jess, Seline and I we go walk walk first.. wanted to eat ramen but it open at 6pm so we went to walk walk.. saw the bread shop Roti Boy.. it was a newly open shop by an entrepreneur from Malaysia.. wow the queue so long so we decided to join in the fun... Got one guy queueing up behind mi..wa lao he was damn impatient man.. cant even wait a second onli buy 3 nia not as if he buyin alot had this kind of person.. selfish, impatient, grumbling, attitude bastard....onli know how to tok onli... Well the bread was so nice..although it does not have any ingredients or filling inside.. it was veri nice and smell nice oso.. outside is coffee flavour inside is butter.. wow how i wish i got a cup of coffee tat time... Jess went to cut her fringe.. want to act cute onli.. haha but overall quite ok la...

Finally ate the ramen I was craving for.. wooo so shuang.. well after eating we decided to go OG walk walk. haha guess who we saw? LIu Qian Yi lei.. the actor lor.. he was like so friendly we smile at him he smile back too.. hmmm,, went OG shop shop.. but bought nothing... onli Jess bought.. well tats the end of my day.. I was so tired now.. so sleepy.. gg nv msg mi guess he is watching his fav tv show ba.. haiz.tink im gonna slp early la.. wont disturb him le....

With Love, 10:12 PM

Tuesday, October 05, 2004'♥

Song Im Listening to: look what you've done

Another boring day// I was fasting for the whole day/// feelin so tired the whole day// haiz tmr actually wanted to go eat ramen de.. but suddenly em and xw say no money so they nv go... then the whole group nt going le lor// suan le i tink i go wit seline and jess ba..haiz.. during wp xw say she is veri mad wit hk coz they like veri impatient to teach her the cc and bc.. then she was damn mad lor.. dunno wad happen to this group liao.. all like want to fight everyday// sian

Saw my mum when i was at downstairs she told mi that my dad kanna scolded by his boss.... bastard man his boss.. wad a bloody ass.. usually if my dad was younger he sure will scold him back de..poor daddy..xin ku ta le.. I feel so useless.. so old liao still want himm to work and support the family.. haiz.. maybe after ITE i dun go poly le ba.. maybe go out work... **** Arghhhhhhh **** so fan... basket.. I hate myself...

With Love, 5:21 PM

Monday, October 04, 2004'♥

song Im listening To: that thing u do

well today went on jux like dat...got back my e-biz test paper.. dun understand y teacher often want to announce who got the highest.. then later ppl will say whoever is yaya or wad haiz.. dunno la..

Poor jessie her hp kanna stole.. mind u its 2 hp at one time lor.. we were at the library so we put our bags above the lockers.. guess wad when we r leaving the bag was on the floor.. her v200 and 6510 is gone.. and oso her PR textbk E-biz notes... wu liao lor the thieve even notes oos wan to steal.. haiz we went ard the sch to remember who went to the library.. found a few guys.. all the face so suspicious de.. stupid..haiz in the end cant find lor.. haiz poor ger.. well its a valuable lesson.. Actually I want to thank GOD to. coz my bag was beside and My wallet got 50 bucks... if kanna mi my mum sure scold mi like hell...

I talk wit gong gong jux now.. he going out later to play game sianx... nobody to tok to mi..hehe.. I miss u wor..

With Love, 6:59 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004'♥

Song Im Lstening To: qi li xiang

I went to dye my hair that day.. but i was sad.. coz the colour nt veri obvious sian.... but anyway tks seline for accompanying mi for shopping and to the salon.. yst went church for the whole day.. haiz i tink im having mood swing lor.. coz ceri sian lor.. and that ho *** keep suaning mi.. sianz..

Jux came back from Lena's chalet.. st first nt veri fun coz not much ppl... but in the end when medi n his gf, david cum liao more fun.. hehe.. had an enjoyable time.. medi gf oso veri friendly.. hey uncle medi mux cherish ur gf ah.. tricia mi and david share lena's gift..bought her davidoff perfume.. and she like it.. heng ah.. Lena's sister Jasmine veri powerful lei.. she eat all the way non-stop from 6-11 lor.. power lei.. we all lose to her liao.. Lena got one guy FREN.. haha dunno admirer or wad.. bought her a bouquet of flower and cake and oso a cd he recorded himself.. wooooow... so touched man... she listen to it lor.. then cried.. if i were her i oso will like tat lor.. nt bad ah ger.. u got so many admirers.. lol.. sian time pass veri fast.. so fast 11pm liao.. tmr still got sch lor.. tks david for sending us to the interchange.. and tks 2phat for sharing cab wit us,, that we didnt pay at all.. lolz...ya by the way this wld be the last time im sitting david lorry lor.. coz he changing jobs ma.. so all the best to ya.. and mux remeber to take my dog out from the lorry ah,., dun forget abt him.. hahaha

sianz got monday blues.. tmr sttill need study anyway all the best to mi.. lol nites..bad nite sour dreams..

With Love, 11:36 PM

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