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Saturday, September 15, 2012'♥

Wow, I was shocked when I saw this new layout of Blogger, it goes to show how long since I've been here? 9 months to be exact, as it's always my policy to blog at the end of the year. But as I was taking a break from typing my assignment report, I guess I might as well drop by and type a few sentences.

Life has been so far so good for me. Into my third sem now.. OH GOSH how fast can it BE!!! I was reading through my last post, at that point of time I still have no started any school yet and now.. I'm in the third sem.. after this sem, one more to go before I graduate.. WOW I can't wait seriously. All these assignments are killing me softly.. and slowly. The very chim angmoh, the very intensive research, the grammar.. OH GOSH..sometimes I wonder why is my ass so itchy, that I went to enrol in degree course. But well, society now kinda of focus on degree isn't it? Having one extra paper beats having none.

I have gone through so much, I should just bite my teeth and continue on.. Jiayou to me.

December 2012

Three more months to December, kinda of excited and yet nervous about it. 

Yes, it's gonna be our ROM.. it was love at first sight when I saw the location. Though it's a bit pricey for just a ROM, but since we are going to have our customary like one to two years later. So we are having our Solemnization in a hotel, whereby everything would be take care by the hotel staff.. We just have to be there and look pretty.

This is going to be our JP (Justice of Peace), Dr Phua Tan Tee. He is very popular among couples, due to him being friendly and humourous. We are so glad that he confirmed and agree to be our JP for the day. I asked him 5 months before the ROM date and he didn't even reject me, but instead mentioned that he will help penciled down the date and asked me to check back with him three months before ROM. Just a few days before three months of our ROM, he took the initiative to email me and asked if we still need his service.. Of course we DO!! He is so nice can, I often read about couple taking the initiative to keep emailing the JP, and yet for Dr Phua its the other way round. So touched can. He even filled in the consent form and sent it by mail to us. Whereas as stated in the ROM webby, it should be the couple sending the consent form to the JP and send it to them. On top of that he sent us a few wedding vows for us to choose which to choose. SO NICE OF HIM!!

Though some might feel that it's a small action, but I'm really grateful and touched for his action. Can't wait to see him on our ROM day...WOHOOOO

Though I said that, but on the other hand, I'm here busy searching high and low for decors, makeup, photography, bla bla bla.. I enjoyed the planning process.. as it's in my blood to source for stuffs and gain more new knowledge through the process.

Designed this Save the Date Cards and stickers label for our relatives and friends.. Many people mentioned that Invitation Card is not needed for ROM, but then instead of them one by one coming to ask us where's the location, time etc. I think this would just shut them up (haha i'm just joking lah) and I really love the design can. its pink and sweet lolz..

Designed this to hang on our carplate to on that day.. and also we used for our pre wedding photoshoot the other day too hahaha. My bf was stunned when he saw this..he must be cursing and swearing in his heart that I anyhow spend money on decor again ahhahahaa..

Hehehee.. I'm putting this on the table where we are going to the sign the cert on. I had a hard time finding this.. but end up it's so easily available at TYPO.. Thanks to Selyn mama for giving this info.

Oh ya about Selyn mama and the rest of the golden flowers.. I'm really grateful for them, they are the ones helping me with the ROM stuffs, like helping me plan the decor and stuffs, giving me suggestions on the designs of the dress etc. AND tomorrow, they are going to accompany me to the select my ROM dress.. So touched can.... we are going a few places and yet they have no complaints about it. I'm really damn appreciative of their help can..

After the dress, it's gonna be the heels (which most probably I'm going to get from Taobao, pray hard I can fit in), the bouquet, the ROM favours and THE RINGS (totally can't wait for this, due to bf's only off day on Tuesday, and my lesson falls on Tues how sad can that be, we've been dragging the day to buy the rings but bf promised to do so before end of October, so tadah.. looking forward to it).

Shall constantly update the ROM preparations, so that next time I will be able to look back these wonderful memories.

It's time back to assignment again.. SWOT analysis oh gosh when will you ever end?

Short Note: May everything goes on smoothly

With Love, 8:35 PM

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