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Sunday, September 16, 2012'♥

Started the day off early and went to watch The Fierce Wife Final Episode with Ms Joyce... not as good as we expected, however we are both happy that she did not chose the ex hubby in the end.

Met up with Selyn mama and off we went to find the seamtress of the wedding dress for my ROM. Went to visit both of them and boy.. though they were home-based, I did not expcet them to have so much gowns in a room. Highly recommended for those who don't intend to take up bridal studio package for ROM. You can choose your own designs (just give them a photo) and tadah they will perform the magic according to your preference and size (no more alteration!!).

One of the seamtress was so experienced, she taught us many different kinds of materials for making a wedding gowns, like organza, tuly, chiffon, satin bla bla bla... ahhahaa she really did provide a wonderful service, no wonder when we were there customers kept coming. And from her webby, I understand that she was even featured in Channel 8 Variety show before.. WOHOOO.. Can't wait for my dress to be ready in 2 months time.. I shall start to control my diet now (though can't help much at least better than can't fit in rite).

Below are some of the designs I've picked (mostly with sleeves, as you can see my big fat arms are so precious that I can't show them in light ahhaha)

 Don't ask me why the first few pics can't be rotated.. hahaa i tried my best.. they are just stubborn.. anyway guess which design did I chose in the end?

Haha.. it's a mystery, cannot say first.. if not later no surprise lolz..

Went to view the rings today.. omg now I finally know why diamonds are Woman's best friend.. they are so gorgeous and bling..

I really hope bf would be able to get the design that I liked... and the solitaire proposal ring too..

Anyway, I shall be more hardworking and view a few more before I conclude the best designs I liked.

Typing this entry in total blindness.. the bulb in my room just blown and my dad said it's too late to change it.. FML I got to makeup in the dark tmr's morning..

Till then...

Short Note: Please let my wish come true... 

With Love, 9:50 PM

Lover ♥

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