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Saturday, September 29, 2012'♥

I have no life... like practically NO LIFE.. spent a few weekends at home rushing assignments and yet tmr I will be doing the same thing also.. OH MY GAWD!! how sad can that be? Had enough of this kind of life I shall try my best and faster chiong finish this last part of the assignment and have a carefree holiday that is to come.

Note to myself: never ever plan a holiday so near to assignments hand up dates.. but well who could have predicted it?

At the same time at work, I am super busy due to the new____ and the many company's activities that are coming up... It shucks to be in the DND Comm.. Though I really love planning events etc.. but i hate the part of planning the seating arrangements, you just can't PLEASE everyone.. seriously through this exercise i get to know alot of office politics can.. its like a revelation. like this actually dun like tis dun wan sit with tis..wtf.. and having an inflexible chairman just got to make it worse... whatever it is i have done my very part.. after my holiday i shall come back and enjoy the dnd.. can't wait..

Talking abt the trip kinda of excites me.. but the thought of not being able to talk to bf everynite is kinda of sian.. i really pray hard the WIFI is strong over there so at least we can still viber abit.

The other day went to the jewelry shop and collected my diamond ring.. WOOHOOO its very simple looking and with the budget we have i think its really a good deal.. loved the hearts and arrows series.. and it just shinessss...I shall upload a pic for memory's sake..

Tadah!! My proposal ring.. though bf have yet to propose.. haha coz it's been two week since I last saw him.. shall bug him to propose after my trip! But from what I know him, he would be those who will straight away pass you the ring and say MARRY ME BA.. YAWNZ super no ROMANTIC at all can.. but who cares hahahahahaaha.. its just a procedure, faster get it over and done with ba hahaha..

Still waiting for my wedding bands to come.. however it still so long like DEC??

ROM planning have so far come to 7788 already.. now i just need to get a pair of wedding heels and im done with most of the planning, except for little items like flower bouquet, bits of decor here and there.. and my bff mentioned she will be sponsoring me a wedding cake. OH GOSH IM FUCKING TOUCHED? Mind you weeding cake nwadays is not cheap can..with all the customisation and designs.. Thank God for friends who are so supportive.. be it through help, ideas, efforts or gifts.. I really deeply appreciate it.

It has come to a point that I'm not sure what should I type next, I shall go have a good nite slp and chiong again my assignment tmr.. perhaps i can meet fren for dinner... I NEED A LIFE BADLY seriously...

Short Note: Big or small, you got my back on you...

With Love, 1:51 AM

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