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Sunday, January 03, 2010'♥

Uncertainty Awaits...

I had a wonderful long weekend the past few days, catching up with bf (yes bf not fren), shopping at Orchard with Joyce and also not to mention swimming, suana and shopping this afternoon.. sadly to say Joyce again haha..

I looked like a fully cooked lobster now.. talk about starting work the next day.. really never comfort me at all.

Well well.. some pics of "catching up" with bf:

Fish and Co... my fave lemon and garlic mussels

Seafood platter for both

Priceless Expression 1

Priceless Expression 2

Followed by Ah Chew's Dessert... yumzz

Simple day out with Love :)

TMR is the day...

New job, new location, new people, new boss, new work ish enuff to bury me with pre-work depression..

Maybe becoz I nua too long liao, maybe becoz I had a wonderful weekend.. I just wished I can dwelled in DEC all yr long haha..

Whatever it is, reality is still reality, money is still not enuff..

Wish me all the best when I embark a new journey in the aviation line... :)

Short Note: The thought of changing pass ish very the sian...

With Love, 10:57 PM

Lover ♥

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