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Monday, November 09, 2009'♥

Saw 7...

It's been 6 days since my operation and 23 more days to go for my MC to end.
For those who still do not know about it, yes, I went for left thyroid operation last Tuesday.

It was an experience that I would not forget for the rest of my life. I get to see how does an operation theatre looks like and also how doctors operate on people (cause the previous patient was still being operated, so i get to see the process haha)

Scary? Not from the sound of all the operating knieves but its the waiting process to be pushed into the theatre... it's like ur waiting to be open up? haha

Nonetheless, I managed to survive through the operation, Thank God for that and is recovering well.

I stayed in TTS for around 3 nites, first nite in the High dependency ward cause the doctors were worried that I might have some breathing difficulties.. but Thank God again everything went on well, I even had my voice back right after the operation which the doctors were surprised abt it too.

But I did lost a lot of blood...

When the doctors were going on round at nite, actually I already fall asleep but due to his loud voice, I overheard everything, below is the conversation:

Doc A: Patient is 25yrs, just had a left thyroid operation, has her voice back, no breathing difficulties, everything is well.....

Doc B: Wait, she lost 1.3ltires of blood? Is it a typo or what? Are u sure anot? if it's 130ml I believe lah, but then 1.3 litres for thyroid operation? WTF?

Doc A: Yes it's quite alot, she had transfusion during the operation, but it's really alot of blood maybe we should call up the main doctor and checked...

On the phone...

Doc B: Hey Dr blah blah blah, are u sure Patient lost so much blood or is it just a typo error...

Main Doc: Yes she did..blah blah blah....

Doc B: WTF!! so much? okok , i better take some of her blood now to see she got enuff blood count.....

Yes, I really did lost alot of blood cause it's due to the goitter that is so big, doctors have to cut very deep to extract the whole thing out... total i think I need 6pkts of blood? hahaha

But anyway everything has been going on fine and I continue to pray that it will be. The wound is recovering well and my life has been back to normal... Except that I can't eat seafood, chk and stuffs and I can't go out and scare ppl with my Chucky Scar haha...

Here some photos that I took in the hospital:

My Hospital Ward

My Bed... yes my diet is thin... did not eat anything for 2days only survive on water damn hungree can.. esp when the patients opposite me can eat haha..

My bed for two days..

Thanks to those who came to visit me...

Thank you papa and mama for always there for me..
Thank you bf for accompanying my parents and wu wei bu zhi de zhao gu wo haha..
Thank you my dearest cousins da jie, er jie, mi jie and Jonas for buying stuffs or coming to visit me after work.
Thank you my dumb Shufen for visiting me during ur lunch time
Thank you my both ah yis for cooking and visiting me haha...

and thank you to all my friends, cousins and uncles who came to my house and visit me and for all the gifts u people showered me with.. :)

Sunflower by Selyn and Joyce lolz..

Chk essence from Ms Vivian Eun..

Bird nest and chk essence from dajie and erjie

Anlene from Mummy's colleauges

and I'm too lazy to take some other gifts...

Yesterday Bf came my house and helped me tidy my room hahaha.. i got so much bags that i need to buy a hanger from Ikea when I can go out the next time.. meanwhile we just hang it up like these haha.. machiam like pasar malam lolz...

Since I'm so free nowadays.. I promised to update my blog as much as possible... poor blog has been neglected so long le..

Orite.. Time to watch my hongkong drama le...

Short Note: Thank you

With Love, 10:15 AM

Lover ♥

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