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Saturday, September 26, 2009'♥

Reporting Live from KL...

Well it's been a few days since I'm here in KL... so far everything is still orite.. At work.. luckily I'm not alone... the colleagues here are great, they brought us out shopping, eat and even fetch us back to the hotel.

Thank God for them, if not we will be like two lost sheeps here..

Hotel kinda of sucks coz we haf to pay RM31 for ONE hour of internet access..damn it waste my time bring lappy hahaa and best is on MONDAY onwards my company's providing me with another lappy for work..

So that means 2 LAPPY to bring back to Singapore.. yucks................

However something to happy about is the breakfast is so damn shiok here... so many food and varieties.. I LOVE SCRAMBLED EGGS to the MAX!!! hahaa..

Yes as you read on, this is going to be another boring post with no pics..coz i never transfer my pics to the thumbdrive...


Went for massage yest at KENKO 20Mins for RM29 which i think its quite cheap and I'm feeling so relax..took a bubble bath in the bath tub, read newspaper and watch some tv before I sleep... that's the KIND OF LIFE I want..hahaha

However it's quite lonely to sleep alone in such a big room.. luckily there's dabao and gloomy there to accompany me hahaha..

The housekeeping team always place them close to each other so cute can...I guess the housekeeper must have thought I'm siao to bring both of them alone haha.

Orite I think that's all for the updates... I saw DORAEMON MOONCAKES so cute can... So going to buy back if I happen to see it again hhaaha..

Short Note: Why no one on MSN de damn it...

With Love, 11:00 AM

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