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Thursday, September 17, 2009'♥

Missing my boss..

My dearest boss went KL for training for 3 mths last Saturday...

Not used to:

1. No one call me from the extension 8745_
2. No one scold me Si gi na
3. No one send me email signing off with Thank you for banking with __________
4. No one lending me her Mickey Mouse Toilet Key
5. No one bitching with me about the latecomers
6. No one helping me to do my cases when she's free
7. No one giving me sasha bear
8. No one giving me small little things like food, snacks..
9. No one asking for advice for cases
10. Her not being around...

Awww.. Missed her so much.. the best boss so far in our lives... ok maybe for the Three Blind Mice only...

and not to mention my bubu wanni (Boss daughter)... I missed her "HELLO Shirley"

Before the plane departs...

Bubu Wanni with her luggage.. so cute can ...(pic courtesy from Ms Jessica Lee)

Finally Boss took photos with us haha.. she's so camera shy...

The Three Blind mice... My closest colleagues at work.. Awwww... we going to chai huo soon...

She's the one who make me feels like having a daughter next time.. initially I wanted a boy opps hahaha...

Let's see if boss will come back visit us this week in the office.. :)

Short Note: She bu de?

With Love, 12:35 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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