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Monday, July 06, 2009'♥

Office Post....

Currently in office, so I thought I might just post up something short here. Tried to update my blog yesterday, but the pics just can't be uploaded...Damn it...

Waste my whole night figuring out.. oh well I gave up..

As I was saying, I'm currently in office, doing my stuffs listening to Jolin's music.. how good life rite? Haha.. been busy with work oh well I think u guys heard a million times..

Super sian as it's Monday once again.. my onli motivation will be the short getaway trip to Genting on Wednesday nite.. need to seriously relax and also recharge myself..

Will try to update asap before I go Genting.. Well I know there's alot of spider webs here...

Till then, may all of you have a lovely Monday ahead..

Short Note: Depend on urself and not others...

With Love, 10:48 AM

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