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Wednesday, April 22, 2009'♥

Tribute to my Po Po....

Independent Learner....

She parted with her family when she was 14 years old only with her sister along with her.
She got to know my grandfather, both of them got married during Japanese Occupation and have to constantly hide so as to avoid the Jap Soldiers.

She learnt sewing all by herself and from then on help people to tailor clothes and do a business all by herself to feed the four kids...

My only popo..........

My first bolster was sewed by her. She loves to make dresses for me and I would be proud of it cause they were really nice, and my other cousins does not have it.

My angpow will be slightly more than others last time. She would give me rupiahs to spend whenever I'm back to buy things I like or to gamble during CNY.

I was a easily jealous kid last time.....

I would often asked her" Who does she dote on?" and she will replied:"All of you"

But yet I would force her to name me the top 3 and made sure I'm inside, that's how jealous I was. I feel happy when she mentioned my name. And I knew she really did dote on me alot alot...

A great cook....

Not only good in tailoring, she cooked nice food too.

From Hakka Yong Tau Foo to Popiah, to Siew Mai, Ngoh Hiang, Mee Soto, Curry Chicken... Begedil (Indonesian's style potato croquette), nonya dumplings, longan tofu... and many many more..

She loves cooking, she dun mind standing at the kitchen for hours just to make dishes for us. And whenever I got cravings, I would just tell her and the next few days I would get to eat it.

She made the nicest Nescafe coffee.. She would often make it for me.

When I'm back she would often filled up the whole bottle of water and keep reminding me to drink water.

That's just her, always dun mind the hardwork and just to make us happy and healthy....

A great friend...

She can be a great friend too... I remembered when I got bullied in school, I would talked to her about it and she would entertained me even though it's late at night.

She would gossiped with me too about relatives cause she know I would help her to keep secrets.

A cute popo....

She loves small teddy bears... I remembred giving her a few of my teddy bears... she would like me talk to them... I even made her hug Dabao...

She's short and have cute little eyes, I would often give her hug when I'm back.


Popo had a bad fall last September, She had to undergo an operation for her leg. Back then, I was still at China doing my internship.

Few days before the operation, I called back and asked her not to worry for the operation, instead she asked me not to worry for her, she's fine and it's not painful anymore.

That's her again... she dun like to be a burden to others, she just so strong...

On the day of operation, I hid myself in the company's toilet in China and cried in the cubicle.. praying that she's fine.

She got out of the operation theatre safely, but yet from then onwards, her mind was not in a very conscious state. Sometimes she would just says things which made no sense and sometimes she would be fine.

Slowly, she became weaker and weaker, her memory's failing and she couldn't eat much. The last time I saw her was in March when I went back wtih my friends. She was so thin and She can't talk much.

Just now, I received news that she passed away.............

Words can't express how I am feeling now, Sad? Devastated?... maybe helpless? Especially when I can't be in Batam now and I'm starting my first day of work tmr which means I can't go back straight away tmr...

Words also can't express how great she was to us too...

Up till now, I still can't believe that she's gone... There's still so much things I want to tell her, I haven't show her my graduation photo and I haven't give her big ang pow for her bd at CNY since I just started working.

I just can't sleep, when I close my eyes, I thought of her, thought of the past.

I know many of my friends asked me to let her go cause it might be a release for her. But tears just kept flowing and I can't stop it.

So I can just write out my thoughts here...

I missed u popo really... I missed u terribly and I love you alot alot.. I'm sorry for the times when you are lonely at home and I'm not free to talk to you.. I'm really sorry.

You're the best popo I ever had, no one can replace you in my heart.. seriously..

Rest in peace Popo and I hope that you will be as happy as ever in Heaven.

Short Note: This is worse than heart broken.....

With Love, 2:23 AM

Lover ♥

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