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Saturday, April 04, 2009'♥

I miss....

The past few days have been slacking at home.. didn't know there's so much things to do at home that I wouldn't feel bored at all... Now who say staying at home is boring? I think it's kinda of relaxing and reflective... allows me to have time for my own, just quietly thinking through matters, listening to songs are enough to take up my whole day.

I was looking through the photos in my lappy and I realized something....

There's a few places that I missed going, few activities that I missed doing it and of course few people that I missed currently....

The top 10 activites and places I missed list....................

1. I miss prawning and fishing.....

2. I miss clubbing (ps: not a chiongster just the live band of DF)

3. I miss playing monopoly (it's kinda of weird huh to be missing this haha, whatsmore i have no siblings to play with at home yawnzz)

4. I miss chilling out at Fisherman (it was at some point my second home haha)

5. I miss Mahjong, Mahjong, Mahjong...(come on it just need four ppl, shufen u heard that?)

6. I miss Bbq and Chalet ( Thank God, I'm attending Charlene's one next week)

7. I miss ktv-ing (Singing my hearts out with crazy ppl)

8. I miss cycling (ok maybe half cycling i mean)

9. I miss picnics ( One fine day... I want to picnic yeah)

10. I miss steamboating with my friends.......

People I missed list............. ( The level of miss not in order)

1. The crazy gang consists of Joyce, Selyn, Vivian, Faa, Yx, Pat....

2. Xtin and sister.....

3. Ah ber Jie, Wendy and Joewyn

4. Chelsia

5. My crazy cousins (Xh, Cindy, Ah leng and Gwen)

6. My god-daughter Charlotte

7. Shufen and Shirley

8. Zhong jin and gang (ya dun always say me aeroplane u all)

9. Mummy..( she went to batam yesterday....) and daddy (who is still at work :()

10. MONSTER... (panic rite nv see ur name on top hahaha muacks)

Of course there are more people.. your name not here doesn't mean I dun miss u all.. just tat it's in my heart... you know who you guys are... you people have once brought happy memories to me but due to some circumstances.......

Alrighty... I am so going to clear the activities one by one as well as people I misssed... I will soon meet up with u all hahaha..ONE BY ONE... dun avoid me hor...lolz...

It's a Sat anyway... go out and enjoy u people.. and finally the slacker will be out to meet her bf.. and best part is.. her bf is COMING to TAMPINES wohooooohooo.. Love u bubu...

Next entry will be on Shinjuku's Incident Gala Premier... I'm just lazy now to upload the pics... wohoooooo...

Short Note: I need to pamper myself........

With Love, 2:23 PM

Lover ♥

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