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Saturday, March 07, 2009'♥

A short getaway

In a few hours time, will be heading back hometown Batam with a few friends and bf.... this time round, we planned an itinerary, we are going to stay in a hotel and most importantly it is a so called "graduation trip" between me and my gfs.

Anyway the reason I'm here is to say sorry that I've not been blogging. Being a slacker now, means going out always, staying at home SL-ing and meeting up friends for dinner and chill out

Whatever it is, I've found a job, but its temporary ahha better than nothing rite. Will start work on Monday. Yippee and it will be in Orchard area. So if u happen to pass by there, call me up for dinner haha or lunch.

Orite tats about all, have to gif morning call to the rest tmr...So I better make sure I can wake up.

Good nite everyeone, sweet dreams..

Short Note: will there be drama?

With Love, 1:48 AM

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