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Wednesday, February 04, 2009'♥

What will you do to find out if your crush is into you?

Having a crush is exciting....

* You get excited when he walks pass you
* Yout get excied when he smiles at you
* You get excited when he talks to you

Finding out your crush is into you adds on to the adrenaline

Even though it's in the 21st century, many girls are still hesistant to take the initiative to confess and I am one of them cause I am afraid of rejection.

I would only confess to him until I received some symptoms from him, until I am sure that he got something for me too.

Confessing to him is not easy too, a right time is essential.. you can't be confessing to him when he's in the toilet? half asleep? or in a rush rite? Haha...

Anyway the above is my strategy and I think it kinda of works? Cause I did that with my monster ooppz haha..

Want to know more on how to win the hearts of ur crush?

He's just not that into you....

Catch it at 19 Feb

Can't wait for the movie to be here in Singapore...all the powerful casts haha :)

Short Note:
I hope to watch it with you?

With Love, 6:40 PM

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