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Monday, February 23, 2009'♥

No Sense of Direction

In one hour time, I will be taking my last paper in TP. So fast and three years just passed by like these once again. At least during my ITE grad, I have a goal, that is to come into poly...but this time round... thinking of joining the workforce kinda of de-motivates me haha..

No direction zzzz is scary.. I hate the job hunting procedures.. the onli thing I know is I want to join the HR field wohooo...

well I think for now I will take a long break first before I joined the workforce, I seriously need some rest and holidays yeap..

If nothing goes wrong, we will be having our graduation overseas trip soon...yippee..

I need to get out of Singapore badly...

and I can't wait to go ktv....

All the best to my LAW paper... ex turpi causa non oritur actio

Short Note: I missed school days :)

With Love, 12:55 PM

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