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Tuesday, January 27, 2009'♥

Huat Huat Huat....

So fast and it's the second day of the Chinese New Year... soon it'll be over...

But before it's over.. Let me wish everyone a GONG HEE HUAT CAI!!!!.... may everyone huat huat huat, win win win and happy happy happy hahaha :)

Even though I spent my new year in Batam (yesh..once again for 23 years?) and despite having test two days later (Seriously it sucks) , I am still looking forward to the celebration. Every year it's different.. especially now when all of us have grown up le... we have much more common topics to talk about..and most importantly.. the humourous genes runs in our family... we would joke around every now and then. We have all been through ups and downs together as a family.. it really makes me cherish every one of them more.....

I love my BIG family!!!

How I wished I can stay there for one more day.....

Cousinship..... (oh ya wawa and cindy dun worry I love you both too!!)

That's all for the pics now... I am so going to study... argggh why must the school torture us like this? argghhh...

More pics in the next entry.. I took a total of 100photos and ten videos....opps....

Short Note: I love my granny more....

With Love, 11:39 PM

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