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Sunday, December 21, 2008'♥

vPost-Nuffnang Christmas Party 2008

Yesterday was the day... whereby bloggers from Singapore gathered together at DXO for some wonderful Pre-xmas celebrations together.

As what the Co-founder of Nuffnang, Ming said... it is one of the first mass blogger gathering in Singapore.

The event had a theme... V. P . O. S. T, they would assigned us with a letter and we are supposed to come dressed in the letter.

For eg: V= Vampire, Vintage....etc

Initially my partner was assigned with a letter O and we have already decided to dress up as old man and woman...haha.. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, my partner can't make it and thankfully James aka MYJ had extra tickets therefore I tagged along him.

His theme was S.... and in order to think of what to wear, I had to scroll the whole dictionary in the hp to finally decide on one haha..

In the end... I was a.......

Yesh, I'm a school mistress... you get it?

Location of the party: DXO at Esplanade..

We managed to get a shot with Nadut and if you haven't realized..they are all teachers.... and I'm the school mistress haha...

James = Soldier , X-tin = Vintage, Shufen= Teacher and me= School mistress...

While waiting to go in....

Me, Shufen and Christina... Welcome to nuffnang's community...Teachers for the day..

That book you're holding looks familiar....hahaha

With Ming, co-founder of Nuffnang...

Our host for that night... Randall

How can there be no Cheers in a party??

Guess whose this old man??? A famous blogger from Malaysia....haha that starts with the letter K......

Hey Mr priest....you shouldn't sit so near with so many girls rite??

Bad student Jayden with the school mistress....haha congrats on winning the most outstanding post....

Someone important person from vPost...

Buffet food...

James my partner for the night... yesh I have a fun time trying his new 450D DSLR Canon Camera....I felt so noob...but the camera was good!!!

I wish that my future house will have these amount of liquours......muahahah *smirk*

Mr I dunno who Pilot....

The crowd...

Valerie the soccer player and the school mistress..

Finally some time for myself...

We heart this door gift... customized stamps..... can't bear to use it man :)

Tadah, that's all..some of the photos are in my partner's cam...still waiting for him to upload it hahaha... Oh ya did I mentioned we went chill out after that with him after the event....and NO NO NO my blog is not emo at all... and Ah D is just a normal friend that's what I want to clarify haha...Thanks for the drinks...:)

From this party...

My vocabs have improved.....:)
I've learnt how to sing Jingle Bells in a creative way...kudos to Jayden
I've learnt how to cross dress
I've learnt how to use a professional camera

Short Note: Xmas eve....

With Love, 9:39 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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