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Thursday, December 25, 2008'♥

On the first day of Xmas....

So this is the first day of xmas... We all know there's 12 days of xmas, so the celebrations still goes on yeah :)

Yesterday just as I thought I would have stay put at home watching online movies, someone asked me out and we had some late night dinner (for him) dessert for me.

We went to this P.S Cafe @ Dempsey Hill. To me Dempsey Hill is a very atas place... cause it's so inaccessible by public transport...and the food prices there are not cheap either. The cafe was so crowded that you had to make reservation in order to get seats there...whatsmore Xmas eve. Thankfully my lousy dinner partner knew the manager there, so we can reached there quite late due to someone ended work late.

Oh ya in an "atas" place, no photo taking is allowed...even FOOD...but too bad lao niang is not very atas..so I managed to ahem quietly take some photos....

The Entrance.....

Does the wording reminds you of.. Ps. I love you?

They are famous for their cakes too.... 8 different kinds....

You must be super hungry rite that you stared at the menu for so damn long.... Opps I realized I haven't intro him.......The ever famous lousy person who always corrupt my tag board or cbox...

This is super powerful..and it requires TWO ppl to finish it... if I'm not wrong it's $13,90 per piece...

Tadah....that's my simple celebration for xmas..... How did you celebrate yours?

Short Note: 跟着感觉走.....

With Love, 12:19 PM

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