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Sunday, December 14, 2008'♥

Messages that made my day....

I tried to clear my inbox and it really made me laugh out loud at the different kind of pickup lines used by guys nowadays....

Of Course Names have been changed in case of them happen to be reading my blog lolz..

Contestant 1:



Dec 14, 2008 1:59 AM

I am a little weird...

I am a little weird kind of guy looking for weird people to make frnds with :) wud u be interested lol ? :)

My Reply: I would be really weird if I do reply him....lolz

Contestant 2:

Wilson L


Dec 13, 2008 3:31 PM


HI, I am wilson from Penang. But, working at singapore. Nice to get to know you. I like play badminton, jiogging and clubbing. Actually, i do looking for a clubbign partner. Do you mind to keep in contact?\

My Reply: I quit clubbing long ago...

Contestant No 3:



Dec 8, 2008 3:54 PM


Hi, Princess.

Thks for adding mi..

U look lovely n cute.

Wish to knoe u more, sincerely.

Do u mind my age?

Dun knoe whether will u grant mi a chance to meet up wif u?

Do u hv MSN?

Can chat from there?

Hope to chat n meet up wif u soon.

Or can i hv ur hp no for easier to reach u by sms in future.

Rite here waiting.

My Reply: How many princess do you have right now?

Contestant No 4:



Dec 6, 2008 9:45 PM

Hello, how are this evening?...

Hello, how are this evening? hope to get to know you better and be pals...can we exchange contact details and get to know each other.....i’m from KL 60122788788 is my number ..please feel free, shall be traveling to Singapore often..hope to be pals …take care ...cheers

My Reply: Sorry I have no money to call overseas....

Contestant No 5:



Nov 23, 2008 9:09 AM


Hi kopisoh s

It's my pleasure as well as honor to have such a very very lovely and very very sweet and very very pretty and a very very georgeous gal for a fren... : )

I'd love to want to get to know more and lots and lots about you... if you dun mind...? Btw, what's your real name?

Look forward to your reply soon...



My Reply: Thks for such a nice compliment...but it so happened that I know from my fren that you're married, too bad...but I still want to thank you for your wonderful compliments...you made me feel that I still got some hope. :)

Contestant No 6:



Nov 26, 2008 9:53 PM

Hi I’m David a sincere...

Hi I’m David a sincere guy who works for SIA marketing department. I may not have a picture cos I’ve not uploaded any, but rest assure I got nothing to hide ,I would sincerely like to know you,call me @ 9221---- Yours sincerely David

My Reply: Hi David, do you always give away your number so easily like these? Or is a template that u mass send to other girls too?

Contestant No 7:

Steve N


Dec 14, 2008 1:59 AM

there is alwas a reason...

there is alwas a reason why poeple meet,wonder for good or for bad,even do it happen to be for bad,there is alwas a way to make it better.life is all abt knowing poeple,becouse the more people u know, it easy ur stress in life,it take two to move forward.that is why a tree in the forest cannt make a forest,it need more then much tress to make it a forest,so that is why whnever u see a tree,u can easly see the branches all over the tree,becouse himself cannt bear fruit accept wit the branches,so that is how the human life is,one cannt go alone accept he or her need someone to stand as a step for that person to move higher or on top in life.so my dear,that is my believe concernin the system of the earth,and is my great pleasure meetin u in this site and i know is for betterness nt for sadness.iam steve,if u mind to reply me, u ar welcome

My Reply: Oh well I don't even bother to reply lah..faintz... poetry class now is it

Seriously guys, you do no need to have a wonderful pickup line to attract a girl's attention. If the girl is interested in you, no matter what you said for the first time, she will still be atrracted to you.


This afternoon I chatted on the phone with Ah D for 1.5 hours... That's record breaking considering he's not my bf and we had so much stuffs to chat about.

I remembered when i was younger, I always make it a point to chat with my boyfriends every night, it's like a MUST to be at that point of time. Those were the days where there's so much stuffs to talk about. There was once I even chat until the next morning when the sun rises.

But as we grow older, I discovered that in a relationship, couples don't really talk that much. A good 15 mins is consider long and I have a friend who always chat only for five mins every night.

It is because when a couple have been too long together they have nothing else to chat about anymore? or is it because of other commitments that drifts the couples apart?

After the conversation with Ah D, I realized that our expecatations for LOVE changes as our thinking changes.

In the past, I hope that my bf would always call me, sms me, go out with me few times a week....

But now, if I have a relationship I think all these requests are unrealistic. I would not expect my bf to call me every night cause I have my own stuffs to do also... maybe alternate days or short coversation would be enuff, Sms is not compulsory everyday...but it's either sms or call don't you agree all the girls? and most importantly, I think there's no need for a couple to meet everday... yawnz.. maybe once or twice a week will do...

And one thing I believe it's the same problem for every guy, they always give excuses that they are busy and forget to reply sms. Well, I think if they have the time to shit, read newspaper, eat lunch, undress, play games, surf net.... they would have the time to reply a single sms ba...it onli take u like less than one min? So no more excuses guys...

Another thing is... guy's reply are always so short... For eg: Ok, cya, ya, k, fine, go lunch, go gym.......where we girls smsed a whole chunk of words before that... maybe it's in the genes of guys that they don't like to be troublesome...but a simple sms with a few more words would not cost you more money, it's still the same price isn't it? So guys, next time don't be stingy with your words alright haha...

I think for the above, girls can relate mostly to it.....

So guys... go on and pamper your gf with words ba... sometimes sincere words can replace presents you see (oh ya I mean SOMETIMES).

Short Note: Waiting for words....

With Love, 9:16 PM

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