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Thursday, December 11, 2008'♥

I eat danger for breakfast....

is the line that the hamster in the ball (Rhino) said in the show.

What hamster in the ball?

Tadah.... this is it.... *Clears throat* May I present the hamster of the year...

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rhino the hamster.... one of the character from the new cartoon BOLT.

This is BOLT, the cute dog and talk very chim dog....dun play play with him cause he might SuperBark you....haha...

Yesterday I caught BOLT with Eric in the evening. It was so hilarious can... more powerful than Madagascar 2. So funny that i teared haha.

Out of the three characters, I prefer Mitten the most... even though she's not cute... but I liked her way of being sarcastic...lolz... she is super straightforward :)

Anyway It's peektures time...

Meet my new cinema khaki... Mr Eric Xu haha. No, we didn't bought new specs, the show was in 3D therefore we are supposed to wear the spec in order to see the special effect. It's so nice, the cartoon charcters were like so near to us... cool man.

Mr Robocop of the next century....muahahha

Ms Gloria of the year... muahaha..

Are you Bolt's no 1 Fan? I am now.. after watching the show... go catch it if you haven't do so, I can confirm with you that you will feel happier after the show.

Yeah... it's the start of the mid term break... two weeks of holidays starts today... errr I know it's like I just school re-open rite.. so fast and break again... haha but who cares... no one will ever complain holidays are too long. Yipeeeeeeeeee....

We are so going to Sentosa next week... :)

Anyway my new tutor told us this quote and I thought it's so meaningful... "You cannot go back to the past to change the begining but you can create a new ending."

Do you feel anything after reading this? Two words to sum it all.... "Move on"

Short Note: I need to too....

With Love, 9:16 PM

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