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Tuesday, December 02, 2008'♥

Cherish it...

This is a very sensitive issue, if you are sensitive then please DO NOT read on cause it might

offend or trigger you to commit suicide.....

There are certain kinds of action of people that I dislike...

1. People who are fake...
2. People who are snobbish
3. People who dun cherish their life

Out of the three, I dislike people who dun cherish their life the most. They might be my best friends or they might be my closed ones...whoever they are... if they treat their life easily, or worse till dun cherish their life... no matter who they are, I will still say.

In the world today, there are so many people dying because of natural disaster, accidents, sickness or even terrorist attacks. These people, died not because they choose too but it's fated. Then there's another group of people, who chose to end their lives themselves; they committed suicide. I'm sure many of them, if given another chance, they would choose to live again. Living is so much wonderful than being dead.

I mean I respect people's decision, afterall it's their own life. I understand that people committed suicide for various reasons, money, sickness, depression and love. I can fully understand if you choose to end your life because you are poor and full of debts, I can understand if you choose to end your life because you have depression and don't have the ability to think clearly and I can understand if it's because of sickness and you're in pain. However, if you are my friend and you told me that you have thoughts of dying because of LOVE, as a friend I think I'm obliged to talk some SENSE into your head.

Even because of love there might be lots of reasons...maybe your husband have another woman, maybe your husband wants to divorce with you or maybe your husband don't love you anymore. I can understand it but however I don't encourage it too. BUT

What I don't understand is, there are people who are willing to die because of their bf or gfs too. Know what's the reason? Because the other party broke up with them or have another third party. I MEAN COME ON LAH.....You don't have to end your life just because the other party breaks up with you after a FEW months relationship. My theory is... if this one cannot works, then proceed to the next one lor, come on lah there's still so many trees in the forests isn't it? If you don't move on, how can you find a better one rite.

And then..some smart alec would say... "My life is meaningless without him."

Should I laugh or what? I can sympathies with you if you are sad and heartbroken, i can give you advise, I can accompany you.... BUT WHAT I CAN'T IS TO AGREE TOGETHER WITH YOU THAT YOUR LIFE WOULD BE MEANINGLESS WITHOUT THAT PARTICULAR SOMEONE. I mean WHO never fell out of love before? WHO never truly love someone before and WHO never get through the heart breaking period before? WHO WHO WHO?

The answer is EVERYONE did... and we are hurt more times than you for goodness sake's

So Pls Don't come and tell me that... "Aiyah you won't understand one lah." This kind of bullshit..

So what makes you think that YOUR LOVE IS SO SPECIAL? Only you have fell deeply in love before? Well I don't think so.. cause your relationship is ONLI A FEW MONTHS, you don't even know the guy well enough... what makes you think that YOUR LIFE WILL BE MEANINGLESS without him?

Take me for example: I admit I still like my ex that broke up with me a few years ago, he doesn't know about it... and even though we might not end up together again...you don't see me wanting to jump down because of him rite? You dun see me saying MY LIFE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT HIM? LIFE still has to go on rite.. if because of someone who break up with us and we commit suicide... then the whole SINGAPORE would be a ghost CITY now... so much poeple would be dead by now..

Pls lah... so many people are trying hard to stay alive, and yet you are here emoing, saying you want to jump down. It really pisses me off you know... I can't believe that my friend are actually so naive and dun cherish her life at all. You really disappoint me alot. And this is not the first time I'm advising you on this, I'm really tired of saying things to you yet you won't listen. You are older than me in fact I shouldn't be the one advising you on all these. But yet I'm trying so hard to let you see the bigger picture and you're there trying to fall deeper and deeper.

So from now on after this one LAST time, I shall wash my hands off this matter. I am real serious this time round. Dun ever come to me and tell me all those bullshit again. If you want to jump down please have the courage to do so, I will gif the guy a call , record down his reaction and burn to you if YOU CAN RECEIVE it in another world. Oh ya for your information, the guy might not even love you even if you die for him. Even if really love you what can he do, go to your grave and sing love songs to you everyday? You're making him living with guilt!

And if after reading this, you actually understand what I'm trying to imply then congrats... you still have some hope. Please try to move on, I'm sure life will have more wonderful stuffs besides guys rite? You won't die having no man, you will die if you have no money... So pls set your priorities rite. And if you're really having frequent suicidal thoughts then consult a counselor or psychatrist, they are the ones who can really help you, you can actually do something about it if you want to, it's your life don't treat it lightly.

In the midst of completing my exhibition, I'm typing to you all these, so you better understand how persistent I am on this topic and how serious I am in this topic... The choice is up to you to choose.

You know who you are....

Short Note: Intense madness is pissing me off...

With Love, 11:07 PM

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