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Wednesday, November 05, 2008'♥

Thank You my dear Lord....

Thank You God for answering my prayers...however I will still pray for my popo

Thank you my frens for consoling me and encouraging me when I'm worried

Thank you my readers even though I might not see you guys before but your wishes are appreciated

Thank you my dearest cousins you guys made me cherish and love my family more

Thank you my roommates in China without you guys laughter is so far away

Thank you, thank you and still thank you......

My popo went for the operation in 1pm and was out in 4pm. After that, she was transferred to the ICU. She woke up around 845pm, although still not very alert but the doctor said the operation was successful.

I never felt so relieved before...before that every msg from my cousin i read it again and again to make sure that I did not leave out any information.

I will continue to pray for speedy recovery..and that there will be no side effect after the operation....

For now, I just wished my days in China would speed up a little, I really can't wait to go back Batam and visit my popo...

Short Note: Gloomy days go away....

With Love, 9:25 PM

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