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Tuesday, November 25, 2008'♥

I Like to Move it Move it.....

Have you watched Madagascar 2 already?

If you asked me which part I loved the most, I would tell you the part whereby Melman confessed to Gloria. OH MY it's so sweet lah... seriously I guessed I can totally relate to Gloria the hippo, how she felt then haha...So where is my Melman? I'm still waiting lolz....

After the movie, it's dinner time...

Make a guess where's this place?

We didn't really place it at the edge of the table...

Cheese fries with beef

Even drinks also take...by now u should have know it's my first time here muahaha dun scold me sua khoo i warn u haha.

Our Mushroom Burger....(can fight with Burger King wor)

So long in China no make up le... first time after three months that I put on my fake eyelashes again haha...

Movie partner cutting the burger into half...


Recently, my house have recruited some new members

May I present The whole DABAO's Family.......WOHOOHOOOOOO

On the top: Da da bao (Dabao's daddy), On the left: Mei Bao (Dabao's wife), Dabao, Below: Xiaobao (Dabao's son)

Muahaha so cute rite... When I was in China, my crazy roomates bought me DA DA BAO... cause they see me everyday playing with dabao like a mad woman.... Haha can u imagine how I CARRY HIM to Singapore...all tks to the help of CS who helped me carried it.

This is how big da da bao is ......

The love story of dabao and mei bao... SO SWEET....

Ya lah ya lah I'm crazy and now u know why my luggage is heavy le with three soft toys hahaha.

I love my babies....


A few of my friends told me that they had been cracking their heads to think of what to get for me for my birthday. Today, Selyn told me that her smses are going to explode (cause they have been exchanging sms of what to buy for me).

Ok ok, in order to stop all the smses....I have created a birthday wishlist....But trust me (this year I really dunno what I want, maybe I have most of the stuffs I needed liao haha)

My birthday wishlist:

That's all I could really think seriously. Some of the stuffs might be abit expensive...dun worry there's always vouchers to fall back on. Haha... my brain really can't think of much stuffs nowadays.. BRAIN FREEZE yawnz....

About my birthday celebration, it will be on Friday Night, most probably after 9pm. Location wise I really had no idea yet too...Oh man I really dunno wads is happening to me nowadays.....

But I just can't wait for this week to be over soon so that I can start school haha...

Short Note: Will it come true?

With Love, 7:37 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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