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Saturday, November 15, 2008'♥

In another 7 days time...

In another 7 days time, I’ll be on my way back to Singapore. Yes, time just passes so fast, three months just passed by like these. During my three month’s stay here, I felt and learned a lot. This kind of experience is something that will always be in my mind and something that I would cherish.

At this point of time, I really can’t bear to leave this place. Yes, you didn’t read wrongly. The past one month was great and I really had a lot of happy times here so much that if not for my loved ones in Singapore and school, I would continue my stay here.

I know I know, to some of my friends I did complain about the life here during my first month. I pms, I emo, I angry, I cried during the first month, maybe because I’m not adapting well yet at that time and most importantly, at that time I still had not integrate into the friendship I had with my room mates. As you can see, they are much younger than me, all of us had different character and most importantly we did not know each other beforehand, we came from different courses. That explained the differences we had.

However, as time passed, we joked, we laughed, we cared, we helped, we co-operate, we go through the good and the bad times together. And that makes our relationship closer.. Two of them asked me: “Would we still stay in contact when we are back in Singapore?” I replied: “That’s a tough question, because it takes 8 hands to clap.” True indeed, it all depends on the initiative we had once we are back. Whatever it is most importantly is that we are happy at this moment.

Here are a few reasons why I loved Suzhou….

l The life here is carefree, not as stressful as Singapore

l The people here are kind and helpful (I’m serious!)

l The food here is cheap and yummy except my lunchbox…

l Standard of living not that high as Singapore

l Colleagues here are kind and not snobbish they really taught me a lot

l The weather here is cooling and comfortable (not winter though)

l Air here is fresh, with morning dew and fog…

l Life here is simple, not as complicated in Singapore

l The pay here is good of course if you covert it in RMB haha

l My landlord Ah ping jie and her husband treats us well

l You can shop until you drop here seriously

l Dvds cheap here….

l Houses and cars here are damn cheap….

l Shanghai and Nanjing is just one hour away…machiam Boon Lay?

l People here are united, they will fight for their own rights

l No need to doll up or dress up nicely, everyone looks the same though

l Can save money on cosmetic, the weather here is good so your face is good too haha

l Beer here damn cheap @ $2 per bottle, you can drink until you drop…

l I sleep in air-con here unlike Singapore hahaha

l There’s a lot of historical site and nature reserve park here..I like J

To talk about the experience here, would take me a few days. I would blog more about it once I’m back. As well as photos. I know I have not been uploading it for quite sometime, forgive me as it’s because of my gong gong roommate he is forever lazy to upload the pics.

As from today onwards, I would cherish my stay here making it as fulfilling as possible.

Short Note: It takes abit of getting used to..

With Love, 11:53 AM

Lover ♥

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