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Sunday, November 23, 2008'♥

If you haven't realized.....

I'm BACK!!!!! and you are not my friend if you do not know I'm back yesterday....

Muahaahha that's just a joke lolz... I never really tell alot of people about it.

The weather is so hot here hot hot hot.... in Suzhou last week the weather hit 3 degree Celsius so you can roughly understand how I feel now.... arggghh

my luggage were overweight to the extent that I need to throw off some of my stuffs at the airport in order to escape excess baggage fees. Lucky day for the airport cleaner at Shanghai... :(

my house is in a mess now (i know it always have been) but now its worse now and I'm sure Shufen can relate to it...she went to fetch me and helped me unpack some of my stuffs...(though i know her main motive was to get the presents I bought for her haha)

I'm so tired, but i can't slp...cause in China I woke up at almost 5am everyday....so now I'm feeling so lethargic... I'm so lazy and I just on my laptop and listen to Michael Buble all day long... this kind of lazing around feeling seems so great...

Photos wise I have alot...but the word LAZY took over me now....

My phone is going to low batt...and I dun even recall where's my hp charger, at which luggage....haha So i guessed I'll just let it auto off...

I like this kind of feeling of uncontactable once in a while...

To everyone out there....

Enjoy your lazy Sunday....

Short Note: Will it happen?

With Love, 10:23 AM

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