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Thursday, October 30, 2008'♥

Long distance call....

This afternoon my cousin smsed me and said that granny needs to go for the operation next Wednesday. Even though it's only a leg operation, but the doctor warned us that her heart is quite weak, she might not be able to take the operation and the whole operation is only 50-50.

I teared in the office when I saw the msg. I tried to control my emotions

I called back Batam just now. When I heard her voice, I cried again. I realized I missed her alot alot. She was happy when she heard my voice cause of all the grandchildren she dote on me the most. Although she can't hear clearly what I said but she tried to remain optimistic, she told me not to worry for her, and that her leg not so painful le. I broke down after the phone call totally.

I know, she's saying all these not to make me worry. I'm really worried for her, as for now I can only pray to God for her well-being. I'm angry with myself, cause there is really nothing I can do now, here in China.

All my cousins took leave, my mum took leave and they are going back this Tues, I felt so useless here. Haiz....How I wished I could fly back and be there together with all my cousins supporting her.

What I can do now is only pray....

Short Note:
Don't leave me....

With Love, 7:41 PM

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